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  1. Absolutely and spot on, there, indeed. Furthermore, the Indians and Pakistanis Engineers who are there now in Berbera, will also teach our young engineers how to do the heavy-duty-construction of the sort Berbera port expansion will proven to be. Which in turn is essentially one of the hardest thing to do when it comes to the sort of "large-scale Engineering-projects" of any kind. Moreover, we are planning to do the ports re-construction projects for Saylac and for Maydh, in due course. So we need a "real knowledge and Engineering skills transfer" to our folks. So that way, when the other companies come to invest for port building, particularly in Saylac and in Maydh, we will have a local civil Engineers who in turn did cut their teeth in learning how to do it port construction skills with DP World. And the Indians as well as the Pakistanis, who are basic port-construction engineers, and therefore know the skills in this areas, who are now working in Berbera, will help us our fresh and novice civil engineering graduates to learn it how to do it.
  2. ^^^^ Whatever happened to the looting business you were salivating to do, officially, as soon as that "donkey-legged-looter" by the name of Mr Kheyre was in power and was, officially, installed in Villa Somalia? Given that you were hoping that he will help you with that "scam" of yours of using the government's legal status to rob away blind. since you and him are tight in the clannish sense of that word.
  3. ^^^ Looks, we have in here the usual silly talker who can't actually separate the party politics inside Somaliland and national agenda. In fact, the silly argument in here (by the reporter) indicates that some folks are thinking that the length in which a company was in existence has any meaningful thing to say about a company ability to invest and to be fruitfully commercially. These ill-informed reporters should actually and really go out more, and learned how financial investment world actually works. And how the "liquid assets" in which you carrying (and therefore are willing to invest-in) as well as who are your "backers" in that project, says a lot more of a "detail reality" than how long your company was involved in that sector in which you are planning to invest-in. But, I doubt that guys like the reporter who wrote this stuff are really that interesting in any of that apart from the notion of keep-on "maligning" Somaliland from the side-lines. And then doing it all of that all due to a party politics competition gone wrong. Which seems that even the "reporters-on-the-beat" (like the guy who wrote this silly stuff) are basically lining-up behind party-politics-division inside the country, whilst conveniently forgetting national interests on the whole. Hence, only Somaliland's enemies will buy that. But still, for what is worth, back home, we are building our nation, detractors or no detractors (as it were).
  4. It seems that it never occurred to some of the low-born-cretin, particularly of the addled-mind to boot, sort, that the folks from Somaliland, don't actually much care of the "opinion" (of any kind) in which some silly sheegato, and those who are the "defeated lot" of the Somali peninsula, actually peddle to each other. Why? Well, who on earth, who is on their right mind will ever bother to "convince" some silly sniffling cat, who in turn keep-on hoping that his "fraudulent" claim of other folks's lineage will pass muster, particularly in any sort of a given and reasonable debating setting. No, I am afraid, that, won't do. And it won't do, given that some of the "knuckle-heads-oiks" in which we have in here, will actually be better off in hoping to win the UK's national lottery, instead of hoping that others will take their arguments that seriously. Although, I must admit that, to keep on chasing them around here of SOL with the view and with the "intend" of demolishing their "nonsense-on-stilts", like the manner Suldaanka and Amigo were doing it on the other thread, is really mighty entertainment to be had. Which in turn is worthy of the price of popcorn alone (as it were).
