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  1. Gooni, Hadii aad adigu beenta aad ku dhaqantid, maha inay dadka kale oo dhan sidaada wada yihiin. Mid ayaan ku xasuusinaya, reer waqooyi sidooda ba beenta kuma dheereeyaan. Reer Koonfurka runta iskuma taxalujiyaan sidoodaba. Reer Waqooyiga, hadii aad hebel waa beenaale suuqa u gasho, cay loola hadhay ma jirto. Laakin dhanka Koonfurta, hebel waa beenaale waxay ka dhigantay waa xariif wax kala tuurta. Isku si wax uma wada aragno.
  2. Some people actually think this is jokes. I remember the Air attacks of Siyad Barre as a young kid. In particular I remember at one time when a bullets from the Fighter jet hit a rocky area not far from where I was hiding, the shrapnel from the rocks and bullets flew all directions almost hitting me. I was lucky but there was an uncle's wife died. She just gave birth few months earlier to a son. Her son is currently enlisted with Qatar Army, I talk with him over WhatsApp. There were others that got wounded. I didn't see it myself but others saw the fighter jet downed by SNM Anti-craft. Another day, my mum and elder brother were out fetching water from Watering area North of Hargeisa (Beeyo Khadar village), and the attack Aircraft spotted them. They desperately managed to hide inside a Worth hog's borrow. The sound of the MiG fighter jet still gives me shivers. So, at least myself, I am internally grateful to this man who refused to follow the murderous regime's orders to kill indiscriminately.
  3. Suldaanka

    Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower

    It seems like the clan based map of Puntland is getting a slap on the face there.
  4. I watched the presentation and somewhere at the end there was this guy who was introduced as a New York businessman with 20 billion dollar assets. The Somali Gov't official said this guy will earnmark 10 billion assets. When the NY man took the microphone, he said he has 3 billion funding available. So right there on the podium, already, there is misunderstanding and conflict. By the way, being 20 billion asset doesn't mean they have cash. Assets can be anything, people who have billion dollar assets can go bunkrupt because of cashflow and no one is interested in their assets, case in point that is fresh is the Indian brothers Reliance Industries. Btw, this is the sort of people you will never want to associate with. But it seems some in Farmaajo's gov't have already been bought out. What they should have focused instead of bringing onboard shoddy crooks like the NY man, they should focus on Oil and Gas companies that have track record in this type of business. It seems to me, Somalia's assets is being squandered by irresponsible indivituals.
  5. This is the first initial step to get very rudimentary seismic data. The data collected at this stage only shows the structure of the rock formation below. Further surveys will be carried out by the winning company of the block. Considering Somaliland's experience, which engaged TGS from Norway to do this type of initial data collection. It will take about 5 years to get to stage where a well will be dug and oil/gas can be proved. With Gas, it is the real deal. Gas is fetching higher price in the energy market today, while Oil is slugging. But the Capex for extracting Gas is much much higher. A specialised freezing plant will need to be created, which uses very high amount of energy. The frozen gas can then be transported to market. The other option is to pipe the gas out from the well all the way to the market like Russia does for Europe. Only Qatar has the sort of money that can make Gas export reality.
  6. Cheapest form of propaganda. I would love to debate anyone on this topic. The SNM's history is very clear for anyone who studies it. It did a lot of extra ordinary things including taking 'peace' and 'forgiveness' when it could actually do what the USC did in the South. It opted to relinguish power and transfer it to civilians, when other movements around world are power hungry. They guaranteed equality for all, including leadership, when its peers were clan mafias. Case in point, its top braz were made up of many different clans including USC clans (before they branched off), (Southern D*R clans), Borama clans and **WAIT FOR IT*** even members from Sool clans. In fact, Garaad Jamac (the senior Grand Garaad of Sool) came to Baligubadle when he saw the writing on the wall for Afwayne regime in 1989 and asked to join the Guurti which was then headed by Sheikh Ibrahim Shiekh Madar. His inclusion in the Guurti was a catalyst that made sure the SNM didn't go into Buuhoodle or Sool region for revenge attacks. Borama and Laascaanood are the two regional capitals that people never got uprooted because of civilwar. And they were the two weakest towns that could have been ran over if the SNM had bad intentions, like the USC or other armed clan movements. Only a fool will try to muddy SNM's image, because SNM's stands head and shoulders above any other armed movement.
  7. 80% of Siyad Barre's Army was stationed in Northern regions. By 1991, his army was nothing more than a shell of its former self. This didn't come from thin air, it was purely the defeat they got at the hands of the SNM. Within 3 years, the SNM achieved what other Armed movements take 30 years to achieve. They actually whoopped the Somalia Armed forces behind bad. The USC just marched into Mogadishu. The first notable resistance they met was in fact near the Villa Somalia building. We can also claim Mogadishu was defenceless.
  8. @galbeedi You have been fed with lies. I have first hand information about this. You will need to come to Borama and you and I will talk to knowledgeable elders from Borama who actually took part in the peace making initiatives. These issues were discussed at great length during the peace conferences. This Ethiopian boogieman is just a phantom invention by diaspora folks, some who have never returned to mother country, like yourself. The Borama incident was nothing more than local clans fighting each other. Simple as that. Yes, death happened, the same way death is still taking place between localised clan fights. Btw, Borama clan was one of the first clans to disarm all their local clans and incorporate into the Somaliland National Army.
  9. The Somali Gov't used the tax payers money to come up with a grand plan to defeat what it saw as a threat to its existence. And the local clans, having long held locally animosity jumped head first into the gov't pogroms. The result was the armament of anyone willing to fight for the gov't against the SNM clan. Anyone was enlisted from Somali Aabo (Oromo) to Gabooye and anything in between. This is not a mere fantasy, this is actually happened.
  10. By the way, there was never ever Ethiopian army crossed into Somaliland, in support of SNM or doing other independent operations. It never happened. The only time that I know they crossed was when the TPLF captured Addis Abeba. Some of the Amhara generals left the Somali Region and fled into Somaliland. They were refugees seeking political asylum. Borama waxa galay oo kaliya clan melitia from Jibriil Abakor of Gabiley. Yes, they did a lot bad things. It was purely a local clan doing revenge attack on their local foes. As soon as SNM central command learned about the operations, they call to it an end. If this was a pre-planned SNM program, Borama would have ended up like Baydhabo when Caydid moved his melitias there and occupied for years until Ethiopians came to dislodge him. Within 24 hours, the Jibriil Abakor melitia were told to move out of Borama because it was against the grand peace plans of the SNM.
  11. It wasn't just the Awdal folks that took their "once in a blue moon" chance, by lending their support with what they thought was one of the strogest Armed forces in Africa, (it was a good bet...). But also the Gabooye and other smaller clans took that same calculated risk. Siyad Barre's regime left no stone unturned. They armed the O-clan Refugees, the Gabooye, the Awdalites. The only clan that is on the record that refused was the Issa clan of Djibouti.
  12. @galbeedi Sxb, nin wayn oo at least wax qiraya ayaan kuu haystay. Laakin sidii fish and chips kids ayaa wax uso qortay. I am sorry. But hadii aanad runta ku dhiiran karin, malaha waxa fiican inaad beenta uu iska yaraysid. Kuwa Mogadishu ku so barbaaray, dhaqanka reer Waqooyiga ah ee in runta mar walba laga hadlo, waa hore ayu ka suulay. I think it is because of the Mogadishu waters that cause this abhorrent deterioration of morality. Anigu Koonfurta wixii ka dhacay, kuma dhaaran karo, because I get the info as a 3rd person or 4th person - as far as Somalis concerned, that reliability deteriorates very rapidly as the story is retold. Wax walba indho adayg laguma dayo.
  13. Suldaanka

