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  1. Suldaanka

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    Looks like they are taking part in a Nigerian film sketch. 😂
  2. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Not only a functioning state but also the people back then were humans. In 1991, the people have been to hell and back and their mental/physical and complete humanity was lost. Just the task and effort it took to sort out the land dispute would have been enough to make anyone give up. Leave alone the disarmament of civilians and bringing law and order back. You can build infrastructure but the build the humanity in people is much harder task.
  3. Suldaanka

    Ethiopia's FM welcomes President MBC to Addis Abeba

    Now that is a timeless advice. It is obviously clear to anyone with few cells of brains how and where this will end. @Che -Guevara You are correct. This is from an earlier visit.
  4. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    @galbeedi You said this because it is very obvious that you have no clue or have no first hand information regarding the SNM vs SNA wars in the North. It was the SNA that militarised urban centres, after they were decisively defeated in the countryside. In camparison, when Mingistu was defeated in the country side of Eritrea, his forces withdrew to Tigray region and Afar area in Asab. They didn't do what Afwayne did when he was defeated. Afwayne wuu u dagaalamay sidii gunta. And that will forever be an ignoble mark on his rule.
  5. Suldaanka

    Ethiopia's FM welcomes President MBC to Addis Abeba

    The ink has not even dried yet and the agreement that Cheeseman was tooting about is as good as used toilet paper. Reminds me of 1988 Awasa agreement between a desparate Afwayne and Mengistu Haile Mariame .
  6. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Afwayne's apologists would rather blame the people who refused to become second citizens in their own country, rather than the blood thirsty regime. Mingsitu of Ethiopia might have been a bloody dictator, but he was a nationalist. You can never accused of him not loving his country. You can see it from Eritrea's cities where they are as beaufiful as they were during the Italian era, today. You can see it from the way people were when TPLF rolled in and took over peaceful cities and communities that were not warring at each other. Unlike Afwayne who pitted Somali clans against one another, armed to the teeth friendly ones, hence leaving the country divided and deadly. The SNM on the other hand, initiated the healing process, organised peace conferences and started nation building. And became the first liberation force to volunteerly handover power to civilian leadership.
  7. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    All of Somaliland's public schools have been free for all school age kids for a longtime now. However, the quality of the public schools are not that great . The reasons are many but the main ones are that the gov't pays public school teachers much lower than their private counterparts hence all good teachers move to the privately owned institutions which has flourished. If you compare the privately owned institutions to pre-1991, they are better or on bar. With regards to healthcare, from 1980s onwards the health care in Somaliland/Northern regions was non-existent. In fact, activist groups like UFO were started primarily because of the dismall state of Hargeisa Group Hospital during 1980s. Today, Hargeisa Group Hospital is a primary health care referal hospital for the whole of Somaliland. It provides free health care to public. Having said that, Somaliland's achievements over the past couple of decades is nothing short of miracle. Specailly considering it has been achieved on shoe-string budget. At one stage, Hargeisa of early 1991s the class rooms were under the trees were students would sit on tin cans (qasacada caanaha). Somaliland has recovered from a society and country that has broken down in every sense of the word.
  8. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Most of these are from donations by biliteral donor countries and Development Agencies. Even in military terms, the bileteral training and equipment provided by USSR/USA and others including Arab countries (Egypt, Iraq, Syria etc), can be said were the army's backbone. Mogadishu Port, Kismaio Port, Berbera Port were all funded by global powers at one stage or another. The question comes back, 21 years of rule what can you attribute from locally collected taxation. The only thing I can think of the Education system in the mid 1970s. In the 1980s the education system in Somaliland was on its knees, schools without roofs, sanitation issue, demoralised teachers and student protesting from injustice and heavy militarisation of city streets. The whole economy of Somalia was based on livestock and by 1980s when things got bad in Somaliland, that industry came to standstill which eventually caused the stagnation of economy of the whole country. By late 1980s, Afwayne regime was broke.
  9. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Habartii docdii ay ku noolayd, daadku ugu so galay dadkii inu wada helay mooday, oo daad wararac bay tidhi... If you were in Mogadishu, that could have been true, because you were dining and wining and licking the icecream from your elbows. But if you were anywhere but Mogadishu, then that is absolutely a pipe-dream. I am sure you were happly welcoming Radio Banadir's famous broadcasting regarding regional football tournament between Hargeisa and Burco in 1988, when the facts on the ground were the stuff of nightmare. Both Burco and Hargeisa were smouldering like Nuclear hit with the air thick with decomposing bodies. On the contrary, Somalia of the 1980s was on its last legs. Everything that is wrong with Somalia/Somaliland can be traced right back to the dictatorial regime. From interclan wars, to border issues (clan borders), to corruption, to Qaad, Qabyaalad, Qudhun... everything.
  10. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Gooni, Awoowe, Wadada waxa ku sadaqaystay China. Sido kale biyaha. Lacagtii Qaranku lahaa halkee la geeyay? Sow beeshu ka dhashay khamri iyo khamaar kumay dhameyn? Ileen waanu ognahay Garbohaaray iyo Buulo Xaawo inay buul Somali ka dhisanyihiin oo aanu waxba u qabane. Kolka laga yimaado sadaqada dawladaha shisheeye, bal sheeg hal shay oo taxation/cashuurtii dadka laga dhameeyay loogu qabtay? Ugu yaraan, Dawladii Afwayne burburkay magaalooyinka Somaliland u gaysatay ayaa 1000 jeer ku laba-laabmaya wixii ama sadaqo uga so gaadhay 21 sano oo dawlad la aqoonsanyay la ahaa. Waa ayaan daro aad u wayn runtii, qof kii caqli inun wali ku sii hadhay garanaayo.
  11. Suldaanka

    Coldoon iyo Agoontii Ubo

    The writing was on the wall for the ONLF, since Afwerki told them to leave Asmara. It is a good news for the Somali region though. Finally peace will ring in those regions. In the dying days of Cabdi Iley's rule, the ONLF threw its support behind his murderous administration. That shows they have no principles at all. Considering the bulk of the orphans here were murdered by Cabdi Iiley's crazy dogs.
  12. Suldaanka

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Dad ayaa bari ka maalin odhan doona Cabdi Iley nin wanaagsan ayu ahaa, bal eega Airportka iyo Jaamacda JIgjiga ayu dhisay.
  13. When you see girls going head of heals, then you know President MBC has got the swagger. This tweet and replies made me laugh.
  14. Suldaanka

    The original guulwade

    Inay fashilantay waad ogaatay oo waayeel dhaaftay. Tani waa saleelo, isagoo sidii Baadariyiinta Catholiga wiilasha qolka loogu xareeyo ka waran? Waxa iigu maqaalo ah inu diinta Catholiga qaatayna.