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  1. Somaliland is now officially added to UAE's Visa/passports website. ICA Smart Services BETA.SMARTSERVICES.ICA.GOV.AE يمكنك الان انجاز جميع معاملات الهيئة الإتحادية للهوية و الجنسية من خلال منظومة الخدمات الذكية
  2. This is a Taiwanese guy... the people-to-people relations have already clicked between Somalilanders and Taiwanese. the use of the derogatory term 'fa*qash' cracked me up.
  3. One of the business leaders in Hargeisa who is originally from Melbourne who came here during the Ramadan gave us some updates on these projects. Things were moving very steadily until this COVID19 issue. Hopefully it will be back on track soon.
  4. Kenya's Raila Odinga is expected to arrive in Hargeisa soon. There are political movements in Nairobi in support for Somaliland. Mr. Raila Odinga is a strong supporter of Somaliland.
  5. As MP Indho-indho said it best "Dadka intay garanayeen ay dhaaftay, bil kuli ixtiraam iska fadhiista" Daawade-yaal wacan ka ahaada ciyaarta.
  6. I am looking forward to the next episode already. I mean, the part when Muse Biixi is welcomed to Taipei.
  7. A reer miyi man was once given a maths lesson. The teacher wanted to give an example of subtraction and took 'goats' as an example. The teachers starts it with 'consider you have 10 goats in an enclosure/xero, if one jumps out of the enclosure - how many left inside the enclosure?"... the reer miyi guy knowing the behaour of goats very well said "Waar aniga aqaan riyaha oo midna kuma jirayaan xeroda". Essentially all the goats scape out as soon as. Waar Somalida waan aqaan, they have zero alligiance to politcal Parties. A more probable scenario is exactly what happened during HSM... all these congregate and do a secret ballot. Even though $$$ will still determine the outcome of such s/election. If Cheeseman returns, then the corruption ($$$) will be highlighted and the wheels will come off the whole process. The only way the outcome will have some sort of legitimacy is if a new guy wins the Presidenty, as the $$$ aspect doesn't get featured or highlighted as much.
  8. Even what you have suggested, as wild a move as they are, doesn't amount to much at all. Probably the publicity this whole thing has generated so far for Somaliland, if quantified in dollar terms, is more benefiticial than anything China can do to harm Somaliland. From the outset, I can say that China, the country, the system, the way they do business or even engage others, is not compatible with Somaliland's. They are pro-dictatorship, they do not encourage civil liberty, accountability, free press etc. The things that are dear to anyone who has a thinking mind and cherishes freedom. Whereas, Taiwan is the polar opposite to the China-Way. The Taiwan Model is about openness, liberty, freedom, democracy, free press etc. All the things I want Somaliland to be and learn. The intangible benefits of this relationship is enormous. Just consider, Taiwan sending its election observers to Somaliland. That is in itself a benefit that China cannot provide. More over, I think Israel comes to mind of a country that has successfully reserved the trend. If in the 1970s, 80s countries were all severing diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, today it is different. Many African countries are reestablishing links with Israel. Even some Arab countries are openly or covertly doing so. Hence, this new relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan is much more deeper than many have grasped. It is a win-win relationship. Taiwan is selling its model and Somaliland is the perfect place to help create a reality of that model. A strong selling point for Taiwan to other countries, of what they are missing out. Hopefully reversing the trend.
  9. He is really good. Waa alaab as Reer Hargeisa would say.
  10. For the FY 2020... Kenya is budgetting to recieve from the donors a whopping $30 million USD. The gift that is keeping on giving.
  11. The Taiwan economic miracle. This an in depth overview of Taiwan recent history and specially its economic supremacy. One important fact I have learned was that Taiwan is the largest foreign direct investor of China. That is a feat.
  12. Paraguay's President thanks Taiwan for their help in building 600 houses for flood affected peoples in Paraguay.
  13. Taiwan rejects China's criticism over Somaliland ties Taiwan rejects China's criticism over Somaliland ties | Taiwan News WWW.TAIWANNEWS.COM.TW Taiwan seeks cooperative relationships with countries that value democracy and peace: MOFA