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  1. Mid dhulkooda reer kale oo ka awood badan ka heystaan iyo mid markiisi horeba laangaab ahaa.....
  2. If the current world problems, pandemic, unemployment etc aren’t resolved fast sadly the inflation will not only spread Within the Somali territories which relay heavily on remittance from overseas Somalis but it could engulf most of Africa and many other nations across this world Causing an economic meltdown rarely Ever seen before. What happened in puntland Today will replicate else where in the Somali regions soon if the hawalas can’t transfer money. Ilahow na badbaadi.
  3. Oodweyne in a moment similar to Nostradamus forewarned us. LoL The boosaneero I crawled out of is the upper east side, manhattan, USA. You might have heard of it but sadly they don’t allow your preferred trade. It’s strictly against the law.
  4. Oodweyne, Glad to see you all. It’s been a while since I last checked sol but it took a pandemic and lockdown in NYC To return me back to it. I saw the posts and most are positive banter but this fellow was always outright negative and talking from where one Normally does not associate speech with. It made me question why knowing full well our camels don’t graze with the few they have and no recorded history of animosity between them and us except when Riyaale expelled en masse the hundreds of beggars from his hometown. That’s when I came to the conclusion Maybe this must have hit hard the city and local economy And he just can’t get over it but 20 years as an awfully long time to carry a grievance and he might, MIGHT just die not with the shahadah like a normal Muslim would but with Burn mirqaanland on his lips instead .
  5. Hello; Roughly 20 years ago I remember this beggar from Baidoa nearly lost it when President Riyaale expelled from Somaliland a couple of hundred Professional beggars from Baidoa and it seems he’s still bitter about it. Sadly in my absence from SOL no one bothered to set him straight so I will try to play the devils advocate here and break the sad news to him knowing fully well how obstinate beggars are. President Biixi does not chew qaad, smoke or drink. I know your beggers mind can’t and won’t grasp that but it’s a FACT. However I can’t say the same for your Fellow beggars back home in Baidoa and among the few in the diaspora. 75% of the income your folks earn begging in Mogadishu is spent on those 2 vices. both alcohol and qaad have become a favorite pastime in Baidoa enjoyed by many of the locals. Even the former chief beggar Jawari was an alcoholic. Excuse me if I forgot my manners but one can’t but help kick an obtuse beggar once in a while. good to see the old folks who I knew from many many years ago btw.
  6. Yes they do my friend. Add the Guurti and you get that number the way admin great job on the new look.
  7. Norf ha layaabin Xiin he has every right to wish for what ever he thinks is right but wishing is one thing but putting those wishes into action is another. At the end of a beautiful dream one has to wake up and face the reality n Old Xiin just wants to hold onto that dream while his deeds are the exact opposite. Haatu, no libaax I am only passing thru.
  8. ^^^^ Thx sxb, it's good to be back, I am in Jakarta. Maxaa meesha lagu hayaa?
  9. xiinfaniin;931838 wrote: Apophis's one lines are more lethal it seems than Oodweyne's ; just like a skier's foot awakens the sleeping snow and still survives, Oba survives (in fact he seems to enjoy) Oodweyne's torrent Left this forum roughly a decade ago though I do check the posts from time to time for news and it seems old Xinny is still up to his old ways of jirjiroolenimo iyo diradiraalnimo, who ever said u can't teach an old dog new what ever comes to mind. Anyways Greetings to y'all from the beautiful island of Indonesia. Keep on fighting and arguing about intiina ka ugu what ever dheer, it's quite entertaining.
  10. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: @ I've left out the names of the organizations for the common security reasons. …yet secessionists and their hired pens have yet to find their voice in a manner that could convince the world about the merits of splitting Somalis along clan lines. Recent election and the manner in which it was executed were impressive…the resultant outcome in the form of Siilaanyo’s leadership represented a ray of hope in the region. Still in the eyes of the power centers that matter, it was indeed a local in nature and had nothing to change the geopolitical equation. Even this had me wanting to drop a comment or two.Waar Ninka sidan ka daaya, this is bigger than a setup.Sidii suuqi doqon ma waaye ayaad Xiin intaad buudhi sarteen ayaad kaga tagteen.Talk about him quoting that old adage a few days back waar reerku ma sidan ayuu u sal fududaa...... Markuu Somaliland maqlo ayuu odeygu sidii Islan saar hayo ayuu u soo boodayaa. Its been a while,Good to see yall,SOL was a great pastime...
  11. Gediid

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    ^^^^Brother I can save you 0.03c for your Somalia calls.I have something that is way cheaper than what you are using, and if you call anywhere else like Kenya its only cents per minute.Try us we are at or call us on our toll free number.....Trust me you will like the service
  12. ^^^^The signs are everywhere,time to throw away the pants and put on the khamiis and get the cumaamad out yaa Ngonge