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    On the positive side this shows Somaliland is starting to realize ictiraaf isn't possible and taking more active role in the politics of Somalia.
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    DP World completes 400 meter expansion of Somaliland’s Berbera port. 59Shares Friday August 14, 2020 DP World this week announced the completion of a 400-meter expansion of the Berbera port in Somaliland. The Dubai Port Company that is contracted to expand the port said once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity by 500,000 TEUs per year and further strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa. In a tweet, DP World stated: “We have just completed a 400m quay and a new extension at Berbera Port, Somaliland. Once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity by 500,000 TEUs per year and will further strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa.” The news has elicited excitement within the Somaliland government with the vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi saying: “As Deputy President of Somaliland and on behalf of the people, words can’t express my great excitement about the nearing completion of the Berbera port expansion. my gratitude goes to the Sheikhs of the UAE and the DP World.” DP world, the Dubai based world’s largest port operator is the key player in the rebuilding of Berbera, they have invested $442 million for the expansion of the port and are also the economic free zone. It has projected to complete work by February next year. advertisements In 2017 when the original agreement was signed, the CEO of DP World Mr. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem drew a parallel between the growth of Dubai and the development path Somaliland is on and added “Our vision is to make Berbera a trading and transportation hub for the Horn of Africa.” Berbera port is among the few corridors in the Horn of African region, which serves for both military and commercial purposes. The Berbera Port was built in 1964 by the Soviet Union and further expanded by the United States of America (USA) in 1982. It has served for both the Soviet Union and the U.S military within a span of 20 years. Once completed, facilities and service will surpass those in the neighbouring Djibouti according to the contractors. According to the DP World, the port will be able to handle the biggest ships compared to the other ports in the region and will complement activities at the Port of Djibouti and the Lamu Port which is also under expansion in the coast of Kenya. The Berbera Port expansion is the largest investment in Somaliland since it parted ways with Somalia in 1991. Work on the port expansion has reduced due to the measures put in place in the fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus but the Somaliland government and the DP World have projected all facilities will be ready for operation early 2021. “We are very much on course. Of course the coronavirus has affected the speed at which we were on, but we will soldier on and deliver the most modern port facility in Berbera,” an official of the DP World said. The Berbera port expansion, designed to equip the Somaliland port for major vessels and transform it into one of Africa’s pre-eminent facilities. Expansion of the port started early last year with the first phase at a cost $101 million. Federico Banos-Linder, Vice President External Relations, DP World, said once the port is done, Somaliland will be one of the biggest and most modern players in the maritime industry in the Horn of Africa. “Already with phase one of the three phases done, we have increased the container capacity by 50 per cent and pushed volumes by 70 per cent which is a massive improvement. “We are now exporting 4 million livestock from 1.5 million just less than a year ago,” said Banos-Linder. Total investment of the two phases will reach $442m. The port’s current capacity is around 150,000 twenty-foot equivalent units [a measure of ships container carrying capacity] and is set to expand to 450,000 TEUs once development is complete. DP World firm will also create an economic free zone in the surrounding area, targeting a range of companies in sectors from logistics to manufacturing, and a $100m road-based economic corridor connecting Berbera with Wajaale in Ethiopia “Our aim is to make this an important regional hub for the maritime industry in the Horn of Africa,” DP World chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sultan bin Sulayem said. “We are within schedule in our work,” he added. DP World holds a 51 per cent stake in the Berbera port, while Ethiopia holds 19 per cent and Somaliland the rest
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    The recently upgraded Hagreisa land database registry is actually part of a larger project by Somaliland Gov't and SolidBlock Inc. The project will be using state of art block-chain based database to register land titles and other key assets.
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    Oodweyne They can't keep up. Befuddled, bemused and bewildered by Somaliland’s growing gravitas at international diplomacy. While they play tiddlywinks with Mudulood this and Dhuusomareeb 2.4 that. At least they're a curious bunch.
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    This is great improvement.The land database in Somaliland has been a consistent headache and cause for a lot of troubles including missing files, disputes etc. The introduction of GIS system will greatly simplify while at the same time is more secure and more reliable.
