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  1. Ninkii tiisa daryeelay ayaa tu kale u hanqal taaga. Abiye Ahmed diyaaraddiisa khaaska ah ayu maalin walba sidii naag uu mehersaday honeymoon geynaayo, kolba Cheeseman magaalo kala dagaa oo dalxiis u geeya.
  2. Here is an excerpt of the Addis Abeba meeting ---------- Waxaynu wada ogayn in wada-hadalkii Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya muddo hakad ku jireen. Hase yeeshee, 11-kii Bisha February 2020, ayaa aniga iyo Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, si kedis ah ugu kulannay magaalada Addis Ababa ee Dalka Itoobiya. 09-kii February 2020, waxaan safar shaqo ugu baxay magaalada Addis Ababa ee dalka Itoobiya, si aan u xoojiyo wefti uu hoggaaminayey Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibedda, oo ka ololaynayey wufuudii Shirka 33-aad ee Midowga Afrika iskugu timi. 11-kii Bisha February 2020, waxa igu marti-qaaday Xafiiskiisa Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Dalka Itoobiya, Dr. Abiye Ahmed. Salaan, soo dhawayn iyo kulan kooban kadib, waxa uu ii sheegay in Madaxweynihii Soomaaliya uu isna soo galayo Xafiiska Ra’iisal Wasaaraha in yar kadib. Halkaa ayuu ka bilaabmay kulan kedis ah, oo saddex geesood ah, oo aan hore loo sii qorshayn, oo dhexmaray saddexdayada. Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Itoobiya waxa uu soo jeediyey in uu dhex-galo dhibaatada dhex-taala labada dal ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya, maadaama ay tahay qadiyad ka aloosan Gobolka Geeska Afrika, oo uu Ra’iisal Wasaaruhuna u ololeeyo nabadda, horumarka iyo Iskaashiga Gobolka Geeska Afrika. Dabcan, Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Itoobiya oo ah shakhsi ku guulaystay Abaal-marinta Nabadda Adduunka ee (Noble Peace Price), isla markaana hoggaamiya dalka labaad ee ugu dadka badan Qaaradda Afrika; Somaliland ahaan waanu aqbalnay soo jeedinta Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Itoobiya. Kulanku intaas ayuu ku ekaa. Waxa loo ballamay in faah-faahinta iyo ajendaha la galo wixii intaa ka dambeeya. Waxa jira Dawlado kale oo iyaguna hore ugu hawlanaa wada-hadalka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya, hase yeeshee, kulanka Ra’iisal Wasaaraha lagagama wada-hadal wax tafaasiil ah oo ku saabsan cidda ka qayb noqon doonta wada-hadalka, waxaanu ku koobnaa kulankaasi soo-jeedin iyo aqbalaad.
  3. Dubai's DP World to upgrade, maintain Eritrean ports - Gulf Business GULFBUSINESS.COM Formerly isolated Eritrea is normalising foreign relations after signing a peace deal in July 2018 with neighbouring Ethiopia
  4. Maareeye was Ex-Deputy Manager of Berbera Port back in early 2010s. He stole close to $200 thousand dollars from the Berbera Finance office and fled the scene. He later emerged in Mogadishu as an MP and then Minister. So, in essense, this man is a criminal and should be arrested. But again, Mogadishu is home to criminals.
  5. @maakhiri1 It is much much more plausible for Mogadishu to go under Abiye Ahmed's government than for Mogadishu to ever again rule Hargeisa. The facts on the ground support Abiye's proposals of bringing Mogadishu under his umbrella. He has been trickle feeding the 'Unity' ideas and even now his soldiers in farflung afield understand the politics and their rules of engagement vis-a-vis a future United Pan Ethiopian country. If I were a citizen of Somalia, I would be very worried.
  6. Puntland is on a declining trajectory. If Cheeseman is not the man to finish it off, it will be any other that follows him but with a centralist ideology. 'Clan Federalism' is not sustainable in the majority of South Somalia, specially regions from Mudug all the way to Shabeeleha Hoose are pro-centralist. And this is where the power and future of Somalia will be dictated from. With regards to Jubaland, it is really how much Kenya is prepared to risk. If Kenya is hungary enough to keeping its possessions, then Jubaland will be around after Cheeseman. But if Kenya is not willing to plunge itself into the quagmire like Ethiopia has done multiple times, then Jubaland and specially Ahmed Madoobe is history. The beggars from Baydhabo have no choice really. Whoever sits in Mogadishu, they will get in line with his policies.
  7. And who is going to make Cheeseman come to Hargeisa? If Cheeseman comes to anywhere in Somaliland be it East Sanaag or anywhere else, it is a political setback for Hargeisa. And in the case of fringe areas, it will draw a military response and total control of those areas. Abiye Ahmed went to Asmara after Abiye relinguished all claims to the disputed regions. The only way Cheeseman or any other leader of Ex-ITalian Somalia can come to Hargeisa, if they relinguish claims and inform all releveant bodies that they no longer consider Somaliland as part of Somalia. Wixii intaa ka soo hadha waa shimbirayaw heesa, hees wanaagsan heesa.
