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  2. <cite> @Che -Guevara said:</cite> ^Do you have spoil it? I apologize for not being clear upfront. The ordinary people in Hargeisa and elsewhere in the northwest region not only deserve respect from me but I must admit I have great friends and relatives in them. My target is the SNM gang foot soldiers such as burahadheer and xaaji xunjuf who have been lately exhibiting characteristics "of running with the hire and hunting with hound". But again. No more sugarcoating and political correctness. I say anyone who wastes time, material wealth and energy to try to achieve the unachievable and as the cliche goes "doing the same thing all over again and expecting different results"-- I say he is psychopathically unbalanced i.e. the SNM gang headed by Siilanyo are, for sure, maniacs. Take it from me....
  3. Compare to today's news from Hargeisa to above you have been overstepping the line far too long; and since you have multiple disasters in your hands, one outcome of which the majority of the city residents are likely in a state of ritual impurities because of water scarcity (by the way, can you account for the USD 3 million fund from African Development Bank appropriated and approved by then PM Gaas for Hargeisa water projects? Has it gone to the Hargeisa Qat Houses?) Isn't it time to harness the emotional outbursts you have been exposed to by overzealous psychopaths devoid of rational thinking in their attempts to taper the irrefrangible Somali unity off? Isn't it time to ask Allah for absolution and forgiveness and come back, psychologically, to the open hands of Mother Somalia and to the lentic environment of "babaaygii Janaaliyo, canbe Jilib ku taalaay, muuskii Jamaamiyo...".
  4. Compare to today's news from Hargeisa to the above... you have been overstepping the line far too long; and since you have multiple disasters in your hands, one outcome of which the majority of the city residents are likely in a state of ritual impurities because of water scarcity (by the way, can you account for the USD 3 million fund from African Development Bank appropriated and approved by then PM Gaas for Hargeisa water projects? Has it gone to the Hargeisa Qat Houses?) Isn't it time to harness the emotional outbursts you have been exposed to by overzealous psychopaths devoid of rational thinking in your attempts to taper the Somali unity off? Isn't time to ask Allah for absolution and forgiveness and come back, psychologically, to the open hands of Mother Somalia and to the lentic environment of "babaaygii Janaaliyo, canbe Jilib ku taalaay, muuskuu Jamaamiyo...".
  5. Onshore oil rigs will mushroom along the Indian Ocean Coastal line between Calulu and Ayl. Puntland will be the most favorite destination for the unemployed Somalis. The discovery of oil will bring a flood of entrepreneurs and contractors. The Soomaalidiids aka secessionists of tribal enclave of Hargeisa, Burao and Berbara will seek repentance from Allah in insisting on their sinful cry for breaking up Somalia. Once the dust settles and the noise subsides, the people in the enclave will realize the propaganda machinery of the Siilaayo’s gang is losing teeth and no longer they will keep listening to the nonsense that discovery and export of oil are attainable without the agreement of Federal government and without the approval of the pro unionist forces in SSC and Awdal regions. Federated Somalia will showcase the desire of the Somali people to live peace amongst themselves and with their neighbor and with world at large. Khatumo State of Somalia and Awdal State of Somalia will send the secessionists militia home. The full integration of the Somali Federal military will be accomplished. The U.N. Security Council will take steps to wrap up its operation in Somalia by sending Amison Forces home soon after the elections in 2016.
  6. According to Psychotropic Drugs Variety Catalogue 2013 Edition jointly released by China Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Security and National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China on November 11, 2013, Khat was included in the Psychotropic drugs. The Catalogue went into force on January 1, 2014. Based on the relevant provisions of Criminal Law of China, Khat is classified as drugs, and thereafter is strictly forbidden to enter China. Visitors please note the above-mentioned regulations, and not carry Khat into China.
  7. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> Full mobilization is underway and the combined forces of Puntland and Khaatumo will and can drive the SNM gang militia out of the sacred lands of SSC people. Let us see what kind of another dance Mr. CidanSul will play with his open ga*y American friend Mr. Cooper!!!! BTW, the rumor that Pundtland lions are coming to Talex has unnerved Siilaanyo's tribal gang militia and reports are coming confirming their hasty evacuation from Taleex.