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    Ilhaan is also with white man now
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    And when they are training our navy and Air force it will be reported as a "Latin American" and an "Eastern European" country respectively
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    At least 100 killed in border clashes between Ethiopia’s Somali and Afar regions – official Border clashes between Ethiopia’s Afar and Somali regions have killed at least 100 people, a regional official said on Tuesday, the latest outbreak of violence ahead of national elections in June. Around 100 civilians were killed since clashes broke out on Friday and continued through Tuesday, Ahmed Humed, deputy police commissioner for the Afar region, told Reuters by phone. He blamed the violence on an attack by Somali regional forces. Ali Bedel, a spokesman for the Somali region, said 25 people had been killed on Friday and an “unknown number of civilians” died in a subsequent attack by the same forces on Tuesday. Both sides deny having initiated the attacks and blame the other for the violence. Reuters could not verify whether the 25 deaths claimed by the Somali official were in addition to the 100 deaths or included in that figure. Clashes along the border predate the six-month-old conflict in the north that has pitted the federal government against the former ruling party of the Tigray region. Yet the violence has intensified just as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is trying to assert control over Tigray - underscoring how the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner is struggling to keep the country together. The election is regarded as a litmus test for the country’s fragile unity, challenged by many newly resurgent regional and ethnically based parties. “The Somali region special forces ... attacked the areas of Haruk and Gewane using heavy weapons including machinegun and rocket-propelled grenades. Children and women were killed while they were sleeping,” Ahmed said. In 2014 the boundary between the two states was redrawn by the federal government, then headed by a multi-ethnic ruling coalition, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). Three small towns were transferred to Afar from Somali, which has since tried to win them back. As a result militias from the two eastern states have clashed before over their disputed boundaries. In October last year 27 people were killed in a wave of clashes over the border, with each side blaming the other. Reuters
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    I guess Iskushuban will be next.
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    Projects that will be finalised This year. 1. Burco - Ceerigaabo Road - 300 km of fully locally funded paved road will be finished in September 2020. This road has already cut the travel time between Burco and Ceerigaabo by half. People now can have their breakfast in Hargeisa and have lunch in Ceerigaabo. A tremendous improvement. 2. Berbera corridor Road - 200km modern highway that will connect Berbera to the trading town of Togwachale will be completed by October this year. 3. Berbera Port expansion - the new 400m Berbera Port Container Terminal will be completed by October this year 4. Berbera International Airport - the newly refurbished with new 4km runway, will be opened later in the year. Projects that will be turning sod in 2020 1. Hargeisa - Burco Road via Oodweine, funded by African Development Bank and Somaliland Government, this 180km hinterland road will cut travel time between Hargeisa and Burco by 1/2. The current road via Berbera is total length 300km. The new road via Oodweine will be 180km. Travellers will be saving over 100km of fuel expense and a lot of time. This road will also help cut time to far Eastern regions i.e. time to reach Ceerigaabo will be further cut. 2. Djibouti - Jigjiga Road via Borama, also Funded by Africa Development Bank, this is 250km Road that will link Djibouti and Jigjiga passing through Borama. 3. Drill babe Drill - The first Oil well of many will get drilled this year. 4. Ceerigaabo - Mait Road - a 30km steep downhill/uphill road that winds down through Daallo Mountains and crosses Tabca Pass. This road will cut travel time to and from coastal communities. 5. Mait Fishing Port - A port that will serve as an economic hub for Sanaag regions to tab into the rich fishing seas on its shore.
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    Census in 2021 Somaliland: Governemnt Reveals Plans for Population Census MENAFN.COM <br /><span class=wp-caption-text>Somaliland planning minister revealed planned census at parliament in Hargeisa</span> <p>Somalilandsun: The government of Somaliland has announced...
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    Japan named a scholar who teaches in China as its new ambassador.
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    El-Presidente Mudane Muse Biixi has proven again that he is no-nonsense man. And by that he has won a lot of admirers from around the world and specially in the crucial and important group in the Foreign Policy circles. Africans are watching and learning from Somaliland.
