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  1. Well, history is always written by "victors", and, of course, the "vanquished" are by and large lucky enough clique who should count their almighty's blessing, if they don't end up dangling from the nearest tree. Similarly, at the conclusion of Second World War (WWII) in France of 1944 (August to be precise, which was when Paris was liberated), all of the Vichite's collaborationist clique of France, who aided and abetted the Nazi's occupation of that country, were rounded up by the victories allied forces and their French Resistance friends under Gen. Charles de Gaulle and Gen. Philippe Leclerc. And they were summarily executed, or send down with a long sentence in a harsh prison condition. Moreover, those who were treated that way even included Marshal Philippe Pétain, who was a hero of France during the First World War (WWI), given that he sided with the occupation of his native land during the Second World War (WWII), and even had become the chief collaborationist of Germany, who was ruling France under his Vichy's regime from May of 1940 till August of 1944. So, the "pity of history" in any struggle of liberty and freedom against tyranny and oppression, is that there are two sides to it. Whereby, one side is the age-old "dishonorable and cowardly collaborations" and the other side is that of "liberty's heroes" Hence, the only question that really should detain us in here in terms of ascertaining it, is that of finding out as to "which side" would one wishes to find himself or herself on it? For I know for sure, that, my friend, Suldaanka's place of history, or at least his people's modern history is with those who are defined as "liberty's heroes" of our time.
  2. At least these countries are not known to have "self-looters" as citizens, like the manner some poor fellow who is here seems to have with his fellow citizens in his own country call Somalia. Given that, his fellow citizens in Somalia, in turn, are known to rob blind their own freaking houses along with their neighbor's houses and anything that is in them. And, of course, places, like Taiwan, when all said and done, is in fact leaps and lengths above the likes of Somalia. Whereby Somalia will not be in a position to contest that glaring reality even in 200 years time to come. Particularly, since, Somalia wouldn't be in a position, in economical terms, to even polish the shoes of the likes of Taiwan, even by that time. So, there you are. Any other trite or facile comment from you, my friend, just so that you can show us the level of "contemptible absurdity" in you are dwelling on it in here?
  3. Khadafi, Saaxiib, do you like to hear your own BS and call it history? Is that why you are indulging so much of it because it tastes good to you? Or do you think pretending to know the history of Somaliland when you have no Freaking idea of it will fly in here? Is that the racket you are trying to pull in here? No mate, that won't do. And I say that, for the first round of the get-go, let me tell you that what late Mr. Adan Cadde said when the first group of Somaliland political folks arrived in Mogadishu in 1960 was to say: "Laba qaawani isma qaado". And he meant that in the sense of alluding that the union will be ill-advised from his point of view, and therefore, economically, we may not make it, as the would-be newly formed Somali Republic, was his conclusion. So that is the "bastardized history" in which you are peddling in here. Hence, consider that as a charitable correction on my part. Secondly, Somaliland in the last thirty years has done and achieved as an unrecognized state what she could never have attained as that of being part and parcel of a recognized State call the Somali Republic. Now, that means to us, Somaliland, with warts and all, at least in its present incarnation, is infinitely much more preferable, and has much more development under her belt than what she was (or had achieved) in that long and dark thirty years in which she was a "political hostage" to another country's sovereignty. But, by almighty's grace, we are free from all that as of the present time. Thirdly, if Somalia had any redeeming feature at this juncture of her existence, she wouldn't be the state she is in now. Particularly as that of being a "glorified UN Trusteeship" under the "legal supervision" of some American fellow call Mr. James Swan. Which is what your beloved Somalia is in its real political actuality of today. Whilst, on the other hand, she is also nothing but a "geographical expressions" in which US tests its sophisticated armory on every freaking day, like so much of a Wild-West's lawless terrain. In particular, when the US, on the other hand, is chasing some wretched misfits call Al-Shabaab's terrorists, who in turn, of course, has the rest of the territory of Somalia as a place to run it as they see fit. This is your Somalia in which you are "advertising" for us to join in, my friend. There was an old Somali proverb that had it (and I am paraphrasing in here): "that before you part company with your money at the cobbler's shop, see to it to check shoes he is wearing" (or words to that effect). Subsequently, when one reads, daily, the sense of the "incoherency" that is the political reality of Somalia, I keep thinking about that "wounding line" from Mr. Rudyard Kipling's controversial poem (call recessional), which had it: "......A lesser breeds with no laws......" And that is your present-day Somalia to a tee, my friend. And it's an "apt definition" of its political reality, just in case you are not getting the "gist" of it. Consequently, all I can say is that, no, I am afraid, we in Somaliland have no desire to be in a "political union" with such a place