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  1. I hope Castro is well. lol@ JB & honom din personnummer brorsan.
  2. Well said man with two horns. Besides, aren't Muslims allowed to marry Jews? Imagine what it would be like at home if you are supposed to hate your kosher Jewish wife.
  3. Besides the despicable play-acting, the Egyptians played a tactful and well executed game! Why did the Ivorians bother to bring K. Toure back? They were doing so well without him and tonight he was to blame for two of the four goals. Two best teams in the tournament will now be battling out for third place; shows that it takes a team performance to succeed!
  4. Thanks that clears things up a bit! But, what time of the day did he go to dugsi so that he needs to go home for breakfast.
  5. Skipper, Why did the macalin tell you to go home and eat breakfast? That baffles me more than the tears.
  6. Ciid Wanaagsan everyone!
  7. Don't wish it upon yourself to meet Milan again, lightning doesn't strike twice Juve was beaten by Udinese this weekend, I don't think Tinkerman is the right person for a top team like Juve, they should have kept Deschamps. Juve's success comes only from the league but Milan does it everywhere. If Milan don't win the league there's always the CL where they are only second to Real Madrid in the all-time winners. Real Madrid won 5 of their 9 cups before 1960, Milan had won only 2 before 1988. So it's only fair to say Milan have been the best team in Europe the last 20 years or so (5 cups last 19 years).
  8. Originally posted by Zafir: Viks, Isn’t your destiny prewritten before you even come to existance? Isn’t the promise to either hell or heaven already written down in looxul maxfuuth? Zafir, It is by Allah SWT because He is Omniscient. But His Omniscience doesn't make Him unjust. If He chose the path for us then there would be no point in trying to be a good person or following what He says would there? The choices are yours and He knows exactly what you will choose.
  9. Originally posted by Northerner: I'm sure you would agree we dominated proceedings in that game. Just lacked that clinical finishing. LOL, no I wouldn't agree sxb, actually I would like you to get it straight so I'll provide you with official statistics from UEFA, the 2005 stats are in brackets. Possession - Milan 53% (55%) - Liverpool 47% (45%) Ball. Poss. (time) - Milan 27mins 24secs (40mins 2secs) - Liverpool 24mins 5secs (33mins 19secs) Shots on goal - Milan 3 (10) - Liverpool 4 (7) Fouls committed - Milan 15 (16) - Liverpool 27 (23) As you can see, the only thing L'pool dominated in both games is the number of fouls committed 06/07 stats. 04/05 stats
  10. Skipper, I'm not saying that Arsenal will win the league but you have to agree they are the form team in England and play the most attractive attacking football in Britain. Chelsea are too dependent on Lampard and can't win last few weeks without, L'pool are not the same team without Gerrard and depend on him too much, what's your point bro?
  11. 187, Have some faith in the youngsters man, I think they will do well this year. So far, Man U are winning ugly 1-0's and Chelsea can't beat mid-table teams. Liverpool team finally looks impressive all round but the rotation system will be their downfall in the PL. Remember, if you are chasing the title, a draw is two-points lost, no matter who the opponents are.
  12. Originally posted by Viking: So in a weird way, his presence was holding a large number of young players back from development. He was just too big for the young Arsenal squad. Imagine Adebayor, van Persie, Fabregas or even Walcott having the chance to be star of the team. I believe and hope they will step forward and dazzle the Premiership with the skills we all know they possess. Interesting times lie ahead! Dazzle they did! Ask any Spurs fan what they thought of the goals I'm glad it turned out to be true! Top of the league and a game in hand on Man U and Chelsea, interesting times!
  13. North, I've watched Del Piero since he started his career at Juve, I still think he is over-rated. Hear me out; I don't remember him ever winning the golden boot in Italy, he was the highest paid player in Italy for a few years (although the likes of Weah, Ronaldo, Zidane etc played in Serie A at that time), what for I don't know. As for his skills, only a blind person can deny them. But how do you justify him being picked in front of Totti for so many years (until the 2006 WC where Totti shone through and they won the cup)? Could it be because he played for Juve and Totti for Roma? Del Piero is the Italian equivalent of Raul, quite talented, loved by the supporters and loved even more by the media. Darling of the nation. There is one thing I will take back, the point of Lampard being better than Gerrard. I always said, from the start that the two can't play together. Unfortunately, Gerrard's versatility has been his Achilles heel in the national team. Since he can play in different positions, he was moved about to accommodate the presence of Lampard (who will be lost if moved from his position). You were right, Gerrard is by far a better player, all round. PS: Milan are awesome man, almost all of them are over 35 but they still won the CL in style...and they didn't even need penalties and a clown for a goalie to do that!