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  1. It is inevitable that the virus will reach all corners of the world. The idea is to just control the spread and slow it down.
  2. Way ku fashilmeen. Waliba Ethiopia Airline si toos ah ayay dib ugu bilaabaysa duulimaadkeedii Mogadishu. That is like adding insults to injury.
  3. COVID19 will go into the history books as the virus that brought those who thought they were high and mighty to their knees.
  4. US Navy captain pleads for help over outbreak WWW.BBC.COM The captain warns of an "accelerating" coronavirus outbreak on his aircraft carrier docked in Guam.
  5. Yes, there is customs office, Somaliland Bank branch, police station, A Somaliland Roads Authority office where vehicles can get a car number plate. For the locals, there is a new primary school and a mother child center. All that build in the last 2 years. Having consolidated Tukaraq and its surrounding towns, the focus is now set to capture the last village of Buurowadal which falls between Tukaraq and the Somaliland and Somalia border. And hopefully that will also be done within Muse Biihi's presidency.
  6. Kolka kee ayaa North Korea u saansaan eeeg, ma kan ilaa IOG soo saxeexo aan la tabin karin, mise kan adiga oo reer koonfur ah aad soo ogaan kartid oo indhahaaga oo shan ah aad ku so xaqiiqsan kartid? @gooni caligii waa kaa suulay runtii. dadku horimar ayuu sameeya, adigu dib-u-socod ayaad bilowday.
  7. USA Travel advisory: "Flights departing from Hargeisa, Somaliland for Addis Ababa are still available on Ethiopian Airlines (ET). Currently ET is the only carrier flying out of Hargeisa. Although flights can still be booked on the Ethiopian Airlines website please be aware that departures are often consolidated to every other day or every third day in order to fill flights. If you have booked an ET flight from Hargeisa please communicate with ET and the Hargeisa airport about scheduling changes." UK Travel advisory: "There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Somaliland. Local authorities in Somaliland have announced a number of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus including restrictions on travel: From 30 March the Somaliland authorities will be refusing entry to individuals who started their journey in Europe or America. Individuals travelling from Europe or America with Hargeisa as their final destination may be denied boarding by the airline. All passengers arriving into Somaliland through Egal International Airport in Hargeisa will be subject to mandatory 14 day quarantine. Quarantine will be in hotels designated by the local authorities. The cost of staying at the hotel during quarantine will be borne by passengers. You may need to demonstrate that you can afford the cost of your hotel quarantine before boarding your flight. Please contact your airline for more details. All arrivals will be subject to entry screening which may include temperature measurements and checks on recent travel to affected areas. Those people displaying symptoms linked to coronavirus may be transferred to a nearby isolation facility while further tests are carried out. The Somaliland authorities have announced the closure of all land borders for three weeks from 1800 on 26 March and the closure of all sea ports. You should check for updates with local authorities before travelling to the border. Advice to return home is aimed at British people travelling abroad rather than those who are permanent residents overseas, including in Somaliland, who are urged to follow the advice of the local authorities. British Nationals who wish to leave should contact their airline or travel company and insurance provider as soon as they are able, and keep up to date with the latest developments. See Return to the UK. The authorities have encouraged members of the diaspora not to travel to Somaliland at this time."
  8. Waagii aan geeljire ah ahaa, xoolaha kuwo ayaa jira kiniinka diida (kiniinka caalka/dabo shubanka xoolaha). Kuwaa inta afka loo kala qabto ayaa xabad kiniin ah oo fartaa leeg qasab/force lagu siiya waliba biyo loo raaciya. Malaha warka Somaliland ka soo baxa, we will have to shove it down your throat.