call Somalia, and with such people till the end of times. Fourthly, as for what you alleged as the "three cities" of Somaliland, or some alleged "triangle" of the place, I will have you know, that no such thing exists in Somaliland. And, of course, I, myself, am from Sanaag region. So it may be the silly talk in which you have picked up on the internet. But Somaliland had entered that doomed union with Somalia in one piece (from East to West) in 1960. And she had ended it as one piece in 1991. Furthermore, the "icing-of-the-cake" is that she is ready to demonstrate that very "salient fact" in any UN-supervised public referendum, just in case you wish to be disabused from this foggy and clannish idea in which you are parading with it in here. Moreover, she will be able to show you (and anyone else who may be so desired to be shown) that in every region of Somaliland (all six of them) that a healthy majority, not a mere majority, but more than north of 70% (if not more) are more than happy to "assent" to Somaliland's independence. Particularly, if that is the only way the UN and the "powers-that-be" can lift this dead weight call Somalia from Somaliland's neck, and make a future directions where they could go their own separate direction or ways if they so choose to do it in a free and fair public plebiscite organized by themselves. And that, in turn, means they can merrily continue to exist in their country call Somalia with its "lesser breeds and no laws" sort of "pernicious political reality". Whilst, on the other hand, we in Somaliland, can go on, in turn, with our lives as we see fit. Particularly, in a legally recognized independent State of our own right, at least in a de-jure sense of the word, given that we are now already a de-facto one.
  4. Khadafi, Saaxiib, you have no idea what we are doing, and why we are doing, or for that matter why we are even talking to the likes of Gambia. It's a riddle for you, I admit, but it's not as if we do not know how poor Gambia is. However, I will have you know that they are serving a larger purpose for us. So don't jump around like a headless chicken whilst you are getting your knickers in a twist along the way. Hence, I know it's probably a futile suggestion, but, still, I would seriously advise you not to keep believing what detractors of Somaliland are saying in the various corners of social media or at some dingy nooks of the internet. We are methodically working our way to where we need to go, and those who we need to talk to, poor or rich, we have our reasons. For rest assured of it, there was a reason for it, as much there will be reason to talk to some other countries. Now whether you believe that in terms of us knowing what we are doing, or whether you do not think so, all I can say, really, my friend, is that, now who gives a flying monkey's back's side what "fine judgment" you come to in terms of you thinking that we know what we are doing or not? Just watch this space and keep scratching your head in bewilderment, or even, you could indulge a bit of a contemptible laughter, if that floats your boat, mate. Got it now, dear lad?
  5. Suldaanka, He will be remembered as second coming of late Dr Fagadhe of Sool (AUN), who was also a tireless foreign Minister of Somaliland from mid to late 1990s. And the beauty of his diplomatic approaches is this sort of "quite diplomacy", with no frills been observed, or for that matter without indulging any kind of a "megaphone pronouncement" on his part. And this way, we, of course, will line up other nations and various states for our cause.
  6. Timacaddeh, Well, it's indeed good news for Sanaag region. That region has been neglecting for so long, but now that Somaliland Development Fund (SDF - phase two) is about to start, it will also allow interesting parties to invest. And that means private companies who wanted to be given the "go-ahead" by their states in the West are now going to invest. Which is where the Brits construction companies interesting in investing in this areas comes in. Of course, the Taiwanese are also keen in "dipping" their foot in the Extrative industry that can be "stood-it-up" in this area (remember Sanaag has a known rare earth and other minerals that go into electronic chips). And some investment houses from UK are also keen to get involve this area. As for the pirates, they are known quantity, in the sense of knowing how cowardly, beaten and defeated they are. Of course they will always talk a "great game". As the members of that wretched Ilk who are in this joint can easily attest to. But the question is when was the last time the pirate's fiefdom ever walked away with a "decisive victory" from any battlefield engagement in which they were involved in against Somaliland? And the answer is never. Which is why we keep moving forward in Sool region, every few years, and they keep on retreating backwards into their Nugaal region. Consequently, we are now at the point whereby our army is much closer to their capital of Garowe than they are to Las-Anod. And that, of course, wasn't even the case a few years ago. Hence, if there's one thing that is "constant" that doesn't change much in Somali political world, is that of pirate's cowardly conduct of forever running away from any fight in which they may find themselves in. And that of Somaliland's sheer ability to keep on chasing, forever, these "balls-less half-men" from pirate's land. And do so from pillar to post and back again. So I am not worrying that much about these pirates and any "conniving underhand tactics" in which they may have to disturb any investment by the some Brits and by Taiwanese companies, which in turn may be going in to Sanaag region, particularly, when it truly get going in due course.
