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  1. Faysal waa caruusadda abtigeed. Somalidu sideedaba waa munaafaqiin. Waxay hoosta ka xamxamyidhaahdaan ayuu Faysal microphone ka hor yidhaa. Most of the he is actually right. If you feel that you had to say something, have balls and say it. Waxa laga yaaba in aakhir xaasil la isla wada keeno. Besides, that Chairman Faisal is a likeable man in private.
  2. It is 2am in Mogadishu when a humiliated Cheeseman accepted going early in the morning to Dhuuso Mareeb... sleepless night kkk The other option was to resign.. which is what a real man would do in this situation.
  3. The free zone is going to be huge benefit to Somaliland. Great job.
  4. The writing is on the wall for Cheeseman. Someone show this fool where the door is.
  5. Meet the little-known Somali who ‘secretly’ funded the Mau Mau that fought for Kenya’s independence THEFRONTIERE.COM Mohamed Hassan has been described as one of the freedom fighters of Kenya who funded the nationalist movement Kenya African Union (KAU) and the Mau Mau, a major nationalist revolutionary movement...
  6. Somaliland plays up its geopolitical role, courting China and Taiwan In the span of a few short months in mid-2020, Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa, played host to multiple diplomats from the region and beyond, as President Muse Bihi Abdi’s administration plays on diplomatic squabbles to leverage its position. Among them have been representatives from Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia, China and Taiwan. Each country sent representatives to try and win Hargeisa’s cause to its side of tiffs, in moves which point to an increasingly more adept administration in the breakaway region. * Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent representatives to try and undo a growing relationship between Hargeisa and Cairo, which could see the two open representative offices in each other’s capitals and could give Cairo a military foothold in the Horn. Ethiopia and Egypt are at daggers drawn over the management of water from the Nile River. * Kenya’s former prime minister and opposition leader, Raila Odinga, also sent representatives to Hargeisa, in what analysts view as another growing dispute between Nairobi and Mogadishu. Kenyan troops are in Somalia to fight against the threat of the Islamist militants of Al-Shabaab. * Nairobi is particularly important to Somaliland’s cause after Kenya won a United Nations Security Council seat in a competition that revealed the broad lines of geopolitics in East Africa. Djibouti, the home of foreign military bases vital, received support from Somalia and other countries. Attracting Asian attention Globally, Somaliland’s growing relationship with Taiwan immediately attracted Beijing’s attention, as it would give Taipei a foothold in the Horn, as well as on the continent. eSwatini is the only state on the continent that currently recognises Taiwan. Read more Somaliland plays up its geopolitical role, courting China and Taiwan WWW.THEAFRICAREPORT.COM As the Horn of Africa nears its elections seasons, Somaliland’s quest for statehood takes regional and international angles.
  7. On 24th July Cheeseman was told to forget about 'selection based' process. And the US has now told him to forget about entertaining 'extension'. That is a very tight spot to be indeed. By any other name, I think that reads 'resign' and leave office and let someone capable steer the ship. Somalia International Partners’ Joint Statement following Dhusamareb FGS-FMS Meeting | UNSOM UNSOM.UNMISSIONS.ORG Mogadishu – Somalia’s international partners* hope that the important meeting between Somalia’s Federal Government (FGS) and Federal Members States (FMS) leaders in Dhusamareb represents the...