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  1. been there done that on two mali groups already maybe i should do more a friend of mine in 2005 photocopied a 1000 posters for isreali aparthied week and stuck them everywhere and found a way to veer all of his conversation endings with anyways come to isreali apartheid week and we will discuss this more and now look how big it is... apaprt of me thinks the sucess of that festival was because of mohamed's endless pimping of it.... maybe i should do the same
  2. I keep repeating myself copying and posting good bless copy post but whatever.... to all the toronto malis who are thinking of what to do next week saturday afternoon harbourfront is hosting a Somali film festival called Somali wood... about time anyways here hopefully this becomes a big ethnic festival with better films like ImagiNative or Reel Asian or even the TPFF anyways heres to small potatoes becoming big fries or sunday even look on the harborfront website and um you can't afford to not go since the films are free! I am looking forward to the Somali culture one so I can make better business with my co-workers and not offend them or something
  3. Ariadne

    Somali Women

    Originally posted by BlueEpocha: quote:Originally posted by David_Letterman: Yasmin Allas Dutch writer such an interesting concept for a photo, what is it screaming out...n I like how she is a dutch writer instead of a somali-dutch writer very sharin reshat ( how she present herself in pictures) muslim artist worth looking up! ( Persian womens issues she deals with)
  4. what are attributes of culture? food, language, style of dressing, dances, music dialects, superstitions all of the cultures you have described are not really cultures but sub-cultures under the umbrella of Somali identity the people that take up these sub-cultures at the end of the day wether abroad or back home have a dominant culture.....ready for it? it is called Somaali or Somaaliniimo or whatever else you want to call it
  5. Originally posted by Thoth: The priests never claimed that what they did was in teaching with their religion. My point was that she was punished according to our religion. ahem ...punishment occurs when someone commits a crime...
  6. I use to do pilates a couple of years ago and found it hcallenging for a couple of the poses... than I took up boxing and never looked back now for fitness I box and dance and do yoga....although in the holidays season I am at my families where meals are every half I gotta hit the gym after this...ugh!
  7. throat singing is incredible!!!!! so is yodeling I am a big fan of singing experimentally with vocals
  8. i thought this post was reliving old times/high times.... man was i sorely disappointed when i found out it was not stoneresque in any way....
  9. i belive in jini I also beleive in the littlle people folklore from faeries to knacas to whatever else they are called and invisible animals, and hybrid animal spirit thingies and other dimension , and cupcake spirits... they are cute but vicous and the moon causing people to go crazy....lunacy and your head being a spirit receptor that is vewry sensitive when it comes to lack of hair and the horoscope and witch doctor curses as well as blessing and the mayan end times as well as knocking very loudly on wood to drown out what i am thankful for.... hell as I write this I am wearing 13 protective charms and am sitting with my box of salt
  10. I never understand nowadays when toronto has 15 cm of snow and suddenly the entire city gets shut down.... does anyone remember the very tall and dense and siberian like winters we use to have her between 92-95 wimps....ah well it's not like they called the military this time
  11. I am going to go on a rant here. I don't care when people jostle and shove and push into me on the streetcar. I don't care when some lady wears too much gwen stefani perfume that you can smell her get on the car. I don't care when people talks so loudly on the cell phones their conversation is imprinted into your brain on the other side of the car. I don't care when some lady gets on with her suv-like stroller that you have to climb over it in order to pass it. I don't care when drunk teenagers occupy the back and vomit out the moving car. I don't care when someone takes up 2-3 seats. What does bother me a lot is when you smell like you shat and pissed yourself 9 days ago and are still wearing the same clothes from that day but have since chain-smoked and tried to put on cologne to cover it, but instead got an unholy union of foul odour. This man who looked clean enough sat down right beside me and everyone was inhaling and exhaling into their Gwen Stefani perfumes and the window were opened and people were inhaling exhaling through the bursts of air that came in. The worse part was he kept leaning into me and my vintage 1940s coats... and the eniotre time all I could think was when you smell like a million toilets... do you not have the shame to stand under some kinda of moving water like a showerhead. thats it I am goinbg to start a vigilante group known as PAFO people against foul odours or also known as pah fooooo!!
  12. ^^ duen was amasing i have never lied about what i'm reading except one time i was reading anne rice and the cover of my book was covered ( i was that ashamed of it ) and a friend asked me what i was reading to which i replied a dinotopia ( this was a better alternative) believe me!
  13. ^^ well kinda... only an final exams and too much projects smoker...kinda smoker the best work habits...chain smoke and then pass out from being so tired of chain smoking instead of getting work done
  14. getting on the airplane with my mom and leaving behind my grandma and my brother.... watching them from the window as we took off.
  15. my fondest memory is leaving home at sunrise and coming home at sunset...and not having to worry about anything but running as fast and as hard as i could and running into other kids. the moqdishu tuna (can't remember what it was called) the house i grew up in, my grandma making all of my dresses... going to my cousins house to watch soccer games my grandma's raaqe jalaato eating a gauva everyday fresh from the market the milk ladies ( although i hate milk now) walking to dugsi and what an adventure that was a corner here and there and all of a sudden between me and the dugsi it was endless horizon the xalwo with the loos and siin siin ...sigh and of course the indian ocean how saturated in colour it was and beautiful...there is no ocean like it... on rainy days licking your lips and tasting salt by the ocean