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  1. JazakAllahu Khair Warrior! Very sound advice indeed. GaroweGirl- There really isnt very much point of debating my age with you. Posting on a forum at the age of 15 isnt a great feat. Its sad if you think it is.
  2. Thanks all for your input but I think i'm more confused now than I was before. Blessed- The expat life you have described is kind of what I'm hoping to live like. I've always wanted to travel and live abroad in different countries and let my children experience the world, but how often do we hear it working for other people. Every girl I know who has moved overseas comes back to her parents house the minute babies come into the picture. LOL to me being 19....I'm 22 with a university degree and a moveable career, which is the only reason I'm considering all of this. Although I've been told by both older and young people that women shouldnt think twice about moving for their future husband...much to my horror. And the other thing, he isnt a random, we met while I was on vacation. Ibtisam- I like the notion of using my head, but what about my heart? wouldnt life be dark and calculated if we just used our heads?
  3. Ladies, I need your thoughts. I have been so deeply caught up in love with a man for the past year and a half that it hurts. He is truly an angel and a prince amongst men. I cant even begin to explain how wonderful he is and how fortunate I feel to even know him let alone be the girl he wants to marry. Problem is he lives in another country, far, far away from me. Now I have always been a believer in love and taking chances but as its getting closer to the decision time, I feel like it was all just a fantasy. I start to hyperventilate at the thought of moving accross the world and leaving my family, friends, career, city and basically everything I am. But I also know that I would be miserable if he wasnt in my life. The worst part is, he cant move to my home city because of the type of work he's in. Question, has anyone here ever moved cities for someone they love? if so, did you regret it or was it the best decision you ever made? Is anyone planning on moving and how did you make that decision?
  4. ^^Dont you mean happy 'invasion day'?
  5. Thought this was humurous...not to mention disturbing enjoy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCkYfYa8ePI
  6. Jesses Allah help us. Amiin [/quote-Nameless_girl HUH?? :confused:
  7. Completely overrated news coverage...i could think of a million other stories more worthy of the energy and time spent on this one. Sheep mentality is whats to blame, a few people made a fuss over it and everyone else follows suit. Apparently Eddie McGuire is itching to bag the first interviews of the pair for channel nine...i guess celebrity status and being a CEO is a great combination
  8. I think we are getting awfully comfortable in a country that probably wont tolerate muslims for much longer and these riots just come to show that our comfort is all in vain. Funnily enough Kim Beazley was saying that multiculturalism in Australia is not in danger and '...it is alive and well'. I almost laughed out loud but hearing John Howard's disgusting stance that these riots arent racially motivated replaced the humour with absolute loathing for that little hateful man and his government. There is a lesson to be learnt here...Australia isnt the place we should see ourselves living in the future.
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    About time someone put these leaders to good use
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    Nazra nursing student?, was doing a double degree sis, but I’m not into nursing. I’m a commerce student [smile] I guess you changed courses
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    Nazra: Ignore the ignorant. They grave for attention you know! So the ignorant in this topic would be...? Rahima sweety I thinks its a lost cause, i gave up on her on page three I guess there are just some u cant bring into the light, even if you try...and try....and try...and try, id continue but I dont want to sound like Nazra
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    did once , n i´ll never forget the looks i got from that female cashier and the queue customers Where do u live, Afghanistan?