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  1. Xaaji, True is that. For the fact is that Mr Sakariye is a "hard-core-Shabaabist". And yet today he sits at the heart of Mr Cheeseman's pseudo-government in Villa Somalia. Consequently, If that is not a sheer hypocrisy on the part of the clique at Villa Somalia, then, I don't know what the definition of that word could amount to, indeed. Moreover, as you know, the Uncle Sam (US) have already gave this Mr Roobow fellow a clear go-ahead. Otherwise, he would have been "Guantanamo-Bay's involuntary guest" indefinitely. Or he would have been "droned-on-to-dearth" already, just like his old comrade, namely, the late Mr Godane. Hence, the arrest of this two-bit-murderer call Mr Roobow by Villa Somalia is more on the "motivated reasons" side of things than something that is based on the idea Mr Maakhir is peddling in here. Which is Mr Roobow has been arrested because he is a malicious Al-Shabaab murderer and a blood-drinking-cultist of the worse sort, which in no doubt he is, of course.
  2. Some of the Security advisers of Mr Cheeseman are actually former Al-Shabaab operatives and commanders from Gedo region. And in fact there is a guy call Sakariye who happens to be now the fellow at the center at the Somalia's National intelligence Agency (NISA) who also happen to be a close adviser to Mr Cheeseman. And this fellow is an actual former commander of Al-Shabaab's intelligence unit for the whole of Somalia. Hence, pull some other silly excuses than this one from your back-side, mate. Given that this one is "dead-on-arrival" (as it were).
  3. Oodweyne

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    ^^^^Gooni, Waryaa, xaaji, Khalad maan fahminee, runtaad kuu sheegay. Oo waxa aan ku idhi in aad raggan Dh-abayaco aad ku markhaati furtey ayuun baad xaqiijisey. Xagayagana, Somaliland ahaan, nin rag ah oo wax dhacsada oo cad-gooste ah ayaanu amaan, gabay iyo ducaba gudeensiina. Laakiin Fuley-is-urursatey, afkuna-dheer-yahay, irbad-na dun-galin, wax amaana uma heyno mana siino. Waana "farqiga" noo dhaxeeya, maadaama idinku aad kiina "fuleyga-ah", sida Morgan, Afweyne, Farmaajo, aad amaan kula dul dhacdaan.
  4. Waryaa, Ina-Faqash Bukaan-Socod, Miyaanan horey kuugu sheegin inaad adiga iyo "tolkaa-Reer-Ilka-Yar" aad fuleynimadda "hadh-ka-cararka" ah aad iska wada "hiddo-raacdeen". Sababta oo ah, kii indinku weynaa carar isaga oo ku jira ayuu Nigeria ku bakhtiyey, oo waa Afweyne. Midna waa kan lacagta miciinsanaya mar haduu "xiniinyo-rageed" iska waayey uu wax kaga qaado Somaliland. Waana mid "dhufaanan" oo Marwo-dumar "magan" u ah iyo African's calooshiis-u-shaqeyste ah oo loo soo kireeyey ku daba dhuumanaya. Sidaa daraateed, markaan ku idhi "Cad-Quudheed" ayaad ka dhex tihiin Soomaali Maxamed gudaheed, waataas nuxurku cadeynaya doodeydaas. Sababta oo ah, "gobonnimo Shankarooon" ay leedahay oo maryo-dhiigle lagu keenay, oo waliba loogu waqan-qalay wiilal damiir-leh raganimadood, ayaad adiga iyo inaadeerkaa Farmaajo iska iibiseen lacag ayaa Somaliland lagu jabin karaa. Ama "lacag-laaluush-ah" oo uu bixiyo ayaa Jamhuuriyadnimadeeda gaarka ah lagu baabiin karaa. Walee, maxaad Ilma-Gumeed is-urursadey adiga iyo inaadeerkaa Farmaajo tihiin.
  5. The brutal answer is that Sheikh Sharif, or as we used to call him around here Sheikh Hotel, belongs to that community, who, politically, literally and actually "owns" Mogadishu. And as such anyone whoever wants a government of Somalia to be run from Mogadishu will always happen to be their "political guest". And therefore, Mr Sharif is not to be trifled with. And in fact that precise is the reason Col. Yey was deposed by Uncle Sam (US) in the mid-stream of his tenure in 2008 in favor of Sheikh Hotel. Because this said Sheikh was thought to be in a position to bring peace to Somalia since it was his city of Mogadishu which was then the epicenter of Al-Shabaab terrorism And as for this Roobow fellow, leave aside the fact that he is a two bit cheap murderer of the most malicious kind, however in political term, he is essentially light-weight that shan't trouble the "Zero-Sum-Game" that goes on in Mogadishu. After all, when was the last time his tribe had any political consequences in Somalia (as a whole). Moreover, his own region has been an Ethiopian's garrison and military barracks for the last two (2) decades, hence, one does not know why he thinks that he should be taking seriously. Given that the likes of him and his larger tribe were never in a position to actually run their regions without "foreign boots". So in a nutshell, his so deserving of a recent fate is the political end-result of the fact that his regions being an "occupation zone" of others. Since one could always gets to be arrested whenever those who run one's regions are asked to arrest you.
  6. Oodweyne

