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  1. :mad: :rolleyes: :cool: I know. Anyway enjoy your day all. Allah bless your little solus.
  2. ^^^^loool; farah's never change actually i woke up to go to work today at 7, and they rang me and said come in at 3 lucky me sorry not trying to rub it in ur face anyway better get ready; bye all; have a good day, aeronwen; cheer up peace
  3. ^^^Zu; yes u; i spoke to both of u "aah^^" as reference to what u said about her being more beautiful and the rest to her!! :rolleyes: now if u don't mind, i will point my ^^in ur head nexts time
  4. ^^ahh; better than what i got; no worries why u a such bad mood; other being a monday oh what the hell not like we need anymore reason peace
  5. ^^ sometimes cranky sounds about right and having no friends or maybe it was few friends at least strangers respect u
  6. 7_9 What rude girl lingo? I'll have you know i speak standard english. I have even started using caps and full-stops. Orgi has left london :confused: I thought it was northern who left :confused: Oh well good luck to both of you.
  7. lool i did; just did not find them funny :rolleyes: that is i got it now that u have explained it. okay farah luug gaagaban (i tell u it is worst for guys then girls.)
  8. is it too late to crash this part? i'm bored
  9. what is wrong with these farah's waryaad; either take part and do the quiz or keep ur not so smart *** comments to ur farah's self; not like u will be missed and i say that with a good heart!! i think the animals are insulted as well, :rolleyes:
  10. Very interesting and somewhat true; ^^hence why even the somali xalimo's believe it. I don't get what he is so annoied about.I guess the truth hurts. Looks like guys are still not ready to hear anything, maybe if they hear, they will change. I mean these adverts are sucessful because of these cliche's and because people relate and identify with it. i think some of the things are wishful thinking/ blocking out reality; Married men will flirt with other, younger women but NEVER act upon it. yeah right!! Get real. School is a happy experience for all children. Maybe we will soon believe that, as long as they keep it in the rules.
  11. Horse oh well this is me!!
  12. The thing is while many of us can say this person does this or that and can therefore be a Muslim, not a good Muslim. Due to our limited knowledge of human nature and what goes on inside everyone head and heart. We really cannot comment or judge people; As worship consists of many different aspects; There is the worship of the heart (which only your aware of), worship of the tongue/lips (dua, praise, dacwah) and worship of the body/ physical (things that can be seen, hijab, abstaining from food/fasting and the motion of praying which both cross over with the other two). It is possible that a person can be lacking anyone of those forms of worship, in this case these rappers may have the worship of the heart and be missing the other forms of worship. The main problem with this is that people always say “I have a good heart†you will not hear people saying “oh I have a bad heart†We all know that there are different stages of being a Muslim; firstly the number of people who understand the shadah, its obligations and sincerely believe it and therefore Muslims are a minority among the so called Muslims (ISLAM); within that minority are Mumin’s (IMAN) and few of those such as the prophets, saxabah and righteous scholars reach the level of IXSAN (worshiping Allah as if you can see him, for if you can’t see him, he can see you). We also know that as the Prophet (PBUH) said that a Muslim is not a Mumin (believer) while committing major sins i.e., stealing, fornication, and alcohol; which shows that a person can still be a Muslim and be under the influence of the shyidan and commit these sins. it is therefore understandable that these rappers/singers, are Muslim’s, however due to lack of time spent with good people and people of knowledge, the IMAN is decreasing and they will act in ways that a true believer will never act in; I’m sure that is a shik spends the amount of time a rapper spends in studio’s, clubs and concerts, their IMAN will decrease let alone a normal person, whether they were raised as sunni’s or not, as we are also vulnerable to the influence of shydian, the smart Muslims try to limit opportunities and opening a doors, which give the shyidan an open door to get to you. Are they still Muslims: yes we cannot take them out of Islam, but it is probably best not to see them as role models and instead make dua for them and other Muslims, for Allah to guide them; Peace out; P.S. 7 I tried random use of full-stops and caps.
  13. oh come on u too; we know we know; u both like each other; if one of u wz male i would have told u guys to get married by now and get divorced later hell i would have staged the wedding my self for a set fee
  14. double post; :rolleyes: i think u have had 27 replies for a wlc; more than anyone else that has joined; so don't get a big head young; but now u are well and truly wlc by three most important ppl of SOL 4get the rest; now GO TO BED
  15. damn; i'm gone have to watch the xalimo word if i wanna stay undercover; otherwise all them nutters gone come for me again cheers love and yes u had inside help; confirmation of that just fax through Bashaaro; thanks for the tip; i will remember that for the next kusband; good good; now they can drop like bee's