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  1. Xaaji, They genuinely think those politicians who couldn't win power (or position) in Hargeisa, who then legged it to Mogadishu are "key" to re-union. What they don't seemed understand is that Somaliand is a principle by the people for the people and of the people (to use an American's idiom). Hence, like many Facebook troll, these guys can talked from there, they can even broadcast themselves from Youtube. But, they are noting but a cheap opportunist, who were bought and paid for by those in Villa Somalia who think Facebook and twitter farm bot are what people's destiny hinges on. Hence, let them waffle on. They come any where near Somaliland, then Mandhera's prison will be their home till further notice (which may not come at all) since what they are involve in is nothing but treason in our book. So, the question is who is being gullible in here?
  2. ^^^^ Yep, money (or desire for it) makes you go around the world whilst you are in sheer nakedness, if that is the requirement. And my old buddy Mr Keyse Gurey, was far more "prone" to be susceptible to be such men who lack of spine to hold on to his principle. He seems to have joined-in with the likes of Mr Mahamed O Arte Ghalib, Mr Mahdi Gullied, who were known politicians in Somaliland previously, but are now waffling endlessly about some such malarkey and cheap argument call "Somali unity" in Mogadishu, particularly when they no longer could win it any high political position in the "cut-throat-political-competition" within Somaliland's political landscape. And he is no more than that given that he seemed to have come across as that of a "surplus to the requirement" in so far the current Biixi's government was concern (when they first came to power back in 2017), and since he was a deputy minister in the then outgoing Silanyo's Government back then. Which meant that he was relieved from his duty and since he didn't had any other "lucrative gig" to keep him in employment in Hargeisa, he decided to basically "legged" it to Mogadishu and to the Villa Somalia's clique in particular, who will give money to any "political loser" from Somaliland, who, of course, couldn't win it within Somaliland's politics, and so long as they say that we still believe the "unity" or some such trite argument from out there. This means, all those former politicians and folks who couldn't hack in Somaliland, politically, seems to have realized that there is "good and lucrative financial scam" that is going on in Mogadishu, whereby, they simply run there and then make money in there in-terms of talking with "cheap lullabies" about some such thing call "Somali unity" for the ears of the gullible folks of Somalia. Who actually think that the fate of Somaliand in "contingent" or is "dependent" on the say so of "here-today-gone-tomorrow" politicians, like this fellow. However, I expect him to return eventually to Somaliland in one day (just like Buubaa before him did, just like Ali Galaydh did it, just like Ahmed I Samater did it). Particularly when he no longer could get any "decent dosh" from Wanlaweyn's folks in Mogadishu. If not, then he was never anyway that important to Somaliland's political fate, just like all those who are there already. You see, unlike those who exist on this earth for the passing "political opportunism" of the day, like this Keyse Gurey guy, or your average "lip-smacking-looter" in Mogadishu, who in turn is thinking as to where his next meal of "public thievery" will come from, Somalilanders (at least the majority of them in the excess of 90% and above) are folks who abide in a deep and in a dye-in-the-wood sort of way with their political principle of Somaliland, come shine or rain. Hence, the fact that says that a former junior minister at the Somaliland's foreign ministry had turned into the usual "political turncoat" and therefore he had legged it to Mogadishu will only bring a wry smile to their collective faces. Whilst on the other hand, they be shaking their heads at the sight of finally knowing of how cheap and gullible he was all along, which was unbeknownst to them previously, indeed. So in that sense such news may be a sensational outtake to those who do not know the real hardcore ideology of the average Somalilander. But to us who know this thing it's simply a way of clearing the "political detritus" and all of those who were "cheap opportunists" off from our land. We had people like this before, and we know them and where their eventual political "fate" will end up with it. And it's "sordid fate" of being look down on, contemptuously, when they eventually returned home to Somaliland (with their political tails between their legs), at best of times. Or at worse of times, their miserable existence will be nothing but a down right exile existence from their land, forever, like many who will remain in Mogadishu in perpetuity. All in all, he makes no blind bit of difference in here other than revealing himself as to who he was all along.
  3. The Beijing Regime had lobbied for him, and with lots of bribery at the General Assembly of the UN specially from the African's nations they got their man there. Moreover, every major State of the five (5) members of the UNSC have one man in charge of the various UN's agencies. So this guy at the WHO is the Beijing man. Which is why US is gunning for him. And he knows it too, since, he is distinctly quite about the allegation that had been leveled against him in relation to this virus and why he is treating the Taiwan as non existence State, when in fact she did a better job in curtailing this virus than anyone else, including mainland China.
