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  1. Tallaabo, Saaxiib, I am sure you have observed already, that, there are one or two who are a genuine "morally degenerate and low-born" cretins, a certifiable "Ilma-Gumeed", who are in here not to debate, but to basically "troll" the rest of us in here of SOL to their hearts's content. Consequently, it's best to treat their posts with nothing more elevated than that of the contempt in which they so singularly deserve. This is how I actually deal with them. Or at least that is the "coin" I normally reserved to dish it out to them. And the reason, as I am sure you can easily agree with me, that I do this is that they have nothing to which to debate us with. No argument at all. For we have beaten them, both at the battlefield, and at the political front, since 1991. So they have decided to troll Somaliland, or to troll at any place in which issues pertaining to Somaliland is getting discussed on it in length. As well as to use the Social media around the internet as some sort of a "screaming platform" to which to talk endlessly about Somaliland this or Somaliland that. And they seems to be doing those acts as if they genuinely believe that any cheaply put-together propaganda Face-book posts or anti-Somaliland's videos of that sorts, or even any kind of a YouTube's edited agitprop videos against Somaliland will actually and remotely do anything to Somaliland in the "real life" sense of that word. These agenda of theirs (namely cheap social media's propaganda) is actually "akin" to that age-old delusion of some "wretched heckler" in a crowded room (where debate is taking place) who is thinking to himself that the more he makes a nuisance out of his presence in there, or perhaps proceed to "screamingly troll" to all those who are also present there, the lesser it will be the "coruscating contempt" in which others in the same room have for him already, particularly for his ensuing "cheap stunt" Hence, it's best to "view" some folks around here of SOL as folks who are very similar to those little "contemptible hecklers" in any discussion room who are basically out to endlessly "troll" all comers in any discussion that could be going in earnest. And it's therefore best not to take any notice of their miserable screeches and the rest of their tiresome spleen (as it where) around here.
  2. ^^^^Gooni Wakhti badan kugu khasaarin maayo, sababta oo ah hadal-tiriska naxliga ee aad ku hadaaqeysaa waa waxa aad u tahay Ina Gumeed fuley ah. Iyo sababta aad miciin uga dhiganeyso "afku-ciil-bax". Mar haddii aad xinniinyaha ka madhan tahay oo aad rag iska celin kari weyday. Laakiin waxaan ku odhan "cuqdad" ma qaado ninka guuleysta ee dhulkiisa dhacsada ee aan waliba loo talin. Ninkaasi waa nin ay taariikhdu "sharaftey", oo ay ka dhigtey "Nin-Hanweyn". Waxaase "cuqdad" u dhow in uu qaado ninka tolkii la xukumo, sida Reer Gedo iyo tolkaa Mareexaan, oo ah dad la xukumo maanta oo ay Kenya ku xukunto gobolkooda Gedo una taliso. Waxaa kale oo "cuqdad" u dhow in uu qabo ninka adeerkii Afweyne "fuley" taariikhda Soomaali Maxamed galey noqdey. Gaaar ahaan markii uu "laajinimo" uu ku dhintey isaga oo "baxsad" carar ah. Oo ay dantu ku kaliftey in uu nafta ku aamini waayo dalkii iyo dhulkii uu u talin jirey ee Soomaaliya la-odhan jirey. Waxaa kale oo "cuqdad" in uu la tiicayo oo uu qabo u dhow ninka madaxweynihiisa maanta jooga Villa Somalia ee Ina Farmaajo la yidhaahdo ee Inaadeerkii ah uu yahay nin "magan-dumar" ah. Oo ku hoos nool "googarad" hoosteed. Oo Xamar ku jooga gabadh uu qabo "wakiilnimadeeda". Ninka sifahaas leh ayaa "cuqdad" u dhow in uu la taahayo. Ee bal isweydii oo muraayadda isku eeg in aad ninkaas tahay iyo inkale. Maadaama aan kuu hubo in "xerta SNM" ah ee halkan SOL ah joogta in aan midkoodna aheyn rag "taariikhdaas mugdiga" ah ay agtooda taalo.
  3. What a stinking gobshite cretin we really have in here. So according to "your source", you seem to know who I am. And not only that but you also know that I was there in person (screaming my head-off) in that demostration in London. And to boot, I was even "spotted" there by your "alleged source", right? What a deluded little sniffling piglet you really are, mate. For your information, yea wretched nincompoop, let me tell you that, I don't usually waste my time in attending useless demostration of some sort. In particularly of the kind that is concerning the skulduggery politics of Koonfuria and what they have cooked up in places like Villa Somalia. Nor do I actually take that seriously some "futile conference" organised for some sort of "pie-in-the-sky-investment" for places like Somalia, which is really was the essence of what that oil and gas conference for Somalia which took place yesterday in London was really all about. Hence, this being a failed and utterly failed argument on your part in which you are peddling in here, yaa huuraale Ina-Faqash, Ina-Gumeed, then see to it to try another line of argument, which may have belts-on. Or at least could pass as plausible argument. After all, who knows that one may eventually do the trick for you in here since this present one genuinely is a deluded stinker from top to bottom.
  4. Come, again, mate. Is that the best retort you could cobbled together? Poor lad, no wonder cowardly conduct is the vocation in which your Pirate's Tolka practices to their heart's contents. In other words, all that is in here, mate, is that of "historical record setting", whereby those who are born cowards are being told the "blood-written glorious history" of the then SNM and how (unlike your ilk) these SNM's freedom fighters actually never have had the "misfortune" to run away from their shadows, or to run away from any heated battle in which they may have engaged-in during the "war of liberation" of Somaliland. Is that too much for you grasped it, mate?