  5. Dowladda Mareykanka oo soo saartay digniin saameyn karta madaxweyne Farmaajo ".......Wasaaradda arrimaha dibadda ee Mareykanka ayaa hooraantii bishii Maarso ee sanandkan soo saartay amar ku aadan muwaaddiniinta Mareykanka ee xilalka saameynta siyaasadeed leh ka haya dalal kale......." Digniinta oo ah mid shuruucda dalkaas lagu caddeynayo ayaa lagu sheegay inay dhici karto in qofkaas uu lumiyo dhalashada Mareykanka, haddii uu u tartamo xil, loona dhaariyo, taasi oo dowladda Mareykanka ay sheegtay in aysan waafaqsaneyn shuruucda dalkeeda. "Kiisaska la xiriira muwaaddiniinta Maraykanka ee haatan madaxweyne ka ah dalal kale, ama wasiir arrimo dibadeed ah waxaa ka dhalanaya su'aalo adag oo la xiriira sharciyada caalamiga ah, wasaaradda arrimaha dibedda ayaa arrimahaasi si gooni gooni u eegi doonta". Ayaa lagu yiri war qoraal ah oo lagu daabacay bogga wasaaradda arrimaha dibadda ee Mareykanka. Waaxda arrimaha dibadda ee Mareykanka ayaa sidoo kale sheegtay in digniintan aysan quseyn muwaaddiniinta u dhashay Mareykanka ee u shaqa taga dalal kale, balse aanan ku lugta lahayn go'aannada siyaasadeed. "Haddii muwaaddiniin Maraykan ah loo shaqaaleysiiyo jagooyin sare oo siyaasadeed, wasaaradda arrimaha dibedda waxay weydiin doontaa muwaaddiniintaas inay doonayaan in jinsiyadda Maraykanka ay sii haystaan iyo in kale, marka ay dadka noocaas ah aqbalayaan inay jagooyin muhiim ah ka qabtaan waddamo kale. Qofku haddii uu doonayo in uu sii haysto jinsiyadda Maraykanka waa inuu sidaa u caddeeyaa wasaaradda arrimaha dibedda. Qofka haddii uu doonayo inuu ka noqdo muwaaddinimadiisa Maraykanka waa in uu raacaa tallaabooyinka laga doonayo". Ayaa la raaciyay. Saameynta ka dhalan karto arrinta ayaa la sheegay inay taaban karto madaxda dowladda Soomaaliya, gaar ahaan madaxweynaha haddii uu damco in uu tago Mareykanka, maadaama uu heysto dhalasha Mareykan ah. "Qofka haddii uu dal kale ka hayo jagada madaxweynaha ama wasiirka arrimaha dibedda, waxay saameyn ku yeelan doontaa xasaanadda uu Maraykanka siiyo dadka haysto labada dhalasho."Ayay sii raacisay dowladda Mareykanka. Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa labadii sano ee uu hayay xilka waxaa uu ka baaqsaday in uu tago Mareykanka, waxaana jira dad ku doodaya in haddii madaxweynaha uu tago Mareykanka ay dhici karto in loo qaabilo si ka duwan madaxweyne qaran, maadaama wali uu haysto basaboorka Mareykanka. "Saameynta ka dhalan karta way cadahay, tusaale ahana madaxweynaha Soomaaliya waa nin Mareykanka oo dhalashda dalkaas heysta, isaga ma ahan qof la taliye ama shaqo kale haya, wuxuu noqonaya qof isu soo sharaxay xil siyaasadeed, ku guuleystay, kuna dhaartay in madaxweyne dal kale yahay, madaxweynaha xasaanad diblomaasiyadeed ma yeelan karo, haddii uu tago Mareykanka dacwad ayaa lagu soo oogi karaa, muwaaddiniinta Mareykankana maxkamad ayay soo taagi karaan madaxweynaha Soomaaliya oo haddii lagu helana la xiri karo". Sidaas waxaa BBC-da u sheegay Ciid Badal oo ah diblomaasi hore. Ciid Badal ayaa sidoo kale sheegay in madaxweynaha Soomaaliya horay looga digay arrintan, taasna ay sababtay in labadii sano ee uu xilka hayo uusan ku dhiirannin in uu tago Mareykanka, waxaana uu intaa raaciyay in haddii madaxweyne Farmaajo uu celiyo dhalashada dalkaasi uu Mareykanka ka helayo xasaanad buuxda. "Mar haddii mas'uulka uu isu soo sharraxay xil siyaasi ah, waxay ku karaama badan tahay in uu baasaboorka ah ajnabiga iska celiyo, waxayan arrintan oo kale ka dhacday dalka Ciraaq, kaddib markii nin muwaaddin Ingiriis ah loo magacaabay xilka ra'iisul wasaaraha, isagoona iska celiyay dhalashada Ingiriiska". Ayuu raaciyay Ciid Badal. Inkastoo qaar badan oo kamid ah madaxda dowladda Soomaaliya ay heystaan basaboor dalal kale ayaa haddana waxaa muuqata in arrintan ay walaac hor leh ku keeni kaarto qaar badan oo heysta basbaoorka Mareykanka, kuwaas oo ay soo wajihi doonto labo daran mid dooro. Madaxweyne Farmaajo ayaa labadii sano ee lasoo dhaafay isagoo xilka haya ka baaqday shir madaxeedka Qaramada Midoobay ee sannad walba ka dhaca magaalada New York. Dadka isticmaala Baraha bulshada ayaa isweydiinayay sababta uu madaxweynaha uga baaqanaayo shirkaas, iyadoo dadka qaar ay sheegeen in madaxweynuhu uu haysto baasaboor Mareykan ah, sidaasi darteedna uu u baaqday maadaama sida la sheegay Sharciga dalka Mareykanka uusan oggoleyn in qof haysta baasaboorkooda uu dalkaasi tego isagoo adeegsanayo baasaboor dal kale. ************ Dowladda Mareykanka oo soo saartay digniin saameyn karta madaxweyne Farmaajo WWW.BBC.COM Waxay arrintan oo kale horay ugu dhacday ra'iisul wasaaraha Ciraaq