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    Taiwan is going to assist upgrading Somaliland coast guard capabilities.
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    We need to transition away from live animal exporting towards a frozen meat trade. The animals would be saved from the suffering of the voyage It’s worth more to the Somaliland economy to process animals in Somaliland, instead of shipping them live (leather). Meat processing facilities would create thousands of jobs. Farmers selling to the frozen meat trade would be exposed to less risk from closed markets or markets disrupted by disasters.
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    Dawning of a new era. Incredible how work continues unabated at the original port at full capacity during the expansion.
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    ETHIOPIA LANDS IN SOMALILAND WITH GOODIES, AS EGYPT CHECKS OUT. An Ethiopian delegation led by Finance minister Ahmed Shide has arrived in Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland to discuss bilateral relations. This just a week after a team from Egypt held talks with the Somaliland government mooting plans to set up a military base in the north west regions of the country, a move that has seemingly not gone down well with authorities in Addis Ababa who are in a diplomatic spat with Cairo over the River Nile. Somaliland has offered to mediate between Ethiopia and Egypt in their friction over the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam along the Blue Nile, arguing that the impasse can be amicably solved through dialogue. Somaliland Deputy Foreign Affairs minister Liban Youssouf Osman said the two nations should consider having a dialogue for the sake of unity. Ethiopia is Somaliland’s key ally in the horn of Africa. The two countries have partnered with the DP World and the government of the United Arab Emirates to rebuild the port of Berbera which plays a key role in the maritime connections between the horn and the middle east. Ethiopia owns 19 per cent shares of the Berbera Port, Somaliland has 30 per cent while DP World enjoys a 51 per cent stake. The UAE and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development Construction are also building a 250-kilometre dual carriageway between the city of Berbera and the Ethiopian border town of Togwajale. While there has been suspicion Ethiopia is angling towards Somalia especially in the talks between the two countries initiated by the United States and hosted by Djibouti, the two (Ethiopia and Somaliland) remain key development partners. The last fortnight has seen Somaliland go full throttle to build new alignments, signing a pact that has seen the country enter into diplomatic partnership with Taiwan and the latest agreements with Egypt as it continues to push for international recognition. The new relationships have not gone down well with China on one side who are unhappy with the deals with Taiwan and Ethiopia over the indulgence with Egypt. But Somaliland says Egypt is crucial to her international recognition quest. “Egypt can play a major role in our international recognition, as it is a major country in Africa and the Arab World, which can help push our case for recognition in both the African Union and Arab League,” Liban Youssouf Osman The Ethiopian delegation will therefore be out to stamp itself as Somaliland’s key partner in the attractive Horn of Africa region. Somaliland remains internationally unrecognised, but the traffic into the country remains on a high. Source: EABW NEWS Share