  5. That is the reason the British government supported this outfit in Villa Somalia. After all, the whole Som-Oil was hatched and conceived between the British investor capitalists on one hand and the Norwegians folks of that kind of industry. In particularly those who are in what is known as the "frontier investors". These "frontiers investors" are folks who have a large appetite for the "riskier investments" in the troubled states or in the virgin states in the third world that have not being invested before. And these frontiers investors are mostly in the "extraction industry" of the third world countries. And more to the boot, they get lots of political and legal cover (or help) from their home governments. And in the case of the SOM-Oil, who one of its directors is Lord Micheal Howard, a former British Home Secretary (i.e., UK's Interior ministry), the UK's government have had a long term objective to bring Somalia's extraction industry into fruition. This is the reason that, from 2012 the UK's government (from the then Prime-Minister Mr Cameron down to his ministers) did went out of their ways to "secure" at any means necessary Somalia's oil and gas for British's investors. Given that it will amount to a lucrative industry that is a virgin industry, which means it was not tapped before and therefore it will be good for UK to "lock" that country (i.e., Somalia) for UK's investors in the extraction sector. And incidentally, the reason the UK have had a larger hand in Somalia since 2012 (through appointing a successive British's UN envoys to Somalia) has largely to do with the notion of helping Somalia to became a stable and functioning country so that UK's extraction investors will have what is known as the "first-mover-advantage" in that virgin territory against other countries investors. And, of course, it seems that quick desire in which the then Prime-minister Mr Cameron have had for Somalia which was to "stabilize" Somalia with UN's help and with British's UN's envoys in say, 10 years, so that, UK, once Somalia will be ready for the prime-time of heavy gas and oil investment in and around 2021/22 (at the latest) will be in a position to "exploit that, is unlikely to happen now given that Somalia is not ready for that sort of investment in any time soon. And now the whole exercise that is taking place in here in London is to get others to "buy-in" the "hype" of the future prospects. Not here and now kind of investment action. And that means, these guys in Villa Somalia are essentially selling hype and razzmatazz to investors from around the world in the hope that those investors will still be interesting to invest their hard cash in Somalia in say after 2025 or afterwards. It's essentially akin to a public elation (PR) hype of telling investors that I will have for you a "delicious loaf of bread" next month first Wednesday, and therefore now here is a your chance to "purchase" that "possibility" or that "promise" with an upfront hard cold cash in which you will have to "deposit" it into my pocket now. Not next month when I presumably and allegedly will be given you the said "loaf of bread". It's all about getting (or at least collecting) the hard cold money for the re-election campaign of the Villa Somalia's folks, come 2021/22. But in all seriousness there is no prospect at all of any large investment, particularly of the kind in which Somalia's would be extraction industry will need, that is going to be going into Somalia any time soon or for the foreseeable future, at all.
  6. Waryaa, Ina-Gumeed Dhal-Faqash, xagaad igala qaadey? Miyaad igu riyootey? What a wretched piglety-faqash oik who is talking through his back-side we have in here. No, that won't do, yea silly ninny. Hence, see to it to actually "substantiate" your tendentious allegation against others before you, absurdly, bandied around their names around here of SOL with abundant. Got that idea on the whole, yea sniffling cretin?
  7. Hello Folks, Aha, looks to me we have in here the usual piffle from our Galbeedi, the never ending stream of tiresome guff from the usual "ilma-Gumeed-Faqash-folks" (namely, Che, Dahireeto, and Gooni). And we also have our folks (Suldaanka, Xaaji, And Tallaabo) falling for the "useless bait" of debating history with these faqash's defeated ilk, who in turn are the very folks who can't do jack-all to the present-day Somaliland, other than to talk silly, endlessly, through both-sides of their mouths. In other words: Ma anaan garan in Ina-Gumeed Gocor ahi uu guul nin kale oo rag ahi dhaliyey aanu cay iyo xanaf kala hadheyn, mar hadduu xiniinyo rageed oo uu wax iskaga celiyo ama uu wax ku soo dhacsado aanu laheyn. Taasna waxa aan uga jeedaa kan Gooni layidhaado waxa uu isoo xasuusiyaa, "fuleygii" la garaacey ee miciin bidey in marka uu ka "fagoodo" kii garaacey uu afka kasoo ciyo oo uu meel fog uu kasoo caytamo, mar hadii "af-ku-ciil-bax" oo qudha ay tabtiisii noqotey. Markaas fuleygan Ina-Gumeedka ah ee Gooni layidhaahdo waa intaas uun waxa uu halkan SOL ah ku hayo iyo naxli hadal-tiris ah weeye doodiisu. Sababta oo ah, isaga tolkiis Gedo degan maantadan aan joogno ayaa la gumeystaa (oo Kiinyaati Ugaali kasoo dhargey ayaa ku amarku-taagleeya). Isla markaana, ku darsoo, kuwii uu ku tilmaamey in aaney hadaf weyn laheyn oo uu SNM ula jeedo ayaa ah kuwa iyagu maanta ah rag dal ay leeyihiin ka taliya ama xukuma, oo waliba aaney cid kale u talin. Oo waliba intaas waxaa sii dheer, kuwa Hargeysa jooga ee tolkiisa ah ee Gedo kasoo jeedaa (waa ay ka buuxaan beesha Gedo magaaladda Hargeysa) waa dad ay dantu ku kaliftey in ay “indhaha-foorariyaan”, habrasho iyo baqdin daraateed, marka ay ka horyimaadaan willka 10 jirka ah Hargeysa ama beesha SNM u dhashay. Oo waa ogyihiin in ay “laajiyiin” soo haajirey oo aan dalka u dhalan ay ku yihiin dhulkaas Somaliland layidhaahdo, oo ah dhul uu adeerkood Afweyne, bari-samaadkii, uu mar katalin jirey. Waakaas Ina-Gumeedkan Gooni layidhaahdaa, tolka, uu kasoo jeedo halkii u dambeysay markii daaquudkii Adeerkood ahaa ee Afweyne la-odhan jirey la eryaday. Gaar ahaan marka ay timaado Beesha SNM iyo Dhulkeeda ama Somaliland guud-ahaan iyo dadka xaqa u leh in ay ku noolaadaan. Asxaabta kale sida Suldaanka, Xaaji, iyo Tallaabo, waxaan odhan lahaa, Ilma-adeerayaal, sidii gob-rageed lagu yiqiiney ka gudba saaxiibkeen Galbeedi la murankiisa. Sababta oo ah, isagu waa nin qurbaha iyo Canada “Coffee-Latte” ku cabaya. Isla markaana, Boorama-dan uu ka hadlayo waxba kama aha taladeeda. Oo runtii wuxuuba yahay nin ah “ambad” ku lumaya laamiyadda iyo shaaricyadda magaaladdaas Boorama ah hadii uu tago halkaas. Waana nin ay kaga “banjartey” garashadda siyaasaddu, figradii saaqidey ee “Political unionism-ka” aheyd ama la-odhan jirey. Figradaas oo ah figrad ay reer Awdal (inta dhulka iyo dalka Somaliland joogta) ay ka koreen oo ay iskaba iloobeen wixii ka dambeeyey 1991. Kuwa qurbaha jooga ee beeshan Awdal kasoo jeedana runtii qaar badan waa, “Magudbayaal”, xaga siyaasadda ah. Oo waxba laga weydiin maayo gobolkaas Awdal ah gabi-ahaantiisba. Oo ku darsoo, Awdal-na idinkama xigaan, isaga iyo kuwa lamid ah. Oo idinkaaba sheegan kara in aad uga dhowdihiin oo leh gobolkaas maadaama ay Awdal tahay dhul ama gobol Somaliland ka