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  1. Instinct.Poet

    Somali Filmmaker Shows Real Lives of Africans in China

    No, Most of the Chinese companies in the industry I was seeking were burned by Nigerians who boasted and promised great returns but never delivered:-(
  2. Instinct.Poet

    Somali Filmmaker Shows Real Lives of Africans in China

    Incredible ...I went to Yiwu on 2009 by way of Shanghai to meet with a cousin of mine who did exports to Africa. Its City where every Imaginable factory has a headquarters there. Most of the folks i met were exporters to Africa and at that time, I was impressed with the folks sitting out in the open comfortably stretched in diners patio (Muslims Restaurants)chewing qat while the Chinese ladies with head scarfs served tea. There was a mall in Yiwu that blew mind, It is a display floor for factories and or also direct purchase. The mall stood in Alphabetical Blocks- A- Z Stretching from one side of the city to the other. In addition, inside each block had Numerical that span 1-1000+ stores. I was whelmed with the cab ride from Malls A to B for different products and how immense it was.
  3. Instinct.Poet

    Abdi Cabdi عبدي chronicles

    This is First, We were talking about Magac Soomaali , See Camal MMA;-) I don't know any tribe named Baalyiri or Heard reer Baalyiri. Oday Guugal wuu qiyaasayaa, oo saas Baa'La Yiri
  4. Instinct.Poet


    Saaxib Cedar Iyo Mallka Soomaaliyeed ee 24ka loo yaqaan buu kuyaal labada shaax shoobka Adeer Shaax Macaan. Minneapolis Minnesota:-)
  5. Instinct.Poet


    War soo bax war maheeysidee, oo iigu kaaley Odaygaan ku caanka ah Shaax macaan. Koobkaaga Hore anaa qaba
  6. Instinct.Poet

    Abdi Cabdi عبدي chronicles

    Wassup Abdi- don't feel so special yet, Malay & Indo ppl call themselves Abdi's too. Maskiin, Kudos saaxib for passing on the Magacyada gaarka u ah Soomalida. My cousins kids Eldest daughter- Dombira Son- Baalyiri Son-Jabarti
  7. Instinct.Poet

    The New Movie Called *The Pirates of Somalia*

    Ha! Sadly no, But i'll tell you about it once its in DVD. All bullshit aside, I post it only on SOL and not in any social media for a reason:-) Its worth a Waxgarads time
  8. just saw the movie called " The Pirates Of Somalia". I realize it may not play in major theatres. Though, it has academy award winning actors like Al-Pacino or Academy nominated Like Barkhad Abdi. I have my reservations as to why it is not being played in any of the theatres and had to travel about 45mins outside the cities. I have seen my fair share of pirate movies done in Somalia, Some exaggerated Hollywood style where the American always wins, Some focus on the dialogue more than the action and gun-toting and the suspense. However, this particular one told the story of a Journalist wannabe who spends 5 months in Garowe and Puntland after listening to the advice of his friend to go somewhere dangerous and live to tell about it. He later learns that the truth isn't what the media is after, but to be supplied clips for the stories they already have. Ps. If ever it does matter I have done very small work in this movie as well:-)
  9. Instinct.Poet

    A picture of Somali school children from the 60s

    Mashallah- Maskiin, If you live long enough you realize that we are all but one-degree of separation. Cajiib, that is absolutely awesome. I will find out with my sisters who were teens in the 70's, I'm from the laters years between ciyaal doobiyo goomo iyo Qooley ceersato & say wallahi generation.
  10. Instinct.Poet

    A picture of Somali school children from the 60s

    Absolutely Saaxib, The days for our youth to be doing the same is nearing. I was corrected, that picture is from 68'
  11. The Japanese doctor in this documentary is very inspiring, Thank you Maakhir :-)
  12. Instinct.Poet

    A picture of Somali school children from the 60s

    I absolutely heart Nostalgic images of Somalia, Here is one from sometime in the early years of the 70's, A road trip from Mogadishu with my Uncle Ali Matan Hashi, Aunty Daleys & Big sister Aisha and other relatives
  13. Instinct.Poet

    Morning Thread

    Alx Woke up to a wonderful Monday Ambitions. Made one bad business decision on Friday, regretted this morning. Life goes on, my day isn't over. Doing a volunteer class for eighteen 7graders, all of them Somalis.Inshallah this will fill in the void ;-)
  14. Instinct.Poet

    WATER IS LIFE - The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera

    Great stuff right there they made it look really easy, working with three caterpillars excavators
  15. The best time to plant a tree in these parts would've been about 20yrs ago