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    WAJAALE NEWS DAWLADDA ETHIOPIA OO XAFIISKEEDA HARGAYSA GAADHSIINAYSA HEER SAFAARADEED! July 20, 2020 - Written by Editor: Addis Ababa(W,N), Dawladda dalka Ethiopia ayaa xafiiska Arrima Ilaaliyaha (Mission) ee ay ku leedahay Caasimadda Somaliland ee Hargeysa gaadhsiinaysa heer Safaaradeed (Embassy), Sidaana Waxa Arabsiyo Online u sheegay Saraakiil sarsare oo ka tirsan Wasaaradaha Arrimaha Debadda ee Ethiopia iyo Somaliland, kuwaasi oo codsaday in aan la magacaabin. Sida ay Saraakiishani sheegeen, talaabadani ay dawladda Ethiopia qaadayso, waxay ka dambaysay ka dib markii ay todobaadkani dhexdiisa wada hadalo dhinaca Telefoonka ahi dhexmareen masuuliyiinta Somaliland iyo kuwa Ethiopia. Wada hadaladani ayaa la sheegay inay salka ku hayeen, ka dib markii ay dawladda Ethiopia ka shakiday ujeedada Wefti heer sare ah oo booqasho dhawr maalmood qaadatay ku yimid Somaliland. Wasiir ku xigeenka Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debada ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan oo waraysi arrintani la xidhiidha siiyay Wargeyska Daily News Egypt oo ah maalinle madax banaan oo ka soo baxa dalka Masar, waxa uu sheegay inay Somaliland iyo Masar isla soo qaadeen sidii ay iskaga kaashan lahaayeen is-dhexgalka dhinaca ganacsiga, gaar ahaana xoolaha iyo Beeraaha. https://dailynewsegypt.com/2020/07/18/somaliland-says-keen-on-stronger-ties-with-egypt/ Sidoo kale Mr. Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan, Wasiir KU xigeenka Arrimaha Debada iyo Iskaashiga Caalamiga ah ee Wasaaradda Arrimaha D ebada ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, waxa kale oo uu ka jawaabaay su’aalo la xidhiidha in imaatinka weftiga Masar ee Hargeysa ay cabasho ka muujisay dawladda Ethiopia, waxaanu isaga oo arrintaasi ka hadlaya yidhi. “waxaanu wada xaajood la geli karnaa dal kasta oo aanu danahayaga kala hadli karnaa, taasi waa shaqadayada’” ayuu y idhi, Wasiir ku x ixgeenku. Waxaanu intaasi ku daray oo uu yidhi. “Xidhiidhkayaga Masar wax dhaawac ah u geysn maayo, xidhiidhka aanu la leenahay Ethiopia, waxaananu ugu baaqaynaa labada dhinac ee Ethiopia iyo Masar in khilaafkooda dhinaca Biyo XIdheenka Ethiopia inay wada hadal ku dhamaystaan, haddii loo baahdana annaga laf ahaantayadu waanu dhex-dhexaadin karnaa, maadaama oo aanu khibrad u leenahay xalinta khilaafaadka” . Hase yeeshee, dawladda Ethiopia ayaa sida ay wararku sheegeen waxa ay bilawday sidii ay kor ugu qaadi lahayd xidhiidhka saaxiibtinimo ee ay la l eedahay Somaliland, tan iyo markii ay Jamhuuriyadda SOmalilanad Madax Banaanideeda kala soo noqotay dalka sannadkii 1991-kii oo ay ahayd d awladda keli ah ee iyadu goob joogga ka ahayd goobtii lagaga dhawaaqay madax banaanida Somaliland ee magaalada Burco, halka ay dawladda Masar oo waqtigaasi doonaysay inay wefti u soo d irtana la sheegayy in loo diidday saababo la xidhiidha taageero military oo ay siin jireen d awladdii hore ee Maxamed SIyaad Barre oo xasuuq baahsan ku haysay dadweynaha Somaliland sannadihii sideetamadii.. Maamulkii xilligaasi ee dalka Massar waxa uu talaabadaasi kaga jawaabay inuu u ololeeyo go’aamo go’doomin ah oo ka dhan ah madax banaanida Somaliland oo uu ka ansixiyay ururkii midnimada Afrika iyo Jaamacadda Carabtaba, aakhirkiina Qaramada Midoobay. Isku soo duuboo, khubarada caalamiga ah ee ka faaloodda arrimaha GObolku waxa ay ku sheegeen xidhiiddhka Cusub ee Somaliland Iyo Masar, mid ay ku doonayso inay noqoto dal samaysanaya saaxiibo cusub, isla markaana aan luminaayn saaxiibadiisii hore.