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    Runtii waxba uma reebin. Oo wuxuu ku tilmaamey dad nadftooda dambi kagalaya oo ismaaweeliya. Waana ta keentay in ay maanta oo dhan afka-ka-sheegtaan dhul aaney xiniinyo ay ku dhacsadaan laheyn, Sida Sool oo kale. Haddana afku waa dheer yahay oo idaacaddaha ayey madaxdoodu taagan yihiin oo ay ka dhaaranayaan. Markaa, waa uu ku markhaati furey mooyee wax kale ma sheegin. Intaasna in ay yihiin, Somali Maxamed oo dhami waa ku ogeyd.
  7. Don't bet your destiny on the likes of Caare given Sanaag in general or Ceerigaabo in particularly to some cowardly two bit "house-guest" in Mogadishu by the name of Cheeseman. Why? Well, Cheeseman's uncle Afweyne was actually chased away from Sanaag in late 1989 in a broad daylight by hardy lads. Ask your uncles all about it, I am sure they will tell in a chapter and verse sort of a way. And as it so happens, these lads, who did the "original chasing" still do run the show there to this day. Caare or no Caare, Got it, boyo?
  8. Oodweyne

    Onward and forward - hore ayaa loo soconaayaa

    Maakhir, My friend, I will have you know, that, only cheap coward on the run from his region of Sanaag, who couldn't deny Somaliland the "right to rule" his region of Sanaag (which is also my region) believe that Somaliland's fate can be determined by the likes of Mr Cheeseman. And of course, if we ask ourselves as to who is this "political hero" of whom our friend, Maakhir, is putting this so much of a "political faith" on his slender shoulders? Well, as it so happens, this man - Cheeseman - is just a fellow who happens to be an "actual coward", who is dependent on "foreign muscles" (a borrowed manly balls from others, no less), who in turn is hiding behind in his wife's honor. Whilst existing as a "glorified guest" to those who he is married to their daughter. Now tell me, dear ninny, does that man, so described aptly, strike anyone as a sort of a fellow who will bring the fear of God to anyone's else's breast or into anyone's heart? What a deluded cretin we have in you, my dear Maakhir. That really won't do. And whilst you are parading (as your usual want in here) these propagandist videos, why don't you really ask Mr Jamal as to how come he lost, not once, not twice, but three times (3) in a row his futile fight against Somaliland. And in particularly in so far as the negative answers he was given by the donor nations about Somaliland's developmental goal are concern, in which he wanted it to "curtailed" it. Ask him that question and then get back to us. And if you could even get his "cheap answer" on a "video" (since you like You-tube's videos so much) then that will be swell of an idea, as well, indeed. After all, such a defeated politician doesn't deserve all this false praises you are doing for him in here other than being asked a simple question along the lines of how come he has nothing to show for the fight he took to Somaliland ever since the first day he arrived in his office.
  9. Oodweyne