tirsan. Markaas, ta guud ka eega oo waxba haka soo qaadina nin ciil hayo oo Canada kasoo nafisaya marka uu “Coffee-Latte” uu isku soo diiriyo, sida saaxiibkeen, Galbeedi. Arintan meesha kuqoran-na (ee doodan ibo-furka u ah) iyaduna waa iska “propaganda” la doonayo in taariikhda SNM iyo magaceeda lagu burusheeyo oo wax weyn maaha. Sababta oo ah qaar wali “cuqdad” qaba ayaa caruurtaas yar-yar ee ubaxa usoo kacaya ama usoo koraya Somaliland soo kalifey, ee wax weyn haka soo qaadina. Sababta oo ah “Political Elites-ka” reer Awdal xaqiiqda waa og-yihiin. Waana laga wada hadley wixii dhacay 1991. Oo wadar ayaa layskaga wada cafiyey. Ama si kale hadii loo yidhaahdo reer Awdal "labeenta" ama "Qoor-weynta", ay taladeedu ka go'daa waa rag aan “gocasho” geed lahoos fadhiyin, maalinkan maanta ah. Oo waa “rag-taleed” Somaliland-ta cusub qayb weyn ka ah, gaar ahaan utalinteeda, dhibteeda iyo nacfigeedaba. Waana rag, garasho-ahaan, “Nolosha Cusub Soo Dhaweeyey” (waa halkii Maxamed BK iyo Heestiisii aheyd “Soo Dhawee Nolosha Cusub”). Noloshaas oo ah ta cusub ee Somaliland layidhaado. Waana “Nolol-Siyaadadeed” cusub oo ay "dhismaheeda" inta uguweyn iyo "aasaaskeediiba" ay lahaayeen reer Awdal. Kuna dhiseen Boorama iyo shirkii taariikhiga ahaa ee ka dhacey magaaladaas Boorama, sanadkii 1993. Sidaa-daraateed, “naxli-hadalka”, saaxiibkeen, Galbeedi, waxba dhagta howraaricinina. Kuwan kale ee Ilma-faqash ah (sida Che, Dahireeto, Gooni) ee halkan ka ciyaya iyo kan “sheegatada” ahna ee Saalax layidhaahdo ee doodan keenay, iyagu waa “Ilma-Gumeed” laga adkaatey, (i.e., Defeated Lot) oo waa hadal-tiris iyo af-ku-ciiil-bax waxa ay meesha ku hayaan, ee “jump-ball-ka” ay idiin salaxayaan ka wareega in aad “eryataan” ama aad ku "durdurisaan". Oo yaaney afka idiin galin raga aanu dalka wada leenahay ee Reer Awdal ah. Sababta oo ah, iyagu, Ilma-Gumeedkan Ilma-Faqash ee isa soo urursadey, “dabin-dhigis” ayey diyaarinayaan. Taas oo ah dabin ay doonayaan in aad ku dhactaan oo aad ku “talax-tagtaan” Reer Awdal. Ee dood caafimaad qabta oo taariikheysan uma socdaan oo ma raadinayaan. Sababta oo ah “danta” iyo "daciifnimadda" haysata iyo waliba "raganimo" la-aanta haysata ayaa bidey in ay beelaha SNM iyo Reer Awdal isku dayaan in ay ka dhex “kaluumeystaan”. Gaar ahaan mar hadii ay xiniinyo iyo maskax aad ku muquunisey oo aad qaawisey. Oo aad waliba Somali Maxamed, dhamaanteed, aad tustey sida ay xiniinyo ay rag iskaga celiyaan aaney u laheyn, laga soo bilaabo 1991 ilaaa iyo maalinkan maanta ah ee ah 2019. Markaas, sidaas u “fahma” nuxurka ka dambeeya dooda “huureysan” ee naxliga ah ay lasoo ciyayaan, wiilashan, Ilma-Faqash ah ee Ilma-Gumeedka ah.
  8. Che, Well, you may think that, but that only that speaks about the level of the mean intelligence you are sporting in here, and nothing else, my friend. After all, only someone with that level of debilitating low intelligence will assume that a mere airing of a basic truth (of what Villa Somalia is up to) is to be akin to a "trolling tactics", as you are currently under the impression of it. And secondly, again, you may actually think that talking about the "patent skulduggery" of Villa Somalia and the sight of seeing others making the case against it, as something akin to person who is having a "ghost" of Villa Somalia in his (or her) head. But that in the truth of it only speaks about the "poverty" of the case you are making in here. Or at least it speaks about how to you - given that you are card-carrying obsequies toady for Villa Somalia - everything that says so much of a cross word against them in Villa Somalia is an "indication" of an "obsession" in which some have about them folks in Villa Somalia. And you assume them folks to be saying nothing that, indeed, may be speaking the truth of the situation at hand. Hence, as I said it previously, I shan't hold it against you. And in particularly, I will not hold it against you when you - like right now - are in one of your usual dose of a "daily Orwellian's propaganda screech" at the behest of political clique of Villa Somalia. Which is what you are currently doing in this particular discussion.
  9. Che, The art of knowing the extend to which one is contended to be a "sycophantic arse-licker" to some passing politicians, requires from you to just "observe" the length he (or she) will go to fart their way to the faces of those who never had a good thing to say about the same politicians he (or she) exist on this earth to be so "obsequies" for them. In other words, that you don't see the cooking "clusterfuck-show" in which these clique in Villa Somalia are preparing, whilst you are ever ready to vomit your way to the faces of those who quite clearly see what the likes of the chancers in Villa Somalia are up to, only goes to show the extend (as I said) you are even less dignified than a mere "retained woman", who in turn is ever ready to polish any "turd" that comes out from the mouth of the man who keeps her in "indignity". But, then, as I suppose, yours was never anything too dignified to which to write home about it. After all, to be from a "certain cowardly ilk", who in turn have the habit of running away from their own shadows most of the times, and then end up as someone who is happy to be Villa Somalia's propagandist is not, really, too much of a leap of a jump on your part. So I won't hold it against you, my friend.
  10. From an alleged "Somali nationalist" who started his political career back in January of 2017 with slogan of "Farmaajo Iigeeya", to the sight of seeing of a man trying to win a clannish fight against others, as his days in power moves ever rapidly to a close, is really a sight to behold. But then again, that is the innate DNA of the political reality of Somalia. And it seems, what is apt in here is to recall what Mr Ralph Waldo Emerson once said about a "known thief", which was: "Louder he protested his innocence, the quicker we counted our silver-spoon". Or as he actually put it in his memorable quote: "The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons". And in the case of the politics of Somalia, particularly their pseudo-nationalists, we can say this with supreme confidence, which is: ".....The louder these politicians preen with or pretest their claim of being a "Somali Nationalist", the quicker others should check their guns and find out whether they are well and truly ready. Just to ensure that the "clannish skulduggery" those "alleged nationalists" will soon be pulling shall not make them the teeming casualty of the day......."
  11. Oodweyne

