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  1. It looks like the road is clear for an Amhara return to power in 2020. They have divided the Oromos, isolated the TPLF, and they have under lock the Southern Nations, and somewhat at least half of Somali vote.
  2. The UK Gov't will help transform the dry port of Togwachaale into a seamless transshipment point between Somaliand and Somali State of Ethiopia as well as further down Oromia State.
  3. Alshabab oo meel 8km u jirta Bosaso dagaal dhabarjebin ah ku soo qaaday ciidamo ka amar qaata Deni. Faahfaahin: Dagaal culus ciidanka Puntland iyo Al-shabaab ku dhexmaray nawaaxiga degaanka Af-Urur – Puntland Post PUNTLANDPOST.NET Guddoomiyaha degaanka Af-Urur ee gobolka Bari, Maxamed Geeddi Saalax oo wareysi siiyay Puntland Post, ayaa ka warbixiyay dagaal culus oo… Sii akhri
  4. Uhuru Kenyatta didn't surrounder. He seems that he got what he wanted. The normalisation of relations was a one-way thing anyway, Cheeseman was turning the other cheek everytime Kenya upped the ante in its effort to humiliate them. Additionally, enabling direct flights between Nairobi and Mogadishu was always preferred, even during the Warlords era days. But what this tells us is that the powers that be (read America) that has been working behind the scenes to bring the two sides together. In fact, the American Ambassador to Kenya was recently quotes as saying that Cheeseman pledged to settle the maritime issue outside court. Of course, N&N minions denied it, but who is going to take their word for it? Additionally what happened in Nairobi last few days is just diplomatic dance moves to turn the pledges into a formal agreement. Again, the Kenyans have said the Court issue will be settled outside court, re-enforcing the US Ambassador's comments. And it seems that is how it going to end up.
  5. One has to first quantify the pressures each has and what each has to lose. It is obvious that Cheeseman is the one that is under substantial pressure and has most lose if the rift continues. The first give away here is what made Cheeseman go to Nairobi. The reason given was initially that he was attending a conference. And the conference turns out to be a very low key that a minister could have handled it. The second give away is the nature of the meeting itself. It took place in Somalia's Embassy, possibly as a decoy and give the false impression that Cheeseman is playing hardball. And the 3rd give away is the press release, the press release from Cheeseman's side never mentioned the dispute. Whereas the Kenyan side mentioned it and underscored that 'mutually acceptable' action will be taken. The final give away is yet to be materialise and is related to Ahmed Modobe's fate, or whether or not a new election takes place. It seems that the Kenyans may have thrown Ahmed Modobe under the bus or at the very least accepted a 'new election' in jubaland, in return for Cheeseman to settle the dispute outside Court. War jiraaba cakaara.
  6. It is good that Ethiopia is openning up its markets, albet slowly. That is the best thing that will happen for Somalis as Somalis are business smart and have access to the seas.
  7. About time. Why they were not given the same opportunity when the folks from Xiingalool were being attacked in Garowe? Specially knowing the Sultan of East Sanaag was in town and came specifically to defuse the situation. I wonder.
  8. We, Somalis from downunder, have not assimilated yet like you folks in North America. There are lots of things that are still taboo here that has become normal in North America. I just can't stand the smell of what they drink so I mostly skip the event. For example they send out the Xmas party invite 30 days earlier and if I think it is not appropriate for me to be there, I sometimes arrange my leave a day or two earlier. Last year we went to a golf course so I attended. But previous years, they arranged a lunch at a local bar, so I skipped it. But during the year, luncheons, they accommodate my dietry restrictions by either going to a fully sea-food only restraunt or halal restraunts of which there are many. I got the other day bottles of fresh camel milk and my colleagues had a taste of it. They loved it.
  9. This guy puts things into context...
  10. The UAE's clandestine operations in Puntland as well as the Bosaso Port deal, they were always seen as shoddy deals and shadowy operations. In any case, it seems the wheels are coming off. The situation is even worse than I thought before. Here is an interview with one of the leaders of the new administration for Bosaso/Barri region. They seem to have taken almost full control of the city and are running the place now.
  11. New rebel group "Ciidamadda Xasilinta" supported by local clans have taken control of Bosaso Port and surrounding areas. Things are escalating quickly.
  12. Hopefully this will facilitate Ethiopia's businesses to easily transact goods and services while in Somaliland. CBE to open branches in Somaliland, Saudi Arabia - WardheerNews WARDHEERNEWS.COM The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Airlines are bracing their business partnership by introducing new joint transaction services. In a joint press conference held on Wednesday at Ethiopian Skylight...