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    A Somaliland delegation led by foreign minister Mr. Faratoon, had proposed a union with Republic of China (Taiwan). For the Taiwanese , since they do not share a border with Somaliland , it was a welcome joke, but the minister insisted that sharing borders with another country is not a requirement for this union to happen. He suddenly put on the table a document signed by his president and told the audience to be serious and hear him out. The Taiwanese hosts were shocked how serious the minister was and decided to give him the floor. Minister Faratoon acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and said he have to stand up to deliver the sales pitch of the century. As he begun his sermon and the merits of this union, Dr. Edna who was sitting beside him sensed that Mr. Faratoon was some what hesitating in his delivery, and jumped to eloquently set the stage. As she sat down, another member of the delegation Ahmed Yasin, jumped to the fray and said, " as the speaker of Somaliland parliament" ( he is not the speaker but the deputy , but what do the Chinese juniors know) and said we got your General Assembly seat in silver plate. The delegation explained the steps to be taken to achieve a seat at the UN for the united countries of SomTaiwa. Here are the steps: Somaliland: First, Taiwan have to spend money for Somaliland recognition in Africa. Since everyone is saying Africans should be first decide if Somaliland is to be recognized, we will buy African votes within the African Union. THere are already enough candidates willing to recognize us if the price is right. South Sudan, Guinea, Gambia, Chad, Kenya are among those who could give as the first votes. Taiwan: How much money does it take to buy these votes? Somaliland: Few hundred million dollars.. Taiwan: that is a bargain. less than a billions for a UN seat, that would be the best deal ever. We are willing to spend 5% of our sovereign wealth which is billions to achieve a UN seat. Having said that how could that translate a victory for Tiawan? Somaliland: If you are willing to pay, we could get two dozen Africans, and then repeat the same plot in Latin America places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and son. Within few years we could get 50 countries who would recognize Somaliland. Taiwan: of course., but you did not answer my question. How could that benefit us? Somaliland: WE will become one united country before we start the journey. When we get the recognition you will get too. A vote of recognition for Somaliland will be a UN seat for Tiawan. Taiwan: What should we call that country? Somaliland: didn't we said earlier? It will be called SomTaiwa. Taiwan: We like the idea but we want our name Taiwan to be before yours. Like TaiwaSom. It is only fair since we are bankrolling the whole campaign. Somaliland: give us a minute, we have to discuss about this new development of the name, because we assumed SomTaiwa was the name we agreed upon. Well, now the debate had started among the delegation. Minister Faratoon and another one from west Burco insisted that we are not willing to lose the Somali word in this name change. Dr. Edna and Ahmed Yasin who are close to Biixi disagreed. They said, " We do not mind losing this Somali thing, because some us had even had thought many years ago that instead of calling us the colonial name Somaliland , we should have called ourselves Maandeeq or even Shankaroonland. Saleebaan Gaal who did not say a word in all this debate , stood up and said, I can not allow Somaliland to be swallowed by these small eyed people, let us go home and debate this back home in Somaliland. Dr. Edna jumped and said, " how do you intend to debate this in a public forum? Saleebaan Gaal: we will tell the people the usual lie and explain that Taiwan is willing to make economic integration and future free trade with us. The delegation went back to the room and told the Taiwanese, " we will be back" and left. Folks, the debate continues.
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    UK, Denmark and Netherlands approve agreements with Somaliland Government on critical infrastructure to improve people’s lives - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The new agreements, supporting projects on roads, agricultural systems, water facilities and fisheries, will spur...
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    Photoshop wey dhaaftay markaan. Muuse Muqayil inay tuuji dhexda yaalo camal ku fadhiisiyaan ayee keeneen. Eebboow adigaa heybad dad siiyo wretched secessionist bilaa xishoodka u astur isku xaarkooda.
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    Somaliland has the best case in africa legally really. It's just that lack of economic interest from western powers is the problem. But it has shown the world that Somaliland is here to stay and that no one in Somalia can change that. Deep inside most of the koonfurians know this to the 2 countries. Have been to seperate countries for almost 3 decades this will surpass the short lived union of 20 years. In the later half of afweyne reign somaliland was at war with Somalia. In the end runtay tegeysa.
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    From looter's inc to intellectuals, what transformation.
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    This guy is history he surrenders and is going to retire and live his life. The mountain operation is over and Somaliland a usual and its people are united. No body can damage Somaliland.
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    It won't do much for the average Somali. All it does is allow Somalia's corrupt government to borrow more money so that corrupt politicians can finally get very rich. It is a gimmick.
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    Do you think the Americans are unaware that Somaliland is just a smaller version of southern Somalia with just as much corruption, nepotism, mistrust among clans, violence, tribalism, religious extremism, etc?
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