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  1. There is more to paris hilton than meets the eye. Honestly she has brains but she throughly enjoys playing a bimbo. Personally she might have the body of a 12 year old but she is hot. Such a beautiful face.
  2. ^^You missed me point, I am not talking about being into the guy rather NOT being into the guy. Comprehendo.
  3. Originally posted by Ms DD: Not for everybody. Dont you get why she brings the girls along? Because she is NOT into you. Men never get the hints You have a point, but if she is not into him why bother meeting up with him. War dee skipper, don't you have male freinds it's clear the girl wanted her freinds hooked up.
  4. McDonals is disgusting. I have tried it a couple of times never will I again. I am still puzzled to how any human can manage to swallow plastic. Can you blame me for trying a girl needs her adipose tissue and what other fast way is there to gain some. Mc'Cafee lakiin, allah aniga is just sensational.
  5. ^^ No wonder Somali men delay marriage go figure. Originally posted by Legend of Zu: ^^^^ That is easy... was thinking you will ask for Gorrilla's head killed by the groom with his bare hands Meher....is the woman's and it sjould be whatever she wants and the man should either accept or refuse...So negotiate people...negotiate. you could ask for tantra as far as a farax is concerned Cheers Let me know on what your fiancee asks for I hope not a BMW.
  6. Originally posted by Abtigiis & Tusbax: The biggest dowry is to buy her 'Kitaab Quraan ah'. I know lot of guys who do that. Apart from its immeasurable spiritual value, it costs 1-10 USD. Cajiib!. This practise is frowned upon by many sheiks although it's becoming a common practise in our society. According to the sunnah of the prophet one should ask for hanti. So is asking for a CONVERTIBLE BMW too much?
  7. I will be watching but certainly not cheering.
  8. First and foremost we have a female prime minister our army or shall I say the New Zealand army does not engage in combat if anything our troops are more involved in peace keeping, having said that you should all be aware Nz is anti-war country hint hint there is a reason why we have a female as a prime minister, although she sounds like a male. she is very much still a female. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: quote:"Most of my community do taxi driving and things like that," Mr Farah said. The collarbone break did not slow Ajiil down, and now is considering the offer of a tour of duty in Afghanistan next year. First of all, nothing wrong driving a taksi, ninkaaga Faarax la dhahoo ismooday balaayo already. Tan labaad it is an honour to drive a taksi than kill a fellow Muslim in their occupied country. Funny! Driving a taxi is not honorable job but its just a job. Driving a taxi does become a problem when half the freaking nation drives a taxi. " it is an honour to drive a taxi than kill a fellow muslim" Incase you forgot you hail from a nation where a man is slaughtered simply because he is from qabil X. Oh and you are most definetly from a nation where a muslim man with the same nationality as you is handed over to habash because is beard is a tad too long or is it his tribe nevertheless we should not be the ones to judge.
  9. What accent oh you mean that kiwi accent. Nothing is more sexier than a tall farah with a kiwi accent. I am a Kiwi so no other accent attracts me quit like a Kiwi accent. The Aussie accent is extremly unpleasant and forheaven sake don't get me started on the american accent it's beyond terrible, I suppose the british accent is somewhat okay but they all sound "carab la" if I want to hear a two year old speak I would listen to my little cousins daily.
  10. Cara I am not sure what literature you have read would love it if you could post a link for me, but according to the physicians I work with who mind you have worked in Africa are very much keen on the idea of using BCG vaccines since they believe it is 10-35% effective. This may be a small percentage but in the long run it will be more than enough to mount a large-scale immune response thus reducing the period of the disease and severity. I am not sure why you are dead set against this vaccine.Is it because you have read a few papers and thats enough to form an opinion. Whatever the case may be it seems you are missing my point. BCG vaccines were never given to adults in Somali( not to my knowledge anyways both my parents had it at a tender young age). I think you should have a chat with anyone from Somali who has worked in the health field. All I wish is for WHO to re-establish vaccine programmes in Somali like the administration of BCG, MMR and Hepatitis B vaccines rather than dwell on diseases like polio and perhaps concentrate their efforts on the prevention of Malaria. This would be far more useful to our people. Odey: Classic!The last man to be diagnosed with smallbox had to be a Somali By the way the probability of eliminating tribilism in Somali is probably the same probability of finding a cure for HIV, Zero mate.
  11. Originally posted by Cara: Endeavour, there are no vaccines for TB or malaria. Very interesting you say this. Have you never heard of the BCG vaccine?? I am sure if you born in Somali you would most definetly have had one, you might even bear the scare and not even be aware of it. There has been over the years much controversy regarding BCG and its effectiveness, like every other vaccine it is not 100% effective however it limits or rather reduces the complications of TB in areas where there is high prevalance. BCG vaccine are virtually unknown if you are in western countries unless you are a microbiologist. Since Somali lacks basic vaccination programmes I am sure BCG vaccines are no longer administered and this is a real worry and also the availability of antibiotics since TB requires vigrous treatment with several antibiotics. As regards to my comment about vaccination programmes I was only referring to the need to immunise our people against deadly diseases like tetanus rubella measles and mumps hepatitis( hepatitis of course one of the number one killers in Somali).My question is do such programmes exist in Somali? I don't think so.
  12. ^^^ I am certain my Somali is below yours, BUT labeeb is a condition whereby a female becomes a male and vice versa purely by natural occurence. There is no Somali world for transgender. It's unknown to us. Never heard of a Somali transgender and never wish to here of one.
  13. Originally posted by TT: Most people think that I'm crazy for not wanting my own kids, I don't think you are crazy, the world is already over-populated. By not conceiving you are helping society in your own little bizzare way. By the way the agony of childbirth is so over-rated from what I heard.
  14. Great news and all BUT polio should be the least of our worries at the moment. WHO should consider tackling diseases like Malaria and TB these diseases are epidemic in Somalia. They could perhaps start basic vaccination programmes in rural Somali communities. That would be more beneficial to our people than the eridication of polio.
  15. Originally posted by Faarax-Brawn: Above all,I am not into the sophisticated,complicated & above 25year old type anyway. Too smart & too beautiful for me, I like me,the naive,simple & insecure ones; the Oh my god aboowes type,by that,i mean,the younger dhoocils. The ones who are unsure of themselves,the type that constantly need to be reminded about how beautiful they are. Not this stuck up snobs from the aisles; You should know,you are one of them. I have known you for ages(six years now?),and I never hit on you quote: War dee bal kaalaya , rest assure the dear girl is looking for a young handsome Farah NOT Odayaal with feeble bones. Do accept my apologies in advance for the qarxis L0L,Indeed,You ever heard,Old is gold? Obviously not I am no psychologist BUT i sense alot of insecurities. Strange a man who likes to keep his distance from stronge opinionated young ladies whatever tickles your fancy dear. Nothing gold about old age. Just the thought of deteriorating collagen and declining neurons is enough to scare me off. Waa mabruuk if your mental state is good at your age