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  1. Kenya investigates patient with Ebola symptoms Kenya investigates patient with Ebola symptoms NYPOST.COM NAIROBI, Kenya — A Kenyan official says health experts are investigating a hospital patient who has Ebola-like symptoms. Kericho County spokesman Timothy Kimei issued a statement saying the...
  2. With regards to youth unemployment, I think that is an African wide issue. Just look Europe, probably Somalis make up around 5%, the rest are from other parts of Africa including HoA nations like Eritrea etc. But I agree, there needs to be more focus on Trade and Vocational training. I think market forces will catch up with the demand that exists for such skills. It is only a matter of time before youth realise that there is a career in Trades. Everyone now thinks an Office job is the career destination. There are two technical schools in Hargeisa, one is focused on Electricians/Solar Technicians and the other is crafts like woodworking etc. They are both at high demands. I was watching young girls who were dreaming about becoming Solar PV installers. Overall, when you compare 10 years ago to today, there is a huge difference. 10 years ago, if a hydrolic machinery broke down, you were forced to either shutdown factory or get the technician from China. These days, the same skills are sourced from within or in the region Kenya/Ethiopia etc. Also, other professions that have seens tremendous improvements is the Health industry. Thanks mainly to Dr. Edna Adan's efforts, there are 3 schools that are providing Somaliland the health professionals it really lacks. The plan is to export health professionals by 2030. Also Sheikh SOS School is now the reference school for IGAD for Animal health professional including Doctors (Vets) specialising in livestock.
  3. New Port under construction, existing old Berbera Port getting upgraded with new Container X-ray machines, Security CCTV,. Also under construciton is 160 Megawatt Solar/Battery Power Plant which will power both the new and existing sea ports as well as Berbera Free Zone factories and warehouses.
  4. Happy faces, because they know their exams are in good safe hands.
  5. You are correct. In comparison, there were 16 thousand students that sat for exams in Puntland and 15 thousand in Southern Somalia. Hence, you can tell from that the almost 30 thousand students in Somaliland that are sitting for exams this year is the same as the combined total for Ex-Italian Somalia. Which means that in Somaliland almost it is running at full capacity, any kid who wants to go to school goes to school.
  6. Galbeedi, There two trips to UAE this year, 2019, one in March and one in April. The one in April is widely reported as one that was secretly held in Abu Dhabi to broker a meeting between Pres. MBC and Deni. Somaliland's FM denied this meeting to have taken place. But one thing I can confirm is that, Deni arrived in Dubai on Daallo Airlines. And delayed his depature to Nairobi until President MBC left Hargeisa on a Private jet from Abu Dhabi ruler. Shortly after, both Pres. MBC and Deni departed from UAE, one going to Nairobi and the other returning to Hargeisa. The one in March was an official visit by President MBC to Abu Dhabi. The one in March
  7. Besides, it won't be Col. Caare that will be paying the biggest, it will actually be Garowe Administration. They know it.
  8. LOL There are no leaders and this is not a movement. It is just an angry man, yes, he may have good reasons to be angry. But it is not a justification enough for what he is doing and certainly there is no cause here. That is what everyone, including his own sub-sub-clan traditional leaders and political figures concluded. No politician worthy of his name would want to risk tarnishing his image by siding with an angry man with no cause. Do you actually think Col. Caare is able to do any action? I will go sleep, wake me up when he does.
  9. Tell me what did Afwayne build for Awdal? At least, Somaliland can boast that the Dilla to Borama Road fully financed and built. And now the Borama to Camuud road is being built by the Gov't. There are numerous roads built in Borama city as well.
  10. Col. Caare's flirting with 'Somalia Unity' seems to have come full circle. I heard him say 'Jamuuriyadda Somaliland'. I can also see that he replaced the fake Somalia Army insignia that he was sporting in his last video back with his old Somaliland Army insignia Because he knows the soonest he advocates for 'Unity' is the start of his end. Not even those that are with him due to clan affliation can swallow the 'Unity' bill. We say to Col. Caare, you have taken one step in the right direction. Now, lets address the issues peacefully and through the democratic means we have established.
  11. All Developments should be welcomed. This initiative if it becomes realised will bring the 3 Somali regions's economies more tightly closer. For the record, Baile is building a 6 storey Hotel in Hargeisa. Ninka nin shaqaystay weeyan.
  12. I used to hear that islaamaha (dumarka) ganbadooda ayaa u waranta. @galbeedicumaadada ayaa u waranta.
  13. It is not me that is saying it. Look at the source, it is former PL minister and President Candidate. Don't you worry, I will be posting here as the liquidity pain gets worse.
  14. Galbeedi is way off the mark here. His assertion that Quote " The UAE has more interest in Puntland than Somaliland" and the blabla that he added to justify it, is just laughable and borders insanity. For the record, Puntland is not a chooser, it is very happy whatever the UAE throws on the ground for her. Galbeedi's assertion sounds like Puntland has any choice. Besides, Puntland's President went to UAE on Daallo Airlines. Whereas President MBC was given a private jet. Btw, the Buurmadaw issue has been bubbling for quiet sometime, it is not something new or that happened after the last visit to UAE. It squarely revolves around the Chairman position of Kulmiye Party.
  15. He is technically still has honeymoon political credits. If my knowledge of Somali psych holds true, give him 1 year to 1 1/2 years ...
  16. @galbeedi That was the mother of all spice ups. So after all, Buurmadaw is a puppet of the UAE?. Love the creativity. Did it ever cross your thoughts that Buurmadaw wants Gudoomiyaha Xisbiga Kulmiye as per the Burco Agreements by the two clans. While President MBC has told close circles that the hagbad is getting more crowded this time. I leave it to you and your 'my sources told me' crew, to digest this further and what who is crowding the hagbad. Besides, the disgruntled clansmen will be dealt with as much as it was dealt with those from Col. Caare. So there you have it, and your sources once again have played you and your naivity or probably creativity.
  17. Guess who was supposed to be sitting in the lady's seat.