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  1. How can we cross the bridge between arts and science in education? . . . In Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa, one high school is inspiring excellence in its students through an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), artistic values and a nurturing environment.
  2. Haa dee ,, sow tuulo maaha meeshu ,,, only one paved way baa dhex marta nothing else ,,, looooooooooool
  3. <cite> @Che -Guevara said:</cite> Does the constitution define citizenship? <cite> @Mooge said:</cite> 2. it is strategic game abdiweli is playing to bring family together looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  4. Dhubuq dhubuq hore dhabano hays dambay leedahay ...
  5. The 20th Anniversary of Somaliland's Military ... A great day today. We have something to be proud of, something out of nothing without any external assistance. A sample of what a nation can do if its people are dedicated and hard working. CIIDANKA QARANKA SOMALILAND
  6. Follow the link below for more information: Report on general survey of British Somaliland 1944 (Colonial development & welfare act. Economic survey & reconnaissance), Published under the authority of the Military government, Somaliland protectorate, 19th May 1945
  7. Somaliland, a breakaway territory in northern Somalia, has a gross domestic product of $1.4 billion with a “high” income gap between rich and poor, according to the World Bank’s first economic output estimate. Somaliland’s GDP per capita of $348 in 2012 ranked as the world’s fourth-lowest after Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi, the Washington-based lender said in an e-mailed presentation released today in the capital, Hargeisa. “A focus on how to address inequality in Somaliland and ensure access to services for all, will be important to secure progress for all,” the bank said, according to the statement. Somaliland, which has a population of 3.5 million, declared independence from Somalia after the fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. No sovereign state has recognized the region as an independent nation. Companies including London-based Genel Energy Plc (GENL) and RAK Gas LLC of the United Arab Emirates are exploring for oil and gas in the region. Somaliland’s Gini coefficient, a measure of the income gap, is 45.7 in rural areas compared to 27 in Ethiopia and 42.6 in urban centers against 37 in the neighboring country. The index ranges from 0, which represents perfect equality, to 100, which implies complete inequality, according to the bank. The uneven distribution of wealth is a “major challenge,” with 29 percent of households in urban areas and 38 percent in rural Somaliland living in poverty, according to a 2013 household and enterprise survey carried out by the World Bank from January to March. Livestock Contribution The livestock industry accounts for 30 percent of the economy, followed by trade at 20 percent, crop production at 8 percent and real estate at 6 percent, the bank said. The accuracy of the estimates is hindered by a lack of data and difficulty in measuring output by nomadic populations, and remittance and foreign aid flows are not captured, the bank said. While there are no isolated figures for Somaliland, overseas workers send home $1.2 billion to Somalia every year, while official development aid totaled $150 million for Somaliland in 2012. The country’s “low” level of domestic revenue, which at 8.5 percent of GDP is about half of the sub-Saharan African average, consists largely of trade levies, while the country’s few “large businesses” pay insufficient taxes, the bank said. The region should review its tax regime, which charges companies 10 percent of their profit, compared with 26 percent in Ethiopia and 28 percent in Kenya, according to the bank. Half of government spending in the decade through 2012 has been spent on security, while health care and education expenditure has been kept low, it said. The al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militant group al-Shabaab has waged an insurgency against the Western-back government in Somalia since 2007 in a bid to impose Shariah law. Source: Bloomberg
  8. It is reality for the world ... not for that we shared the blood ... Sadly. They will still keep crying though ,, and I like them in that situation ,,
  9. There are only few Chinese engineers ... the rest are locals
  10. (Medeshi) - 10 Dec, 2013 - The first car that has ever been assembled in Somaliland was rolled out of a vehicle assembly plant in Hargeisa yesterday. The assembly plant is owned by a Chinese company and the first of the vehicles was delivered to the ministry of industry of Somaliland. The director of the Chinese company informed the press that the vehicles presented to the ministry are meant to introduce more Chinese vehicles into the country. The Chinese executive requested Somaliland government to encourage the usage of Chinese cars in the country. Assembly factories work in different ways .Some are run by robots while this particular one in Somaliland is run by humans who form assembly lines to put car parts together. The parts are imported in crates from manufacturers in China and are then assembled according to designs supervised by experts from the original manufacturers. This new assembly plant in Somaliland ushers a new era into the country. Currently , more then 90% of the vehicles used in the country are made in Japan and are mainly Toyota brands. Although it may be very difficult for these Chinese vehicles to compete with the Japanese , price factor could encourage many of those who cannot afford the Japanese cars to opt for the cheaper Chines ones.