  8. April 15, 2014 Press Release The intent of this press release is to express our objection to and condemnation of the on-going armed expansionist policies of the clan-based secessionist administration of Somaliland. For the last 7 years, the rulers of this unrecognized secessionist enclave has been occupying territories belonging to clans opposed to their secessionist agenda by force. These territories do not subscribe to the concept of seceding from the rest of the country. In 2007, the secessionist administration in Hargeisa occupied by force the city of Las-Anod, the capital of the unionist region of Sool, and has ever since been determined to occupy other districts in the surrounding areas. The administration has also embarked on a brutal invasion of the Ayn region and attempted to capture its capital city, Buhodle, killing and maiming in the process scores of innocent civilians defending their freedom and right to self-determination. During the current month, the Somaliland forces have moved to the historical town of Laskorey and Badhan, the capital city of Makhir State, another unionist state in the east. During the last few days, the militias of this expansionist administration has been making overt and covert attempts to occupy fresh territories in the Sool and Sanag regions, including but not limited to Taleh town, the provisional capital of Khatumo state. All these attempts are designed to convince the international community of their complete control over the territories of the former British Protectorate of Somalia that gained its independence in 1960 and joined Italian occupied southern Somalia to form the Somali republic. They wrongly believe that the International community will recognize them as a country if they occupy all unionist territories by force. The actions of the clan dominated secessionist administration are more consistent with the medieval methods of imposing the will of few armed gangs on the public. To a large extent, the international community will be complicit in the actions of these modern day warlords in as far they turn a blind eye to their illegal actions, and inadvertently finance their war machinery through direct bilateral aid. Khatumo state, like other unionist states in Makhir and Awdal strongly believes in self-determination, freedom of expression and the right to remain part of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and will in no-doubt defend these God-given rights. In this regard and in view of the recent activities of Somaliland militia, we implore the international community to; Take punitive measures against the Somaliland Administration for its unbridled aggression by imposing economic and financial sanctions against it until it withdraws its militia back to its well-defined territories and stop its aggression against the unionist regions that wish to remain within the fold of the Federal Republic of Somalia; To provide development aid and humanitarian assistance to the peace loving unionist States in the area. Such regions have been neglected in the past and classified unfairly as disputed territories; To allow unionist States like Khatumo state to play a prominent role in any future talks between the federal government and Somaliland since the latter does not necessarily represent the will of the all people in the region. To send a strong message to the Somaliland administration in Hargeisa to pull back its forces that have been mobilized in the last few days to disrupt the Khatumo Conference that is scheduled to be held in Taleh in late April 2014. We hope that the international community and the federal government of Somalia shall assume their moral responsibility and stop the clan based aggression against our people. It is important for the stability of the region to contain the possible escalation of the situation and give peace a chance. Any aggression against Taleh, the provisional capital of Somalia can get out of hand and involve other regions in the area in the conflict. Mohamed Yusuf Jama President of Khatumo State of Somalia Taleh, Federal Republic of Somalia Email: ——————- Note: Khatumo State is a recognized Federal State of Somalia that was established in January 2012. its leaders have recently travelled to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and were welcomed warmly by the President , Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament of the Federal Government of Somalia. It strongly supports the unity and integrity of Somalia and desires to live in peace with its neighbouring Somali regions. Related posts: jllogoPRESS RELEASE: Statement from Jubbaland State of Somalia KhaatumoThe Tragedy in Taleh! jllogoPRESS RELEASE: JUBBALAND STATE OF SOMALIA KhaatumoPuntland naked Attack on Khaatumo State Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Aadan Barre Ducaale oo ka hadlay hawlgalada Booliska Talk of the Town Kenya expells Somalis Real Images of the Despised,… April 10, 2014 WHITHER GOEST THOU SOMALIA? 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  9. Boramanews is reporting that the anticipated Awdal State conference has just opened in Paris, France. The delegates from Awdal educated and elite in Diaspora of various professions including university professors, doctors, politicians and lawyers are redefining the mission objectives of the state to effect a formidable challenge to the SNM gang in Hargeisa utilising sophisticated and civilized strategic steps to inform the world that they are part and parcel of the Federal Republic of Somalia and that they do not agree in any form or shape the failed dream of the SNM gang to dismember mother Somalia. One of the initial points agreed upon is to hire an international law firm to lobby the international community on their behalf in presenting facts and numbers of the thousands of Awdalites murdered by the SNM gangs and their militia in Dila and Borama cities soon after the collapse of the national government in 1991. The other objectives of hiring the law firm is to use it as a vehicle of effective communication with IC to ensure everyone understands that Awdale State and its people are totally against the so called secession cries spearheaded by the SNM gang in Hargiesa and thus any financial support extended to Siilaanyo should be revaluated and any portion thus appropriated for Awal should not be handed to the SNM gang as they have opposing and diverse interest with secessionists. There are two other interesting points in this new development. The delegates have reaffirmed the brotherhood that interconnect them with the Somali people of Khatumo and Puntland in unity and national aspirations of the Somali people. The delegates’ short-term action plan includes to meet with French Foreigner Ministry officials to keep them informed and share the outcomes of the conference. Click this link for the report in Somali and pictures:
  10. Go google d*b* cawar Siiyaanyo's lifestyle in his student life in London. But make sure no dragon knife is close to you. You may mutilate some of your body parts....
