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  1. It will be very interesting to see who will be attending the so called “inauguration” of the one time terrorist and now a Kenyan puppet in Kismayo. Here are my top lists: 1. Kenya 2. Puntland 3.UAE? 4.UK? 5. Waraabe 5. Fiqi 6. Xaaf 7. Faroole
  2. biyo-cad


    The struggle between the good and the bad continues in Somalia and Insha Allah in the end the good will overcome the bad.
  3. Qatar to build new port in Somalia's Hobyo Doha to enter investment partnership with Mogadishu, according to Qatar's ministry of transportation and communications. 20 Aug 2019 GMT+3 Qatar plans to build a new seaport at Somalia's Hobyo, a potentially strategic investment in an area of East Africa fiercely contested by Gulf rivals. Hobyo, in the central region of Mudug, is an important Somali port owing to its proximity to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which is one of the most important sea crossing points in the world, with the potential for access to international markets. Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani) will enter an investment partnership with Somalia to construct the port, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said in a statement on Monday without disclosing the value of the deal. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are locked in a protracted dispute with fellow Gulf Arab state Qatar, have been competing along with Doha's ally Turkey for a foothold in the Horn of Africa, located on key shipping routes. A Qatari delegation led by Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani visited Somalia on Monday. The Hobyo port will "will contribute to opening new horizons of cooperation between the two countries" and bolster Somalia's commercial ties to new markets in Africa and further afield, the ministry's statement said. The small but wealthy Gulf state has looked to strengthen ties with Somalia, donating a fleet of 68 armoured vehicles this year and airlifting Mogadishu's mayorto Doha for emergency medical treatment last month after an ultimately fatal attack by al-Shabab. Somalia refused to take sides after Saudi Arabia and its allies imposed a political, trade and transport boycott on Qatar in mid-2017 over accusations that it supports armed groups, a charge Doha denies. Qatar has looked to diversify its trade partners and retool its economy since the embargo cut access to neighbours it once relied on heavily. Somalia's relations with the UAE have frayed over Emirati investments in the breakaway region of Somaliland. It disbanded a UAE programme last year, set up to train some of its troops. SOURCE: REUTERS NEWS AGENCY
  4. The worst time to be without strong central government. Smaller and insignificant so called nations and people’s are being swallowed by stronger and more organized forces. What happen to the people’s of Kashmir, Crimea and Xinjiang are good examples.
  5. Giving space to these two die hard anti Somali journalists sponsored by a well known foreign entity to spread lies and insult against the Somali government is not what I expected from Aljazeera media.
  6. It seems the Kenyans removed the link.
  7. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. We have an illiterate Ethiopian born former Shebab terrorist and his Kenyan masters defending their lucrative criminal activities in a southern Somali territory against another occupying force Ethiopia. It cannot get uglier than this.
  8. “Dhismaha dekadda Hobyo ee Gobolka Mudug ayaa la shegay inay ku baxeyso in ka badan 174 Milayn oo dollarka Mareykanka ah,isla markaana dowladda Qatar ay horay u balan qaaday.”
  9. Dowladda Qatar Oo Shaacisay In Ay Billaabayso Mashruuca Dhismaha Dekadda Hobyo HIIRAAN.COM Isniin, Augusto, 19, 2019 (HOL)- Wasiirrada dekadaha Soomaaliya iyo Qatar, Maryam Aweys Jaamac, iyo Jassim Bin Saif...