  11. The last thing i want is the relationship with Egypt ,, Not this time maybe later
  12. Some people feel relief when they write others next to Siilaanyo dee ,, wax fahan
  13. DoctorKenney;989393 wrote: Sometimes I wonder how any "Somalilander" can consciously accept secession from the rest of Somalia. We Muslims should be uniting under one leadership, under one State. But since that's not the case--at least nowadays--then how is it acceptable that Somalis from the Northwestern region want to secede from the rest of Somalia? Nationalism is a very ugly thing. And to be nationalistic over some colonial borders is even more ridiculous. Jacaylbaro needs to let it go "He is not one of us who calls for Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for Asabiyyah or who dies for Asabiyyah." --Prophet Muhammad (saaw) And you call yourself a DOCTOR ?? ,,, Very disappointing indeed
  14. same as the all Arab governments ?? ,,, haa dee waa caadi
  15. The borders are colonial made only when it is Somaliland .... Funny
  16. Boosaaso (KON) - Maamulka Magalaada iyo Wasiirka Caafimaadka Maamulka Puntland oo la hadleen Warbaahinta ayaa sheegay in ugu yaraan 7 Qof ay ku dhimatay Qaraxii Maanta ka dhacay Boosaaso, halka 30 kale ay ku dhaawacmeen. Sidaan horey usoo Qornay, Qaraxaan ayaa ka dhacay Agagaarka Hotel Caan ah oo ku Yaalla Magalaada waxaana geestay Gaari laga soo buuxiyay Walxaha Qaraxa, inkastoo Warar aan wali la xaqiijin ay sheegayaan in Qaraxa uu geystay Nin watay Mooto. Gaarigaan ayaa isku Qarxayiy Labo Gaari oo ay waten Ciidamo ka tirsan kuwa Badda ee Maamulka, Sarkaal ka tirsan Booliska Magaalada ayaa sheegay in Gaariga Qaraxa lala eegtay ay saarnaayeen Ciidamao ka tirsan kuwa SARACEN. Wasiirka Caafimaadka Maamulka Puntland, Dr. Cabdullaahi Cali Warsame ayaa sheegay in ugu yaraan Toddobo Qof ay ku Geeriyoodeen Qaraxa, in ka badan 30 kalena dhaawac soo gaaray. Wariyaal Madaxbanaan oo ku sugan Magaalada ayaa sheegaya in ugu yaraan 13 Meyd laga qaaday Goobta oo ay ku jireen Ciidamo, waxaana warkaas Xaqiijiyay Isbitaalka guud ee Magaalada. Wariye Cabdinuur ayaa Keydmedia Online u sheegay in Dadka ugu badan ee ku dhintay Qaraxaasi ay u badan yihiin Ciidamada Badda ee Maamulka. Goobjoogayaal ayaa sheegaya in Qaraxa kadib Ciidamada Badda ay fureen rasaas, dhaawaceenah Dad rayid ah. Ciidamada Badda ee Puntland ayaa goobta qaraxu ka dhacay soo gaarey waxaana ay rideen rasaas aad u faro badan, waxaa istaagey ganacsigii iyada oo sida caadadu ahayd waqtiga duhurkii la xiri jirey inta badan Meheradaha Ganacsiga ee Bosaso ayaa waxaa maanta saameyn ku yeeshey qaraxan. Goobta Qaraxu ka dhacay ayaa u dhow Suuqa ugu weyn Magaalada Boosaaso, waana Goobta ugu Mashquulka badan Magaalada.
  17. Jacaylbaro