    This was the reason......

    Leaving aside for a moment whether that was desirable at all, but still all the same we can say that the proposition that says that this Roobow fellow (even as a miserable Jihadi) would have "won (and won in hands down manner) for the power of that fiefdom, if there was any semblance of a fair selection process in that place, is really an unarguable statement. And it's an unarguable, for it's a true statement of the reality of that place. Hence, why the clique in Villa Somalia went in to all that troubles of political and financial corruption, went in for a day-light-wanton-murder of innocent civilians, and then to boot, went in with all sort of "underhand selection tactics", just to get their man into power in Baydhabo.
  12. Peace Action, I see that I have touched a raw nerve in you, my friend. Which in turn may account for the reason you are blind-siding us with this sort of piffle and the bile in which you are withering on with it in here. Or at least, may account for the deeper animating reasons of why you are spouting this level of tiresome cow's manure at us in here. No, mate, that wont do. And it won't do for this specific reason. And that is, firstly, the "Trinity Brothers" may not have a larger numbers of MPs in Pirates-Stan's fiefdom and its parliament. But, still at a face of it, that doesn't really tell us much about the day-to-day politics of the place. However what it tell us is the reality of how ever since its creation back in 1998 only "three-family-brotherhood" were the ones who were running the show there. Which was actually how the regional politics of your fiefdom have existed it ever since then. And this in turn is "akin" to like so much of an Italian's crime-Family handing over the leadership of the family's business concern from father to son and so on it goes. Which is the essence of "Cosa Nostra". Consequently, it's best to stop flattering your folks into thinking that they are doing anything that could be "characterize" as "High-level-politics". When in fact what they are doing (and basically were doing it from the get-go of the first day of the existence of their fiefdom) was to essentially hand-over power from one "clan-family" within the "trinity-brotherhood" to the next "clan-family" of the same "sub-lineage-trinity-brotherhood". And then they go on in circles of "rotating" such "political baton" between themselves, exclusively. Hence, unless you are one of those kids who actually think others will be rapturously entertained with his own soiled bull's shit, it's bust not to chance this kind of trite of an argument on any one else's ears, my dear ninny. For it's ordinarily best to keep this sort of nonsense only within the usual "tea-houses" and within the rest of the "clannish joints" of your "Tolka". Given that those denizens of those places may actually think of you as if you have well and truly told them some "deeper flattering truth" in which others weren't privy to it previously. ************ Suldaanka, Bro, I take your "point" well and truly on board. And in particularly of how this "new Boowe", has some on-going business concern in Somaliland. And how he is (shall we say) a "mild-mannered-fish-eater" sort of a fellow, who in turn doesn't like sight of aggression or that of armies battling over a semi-desert empty areas. And in particularly, how he doesn't like that sort of "confrontation", given that it will be his militia who will end up the ones who will take the short end of a defeat and the tragedy of that sort, if there is any aggression between Somaliland's army and his poorly-paid (or sometimes never even paid) clannish militia. All of that I take it, quite easily. Hence, lets hope for the best. But still all the same, it's also best to be prepare for the worse, if and when he tries to "pull" off the same kind of "futile stunt" in which Mr Gaas (i.e., the head-tablet-guy) tried to pull it off back in January of last year in and around Tukaraq's village of Sool region.
  13. The new leader of Pirates-Stan (or should that be "Ninnies-Stan") by the name Mr Deni, started talking the usual guff about of his cowardly ilk. And in particularly about Sool and Sanaag and how these territories are his folks's land. And as usual, the Somaliland's minister of defense put him bang to right in here. And then Minister Koore of Sool region followed up on that and told him that he will be sorry sight to behold - just like all those previous leaders of his fiefdom before him, who made a habit of blustering before the media whilst on the other hand knowing full well that they were born-cowards, who in turn will run away from their own freaking shadows - if he were to start any shenanigans on our border at all. Lets hope this "freshly-minted-Boowe" from Bari region call Mr Deni, will see sense before he start losing boys in a "preordained defeat" that is likely will be facing his fiefdom of Pirates-Stan on the face. And in particularly such defeat will be his to contend with if he were to be foolish enough to start any kind of confrontation against Somaliland on the border area of Sool region. Xukuumadda Somaliland oo u Jawaabtay Dawladda Puntland.
  14. Oodweyne

