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  1. cadnaan1

    Maalin madoow

  3. H block never claimed to be Arabs shekadaas waa xagiina. As for this sa'id he is probably from ajuuraan my reer abtiyaal
  4. This is abtigiis response
  5. What's abtigiis gonna do with liyu police knowing they brutally killed his brother. My advice to him is not to dismantle them but to reform and keep them the Somali state needed them to defend the land against the Oromo.
  6. cadnaan1

    The forgotten tribes of Oromo in Somalia

    One good example is jaarso and some other Dir sub clans who joined Oromo Even Ahmed shiide used claim to be Oromo before
  7. I welcome the changes that are happening in Somali galbeed and hope this changes continues to the rest of somali republic. *** community should united and prepare for the next election we need a change no more D- block and Hag.
  8. Where is the police or the military how can this happen in daylight in the middle of city. Officially Ethiopia is failed state.
  9. Finally a D1R clan got top job but let's see how og will react to this new development.
  10. I thought ceel afweyne issue has been solved what's happening in sanaag. It looks like one of the Habro are leaving Somaliland project.
  11. cadnaan1

    Af daboolan dahab waaye

    The 50 million dollars given last year is still talking but we are not the only country to support saudis, Sudan, Djibouti, jordan, Oman.
  12. Oday waayo soo arkay oo dagaal iyo nabad yaqaano waaye I hope reer qawdhan take his advice and leave qabyaalad behind.
  13. OO Tell your friend illey to resign and transfer the power to his deputy before everything collapse. The way things are going now it looks terrible and civil war is gonna happen.
  14. The reaction this video will cause is more dangerous the oromos when they see this video they will take revenge and kill innocent Somalis, you will be partly responsible for that.
  15. This is barbaric act, Admin please can u delete this video.
  16. cadnaan1

    Did Iley and co try to invoke Article 39?

    The last few weeks jigjiga youths were protesting against illey calling illey down and today they're dying for him.
  17. Very sad to watch this video odaygana waa qof sabar badan rasuulka cswslm wuu amaan dadka sababa badan. Allaah u naxariisto inta Ku dhimatay fitnadaas.
  18. These two community have lived peaceful coexistence for 20 years,why now after all these years I think this is politics issue specially the last election have caused this.
  19. UAE is just doing dirty work for America, this cold war is between America and China the Chinese have invested alot of money on the new port dooraale and new railway they will loose lot of money.
  20. This could be another fake news, there are some videos that originally from Burma, laakin lagu qoray inay yihiin from moyale. Maalmahan wax la aamino ayàaba iska yar