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    ^^^^ In other words, they are the "true definition" and the "living manifestation" of this little ditty: ".......Waa Fuley Faan-badan oo Fantasiya iyo Faatadhugleyn kala Fac-dhiga Fool-eriska iyo Fal-Rageedka Fariid Ficliyo ......."
  10. Well, that is typical Farmaajo. A low-life trickster with a dirty appreciation of the low-cunning underhand tactics. And who to boot, couldn't fight like real man at the border between Somalia And Somaliland. In other words, he is essentially a man who thinks, that, a "borrowed-muscles" from others will get him anywhere in Somalia (or in Mogadishu in particularly). As well as thinking that few "bribed folks" within Somaliland's political set-up, will be able to do anything to Somaliland, when in fact as history have already attested to his uncle Afweyne, with all the forces he had back then under his belt when he was in power, couldn't do a jack-all to those folks in Somaliland. Or deny their "insurgency ability" as the then "SNM forces" to hurry and harassed his "occupying forced" in their country. Moreover, all Mr Farmaajo actually did in here was to reveal himself, in so glaringly of a way, that he is as he ever was, namely, the same "cheap character" he always was. At least if you read him through what he has written in his M.Sc Thesis in which he defended his uncle Afweyne's action, when the later fellow was in power in Somalia back in the late 1980s. And now, it seems, that, since Farmaajo, doesn't have the "balls or the muscles" to which to go and fight against the likes of Somaliland, he simply decided to "use" the second best thing he has in his hand. And that is trying to "bribe" few folks inside Somaliland with the "Qatari's slush fund" that was given to him by that Qataris kleptocracy in Doha. However, unfortunately for him, he will fail just as much as his uncle Afweyne have failed in that previous endeavor of his against what eventually came to be known as Somaliland. But all the same, this surely and finally, should be the end of all that silly talk in which the international community (IC) were pushing it, which was that we in Somaliland should talk to him and to his pseudo-government in Villa Somalia. After all, we should say to them, that, from our "perspective of things", we believe that a "two-bit-conniving-low-life", who is intending to surreptitiously "harm" you does not at all "deserved" to be dignified with any decent discussion on anything, or on any subject under the sun. And I hope, that, the next time these international community (IC) guys come to Hargeisa, and start asking us to "parlay" with Villa Somalia's political clique, we will simply tell them, that, we actually don't talk to any "collection-of-cowards". And in particularly we don't talk to those who in turn genuinely "lack-the-courage-of-their conviction", whilst still wiling to harm you in the most cheapest and surreptitious way they can, even if they absurdly saying at the same time, that, we should discuss things with them. This is should be the final "political bottom-line" of Mr Biihi's government where the intended talks between Villa Somalia and Hargiesa are concern. Lets hope, Mr Biihi will stick to his guns in here.
  11. Oodweyne

    Onward and forward - hore ayaa loo soconaayaa

    Xaaji, You must understand something in here, my friend. You see the likes of Maakhir (and that of his cousin, namely, the guy call Jamaal, who is a minister of development and National planning for the Villa AMISOM's administration) are so desperate to see someone (anyone) to take the fight to Somaliland. Or at least take Sanaag away from Somaliland. Which means, Mr Cheeseman is their "last-hope" or their last "throw-of-the-dice". Given that whoever comes after him, wouldn't care for what-not of this agenda of fighting Somaliland on the issue of Sool and Sanaag, just as much as HSM (i.e., the previous Villa Somalia's president) didn't bothered at all to pay any attention to anyone from that neck-of-the-wood in Somaliland. Of course, whoever who will come after Mr Cheeseman will still believe the Somaliweyn's Bull-shits. But they will not be "playing dirty" in the manner the likes of Mr Cheeseman and his henchmen from some section of Sool and Sanaag regions were trying to use the "international legitimacy" of Somalia's government as "weapon" (a clannish weapon, mind you) to which to fight against Somaliland. And that was what this Minister Jamal actually did from the get-go and from the first day he arrived in office in Villa Somalia. For he seems to have decided then and there to take a fight to us in Somaliland. Lamentably for him, of course, he lost every fight he took against us without an exception. Given that he lost his first round of that fight to convince the International community (IC) to cancel the Somaliland Developmental Fund (SDF). And when he lost that round of the fight, he decided to go for second round by way of trying to convince the same donor nations, that, if the SDF should continue then his office in Mogadishu should be responsible for it. However, yet again, the donors said to him a "Fat No". Which means, he lost that second round of that fight, too. And then, after that, he went for a third round of the fight he was having against us, which was when tried to convince the donor countries, yet again, that they must "relocate" their aid offices that deals with Somaliland's developmental goals into Mogadishu's Xalane's compound, instead of them being in Nairobi. And he wanted that, so that Somaliland's officials will have to come to Mogadishu when it comes to their dealings with donor's embassies, particularly those who deals with Somaliland's National planning ministry, which is the ministry running the SDF-financed projects in so far as Somaliland is concern. And again, in a third time in a row, the donor countries said to him a final and humiliating "Fat No". And they have told him the fact along the lines of saying, that, any Donor's nation's office that deal with Somaliland's developmental goals will always stay in Nairobi. For they will not move them to Mogadishu. And they have insist on that to him, since they said that decision will help them to avoid any "political problem" such move (if it happen at all) will in turn cause to the "relationship" we as a donor nations have with Somaliland. So you see this guy, call Jamal took a three (3) round of a fight against Somaliland as a minister in Villa Somalia's administration, so far. And every one of those round he was defeated by the donor countries who said to him a "Fat NO" in each round. And why he did do that? What was it that was so exercising him, that had bothered him this much, that had compelled him to go this length and this far in the "private fight" in which he initiated against Somaliland as a minister in the AMISOM Bunker's government? Well, to answer that question, you just need to understand what was it that was "motivating" him in the first place. And what was motivating him in the first place was the fact he is from Sanaag region of Somaliland. And he thinks Somaliland shouldn't be in the business of "ruling" that region call Sanaag, as absurd as that proposition really is in the cold light of the day of the reality that prevails in that region. Hence, he, as a minister, took his "personal and clannish fight" against Somaliland to all the way to the AMISOM's Bunker and its pseudo-government in Villa Somalia. Which means, this sort of "baser animating motivation" is what also keep this fellow call Maakhir in a state of being a wide-awake in most nights. For this Maakhir fellow as a kid or perhaps as an "immature man" (to put it in a more "charitable light") seems to know, that, Mr Cheeseman, will be the "last leader" in Villa Somalia who will take a "clannish fight" to Somaliland on the basis of Sool and Sanaag region. And he is that so desperate to keep on hoping that he, Mr Cheeseman will succeeds in here. Otherwise, it's surely as days-follows-nights a "political curtain" down for the likes of him. And he seems to know that in his heart of heart.
  12. Oodweyne