  8. This is hardly a foreign policy. It is actually a policy of bending-over in the hope of getting favours in return. It reminds me of the classic Indian in the work place, where they lick shoes on their way up the ladder. Cheeseman's calculations is that, if he is able to bendover and please the Ethiopians which ever way they like it, then that will sway them from dealing directly with the regional leaders. In short, when Ethiopians can get everything they ever wanted in the blink of an eye, why ever look any other way or go any other route? It is a very open and tempting preposition and an offer too good to refuse. Which is why Abiye Ahmed is heads of heels. Never had anyone gotten a free raid like the one Abiye is enjoying now. Somalia is now reeling from the spillover of 'memorandum of understanding' with regards to the maritime demarcations with Kenya. Can you imagine how many signatures and memo's that Cheeseman has put his signature to? Only time will tell.
  9. Guurti Chairman Saleebaan Nuur hilariously shares the events with the Parliamentarians. "We will not welcome Cheeseman to Hargeisa, even if Abiye Ahmed is carrying him like his own luggage'
  10. First of all, there is no such thing as 'debt relief.''. Since you are forced to knock on all the countries' doors beg them to pay off your debt.
  11. It is Sri Lanka's turn to throw few coins into the begging bowl. This is humiliation at its lowest form. --------- Sri Lanka to contribute Rs 163 million to Somalia HIIRAAN.COM The Cabinet has approved the decision to contribute 163 million rupees as a total contribution from Sri Lanka for the arrears amounts recovery and loan concessionary package for the reformation process of...
  12. Kolka waxa uurkaaga ku jira iyo waxa afkaaga ka soo baxayaa aany isla socon, waa sidan oo kale. Its cringe worthy Cheeseman ha loo sheego Somaliland apology cidna ugama fadhido. Anigu xiniinyo ayaan Afwayne iskaga dhicinay oo nagama guulaysan. Dadka laga guulaysto ee ayaa la apologise gareeya. Laakin reer Somaliland waxay aany marnaba u dul qaadan karin in laga been sheego wixii dhacay. In runta laga sheego, dadkii xasuuqa gaystay la tilmaamo ayaa more important noo ah.
  13. Exactly. Everyone knows that it is a money making business. In fact, for some countries it is part of the Government Budget i.e. Burundi Gov't takes a cut directly from the soldier's income a sum of money. So why would a do-no-gooder that still humiliating your cawro (Your daugther, wife mother etc) in the broad daylight, and yet living large with middle-income-country salary. It doesn't make a lot of sense.
  14. The idea of Hargeisa and Mogadishu talking to each other was actually an old policy by the European Union. Although, on face value, President Siilaanyo's attempt to go that path can be categorised as fruitless, at best, and failure at worse. But, personally I think, there are some intangibles values that we have gotten out of it. I.e. no one can come to Somaliland today and say it to our face to talk to Mogadishu. We have a history to point to and lessons to draw from that will challenge anyone that comes to us with that kind of rubbish. So, I think President Muse Biihi will build on those lessons learned and play hard ball politics. Unless there is clear milestones and results, what is the point? I think that is where we are today.
  15. Previously donors used to actually bring in-kind support like blankets, water-jars, food items etc all from UN Warehouses. But thesedays support is provided in 'e-cash' direclty paid to the recipients mobile phones; Who then buy what they need from the local market. The new way is much more efficient and saving money for the UN itself too. Because now they don't need to ship food items or clothing or jerricans etc. Also renting warehouses, logistics and security.
  16. Don't get me wrong. The last thing anyone needs to do is bury their heads in the face of this. The least anyone can do is amplify their plight and unfortunate ordeals, in the hope that will help change the situation on the ground for them. Sweeping it under the carpet, like it doesn't exist or happen, is the worse option. I rather support the propaganda against removal of AMISom than to be silence about it and accept it at face value.
  17. President Muse Biixi Abdi went to Addis Abeba as the President of Republic of Somaliland. PM Abiye accorded the protocols of a President. Cheeseman was very happy to have shaken hands with the "President of Somaliland'. To the International Diplomatic eyes and ears, the take is that Cheeseman has capitulated to soldier Muse Biixi Cabdi. Cayayaanku ha iska hadlaan, laakin this is in the bag.
  18. For AMISOM, Somali Women are Spoils of War INTPOLICYDIGEST.ORG Using medical care to lure vulnerable women to their base camps, AMISOM forces have sexually exploited and raped young Somali women. This is one survivor’s harrowing story.
  19. I am not too sure about the pictures but it is open secret that the number of Amisom soldiers either marrying or having illegitimate children either through rape or for-money (prostituting) with local women is increasing. Here is a Human Rights Watch report on the increasing rape by AMISom soldiers on local girls. "Idil was one of 21 women Human Rights Watch interviewed who told us they had been sexually exploited or abused by the African Union’s Ugandan or Burundian troops. The AU Commission code of conduct, with which AMISOM troops must comply, not only prohibits sexual abuse such as rape, but also sexual exploitation – taking advantage of someone’s vulnerability, of differential power, or of trust, for sexual purposes." AMISOM’s toll on Somali Women and Girls WWW.HRW.ORG
  20. The first AMISom children are now reaching school age.
  21. Cheeseman's Spokesman, changing tunes. "Madaxweynaha Somaliland"....
  22. Somalia is no China. The moment Somaliland becomes self-suffient and other countries find it indespensible in terms of economy and security, that is when the pendulum swings to Somaliland's favoure. Already that is being felt as of now. A lot of countries are questioning why they are holding Somaliland back? What is the alternative to Somaliland? Even Somalis from Somalia are questioning. Here is Adam Aw Hirsi, former Minister of Jubaland, saying that Somalia is not ready for Somaliland. There is no reason why Somaliland will need to change course.