  4. They are already in very dangerous territory and any kind of mass testing will show as well as when the incubation period of this virus end that Turkey is in Italian's level of spread of this deadly virus. Which is when the cases explode in exponential manner. It just that, your Mr Erdogan and his government actually think that they could "hide" the numbers. Or could at least pretend that it will not be as the worse as Italian's case is. Hence, Turkey will be as hard hit as Iran, Spain, Italy are. But Mr Erdogan will do everything he can within his governmental's power to "blame" on someone else. Or he will try to "fiddle" the numbers from his hospitals, even if the Turkish population are in that right moment burring their dearly departed dead ones in their hundreds and in their thousands victims of them from this virus in each single and passing day.
  5. ^^^^ Ethiopian's Army were asked to go Gedo's region, when Villa Somalia can have its forces there to actually take the fight to the likes of Al-Shabaab, if they don't want the likes of Jubbaland and Mr Madoobe to be fighting in Gedo's region against the likes of Al-Shabaab of Gedo's region. And the fact Villa Somalia sees no contradiction in asking and "borrowing" Ethiopian's muscle, whilst at the same time "castigating" the likes of Mr Madoobe to be Kikuyu's stooge or to be a Kenyan's lackey, is really the biggest absurd irony in town. And yet some of the folks in here of SOL are cheap cheerleaders for those same guys in Villa Somalia who are in effect "borrowing muscle" from others, whilst at the same time donning on some kind of ill-fitting garb call "Somali Nationalism". This is the problem that is confronting every one. And of course, one could look the other way if one so chooses, like you do in most days. But that is cheap act, not act worthy to be taken seriously at all.
  6. Hello Folks, Here attached below is fitting and the appropriate response to this hallucinating fellow call Mr Mahamed Baashe. I really wish - at least for his own sake - that he didn't ended his last vestige of "political honor" in this way of believing a cheap fiction that says, or alleges, that the folks in Somaliland could be "re-sold" to them what they had tried already and then ended it with blood-shed and with bullets, and now are in a position to see how they are better off without it. Which is this "alleged union" in which he is peddling in here. Since, they could easily see as to how they - in every measure of it - are better off now than they were between the years of 1960 - till 1991. Even if you take into account of the current legal non-recognition of their rightful State. Pity, really, some folks just needs to learn the hard way. Just like few professors I could care to mention their names in here (although I wont' do it) have have had to go through that "steep learning curve" in-terms of what Somalilanders actually believe in at the end of the day.
  7. Old_Observer, True that, and they can take it even more pain than anyone can bare it other than the Chinese who know how to bare it a real pain more than any other nation in the world could possibly put up with it. But I think the things that gets to me is the absurdity of the sight of seeing the likes of Russia's offering anyone any help without first securing a "pound of flesh" before it. Like the manner Putin had "helped" Syria to its merry destruction along the way. Of course, I would not begrudge the likes of Mr Peskov his chance to "dance" at the side of the Tragedy of the current misgoverned US by the hand of Mr Trump, who had willfully defiled the US and had degraded her more than any other president could ever possibly have done it. And still, pretend, like the manner Mr Peskov is doing in here, as if he really cared for such a turn of fortune for the worse for the US. All that I get it, since in this world of "Zero-Sum-Game" one's misfortune is really another's man's bright and lucky day (as it were). But, he - Mr Peskov - really need to pipe-down his mirthful open-mouth glee and his quite appropriate schadenfreude in which he is getting it from this situation. For America under another political regime other than Mr Orangeman, would really have had no difficulty in managing this kind of situation. And beside the general presidential election is only few months away now before, hopefully, the largely sensible American's electorate will bring to an end this kind of "political dalliance" in which they have had with this baleful "Trump-ism" once and for all. Well, that is the hope anyway. For I believe that Americans can now see how deadly and how matter of life and dearth really is actually "contingent-on" of who they do send to sit at the White-House, even for a brief period of four (4) years.