  6. Eh, isn't ever so sweet too see some "working-the-night-shift-looter" getting all hot and bothered about the fate of Somaliland's level of youths's unemployment and their propensity or tendency to do a bit of unfortunate "tahriib"? Particularly, given that it was only yesterday or few days before that, when we saw a teeming self-employed youths getting murdered in the street of his lawless city of Mogadishu by the political clique of Villa Somalia. And to boot, wasn't it also the same government in Villa Somalia in which he support that did that wanton killing of those youths? However, now here he is, talking about the DP World and who they are employing in Berbera's port construction, as if he really is that much concern with the fate and the livelihood of those youths in Somaliland. Moreover, he (along with Maakhir fellow) were one of the silly talkers sort cretins, who were in here of SOL last year, who, in turn and in effect, were saying that this DP World will be kicked out of Berbera port and from Somaliland, because Villa Somalia said so. Hence now when his original gambit about this DP World's berbera port investment failed him, and indeed failed him so miserably, he is at the moment all trying to come across as if he is that duly concern with whoever this DP World outfit hires to work on Berbera port construction and its expansion of it. Consequently, his argument, put it in a nutshell, amount to the sight of seeing a man on a football match who throughout the previous week before the match get going was saying to all comers that his team will never be "defeated", come the day of the match. And when the match itself had started in earnest and he saw before half-time was even reached that his team had already shipped-in 8 goals to the naught at their back, he then started to sing a "different song" about how the "goals" in which his team have conceded already are not too "elegant", or too "beautiful", or too "classy" to his liking. That is the kind of sill absurdity we have in here, folks. Or at least that is kind of bogus arguments in which we behold from the pen of our usually brain-addled ninnies of SOL. However, coming back to this issue in here, these are "Crane system Engineers" and Port Construction Engineers, from the Sub-Continent, which are specialist areas of civil engineering in which no Somalilanders have at the moment any idea of how to do it. But they will learn quickly, in due course. Hence, the need for the DP World contracting Engineers of these sort to be brought in for the first phase of port expansion construction. Also given that Somalilanders, particularly those who are graduate civil engineers from there, haven't been involved in any port building of any sort, then that will mean that we will requiring these Indians and Pakistanis skilled Engineers to be there at least till the first phase of construction is done. But the main point which folks need to take away from here, is that the building of the port expansion has to happen. And it has to happen regardless of who works in the building of it. And that is what these Foreign Engineers are doing now. The rest of it in which we have in here are the typical nonsensical talk from the usual "two-bit-looter", who probably envy his lack of the chance of not getting his hand on those brand new harbor-mobile-crane-system (that was brought-in recently), in which he, if it was up to him, would have done a quick runner with it by now. And that would have been the case, if only he was in Berbera, as opposed to be living in Mogadishu, whilst "eyeing" away and searching in earnest of what is left of Mogadishu's old underground electrical wire system that haven't been pilfered up to now, in which he can - in the dead-of night - could then work his "looting magic hands" on it.
  7. ^^^^ Whatever float your boat, mate, is fine and dandy with me. For all I know my destiny was set-up by the barrel of the gun. And anyone who wants to challenge that better bring guns to the table. Otherwise, keep on screaming trolling tactics, for it makes no blind bit of difference to me, really.
  8. Eh? What a cheap line. And as the usual talk from "Dhadig Dh-abayaco". Get back to me when you have some substance or even decent pair to do the honor of settling with others.
  9. ^^^ Haaheey, nuxurkii fahantey, aakhirkii, si kasta oo shub-shub hadalka uu kuugu dhacabo. Taas oo kaliftey in dhowr jeer laguugu soo celiyey "nuxurka-dooda" ee meesha yaala, si aad u garato rag waxa ka dhaxeeya iyo siduu ku kala baxo. In other words, all I can say to you, is attaboy, for finally cracking the "enigma" of how reality and the "facts-on-the-ground" are made in the Somali peninsula. And it's made not with silly talks on the internet or on website call SOL. And not on the basis of any kind of bogus talks, which in turn is saying, that, Somaliland can't come here or can't go there. But on the contrary, it's an actual reality that is done in the old fashion way. Which is what we have been about ever since we have decided to create a brand new country call Somaliland as a "granite-facts-on-the-ground" back in 1991. And we have been at it ever since. So stop talking cheap bravado and lets see what on earth your alleged Pirates are made of. If not, we done talking in here, mate. Capisce?