    Jabuuti is winning the ports competition

    ^^^^ Yet, again, you are hopeless in so many level, that I do not know where to start. But, lets just say, that, first of all, the Heritage Organization may be of a right-wing outfit, at least politically speaking, however it was the "setting" (or the venue) in which US's new Africa Strategy was unveiled by none other US's National Security Adviser, Mr Bolton. And that was what I was getting at in my reference to their name in here. Hence, I was not at all talking about their ideological orientation. For that didn't interested me that much in here. Rather it was a way of telling you that it was such a place and venue in which the current US's administration have chosen to revealed its brand new "US's Africa's Strategical policy". Man, you are hopeless even for the cognition of a simple argument. Or perhaps you lack even the flimsiest ability to follow through the understanding of a basic proposition. One wonders whether you are a bit of a malfunctioning AI bot. Or something of that sort. Perhaps, one wonders whether you are more of a mere strapping teenager who simply have never heard nothing of these kind of deep arguments previously, and therefore is finding a tad difficult to follow through the cut and the thrust of a discussion at hand of this kind. Well, be that as it may, and if we briskly move on, we can say that the likes of US's corporations may be wishing to "protect" their investment in China. But Mr Trump and his boys, especially the likes of Mr Bolton and the likes of the US's trade representative (USTR), are the ones who will make the US's trade policy in Africa. And Apple or no Apple, or any other company will not carry the day in "defining" US's African's Strategy other than what the Pentagon and the State Department, all in turn supervised by Mr Bolton's office at the National Security Council (NSC), says the US's strategical engagement of Africa should be. You really should need to know how each continent (or region) in the world is views by each department of the US's government. For instance, the Middle East and Africa, are strictly regions that are view through the "prism" of what Pentagon and the the US's various spooks organizations (i.e., NSA/CIA/NIA) says the US's strategy towards those regions should be about. Furthermore the US's treasury department and US's commerce department, don't have the final (or decisive) say of how US ought to deal with any issue emanating from those specific regions. Which means, what we are talking about in here is the "Macro-level Strategical's take" of the US's view of Africa and how the US is currently dealing with that region (as a whole). And as I said it you should really go on and actually google the "Trump's Administration new Strategy for Africa". For it's all there, mate. Hence, stop wasting your timing in thinking that what the likes of Apple or Starbucks of this world says about US's engagement towards China will give you any larger handle of what that US's Strategy to China will be. Or at least stop thinking that what these US's companies prefer as the strategy they favor for the US to "adopt" will be the same strategy in which the US will engage, henceforth, with China on the African's continent. For whatever these companies may prefer for Trump's administration to pursue as its policies towards China, will not be the "final decisive vote" that in turn will determine US's policy towards China. And you should know that by now, my friend. Hence, all I can say to you in here is to say: May the force be with you, and may you have a happy days in hunting/googling and then reading it as well as understanding, as to what that "US's strategy for Africa", actually amount to in the cold light of the day. And how that "strategy" explains what the US will be doing in any given circumstances where China's policies in Africa are concern. Read that strategical policy paper in length. Try to understand it fully. And then come in here so that we can pick things up from there, particularly after you became a bit more informed about what you wish to discuss with the rest of us in here. Deal?
  15. Oodweyne