  7. Timacaddeh, Yep, that is as much as some of the cheap wafflers around here are really worth. Also, there are one or two defeated f-aqash around here, and they are the sort of folks who basically are a "proverbial cowards" with a great game of talk under their belts, whilst, of course, in reality, their woman's folks are getting the short end of "occupational yoke" of some Bantu Africans, back in their regions, like Gedo region or some such wretched places. But, still, here they are waffling, mind-numbingly, with all sort of a "bastardized history of kacaanka", even if their murderous godfather called Afweyne did, in the end, hit the bucket in in some Nigerian toilet. So, see to it to carefully pick your way around this joint, and ignore the "haggardly trolls" of this place as best you can.
  8. Suldaanka, Do you remember that long massage I send you few months back about Maydh port, and how it will be a "game changer" economically for Sanaag region? Well, things will kick off soon when this Covid virus is behind us. And a major investment is going to be heading to Sanaag region by a major UK construction company who will be building the port so that Maydh port can be a "conduit" for the "extractive industry" of Sanaag region that will be got going soon there with the investment from our "new friend" from Far East Asia. Things are looking good for Somaliland and in Sanaag in particular.
  9. Galbeedi, Saaxiib, nin aan ku aqoon waad iska iiban kartaa, laakiin aniga oo Oodweyne ah oo ku qiimeeyey mar hore, ogaadayna waxa kugu dhex jira, sheeko baraleyda haygula habsaamin, xaaji. Sababta oo ah adoo "mashxarade" ah, oo maalinba nin "afka-ugu-mashxarada", oo marna Abiye Ahmed afka u kala fura xayeysiiskiisa, marna Farmaajo dhagaha nagaga banjariya mashxarada aad ugu dhufato, marna Suldaan Erdogan ululu-ululu ugu yeedhiya halkan SOL ah, in aad lasoo shirtagto waxaan ahey nin "principle" leh, ama aad tidhaahdo mabda ayaa iga hadal siinaya, waa garaadkaan kugu ogaa ee foorarey oo qudha oo soo hadley. In other words, when I had told you repeatedly, at least over the years, that I long ago took the measure of your argument, the essence of it, as well as the animating sense that makes you waffle, endlessly, around this parish, you should really believed that I knew what I was "hinting" back then at your expense. But now since you have seen the light, allegedly, I shan't chase you around much further. After all, nin macawistii kasiibadey oo ninkii ama nimankii uu u "mashxaradayey" noqon waayeen nimankii uu naftiisa siiyey, sida maanta kaa heysata Ina Farmaajo iyo Abiye Ahmed, toosh la lama dabo galo. Ee ama macawista ayaa loo qaadaa oo waa loo asturaa cawradda (sida Che kuu sameeyey). Ama waa laga sii jeestaa. Laakiin Laguma qoslo. Ta Somaliland, iyadana intan yar baan kaa odhan: Did it ever occurred you that it's the other way round, at least legally, politically, and most definitely of all, economically. And by that I mean every time there is even a little progress in Somalia (say the killing may have stopped for a few months) it seems that 10 fold of strength accrue to Somaliland. Think about that for a second. I will give you a current example. Recently, there was talks between SL-SO in Djibouti, and before the month was even out the world seems to be in a hurry that it can't wait to invest in Somaliland. As you can see the report on here telling that Denmark, the Netherlands and the Brits are about to start investing heavily in Somaliland infrastructure. And, of course, some others can't wait to open a diplomatic channel with Somaliland. why do you think that? Even a better question is why do you think the international community (IC) is holding on to SL to talk to Somalia, even when they know that Somalia is not out of the woods, and it's not a government that controls anything in the ground, but it's a glorified UN Trusteeship entity masquerading itself as a government that has any "monopoly of violence" over her alleged territory? Do you think they (i.e., IC) actually care about some alleged Somali sovereignty of the old dead union of 1960? Well, you may think that. But that only speaks the poverty of your intellect and nothing else. However, the real "reason" they are doing that is much simpler than that. But since you are not any the wiser in here, then I won't really bother to delineate for you.