  10. ^^^ Well, I actually have said it all you needed to be told about this issue, and I do hate to repeat myself. Moreover, I have heard all before those empty bluster in which you are now peddling in here, particularly about of where Somaliland has a right to go there or not. And in fact, there were men in here of SOL (all throughout the years) who used to actually swear on everything they hold dear that Somaliland (which they meant that of "Beeshe-Dhexe") will not put a toe in an area belonging to H-arti clans. And, of course, no such thing works with us, as you may have noticed it so far. For in today's time, we are already in a permanently camped - in military sense - in Yube and we are in, on-and-off sort of basis, in Badhan. And hence, here is little hint, which is we are heading to every corner and into every inch of Maakhir's territories before your eyes in due course. Now, you may think we have no right to be there. But as I said to you already, I do disagree with you on that point. And to boot, I do believe that these territories are a Somaliland's territories. However, if you have a objection to that idea of ours, then as I said it to you last night, see to it to pick up a gun, gets your boys in their thousands (all lined-up there in Eastern Sanaag region). And tell, for good measure, to the Pirates to grow a pair of manly balls. And then come settle account with us in Somaliland. If not, then, keep on trolling in here. For I already gave you more than enough attention than you actually did deserved in the first place. Got it, now, dear lad?
  11. ^^^^ Mate, you missed the boat with this one in here. Why? Well, the same arguments in which you just have cleared your throat for it, was told to us by your betters (or your uncles) all throughout the years in right here of SOL. And they even told to us of it in a more "polished version". And did so with all the "learned cadences" and with the "lofty verbiage" of that sort, which in turn such things was gleaming from the surface of their arguments. But to no avail, I am afraid In fact, if you are claiming to be newly joined fellow in here of SOL (which I very doubt) you can easily search this place, and get a load of that sort of arguments in which you are peddling in here. And the short or the long end of it, is that it does not work with us in Somaliland. And never it will with us. Got it now, boyo? For we mean business, by and large, and we know our borders well enough, particularly where they end and where they start. And we have been at it since 1991. Now if you have a problem with that, then I will say to you "join-the-club", mate. For as I can easily tell you that the whole of Pirate-land's fiefdom has a problem with that. And still it makes no blind bit of difference to us, indeed. Which means, do you or your ilk have any manly balls, by chance? Do you have weapons to defend what you believe is yours? Do you have "brave boys" (of the scalp-takers sort) who in turn will to tell us and show us the "error of our ways", and how "our ways of thinking" is all wrong? Hence, if it's yes to all those three (3) questions, then see to it, that you and your ilk, to meet us on the alleged "border" that is between western Sanaag region and Eastern Sanaag region, just so that you can show us how wrong we are in assuming, that, this Eastern Sanaag region belongs to us in Somaliland. If not, which means there is no "yes" to those simple three (3) questions, then, please, nigger, spare us the easy "clannish mythology" about who owns where and on what basis. Given that we in Somaliland consider a territorial's landscape call Somaliland to be ours to govern it. And we shall do it, by hook or by crook.
  12. ^^^^ Lool, saaxiib, nin sheegadda ah oo nin kale wax ku sheegaya, waa ayaandaradda aqliga kaa heysata. Markaas, shaadhkaagii aad aheyd ee cad-quudheedka ahaa aad soo xidhato isu kaaya keen aan ku aragno'e. Inta ka horeysase, iska sheego maalinba cidii ay "maskax-wareerku" kula galo, saaxiib. Waa kukaas, intaas ayaan kugu ogahay.