    Jabuuti is winning the ports competition

    ^^^^ Aha, what an idiot. He is still waffling and spouting his cheap bile. However, what is lamentable to note in here, is that when he is put to right and he is told how he doesn't know much, and that he is such a prize-winning pillock, he will turn around say that others have not "understood" the inference he was making it, as if there was any sort of inference to begin with from his tiresome guff in the first place. Mate, find out why to this day the Djibouti's government can't sell completely the Dorraleh Container Terminal (DCT). Or even sell half of the "shares" of the DCT to anyone in the whole world. Why, for instance, the Chinese companies (with lots of money to spare) are not beating a path to "purchase" this company? Which is very profitable company, mind you. After all the Djibouti's government has "nationalized" it and brought the ownership of it into a government's hands from the DP World management. Moreover, find out what the US's government actually thinks of what Mr Ghuelleh of Djibouti have done in here with his "nationalization" of this company from the hand of DP World. And how the US view such things. I will give you a clue, and say that it was a "headline news" in recent months from some of the US's Senators in the US's Senate foreign relation Committee, particularly from their recent pronouncement about what they think of the Chinese taking over the Djibouti's ports. Google it, and you will find it all of these issues and arguments, quite easily. In other words, my friend, you really need it to give it rest. For, it's so easy to notice it as to how the US and China are "locked-in" a "Zero-Sum-Game-Competition" for political influence, for power-projection, for naval ports in Africa, for search for economical footprints across Africa, and for trade advantage across Sub-Sahara Africa in particular. In fact, the recent released US's Africa strategy, which was trotted out by Mr Bolton (i.e., US's National Security Adviser) at the Heritage Organization actually used it's starting point from the "assumption" that says the US and China are actually "locked-in" in a "perpetual Zero-Sum-game-of-competition" across Africa. Hence, it's your lack of intelligence, not to say nothing about your lack of deep understanding of what is going on in Africa, which in turn made you to assumed, rather blithely, this notion that says US and China are working on a "gentlemanly conduct" of "agreed competition" with above-board rules and regulation, which everyone is following it. However, that is not the case. And nothing could be further from the truth, in fact. Furthermore, in fact, Africa, is the new "battle ground" between these two powers, at least in economical and trade competition sort of thing. And Djibouti is likely to be casualty of it, if this trade-wars competition of these two powers in Africa gets more serious than it's already is. Which means, in so far as the US and China are concern, and in so far as their economical competition in Africa is concern, things, indeed, are, "black and white", at least when it comes to their trade confrontation and "winner-takes-all-competition" in which they are engaged with each other in Africa. And these engagement could be made akin to how things were back in the old Cold War strategical competition between the USA and the then USSR. And if you do not know this much, which is seriously lamentable sight to ponder on, given that you actually live in the USA, then, I am afraid, you are more hopeless and therefore more to be pitied as a result of it, than anything else, indeed.
  16. I am afraid, the only cretin in here of SOL, who gets things so comprehensively wrong, repeatedly, or others may not even rely on for him to know his back-side from his elbow, is none other than you, dear ninny. Which in turn account for the endless drivel in which daily you share with us in here, whereby I do, of course, take the pleasure of dismantling it. Hence, not knowing the trees from the woods is the sort of the "condition" in which you are belaboring under it in here, no matter how much you may have liked to do a bit of a "projection" onto others about it, mate.
  17. Oodweyne

    Jabuuti is winning the ports competition

    Again, your imbecility knows no bound, mate. After all, when you are told how no one will be in a harry to take up the "ownership" of Dorraleh Container Terminal port (DCT), you resort to some beside-the-point issues about how the West and the Chinese are likely to find a means to resolve their differences and issues. And that was, of course, not the main thrust of the argument in the first place. Nor was the point we were debating in here had anything to with the notion of western decline (if it ever materialize). Given that the central point we were dealing with was about an issue which was specific to the Djibouti's ports and who will own them from this point onward. Again, my friend, talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, really. Good day, mate, However, in passing, let me tell you that you will really be well advise to learn somethings (anything) before your open your mouth, rather tendentiously, and then actually end up in "advertising" to all comers the extend to which your "recurring imbecility" is the "condition" in which you are laboring under it.
  18. Listen to this spleen-spitting imbecile, accusing others of "taking-notes" from some one call a "brother-in-law-Matt". Which I presume, he is talking about, slyly, the chap by the name of Matt Bryden and his wife. Must this non-entity stoop so low as to talk about some alleged brother-in-law telling anyone else of anything of substance, when on the other hand in fact half of the world knows the game of Villa Somalia is over. And it's over in the political sense of the kind the international community (IC) could have any confidence for it, going forward, from here on out. Apparently, when this two-bit-cowardly non-entity who can't hack in real life in "liberating" his own region of Sool (as he is been promising us all through out the years since 2007) is shown to be what he is, namely a two bit yellow-bellied sniffling coward, he always run to his "comfort blanket" of talking about Matt Bryden and his wife. And he does that, as if that will be anything to which to resort against others with it, given that he is coward of the sort the whole Somali peninsula can see it. And no talk of Matt this or Matt that, can safe his reddening blushes in here. Moreover, he talks about Kurdish and others having no faith and whatnot. Well, far be it for him to disparage the likes of Kurdish, who are fighting to this day to "correct" the "mistake of history", so that they will have a land of their own, one can say the following: Firstly, it's apparent that it was his ilk who tun up in Mogadishu whilst being on top of a Tigrean's tanks just to subdue others who were there (as the manner Col Yey did). Subsequently, they are the nearest Somalis have of a folks who have "no faith" in themselves other than to borrow the muscles from others. Secondly, it's the same "borrowing-of-muscles" that is going on right now in Villa Somalia, Particularly with the Ethiopians who were asked to murder innocent folks in Baidoa in recent month. And this in turn is actually betoken of the fact of how those currently living in Villa Somalia have "no faith" in themselves at all just to amount to much without having the likes of the Ethiopian's forces shoring them up, politically, from the rear-end, indeed. Thirdly, it's also the same "borrowing-of-muscles" that is what is going on in Jubba-land as we speak in here. Given, that, the Kikuyu's stooge who is there at the behest of these Kenyans is essentially dependent on the "borrowed muscles" from others. Which is another "indication" of how some are in perpetual state of having "no faith" in themselves at all, indeed. So it actually ill-behooves of someone like him to accuse others of having "no faith" in themselves. When all Somalis, from one end of this earth to the other, on the other hand, can see as to who are the "real folks" who are relying on others, for they lack the "faith-in-themselves" (as it were).
  19. Oodweyne

