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  1. guleed_ali;988533 wrote: I think if you've come around by the above hadeeth then indeed you've become a better person. You don't need time off this forum if it changed you into a better person. I don't want to speak on your behalf but I was just heart broken by some of the pictures that were posted of our departed sister Huda and you may have been as well. It pains me to see a Muslim sister in that state. For everyone saying that cancer is a horrible way to pass away. Perhaps Allah has blessed Huda with this long process so she can seek Tawbah and repent for things that she may have done. I'm not saying one should be happy that they got cancer, but they should always look at the upside. If deeds are by the last action (الأعمال بالخواتيم) then I sincerely hope that she took that time to repent to Allah and asked him for forgiveness. That is between her and Allah (Subhanuhu wa ta'la) and thus we should say Alla yarahmha or Allahi ha U naxaristao or May Allah have mercy on her. The Somali is assume to be Muslim (الاصل) unless otherwise stated. However classified may have been affected by the pictures posted of the sister in certain circumstances. Just like Classified made an excuse for the sister, I will make an excuse for him. And may Allah shower us all with his mercy especially our dearly departed Sister Huda. May Allah gather us together in Jannah and forgive our sins and make us better people Allahuma Ameen. P.S: I would like to ask any Muslim on these forums to forgive me for anything I may have said to them, and I hope we can all ask each other for forgiveness! Allahuma Ameen P.P.S: I didn't mean to go off on a tangent but the way Classified changed from his last first post on this thread to his last post got to me. Wasalamu Alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu... Thank you dear brother. Your understanding is noted.
  2. DoctorKenney;988429 wrote: Classified, again....You're doing some severe speculation here. There are plenty of Somali girls and guys who are Muslims, who still go out to party sometimes. I'm gonna say that virtually every member of this forum has been to some sort of a party at some point in their lives. Stop this judging and stop trying to characterize this young lady. Remember: The Believer searches for excuses for his Muslim brother when his brother commits a sin. While the Hypocrite searches for his brother's faults. I have friends who have been to jail before, and you never see me trying to characterize them or doubt their Islam. And right now you're looking at this young lady's faults, which is a sign of hypocrisy. Before you even get yourself involved in such arguments, learn some proper etiquette first. Learn proper adab, learn to be polite, to be forgiving, and to overlook your Muslim brother's faults. We all make mistakes, and you're attempting to highlight Houda's minor mistakes when she's already dead. She's your Muslim Somali sister and all you can think about is posting pictures of her at a party and then speculating if she's not Muslim. That's disgusting. These speculations won't help her, it won't help her family, and it will only alienate you from others in this forum. P.S. And no, you cannot "plead the 5th" because that's an Amendment of the US Constitution (which is a non-muslim agreement) I'll conclude with your post. May Allah forgive me for wrong I have said. Indeed, "the muslim searches for excuses for his Muslim brothers, when the Muslim brother commits sins". I couldn't have said it better. AUN to the girl Huda Rafle. I think perhaps I need a time off from this forum for a while.
  3. Jacpher;988373 wrote: ^Not to be argumentative here but since you believe in pleading the fifth amendment of the US Constitution, an non-Islamic law, what makes other assume you're a Muslim. Sorry I didn't want to go this way but you seem to be oblivious to the fact the maxruum ain't here with us. Qof naga hooseeyaad ku durdurineysaa sxb. So let's talk about you since you're here with us What have I said that would be consider as offensive or insult against the dead girl? Isn't it my prerogative to plead the fifth on any issue I choose so? I didn't know the girl, however from what I have only seen brings me to the conclusion that she might have not been a practicing Muslim or even worse, she might not have been a Muslim at all; Nonetheless, those pictures don't qualify any bases to take someone out of the fold of Islam, thus I cannot say for sure she was not a Muslim nor can I say for sure she was a Muslim. Islam teaches that we are forbidden to say "AUN" to the non-Muslims. I don't know her, thus I rather plead the fifth [again]. Apophis, haha, apparently a particular hypocrite in this thread things it can create a Muslim rift within the Muslim members in her. I understand where Jacpher is coming from, but I only hope he understands where I'm coming from. Unfortunately, I think his qabyaalad side has probably won him over. As for the girl, obviously a picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. Jacpher;988340 wrote: Sxb leave the marxuum out. Saying I plead the fifth is un-islamic so should we ask if you are Muslim or not since you seems to adhere laws other than Islam that suggest people have the right to conceal the truth so they don't get incriminated?? Our beautiful religion teaches us to speak of the truth even to testify against yourself. Pleading the fifth is the opposite of what Islam teaches and you seem to be fond of it. About qabiil, I got no clue what clan or city she lived or belongs to. This is the first time I heard and seen of her story and it is none other than here in this topic. I have no clue where you get that thought. Brother, I am confused as to what you're trying to say here. I am not against saying AUN to the Muslims that have passed away. May Allah have mercy on ALL the muslims, those that have passed away and those that are alive. You don't know the girl, right? So, what makes you think she was a Muslim to begin with, horta? Maybe I'm missing something here and you can perhaps enlighten me. I appreciate your stance on trying to bring you and I to a common ground.