  13. Suldaanka, I really think that the HALO trust, in which late Princess Diana was a patron of this outfit will long be remembered as one of the unsung heroes of Somaliland's normalization of the land (or the rehabilitation of the land) as well as the returned of a normal pastoral existence to many regions in Somaliland. For without them we couldn't have done it, in-terms of any kind of a rural economical development and the agricultural re-establishment of the country as a whole. Particularly considering the number of the deadly mines in which the Gen. Barre's forces have left behind on the ground. In fact, I think, if I am not mistaken, that, Angola on one hand, and Laos, on the other hand, which in turn has the highest number of mines on the ground (dropped as it was by US's air-force) are the only two countries that had more known deadly mines in their country than Somaliland, at least if you count how much of mines HALO Trust took it out of Somaliland from 1991 onward. And, in the case of Laos, which is the worse in the world, there are endless shiny little mines which was, as I said, dropped by US's air-force planes in late 1960s and early 1970s in to that country. And therefore, they are found on top of the ground in abundance proportion of it, whereby the rural kids keep on picking them up to play with it. For they think they are toys, and, then, off bang they go with a deadly consequences for those rural kids who were playing with them.
  14. ^^^ Waa halkii, Suldaanka, intaasina waa saaladii naxliga aheyd ee kugu dhaganeyd. Inkasta oo dawadii aan halkan kugu siiney ee taariikhda sooyaalka Soomaaliyeed aheyd ee lagu siiyey, aad wali la ducaneyso, oo ay ku soo dhaafi la dahay waxa kugu dhagan. Laakiin marba in ayaa kaa soo go'aysa, sida muuqata, oo aad wadhaq kasoo siineysaa. Saaxiib, iska duco oo naxliga iska soo "dacar-saar". Sababta oo ah Somaliland iyo dadkeedu, yar iyo weyn, waa kala yaqaaniin ninkii "Mahadho u loogey iyo ninkii Masalaha ugu lisey". Waxna ma weydiiyaan, mid adiga oo kale ah oo lunsan.
  15. Holac, It will come when we are legally have no "bogus claim" to each other territories, just like the old days, which was akin to the situation of knowing that you could actually "travel" far away from your ancestral territories with your grazing camels, but still you always knew - at the back of your mind - that you were a "guest" who was passing through other's territories. And therefore you had no legal claim onto their territories. None whatsoever at all. And we just have to update that old "social settlement" into today's version of a "legalistic template". Which will mean, Somaliland will have the right to determine who has the right of abode in her country. And on what ground and on what terms they could do so. Whilst on the other hand, others such as Somalia, should also have right to do that sort of a similar thing of "legally defining" of those who have a right to their country of Somalia. In other words, when we are out of each other's jurisdiction and we are each entitled to our respective "self-determination" and the political destiny that goes with that, then the Somalis will be able to live and work in wherever each of them wants to do it. But not before we know of where we stand with each other, legally. Hence, as I said it, so long as Somaliland and Somalia have a legal unresolved issue, it's best to keep it at minimum all other "complicating" issues, such as free and endless movement of people between the two sides, at least officially. Of course no one can stop anyone to be going to Somaliland from Somalia or vice-versa. But, officially, the airports must perform their immigration duties and the legal purposes for all arrival at our airports, and ask valid documents of the sort this reversed policy used to implement it previously. And I hope that somehow that "old policy" will be re-instituted soon. For it was monumental mistake to have revoked it in the first place. Particularly, I hope that a review of this current "revocation" will be done in time just to see any "deleterious effect" in which the lifting of that sort of policy will have had by the time the review is done. Given that policy that was just "revoked" had actually and originally intended to serve a larger "national purpose". No matter whether you agree with that policy and the purpose it was serving it, or not.
  16. Today At Berbera and the expansion of the port. Construction of the terminal port is on-going, the free-Zone is also being build there as we speak. And the multi-purposes crane system has been updated in today's ceremony. All along, things are turning up, nicely, and steady as she goes is our "guiding motto" in here. Guul iyo Gobanimo,
  17. Well, folks, call me incurious in here. But, I am not, on the whole not that much minded to know what a dead man thinks of the things that have happened long into the future after his time, as the case is with Michael Mariano and this fake-news video that is in here. But I am dying to know what a "too-bit-wretched" sheegato of the "darbi-laga-hel" sort, would be proud of? Well, far be it for me to answer such question, but if I were to hazard a guess I would say that such cretin, ought to be proud of the "prospect" of his mother telling him his lineage (in the truth version of it), once and for all, instead of running his life whilst claiming others, even if others have no time for such a loser in the first place. Lets hope that some of the cretins we have in here of SOL will instead take their own "advise" and wonder aloud as to what they they ought to be proud of, which should be that of finally nailing down their pedigree and their lineage, rather than worrying about what long ago dead men could be proud of, instead.