    Jabuuti is winning the ports competition

    Silly bugger, you have no idea what on earth you are waffling on in here, mate. And it seems all you have left with it, particularly when others show you how practically naked you really are, is to resort to a cheap and puerile argument. Hence, suffice to say, you need to go on and read a bit, specifically, how the very fight that is going on right now between the west and the Chinese (within the same globalization) is about "intellectual properties" (IPs) theft. And how the Chinese have being accused from Canada to EU to Trump's America, in terms of "perfecting" the art of stealing the western's IPs and of other nations's IPs just to benefit themselves, economically. In other words, by the looks of it, you have no idea of why WTO is in such a mess right now. And why most of the rule-based globalization issues are in "free-fall" at the moment, precisely, because of the debate the West is having with China in-terms how to eventually "enforce" any infringement of the rules-of-the-road of the current globalization. These rules are in essence of what China is flagrantly abusing it now with its endless theft of other's people's intellectual properties (IPs). Hence, the argument is about what precisely ought to be done, if some country (say China, for example), quite deliberately, tries to "benefit" from a stolen IPs or tries to "benefit" from other stolen "nationalized assets" in some third country in which western's companies may have originally owned it or may have originally invested in as a "private business". Finally, let me know the day you see any Chinese Business Conglomerate that has a some on-going-business in any western world who then decided to take over the Dorraleh Container Terminal (DCT) whilst the court ruling from London still standing. For I then will show you a Chinese company that is likely to be looking forward to an endless years of court-room commercial litigation against them. And will indeed be forced to endure such lengthy court-proceeding in that western's country they are doing a business in, by the likes of DP World and its well remunerated lawyers.
  20. Oodweyne

    Jabuuti is winning the ports competition

    Duufaan, Again you missing the woods for the trees, my friend. Which is natural state of perpetual "befuddlement" with you. For it's always the case with you around here of SOL. In other words, you seems to be misinformed about the fact, that, of all the ports in the horn-of-Africa the Djibouti's ones are the most advance ones. And such they will always have the "lion-share" of the Ethiopian's business of export and import. However, where the likes of Berbera's port comes-in into the equation is when it's fully upgraded and it's rebuilding phase finishes (which will be in two years time when the works ends). And it will by then become a State-of-the-art port of the kind current Djibouti's ones are at the moment. Thanks to the effort of the same DP World who you are disparaging in here. And of course, this DP World company is the same company that have build all these Djibouti's ports in the first place. Moreover, the ownership of the Dorraleh Container Terminal (DCT) is what is at issue in here. Not how the port itself is servicing the Russians cargo-ship that is carrying grain for Ethiopia. And such issue of "ownership" of the Dorraleh port (DCT) is still bending. Or at least still is bending given that no western country will touch such "ownership" of that port so long as there is a "court ruling" against it. Furthermore, even if a Chinese company eventually become the owner of it, then that company will have to kiss goodbye any business it will ever do in any western countries. Given, that, they will be liable to be hauled in before the court and before the legal system in that western country in which it's doing business in it in-order to be charge with the crime of "profiting", or making money from a "stolen property". And this are a very serious crimes, indeed, in any western's jurisdiction you could care to think of. So the issues in here, particularly those pertaining to the Horn's competing ports, are really not that simple of a proposition, as you are making them out to be so, my friend.
  21. Oodweyne

    Somalia's inept Foreign Minister

    Suldaanka, I agree with you in the sense, that, all those who have put their hopes-up on a proper political and diplomatic conduct from Villa Somalia will surely be disappointed from this point onward. And one of the first casualty of this UN's fiasco will be that the United Nations's Secretary General (UNSG) will simply appoint some "none-entity" - for a lack of a reputable diplomat who wants to run the risk of being humiliated in the manner Mr Haysom was besmirched - to the position of his special representative in Somalia (SRSG) just to finish off the task of seeing through the remaining two years of the UNSOM's mandate in Somalia in "overseeing" the AMISOM's peace-keeping mission in Somalia. And there is also a distinct possibility that no one will "volunteer" to even pay next year (2020/21) financial contribution towards AMISOM's peace-keepers before its mandate even finishes at the end of that fiscal year. In other words, once the member-states of the UN, especially those who wanted to help Somalia under the UN's mandate, actually and genuinely realize that Somalia does not take seriously any "political obligation" in which they have entered into, particularly the "list of issues" in which Somalia have signed on for it to do it by 2021 at the then London's conference of 2017, means that no one, henceforth, will be paying a dime towards the AMISOM's coffers in the remainder of their mandate in Somalia. And of courses, it goes without saying that it was never likely that the AMISOM's mandate for Somalia will be renewed in post 2021 era, anyway. So we shall see (within this year) the sight of the UN's officials and offices simply and quietly "retreating" from any larger State-building effort in which they were helping Somalia with it previously. And then you can just perceive the "scale" of the implication and the ramification that will result from it, henceforth, particularly from such open retreat by the UN of what was previously its sole political position in Somalia. This in turn will mean, that, all the effort to "ready-up" Somalia for a full democratic transition by 2021 (at the latest) will simply be lost for good. And all UN's officials (both in Mogadishu, and in Nairobi, as well as those who are in New-York for Somalia's UN's portfolio) will simply run away from the "political responsibility" of being blamed for any disaster that may occur in the mean-time. Hence, why I believe, that, the UNSOM will be from now on a mere "talking-shop" that has no power or any "legitimacy" to do anything useful at all for Somalia. Whilst, on the other hand, and at the same time, everyone else, especially the African's peace-keepers, will simply run to the "exit-door", after they collect their peace-keeping's money by next fiscal year. And these Africans will do that as soon as possible just so that they won't be blamed as well for any security or political calamity that may happen in Somalia due to the collapse of the "political legitimacy" of the UN's mission in Somalia.
  22. So the "Ayuito" (or hagbad as we call it back in the Somaliland) is back into the Osman's line of the family, after it has gone through the time of both Cumar and Ciise and their families lines to help themselves with this "rotating buggins turn of politics" . No wonder the "Trinity of brotherhood" meant it business when they have told all and sundry that they will be wasting their money and political effort in ever thinking, that, this Pirate-land's fiefdom was anything other than their "Cosa Nostra" sort of a political equivalent reality.
  23. Oodweyne

