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  1. The irony is deafening. These goons were yesterday making life hard for ordinary people in Hargeisa with around the clock curfews not to mention daylight robberies of private property, extra-judicial killings and disappearances. Today, the same people are stuck inside a hotel or houses, and cannot go to the local Masjid to observe their religious duties. And still, they have not grown one or two brain cells.
  2. This is Cagjar talking intelligently talking about this. Ficil walba iyo go'aan walba oo qofku ama dawlad gaadho, aakhir results keeda ama natiijadeda halku saldhigto ama ku danbeeyo ayuunba daliil u noqota inu go'aan fiican ahaa ama go'aan lagu khaasaray. Maanta kuwii yidhi midnimo Somaliyeed ayaan doonaynay inaan ilaalino, ilaahay amarkii waxa maanta ka jira geeska africa ayaa daliil u ah. Raggi hargeisa dumiyay, waxay si fiican uga shaqeeyeen in aanay Soomaali mar danbe isaaminin oo la kala irdhoobo.
  3. Waxa hore loo yidhi doqonta xadhiga u dhiib ayada laasim isku dabi doonta. Siduu u socday, aakhir wuxu yidhi, Terrorist attacks Afgoi xaq waaye, xaasuuqi hargeisa xaq waaye. ahahahah Ilaahay caqliga fuud kaaga shub.
  4. Jen. C/raxmaan Guulwaade oo sheegay inuu sax ahaa duulaankii dowladdii Milateriga ku qaaday Gobolada Waqooyi - Jowhar Somali Leader WWW.JOWHAR.COM Jen. C/raxmaan Cabdi Xuseen Guulwade oo ka mid ah Guddiga uu magacaabay Madaxweyne Farmaajo ee Wada hadalada Soomaaliya iyo Somaliland ayaa sheegay inuu sax ahaa duulaankii dowladdii...
  5. I was watching it while on a crowded train to work. Probably I missed that point. Another point he raised was that he said "Qiimo Raqiisa in Qalbi Dhagax lagu bixiyo ayaan ka ordaynay". Which in my opinion, think that Cheeseman could have bargained with the Ethiopians to get favours from them. Which is even more sinister. With that said, What Qalbi-Dhagax revealed on release biles to the Handing over episode. Cheeseman begged Abiye Ahmed and his officials to keep the man in jail or send him to the firing squad. Why ask? This is an interesting story. It is worthy of a feature film, the man they sent to the 'Death on the Gallows' as the Texans speak goes, has returned to haunt them for the rest of their lives.
  6. This is Qalbi-Dhagax talking about the events that led to his release and how Cheeseman left no stone unturned to keep Qalbi-Dhagax in prison or even suggested for death penalty.
  7. Here is an interview with Sanbaloolshe key points: 1. He got involved only after getting news about Puntland/GalMudug both vying to get their hands on this man in Gaalkaio and Ethiopian Secret Services closing on him. 2. He ordered to transfer him to Mogadishu and alerted the PM and Cheeseman about the captive man. 3. He trashed the idea that Qalbi Dhagax was giving himself in, but rather said he was forcefully handed over to Ethiopia 4. He says he never had any direct discussions with Ethiopians, only fullfilled the orders from PM Khaire and Cheeseman. 5. He underscores that Country to Country Rendition policy is not part of his job. 6. Asks Cheeseman and his gov't to de-list ONLF from the Terrorist List, since Ethiopia has long removed ONLF from its Terror List.
  8. @galbeedi Besides the backtracking of an already signed agreement, what is the wider implications on this? How can they ask the IC to funnel all Aid/Development through N&N? It leaves very bad taste at the back of everyone's tongue. He should have rather stuck with it, at least that could have earned him a lot of respects from some quarters but now, dhan walba kaa ka dhintay. If you know what I mean. On another note, this reminds me of the old Lion vs rest of animal kingdom story, where the Lion takes everything at the end, ma badh mise badh-kale, badh libaax ayaa leh, badhka soo hadhay ma in mise inta kale, in Libaax ayaa leh, jabka soo hadhay ma jab mise jabka kale jab Libaax ayaa leh. Imika Mogadishu wixii la siiyo Mogadishu ayaa leh, wixii goboladda kale la siiyo badh-ayay ku leeday.
  9. hmmm. xooluhu shugux shugux kama ilbaxdo. All it takes is a $500 dollars. Few dollars for Logo design, few dollars for new suit and some more dollars to get so called journalists to come to your hotel. And you have Saalaxo running with it like he found his new Daddy.
  10. It looks Planning Minister was trying to sneak this project under PM's radar, but it fails spectacularly. Missing from the list are Jowhar and Dhuusomareeb/Cadaado. Also, Mogadishu got the same funds as village sized Garowe. What was rationale behind this?