    Somaliland region in $80 million debt

    No one is denying about corruption in Somaliland. I do not believe a foreigner keeping keys to the bank is able to resolve corruption issue. As the old Somali poem goes. Gacantii ninkii lahaa go'ynaya way Gumudantaa. In another words, it has to come from us to put an end to it. Leadership is important. I think Somaliland is capable and is at a stage to set this straight. If the old Somali saying went: Wanka Gowrac, Dibugu Ha ku Quuste, I think we need to rephrase that into "Awrka Gowraca, Sumalku ha ku Quustee". We need to roll the heads of some of the bigwigs, one bigwig from each region/clan, in order to avoid any clan witch-hunt accusations.
  14. Dagaalkii ehliga ahaa waxa dusha eeda oo dhan looga saaraya taliskii Maxamed Siyad Barre oo beelaha hubka isugu dhiibay. @galbeedihadii aanu taariikhda ka been ka sheegeen, isba waa qiraya in beesha Awdal Clan kaalin buuxda ka ciyaartay dagaalkii Siyad Barre ku so qaaday beesha SNM. Dadkii Beeralayda aha eee Reer Gabiley iskama dhiman ee waxa laayay ciidan beeleedkii Siyad Barre hubeeyay ee Borama ku abtirsada. Hadii laga hadlaayo dagaalkii beelaha, dee inaad qirtid beesha Awdal Clan hiil iyo hoo la garab istaagtay Dawladdi Maxamed Siyad Barre. Kuwa caruurta ah ee taariikhda waxba kala socon, ayaa lagu jahawareeriya xuska 1991kii. If we open the books, no one is a saint. Mida kale, Magaalooyinka beesha SNM dadkii loot gareeyay waa la ogyahay. Reer Borama did most of the looting, second were the O-clan and then the rest of Somalis. Hargeisa dhagaxa kali ah ayaa lagaga tegay. For example, we left our home fully intact one morning, thinking we will come back in a week's time but never did. And the same one true for almost 90% of hargeisa's residents. All that were looted.
  15. Somalia: Al-Shabaab kills head of P&O Ports at Puntland's Bosaso port WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM
  16. Suldaanka

    Somaliland region in $80 million debt

    Corruption is like termite, it will eventually bring the host/tree down if it is not checked. At least Muse Bihi is taken the right steps towards naming and shaming and hopefully putting an end to it. Kudos to the Parliament and MInister for Finance.
  17. Suldaanka

    Ar Farmaajo ii geeya II

    Jigjiga meydkeeda ha sidato. :d
  18. Suldaanka

    Ar Farmaajo ii geeya II

    Caruurnimo waa ciil laga waynaado. This is just typical adolescent phase in their life. Whatever that makes them think they are outlawz is the next cool thing.
  19. Suldaanka

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    Alshabab has a very strong presense in Bosaso. It is an open secret that they collect tax from businesses for guarantee of their security and assets. Today the Spokeman for Alshabab said that they carried out the murder because the P&O Ports was having a negative affects on Business community in Bosaso. Could this be the Business Community in Bosaso getting something for their tax payments? Afhayeenka Alshabaab Cali Dheero Oo Sheegay Sobob Layaab Leh Oo Loo Dilay Madaxii Shirkada Dp World Ee Dekeda Magaalada Boosaaso BORAMANEWS.COM 05/02/2019(BNN) Afhayeenka Al-Shabaab, Cali Dheere ayaa war kasoo weerarkii shalay lagu dilay Paul Anthony Formosa, oo ahaa maamulihii shirkadda...
  20. I watched the highlights only and I think the UAE waa isku xaartay. Wuxu maha dad nasab ah. Kudos to the Qataris and their winning team.
  21. According to close sources that have very good connection to the parallel world of Diplomacy and Policy Analysis including ThinkTanks. They have and some have greatly diminishing their engagement with Cheeseman's gov't. According to the sources, SRSG Haysom is due to appear at Washington Think Tank around June this year, he will disclose a lot of things.