  8. ^^^^ The same policy of using a "borrowed muscle" that was tried to destruction by Col Yey is back in vogue again with Mr Farmaajo and in his campaign in Gedo's region. However, since he is being boasting his Turkish's trained army as of late, one wonders really as to why he needs this Ethiopian's army to "win" for him in Gedo region? Couldn't he at least use his own freshly trained soldiers to win for him one single region, given that he already used this same Ethiopian's borrowed army in SWS State and in Baydhabo last year. But still, having said all of that, it seems lamentably that he has a teeming paid shills in here, like a collection of wretched Ina-Gummeed in here, starting from the usual Gudhuu-boy and ending with Gooni, who are all telling us and even swearing all they hold dear, that such a cheap cowardly character by the name of Mr Farmaajo, who is openly borrowing Ethiopian's muscle is the nearest of a tallest and the most proudest Somali's Nationalist in which we have seen in recent decades. Some nationalist!
  9. ^^^^ Old_Observer, Leaving aside the breathless propaganda of the old Soviet's apparatchik hand (like Mr Peskov in here) who are very much an "adept hand" of the Pravda's era kind of massive misinformation, I am not sure the Russian's State will be of any help in here to anyone. Particularly when this virus hit Russia hard. And it will hit her. For that have no doubt about that, my friend. Of course, like China, they will close the air and they will closely monitor the nation's cyberspace as well as control the flow of information from every "hot-virus-spots" within Russia, so we will not get the true picture of it in here (just like Turkey). And more to the point, they will simply stop doing a "massive testing" just to ensure the numbers will not look that bad in Russia. Which is what on the other hand the likes of Mr Trump knows he can't do it and therefore stop it happening since the US's federal system in the Yank's land will not allow him to stop each individual State to have the wherewithal to do test or carry out such test. Although, he can at least delay given them the test equipment. So all told, once this deadly Virus start raging in the steps of Russia and the Volga River (say for example) as well as in Moscow city itself, I expect to hear different tune than this cockiness from the likes of Mr Putin and from his "cheap verbal artist" by the name of Mr Peskov, who is the spokesman of Mr Putin, who also never missed an opportunity to engage a "spot of misinformation" against the West at every given chance, even if the situation is about a dead or life issue, like right now.
  10. Rick Scott calls for congressional inquiry into WHO's coronavirus response The Florida senator has raised concerns over WHO’s relationship with Beijing . By ANDREW DESIDERIO 03/31/2020 02:04 PM EDT Sen. Rick Scott on Tuesday called for a congressional investigation into the World Health Organization, suggesting the U.S. should cut off its funding for “helping Communist China cover up” the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic. The Florida Republican, a noted China hawk, has long raised concerns about the WHO’s relationship with Beijing, which has undercounted the number of coronavirus cases in the country. “The mission of the WHO is to get public health information to the world so every country can make the best decisions to keep their citizens safe. When it comes to coronavirus, the WHO failed,” Scott said, accusing the global health organization of willfully spreading misinformation. “We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it — and the WHO never bothered to investigate further,” Scott added. “Their inaction cost lives.” He said the WHO “willfully parroted propaganda” from China’s Communist Party, and he called for hearings and a full investigation when Congress returns to Washington next month. The WHO did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Scott and other lawmakers have raised questions about the WHO’s refusal to grant membership to Taiwan, which the Chinese government has tried to alienate from the global community. The WHO has come under intense scrutiny in recent days over its initial efforts to downplay the severity of the novel coronavirus, including in a Jan. 14 tweet stating that ”preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the virus. The novel coronavirus has spread to more than 150 countries, almost entirely via person-to-person contact. More than 175,000 Americans have tested positive for the virus, and more than 3,500 have died. Scott, a freshman senator, has called for aggressive policies to combat the spread of the virus in the U.S. and has been among the most vocal critics of the Chinese government. The southeast region of Scott’s home state, Florida, is under a lockdown order until at least April 15. *********** Source:- Rick Scott calls for congressional inquiry into WHO's coronavirus response - POLITICO WWW.POLITICO.COM The Florida senator has raised concerns over WHO’s relationship with Beijing.