  10. Che, I see you are valiantly covering-up for the "slipped macawis" of our Galbeedi, lest we all are forced to blush at the sight of seeing a man who had disrobed himself with his clever-by-half-argument, in which he originally thought that it was good enough for others murmur their approval of it. In other words, our Galbeedi hitched his political wagon on the back of Mr. Abiy Ahmed, and although we had warned him against it, repeatedly, but still back then he was a "hear-no-evil-and-see-no-evil" sort of fellow where Mr. Abiy Ahmed was concerned. And he did that because he thought (and he actually believed this) that Mr. Abiy Ahmed was going to re-create the dead Somali Union of 1960. However, now, when the morning's sun that is the "ugly political reality" of present-day Ethiopia, is blinding his eyes, he seems to have developed some sort of "political remorse" about his previous unreasoning support in which he used to give to Mr. Abiy Ahmed. Hence, the reason (and the sole reason) why we now behold his endless Monday morning quarterbacking political analysis about how Mr. Abiy Ahmed is once again the "re-incarnation of the old ghost" of imperial Ethiopia, and the Amhara's version of it, in particular.
  11. Che, Well, I see differently, for China knows the reality, and we are pursuing our interest as we see fit.
  12. Che, You do realize that Farmaajo doesn't speak for Somaliland, as much Taiwan doesn't take any orders from PRC. Hence, he really is not in any position to reassure anything to anyone, least of all his own security without the AMIsom. So, apart from trolling and make believe stunt on his part, there is not much in here. And, no doubt the Beijing chaps also know very well.
  13. Galbeedi, As usual, you never learn. For you are quick to fall in love, politically, to any passing man through the side of your eyes, particularly if the "voices in your head" tells you that he may be an opponent of Somaliland, or likely to be one. And you are quick to cry out a deafening scream of political betrayal and a deeply-felt anguish of the sort a jilted lover can be expected to roar with it, especially, if that innocent man in which you were smitten with, politically, actually turns out to be holly unpersuaded chap about the "efficacy" (or the desirability) of being a political enemy of Somaliland. Hence this is what the idea of waiting and loitering in the antechamber for a passing man with a "would-be borrow-able muscle" does to any kind of person who was the one who was waiting there, and therefore, he will never be taking that seriously by anyone. Which is what you are, or in fact, do. And that is why I can of pity you, really. Do you follow my logic and the thrust of my argument? But just in case you don't seem to follow the gist of my argument, let me expand in here and say that ever since Mr. Abiy - the preacher - came to the political scene of Ethiopia, you were his "political water-carrier", as well as the nearest "card-carrying verbal sycophant" he could have around here of SOL. And, lamentably, you did all that throughout that time without never once (not a freaking one time) given us any larger convincing arguments as to why you thought (or really believed) that he was anything other than a man who is out to "protect" those who he is beholden to, at least politically and culturally. And since it's the Amhara (and its agenda for Ethiopia) in which he was beholden to, at least culturally and politically, then it was a tragic and a "foolish gamble" on your part to believe that he is going to rearrange Ethiopia's power equation in favor of Oromo. Let alone in favor of the Somalis in Ethiopia. Or he may even indeed empower the Muslim Oromos, who at least we Somalis can have some sort of a "dialogue" based on some religious commonality in which we share with them. I really do find it difficult to take the measure of your argument that seriously. For there is a glaring level of flimsiness and wishful thinking embedded in the heart of it. Let this be a lesson to you, my friend. And take care from now on not to freely give your "political loyalty", or even your "emotional attachment" to any politician or to a group of politicians in which you have no idea how seriously they actually share the fundamental premises of your political ideas.
  14. Keep saying that like so much of a sweet lullaby to which to put yourself to sleep with it. The game that is afoot is higher than what your meager or perhaps mean intelligence could fathom it in here, dear lad.
  15. No need to do anything of the sort. After all Somaliland wasn't trying to get a recognition from PRC in the first place.