    Shariifka's shenanigans II

    Miyir, Actually this cretin call Duufaan, really believe that "borrowing-the-muscles-of-others" from the likes of Ethiopia (or even from Eritrea) will get his hero, namely, Mr Farmaajo, that much of a "political joy" within the Somali political context. For he thinks, that, Mr Farmaajo will be able to use that sort of a new found-Ethiopian's muscle to go after some of the USC's politicians (i.e., in clan-wise) in in Mogadishu, particularly the ones in which he just mentioned their names in that post of his. And he thinks that Mr Farmaajo will be able to do so with nothing less than with the Ethiopian's contingents within the AMISOM. In other words, he actually remind me of a chap we used to call Gen. Duke (one wonders whatever have happened to him?) who used to be around with us in here of SOL (circa 2000s) who in turn used to defend Col. Yey (he was his nephew) till he was blue in the face. Moreover, his argument was that Col. Yey could do whatever he wants in Somalia. And he actually hold that view of his even when Ethiopian's army were in turn pulverizing Mogadishu in the years of 2007 till late-2008. And finally, when Col. Yey was sacked on a Mogadishu's airport's tarmac by none other than Ms Jendai Frazer, who was US's Assistance Secretary of State for the Africa in the Bush's Administration in favor of Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, he went so inconsolable to the extend that he actually decided to quit on us around here of SOL. And last I have heard of him, apparently, he was trying his luck on the American politics at the city's level in Minnesota (or perhaps it was in the Twin-cities in general) given that his hope of "amounting" much in Somalia on the back of the "political's coat-tail" of his uncle Col. Yey did end in the ash-heap of history, since it was always a "touching delusion" on his part to begin with. Hence, I fear this new kid, who thinks the world of Mr Farmaajo as the same way Gen. Duke used to think of his uncle Col. Yey, which was that one could "amount" to much in the "Somali context" with a "borrowed muscles" from others, will soon find out the "falsity" of that proposition. In a way, that means, that, we shall try to bare with him in the mean-time till he finds out the "harsh truth" of the Somali politics for himself along the way.
  13. Absolutely spot on. In fact, by the time the Berbera is ready, the Eritrea desire to get-in on the action on the port businesses of the region will be ever more retarded in competition wise, since, she will have to compete not only Djibouti, where she is at least two (2) decades behind when it comes to Djibouti having the state-of-the-art's port facilities whilst Eritrea don't; but Eritrea will also have to compete against the likes of Berbera port that by then will have a brand-new port being added into the regional competition for the port businesses. Hence, it seems that Eritrea's desire to "lure" Ethiopia into a tight-embrace in this area of port-businesses in the Horn-of-Africa's region will not be baring fruit for them, any time soon.
  14. That about sums up the reality, really. However one wonders where is "Gudhuu-boy-SOL", who used to sing the tendentious praises of Mr Cheeseman around here with his slogans of: "Horaa Loo Socanayaa" (or some such cow's manure). Yeah, right. But, still, for what is worth, I am dying to hear from our "Gibberish-Spouting-Gudhuu-lad" of SOL, In particularly what he has to say for himself in here. Or at least how to account for what miserable hands his ilk in Baidao were dealt with in this week by none other than his own "political hero", namely, a chap by the name of Mr Cheeseman of Villa Somalia. Let hope he has the "guts" and the "moral wherewithal" to actually call spade a spade in here.
  15. Thanks for the background information of this new guy. It seems that he is a well-connected with the political elites of Ethiopia, at least in the post-1991 reality.