  18. Maakhir1, I don't mean to hijack this post, but did you in passing tell the immigration officers in Hargeisa's airport that you are - how shall I put this - a two-bit-Anti-Somaliland's paid stooge, who is also in the employment from Villa Somalia in most freaking days? Were you ever tempted to do that, mate? For I only ask of you this, since I know for a fact that that if you would have told them that, then, they would have seen to it in their heart-of-heart to somehow "arrange" for you to have being taught-up there in Mandhere prison in Somaliland the "price" men of Somaliland's ilk have paid so far for their "liberty" in which you glibly talk so ill of it about it in here of SOL. Given that by the looks of it, you have no idea what others with balls (unlike you) will do to those who crossed them, or who are against their country. Hence, next time you get to Hargiesa, please, mate, see to it to get somehow tempted to say such "matter-of-fact" things, namely that you are a paid stooge for Villa Somalia for the anti-Somaliland's purposes, to those immigration officers at the airport. And, perhaps, you will see what happens to you. Particularly whether they will have you let-in into the country. Or even better, whether they will "arrange" for you some sort of a "forced holiday", whereby you will be then cooling your silly heels in prison for a duration of their choosing. Think about it, mate. ********* As for the issue, I am with Xaaji in here. For I believe that it was wrong to "revoke" that policy. It was good strategical policy, even if it was commercially hurting to local businesses who ply their commercial flights and the "trade" of that sort between Mogadishu and Hargeisa. And it was good policy, which in turn was ensuring, that, this back-and-forth of movement of people, which is akin to the Somali peninsula's version of the "EU's Freedom-of-Movement" (FOM) sort of policy, should be curtailed, at policy level, so long as we in Somaliland are in a "fundamental Sovereignty disagreement" with Somalia. For it's very important that we "minimize" all the "multi-layered-entanglement" in which we are likely (or officially) can have with Somalia till the issue of Somalia and Somaliland are resolved. I hope, in-time, that, the government will re-look this policy, with the view of bringing it back that "hard-line version" of it. Given that it was originally "serving" a higher national objective than a mere commercial interests of some of the folks of the travel industry, as well as increasing the level of passengers who were passing through the Hargeisa's airport on their way to Mogadishu or back from it. Sometimes, it's incumbent to policy formulators to put the commercial interests of some section of your country on the back of the queue in-order to advance a larger strategical interests of your country. It happens all the time. And sooner we do reverse this policy into its original version of it, the better the country will be for it, indeed. At least, in my considered view.
  19. Hi Tallaabo, I see you noticed the newly trolling chancer we have in our hand. Poor, lad, he thinks this sort of silly argument will get him somewhere. Where as, if truth were to be told to him, one can say, that, his "uncles" who used to be around in here of SOL, particularly the likes of old ones by the names of from Baashi, to Xiinfaniin, to Sophist, to Caamir, and to the rest of them, who used to tell us about some "political mythology" call "H-arti-land" and how we in Somaliland should not be there, did not get them any where with us. And today, we are running all of Sool region. And we in Eastern Sanaag, or at least we are in Badhan and Yube. And we are going to every inch of that Eastern Sanaag region. And those who doesn't like that could do worse than pick up the gun, and then for good measure, join-up the Pirate-land's forces just to see what they make of themselves against Somaliland. For, come hell or high water, we are, as I said it, going to places in regards to every inch or every village of our land.
  20. Haaheey, ma anaan garan in shaadhkii-isku-qariska iyo sheegatada G-arxajis la sheegtaa in ay halkan SOL ah ay ku badan yihiin. Oo ku darsoo, Mid darbi-laga-hel-ah, oo hooyadii ku soo tidhi Sacad-Yonis iyo Reer Ceel-afweyn iska sheego oo halkan ka nac-nacleeya sidii Ina-Gumeed lagu yiciiney, ayaa maantana waxa soo raacey mid kaloo isna marba shaadh noo soo xidhay. Saaxiib, Ducaale, iska nafis, oo wixii naxli ah ee kugu jira iska soo quf. Oo marna reer Jabuuti sheego. Marna reerka G-arxajis ah sheego. Laakiin, ogow, afka oo aad ka xumbeysaa waa dhaqankii nin liita lagu yiqiiney ee waxba ha reeban, mar hadaad nin saa u liita aad tahay. Inkasta oo aad ku qurux badnaan laheyd in aad "Cad-Quudheedka" aad kasoo sinji jeedo aad iska sheegato. Mar hadiii "slot-kii" sheegashadda iyo "slot-kii" kale ee trolling-ka, labadaba, qaar kaa soo horeeyey ay kaa buuxiyeen. sidii Tallaabo horey u sheegay.