  11. Tallaabo, There you go again, saaxiib, missing the woods for the trees, as was your regular habit around here. In other words, do you think the Somaliland's government has some free money laying about the place just to build at moment notice a brand new hospitals for emergency public health and for pandemics care, like they are doing in places like UK and USA right now? No, my friend, I will have you know that the hospitals that are the government's own (in every region and in every city of the country) are already being primed to take care of any corona-virus patients that will come down with this virus when it hit us badly. However, the plan is that these government's hospitals will not have enough beds in their wards. So the expectation is to take all "available private hospitals" into a "temporary ownership" by the government and by the Pandemic Task-force Committee. And as you can see our people back home are very "patriotic" (unlike you, sad to say, my friend). And they are even coming forward to actually "hand-over" their private hospitals with their staff in it and with their equipment, beds, and everything they have in those hospitals to the government's care and ownership of them during this period of emergency, without even being asked to do so, at least so far. I also expect, or at least I would hope, to see that many more of a "privately-owned hospitals" in every city of the country will now also be "volunteering their ownership" of themselves to the government's hands, now that we know the first two (2) cases of this pandemic virus had strike in our country, since it was confirmed today by the Minister of Health and by the pandemic task-force committee that was recently appointed. Incidentally, if you had anything to do with this "Duriyadda Folks" when the struggle of the SNM were at the height of the thing we needed to do (which I gather you were too young to be party to it), you would know by now this is what we do. Which means, we debate, we disagree violently, we disagree more, we proceed to think the guys at the top are useless. But when shit hit the fan, we circle the wagon, we put our shoulders to the wheel, we protect the needy, we protect the weak, we take care of whatever business that is needed to be taken care in the mean-time. And when the emergency passes and "victory" is secure, we sit down, collectively, on the floor under a big tree, somewhere in our land, and ask around as to who was responsible for that calamity and what we need to learn from it. Hence, it's that time again to which to "circle wagon", to put the "collective shoulders" to the wheel, to leave the debate of the alleged incompetence of the government for another day. Or at least we leave it for another time all these arguments which tries hold to account all those guys at the top whose their sheer governance's failing brought us into this lamentable pass in which we found ourselves in now. Whilst doing everything we possibly can in protecting the weak and likely patients of this virus in the mean-time and at the moment. This is why you see privately-owned hospitals going out of their way to "volunteer their hospitals" in here and the "ownership" of them to the government's care before they were even "ordered" to do so by the government's emergency task-force committee for this pandemic.
  12. Any proof of your gibberish and slanderous accusation in here, my dear delightful looter. Or is it what that "muufo-formed-addled-brain" of yours had told you, as you were walking in one bright day in Bristol city of UK with your "donkey-liked-hind-legs", my friend? Do tell us the "reputable citation" of this accusation of yours, if you happen to have any to hand. Which I do doubt it, anyway. Hence, we are all ears in here, mate. And therefore let see whether you can actually walk this silly talk of your in here with evidence.
  13. Indeed, that is the way to go about it. I remember first time I went to Las-Anod was way back in 2008 (just to see how the city was a year after it was taken away from Majeerteeniya). And since I go to the country every summer, religiously, and always visits all of the six major cities of the country, like a tourist finding out what is new in this city or that city, I recalled it was a ghost town back then. Now, I have been visiting it ever since 2008, every year, as well as going to Ceerigaabo (my home town), and you really can't believe the difference those 13 years since 2007 (when Somaliland took over this city) have been to Las-Anod in-terms of law-and-order, social stability, and in-terms of everyday's economical vibrancy, which is what was had by the folks there of that city since then. Now it's almost like where Burco was back in mid 2000s, and it's growing economically where the Sool diaspora are finally accepting that this city is part and parcel of Somaliland (forever). And they are returning in droves to build their retirement homes, their businesses and whatnot. Some of them are even going to straight to Hargeisa (especially the middle class ones) in-order to build their businesses and their homes there. Just like how every Somali who had money to spare used to build things in Mogadishu prior to 1991. Hence, only the idiot Ina-Gummeed like Galbeedi thinks that Somaliland can be stopped if one were to speak all manner of endless gibberish and some sort of a cheap insults towards her on the Internet or in places like SOL. Given that everyone else seems got the "memo", then understood the political reality of it. Which is a reality that says that what used to be called "Northerners" prior to 1991 are finally returning home to their homeland of Somaliland, for better and for good. And especially back to Hargeisa, the capital of their country. Which is how it should be. Anyway, I have no doubt that in a year or two time the whole of these remaining small villages of Sool region, which are sparsely populated, and their middling working class's folks will be in Somaliland's legal and jurisdictional hands, including, if I may say, even Buuhoodle. That I have no doubt about it.