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  1. From what I heard the so called disputed area was not part of what was auctioned in London. Markaa ma aqaano Kenya waxay Isla waalayso.
  2. cadnaan1

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    She should stick to what she was elected for which is serving people of Minnesota
  3. cadnaan1

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    She need to be careful of who she is messing with, Jews are powerful people in American politics.
  4. cadnaan1

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    I have watched the video of shabaab killer before he died he said he was in boosaaso only for two days and he was sent from baydhabo, Shabaab wants to create mistrust between qabaailada why would they sent someone all the from baydhabo to make this killing while the can find a local person to do this killing.
  5. cadnaan1

    Sheikh Mohamed released from Saudi Jail

    Saudi government announced that they have now completed the anti corruption campaign and collected 107 billion dollars .
  6. Kkkk wax qarsoodi ah ma jiraan ee nimanka aad sheegayso waa Ku waan
  7. cadnaan1

    The good Sheikh is back

    I think we had enough of trying new guy in every election, to me sheikh shariif is a good candidate at least I never heard anybody accusing him corruption or qabiiliste.
  8. It looks like abtigiis is the good guy here.
  9. I think he is doing this to annoy gabarta la dhaho @nimkoali.
  10. Quraanka iyo xadiithka wey Isla socdaan you don't pick one and leave the other secondly bukhaari iyo saxiixul muslimka xadiith yada Ku qoran waa saxiix waa hadalkii rasuulkeena (slcwslm).
  11. MMA xuseen ceydiid soo ma aheen kii jilbaab iyo indho shareer isku soo qariyey gaari dameer uga soo baxsaday baydhabo. RRA dib haloo soo celiyo dad ayaa garbaash ubbaahan.
  12. cadnaan1

    This was the reason......

    This was the reason why he went to Hargeysa just to piss off farmaajo