  5. Why do I feel some of you are speaking up for her on the bases of tribal affiliation? Jacpher, how am I questioning her status? I merely said, I don't know her, I never met her and the only things I saw about her were two pictures that were not so-Islamic, so to speak. So, from that perspective, I plead the fifth. If you want to make dua for her, that's something entirely up to you, but you can't shove it down on other's throat to do the same.
  6. Jacpher;988294 wrote: ^It ain't your call man. Let her rest in peace if you can't afford her a simple AUN. Macaasi doesn't take one out of the fold of diinta, just so you know. Life is a full of joy in one moment and tragic the next. Old, young, poor, rich, you will go when your time arrives, not a second early or late. Alle ha u naxariisto Huda. I never said she was not a Muslim. I simply said we don't know whether she was a Muslim or not. I can't say for sure she was Mulism and I can't say for sure she was not a Muslim.
  7. DoctorKenney;988209 wrote: Classified, wouldn't it be a better idea to just give her the benefit of the doubt? You don't know her, and no one on this forum knows her. And those pictures you posted of her, is of her at some party. Which is something practically every Somali in North America has been to. It means nothing These type of things are better left not talking about. I agree, but the pictures speak for them self. I'll plead the fifth on this. I won't say AUN.
  8. All of you guys saying "Illahay ha unaxaristo" without knowing whether she was muslim or not. lol
  9. burahadeer;988130 wrote: when did they crumble? why worry about Somaliland when unity & brotherhood won't be attained inside Somalia( south ) probably for long time to come as it seems! I've noticed when "Somalilanders" refer to Somalia they include the term 'South'. Why is that?
  10. Gar_maqaate;988125 wrote: See this why some people mock religion because of fantastically ****** people like you making ridicules statements in the name of Islam. I'm sorry if you feel that way. Please, educate me. I am genuinely asking for your knowledge regarding the claim that the Prophet made special supplications for Ardul Habesh.
  11. Wadani;988101 wrote: Arinka si fiican umaad dhuuxin, ujeedada taalodan laga leeyahayna maad fahmin. Maanta haday Og@dania xor ahaan lahayd aragtidaadu mid habboon bay noqon lahayd. Balse dhibaatadu waxa weeyaan Xabashidii oo ay Sayidka colka ahaayeen ayaa hadda taalodan u adeegsanaya dadkiisii si ay ugu kadsoomaan oo u arkaan Sayidka halyay ethiopian ah oo gumaystaha cad la dagaalamayay. Mar hadii ay Xabashidii Sayidka iyo taariikhdiisii la wareegeen oo ay reer Og@denia ka aqbaleen waxay muujinaysaa in halgankii lagu hungoobay oo hadda dadkii u xuub siibanayaan ethiopian asal ah, ayaan darro. Mar ma ana waalan misa cadan ba laga heesiya? Don't you know 45% of Ethiopia's population are Muslim? Don't you know ardul Xabash (Ethiopia) was blessed by Prophet Muhammad and it was the second place Islam started to spread apart from Mecca? Ethiopia had a special place in Prophet Muhammad's heart more than Medina itself (I think). All I hear from Somalis is "Xabash this Xabash that", when hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Somalis live in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, Harar, including the somali region. As Muslims (Somalis), we shouldn't abandon our Muslim ethiopians (Muslim Amhara, Muslim Oromos, Muslim Tigres, Muslim Guraga, Muslim Eritreans) and leave them to be abused and dominated by their christian and atheist fellow countrymen.
  12. This is the reality on the ground. Hassan Shiekh, Shirdoon nor the 275 MPs in Mogadishu don't represent nor have any control over Hargeisa. Somali runta iskuma sheegto.
  13. Calmadow Mountains in Sanaag region seen from the Laasqoray - Badhan road