  21. ^^^^ Well here we have the bitter fruit of the bogus rendition of: "horaa Loo soconayaa" talk in action. Which was the silly slogan in which Villa Somalia's paid stooges in SOL used to keep on telling us. However, as we can see, there is no Law and Order. No basic governance there that can even guarantee the minimum security of few kilometers within the City. Let alone the wider region of the Capital, as well as the southern parts of the country. And yet be that as it may, daily we get inundated with flashy pictures of Villa Somalia and its failing clique meeting with some western's officials, as if that is the end all or be all of the business of governing a country. Now when I say that those who believe that "Igu-Sawir" is worst form of contemptible creatures any person can be, this is what I had in mind. And you know what is also even more contemptible are the ones who actually get paid to be stooges of those who believe this sort of public relation (PR) stupidity, like "Igu-Sawir", to be a form of governance, indeed. Which is what some folks in here in SOL believe, particularly folks like Duufaan and some others who I shall leave their names unmentioned, but we can all use our imagination to guess at as who are those ones in here.
  22. Suldaankow, Saaxiib, sheekaddan halkan ay ku hayaan, nimankan halkan ka wah-wahle, gaar ahaan kuwan Ilma-Gumeedka ah ee Maakhir iyo Gooni la yidhaahdaa, waa sheeko rag fuley ah iyo nin ciil hayo isku madadaaliyaan. Oo waa og yihiin in ay maanta Soomaali ugu liitaan, reerahoodu. SNM (ama Beeshe-Dhexe) aaney kabaheeda leefi karin, wax kale haba kuu dambeyse'e. Taas weeye waxa gubaya, oo waa halkii Salaan Carabey ku sheegay kuwan oo kale markii uu yidhi: "Tanac--tanacu waa Ina-Gumeed tamaradiisiiye", iyo markii kale ee uu lahaa: "Hadaad hiil hinaastey aadse itaal u weydey, ma afkaad ku ciil-bixi ileyn cidlaad ka hanjabeysaaye". Waakaas, naxliga halkan ay ku hayaan inta uu naxwe leeyahay, ee taariikh iyo wax u dhow toona uma jeedaan. Oo waa rag og in Taariikhdii Somali Maxamed lagu kala baxay, sandkii 1991. Oo ragna guul yeesheen, ragna la eryadey oo in ay qurbaha ay kasoo calaacalaan ay dantu ku khasabtyey. Markaas calaacalkii uun bey hayaan ee wax kale ma sheegayaan.
  23. If ever, he is to be found walking in Hargeisa and in Somaliland in general, then people will simply assume that he is one of those boys who were already lost in the Diaspora, and probably ended up doing drugs and whatnot. Which in the end made him lose whatever little mind he had into a cloud of "Jesus-bothering" raving spleen on his part. And as such, he will be pitied more than he will be prosecuted for his "silly stunt" on that video.
  24. I saw the brutality of Bashir’s regime. Now Sudan can rediscover a lost identity Nesrine Malik More than 20 years ago, I hid in a Khartoum University toilet stall with three other students. We held our scarves over our noses to limit the stench, as well as the teargas that was streaming through the doors. A student union election had not gone the way the government liked, and soon the campus was stormed by security forces armed with batons and gas grenades. At one point, security pickup trucks drove around campus apprehending students at random and beating them. Eventually the campus was cleared, and we ventured out, retching. I remember, as we tried to make our way home down the Nile on the north side of the campus, a long stream of choking, crying and coughing students. Security officers stood in the street, randomly striking students with sticks and batons, meting out humiliating insults as they did. When I walked past, one struck a male student on the back. He teetered. “Where are the heroes?” mocked the officer, as he beat the student again. “I thought you were heroes?” The young man took the blows and never looked back as he walked away. We didn’t know it at the time, but we would not return to university for more than a year. Omar al-Bashir’s regime simply shut it down, not wanting to risk popular protests brought about by contagion from the student movement. By the time we returned, many students had dropped out or just disappeared. On Thursday Bashir, the last of the world’s long-term Arab dictators, was overthrown. Not a single one of the 30 years of his rule in Sudan was peaceful. The military officer took power in 1989, responding with brute force and scorched-earth tactics to any dissent. In the major cities, the regime disbanded civil society and set up a police state. In Darfur and other regions, his forces stoked ethnic conflicts in wars that claimed innumerable lives, and earned Bashir an international criminal court indictment and punitive sanctions for the country. And it established an arbitrary sharia legal system that it used to persecute its enemies and impose a grim, sterile order. And it worked. Between force and co-option, the military regime survived. This June would have marked 30 years since the “salvation revolution”. But a popular uprising, which has built momentum now for almost four months, has denied Bashir of his 30th anniversary. There comes a time in any dictator’s tenure that their magic combination of bribery, brutality, murder, torture and