    This was the reason......

    Lool. If the tabloid Independent paper, which have failed and went into multiple of bankruptcies in more times than any newspaper in UK's history, is the source of wisdom and deep enlightenment to some folks in-terms of what UK's strategical policy in the wider world happens to be, then it's apparent that some are more out-of-touch with reality of how UK do things of its national strategy than I thought it was ever possible. At least, The Guardian, The Times, The Economist or even The Telegraph, would have a scintilla of credibility in here. But the Independent paper where a few thousands of pounds could get you a "good copy" of an article for your reputation inside its pages is really something else. In fact, if the likes of Mr Libaax-Sanka-Taabte (LSK) the old owner of this joint call SOL, could spare 10 thousands dollars (or even less than that), he can then have a good and polish copy of an article praising this SOL website to the rafter in-terms of how serious website it is (a premier discussion portals in the Somali internet portals) at the Independent paper, both in the hard copy of the paper form and on its website, by next week. This is how much one should put "stock" of what it says of anything larger than tabloid musings.
  24. Interesting development, I see. It's very much as I have expected in-terms of UK's foreign policy in post-Brexit strategical reality. And the notion of "reversing-East-of-Suez-Policy" in which UK have had it since mid-1960s. Moreover, I see the headless chickens who pass themselves off as a government in Villa Somalia have paid a "posted article" in the Independent newspaper in UK, talking about how the Secretary of the Defense of UK have visited Somaliland just to piss off the likes of Mr Cheeseman. Lool. Do they really believe the UK's defense establishment works on that kindergarten level of antics? No, the UK's defense ministry (of all UK's government departments) are the last line of a serious power, which in turn still exist within the UK's realm. And those who runs that department of State are not folks who pay attention to some jumped-up nonentity who is hold-up in the AMISOM Bunker in Mogadishu. Similarly, they don't make their "strategical calculation" of what is good for UK on the basis of "pissing-off" some carpetbagger from Buffalo of New-York, by the name of Mr Farmaajo. Who in turn, happens to be a very chap who they actually pay a "good money" just to keep him safe and alive in his AMISOM bunker through a "collection" of African's mercenaries of whom they have hired for him. As for the independent newspaper, like most mid-range-quasi-tabloid paper in UK, it's failing newspaper, at least it's a financially straightened newspaper, whereby a few thousand of pounds could get you an article publish there by its own writers who works on "article-per-salary-basis". Which means they are free to "moonlight" out for their own whilst using the paper credential to earn their keeps, financially. This in turn means, you pay the local writer who is mostly based on your county as a "foreign correspondent" (or stringer as they call it) and then you have a "glowing article" just for you being published in that tabloid-ish paper and on its website. In other words, the stringer had earned his dosh, and the paper has a story to sell and something extra sensational to put on its website for more "eye-balls" coming to visit the paper's website. Which in turn means more internet traffic to its portals and more advertisement revenue for itself, that is likely to come out from all extra-eye-balls that have visited the paper. It's a very neat business. And it's all fake-news, much of it profitable, though. And it seems the folks who are in Villa Somalia have use this tabloid-ish paper call Independent and its stringer reporter in Mogadishu (an Indian chap) to say that the reason Mr Gavin Williamson (UK's defense Secretary) went to Hargeisa was just to anger the likes of Mr Farmaajo. And, apparently, the reason UK wanted to anger the likes of Mr Farmaajo seems to be on the basis of a "retaliation" against Villa Somalia in ejected the UN's guy from Mogadishu. It's silly argument from top to bottom. But it's all a PR-shell game or a wretched propaganda with these lot at Villa Somalia, really. Of course, it may not have occurred to them (as of yet) but UK's strategy in this fast-changing Geo-political world, where nothing is permanent or even settled and everything is in fluid motion, doesn't work like that. For it never did before and it's unlikely to start now. Which is another way of saying that anyone who knows anything about UK's defense establishment and its top-brass at the Ministry of Defense (MoD), or at UK's naval Admiralty could have told you that much of a basic truth. But, still, all the same, you are free and seriously entitled to believe that the likes of UK's Defense Secretary is in the political (or strategical) business of "enraging" some third-world political nonentity call Mr Farmaajo. And he indeed have traveled half way the world just to come to Somaliland in-order to "anger" (or piss-off) the likes of him. Lool.