  11. AFRICAN ENERGY Soma Oil & Gas, led by former UK Conservative party leader Michael Howard, has secured an equity investment of $50m from British Virgin Islands-registered private investment company Winter Sky. Soma has an agreement with the Somali Federal Government to acquire substantial acreage in exchange for shooting seismic, (AE 261/4), and says the funding means it can finalise a contract for a planned 2D exploration programme. “Negotiations with a small number of seismic contractors are at an advanced stage, and Soma expects to make an appointment soon. The seismic work programme will commence within Q1 2014,” a company spokeswoman told African Energy. Issue 270, 30 January, 2014
  12. Eebe waxa aan uga baryayaa in uu ugu dambe dhaafo marxuum Cabdirizaak Xaaji Xuseen wanaagii uu u falay ummadda Soomaaliyeed, hogaankii hufaan oo ku dhisnaa eex la’aanta iyo sinaanta intuu uu Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Jamhuuriyada Soomaaliya ahaa iyo waliba mowqifkii adkaa oo uu ka istaagay dagaalada sokeeye oo u mar walba ku talinayey in dadka iyo dalka la badbaadiyo. Mr. Abdirizak (AUN) was born ahead of his time. Without getting schooled in economics, he had a natural talent to grasp its tenets. The following is an extract from an interview he had with The National Review in January, 1967: “The first and forest task is the development of our agricultural and live-stock resources. These are basic for our survival as well as progress. The base of our national prosperity will continue to be agriculture. Once we are self-sufficient in food we will be free to think of other economic and social developments. To this end, we have recent set up an Agricultural Development Agency. I would wish it to follow down-to-earth policies. It should not live in an ivory tower and content itself by merely giving advice to individual cultivators or co-operatives. That is not what we expect from it. I would like it to clear the land along the two rivers either itself or through community development schemes. Its usefulness should be judged by the area it clears in a year and brings under cultivation. This should be its main work and I would make a start in this respect immediately. I realise, of course, that the success of this Agency is mainly dependent on the funds it has at its disposal.”
  13. Rating Faroole’s campaign promises, one finds out he failed miserably to remove the SNM gangs from the sacred lands of SSC people. The bloodlines amongst the people of SSC and the rest of Puntlanders are ”tightly” and closely interrelated than those of Somalis who inhabit the triangular area of Hargeisa, Burao and Barbara who are spearheaded by the SNM gangs. The IC, in unison, rejected the phantom state that SNM gang has been trying to carve out of mother Somalia for the last 22 and some years. With such legal and moral support from the majority of Somalis and the family of nations, Faroole did not even attempt to talk Siilaanyo, the head of the gang and his in-law, out of occupying the homes of the SSC people let along mobilizing the resources of Puntland, the mother of Somali Federalism, to send the SNM gang militia home. He promised in his presidential campaign he would accomplish such task in the first three months of his administration. He knows full well the inevitability of war and bloodshed if the SNM gangs do not go home.
  14. If you really analyse President Hassan’s thank you speech to the Turkish people in the ninetieth anniversary of Turkish republic day ceremony last month, you must conclude one thing from it: SNM Gang leadership were supposed to show themselves in Ankara on the 8th of the current to sign a contrite promises and to agree to cease and desistopposing the Somali Federal Constitution and to start courting the Awdal region to form a federal member state as the triangle area where their clan reside doesn’t comprise of full two regions (a constitutional clause requires for a federal member state to come into being to have two or more regions of Somalia’s 18 administrative regions to merge). The SNM Gang’s clan reside in Waqooyi Galbeed region in full (more or less) and in parts of Togdheer. Thus, they cannot meet the two-region condition. Their best bet is to start talking to the people in Awdal region and not waste time and resource for the madness they have been dreaming of or they will end up under direct control of the central government as per the law of the land.
  15. This clip is a testament to the real life predicament the SNM gang members currently find themselves in. The speaker is the chief contender for the top "god father position ". He acknowledges what any objective follower of Somali tribal politics knows: "the enemy foreigner clans outside our triangle are not in our hands as they are pro unity ". But he fails to tell to his deceived minority clan members is that 75% of the land mass of former Somali British Protectorate belongs to Khaatuma State of Somalia. Mr. Waraabe must be the bellwether for the end of madness in North West of Somalia.