detention stops working. Once that happens, it overtakes any analysis. Thousands had staged a sit-in at the army headquarters for almost a week, demanding the end of the regime. But the pivotal moment came some time ago, when the government failed to provide the basics, as the country nosedived into an economic crisis with record inflation and fuel and bank liquidity shortages. In the past when the poor rose up, the middle classes, those who had suffered the least historically (if they behaved), would not join the uprisings. But the grinding effects of poverty began to appear in more prosperous households and the bargain with Bashir no longer paid off. A government can be repressive or impoverishing, never both. And so the economic crisis generalised a sense of dispossession that has now tipped into political rebellion. The anger took on a different shape too, one that demanded redress for decades of oppression but is also reaching out for some sort of national reconciliation. The scenes from the Khartoum sit-in showed an urge to capture a sense of a country that has been lost for too long. Bashir’s human rights abuses elided into something else, the vandalising of a sense of national identity divorced from the government’s own religious and military blueprint. The salvation revolution was also a cultural project, one that exaggerated the ethnic differences between the Sudanese people, and thrived on ignoring the masses by catering to a large patronage network. Over the past few days, soldiers have defected in order to support and protect the protesters against security forces, some in tears as they made the move. Classic old songs and chants that predate the Bashir government mixed with new irreverent humour. Women, who have borne the brunt of the sharia experimentation, came out in traditional gear, harking back to old customs. Volunteers brought food and water, and everything was documented live on social media. It was at once a nostalgic and modern uprising. It has little but the past to hold on to, but knows the present is no longer tenable. But despite the moving army defections, the announcement of Bashir’s removal came from a military that intends to take control. This is bad news for Sudan, as none of his generals are untainted by Bashir’s record. Sudan also has a legacy of ethnic and tribal tension that was not invented by Bashir. Without the complicity of the affluent class, he would never have survived so long. And despite the iconography of women on the frontline of the uprising, the government’s victimisation of women was aided by a society steeped in misogyny. But a country in such moments needs to project a vision, an idealised version of itself, something to aspire to. And so the world watched as the Sudanese people camped, chanted and dodged bullets until they succeeded in doing what an entire international human rights industry has failed to do: toppling Omar al-Bashir’s government. The future is still to be plotted, but in the meantime, those who took part in the uprising have answered the question the security officer asked when he lashed us as we left a besieged university campus all those years ago. Here are the heroes. • Nesrine Malik is a Guardian columnist ********************* I saw the brutality of Bashir’s regime. Now Sudan can rediscover a lost identity | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM The last long-term Arab dictator has been ousted by the people, says Nesrine Malik.
  25. Hello Folks, Looks to me that sooner than I thought that the Eastern's Sanaag region is "coming to home" to "Daddy Somaliland". And doing so, just in time for the parliamentary election of this year to take place there as well. Hence, several things follows from that, simultaneously, and they are follows. 1- That will be the end of Col. Caare's silly stunt of using this large territory as a "passable-through area" on his way-in or way-out of Sanaag's region, particularly whenever he wants to cross over from Qardho of Pirate-land to Sanaag region of Somaliland. 2- It will mean also, that, Somaliland can now establish a "Permanent Military Garrison" in this area of Eastern Sanaag region with the "consent" of these clan's elders, just like any other areas of the country, in-order to secure the eastern flank of our country from further mischief-making by the Pirates. Or by those who are being "sponsored" from Villa Somalia, like Col. Tipsy Caare of this world. 3- It will also mean, that, finally, the parliamentary election will take place, which will be the first time this Eastern Sanaag region will take part in it in a proper fashion in any of the Somaliland's elections as whole. Given that previously, only some parts within the Eastern Sanaag region used to take place in any of the Somaliland's previous elections. But this time around, it could well be the case that election will take place in this areas as whole. And that in turn, finally, once and for all, will end any "bogus claim" over this region by the likes of Pirate-land. So that is also another "bird" in which this meeting by this clan's elders with Somaliland's political leaders, could be used to kill it, like so much of a one stone to hand (as it were).