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    One thing I would to point out is how much the population of Somalia grew since eighties. When I finished high school in the middle of eighties the total graduates who attended Halane military training were 6000 student both male and female. In 1980, it was just above 2000. In Borama area there were three high schools, one in Gabiley, five including the technical school in Hargeisa, two in Burco including the technical; one school in Garoowe, ceerigaabo, Gaalkacayo, Dhuusamaeeb, Baydhabo, KIsmaayo , beledweyne and Jowhar. Muqdisho had probably had six or seven. Today, Somaliland alone has 29,000 students taking the exams. These Somali enclaves can not offer employment or life skill knowledge. The crash program of the Kacaan in the seventies produced large number of students. Among those 6000 , one thousand got the college exam and the rest had to compete the public service jobs. Even some of them were given five acre land in Shabbele Hoose for farming. At least the Kacaan was trying hard to find jobs for the graduates. The problem throughout Somalia is there are zero technical and trade schools. Mugadishu probably has more than 50 universities and if the air condition in one of these hotels breaks down, they have to call a Kenyan technician. sAme with the electricians. What you have is a bunch of kids with fake degrees but can fix anything technological. It is a shame. It is NGO directed education. If these numbers grow , and reach hundreds of thousands students with no future , expect a real revolution.
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    Let's hope these kids are wiser than the current stock of Somalis
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