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  1. You seemed to have issue with xadiiths Do you read xadiith books bukhaari and saxiixul Muslim.
  2. Kenyans are talking about this picture No Kenyan flag and farmaajo picture on the wall
  3. This whole drama happened because of one individual who wanted to travel to beledweyne and wanted all the media attention and didn't want these guys to be there at the same time with him. That is just childish behaviour.
  4. You guys are only focusing the reaction from shariif but not what the government did which no one seemed to understand the reason behind trying block their travel to beledweyne. Government should treat former leaders with dignity and respect.
  5. Sxb wax badan ayaan ka ogyahay reerkan waxaan daganahay magaalo UK Ku taalo la yiraahdo Bristol waxaa u badan reer waqooyi specially muusa biixi family and I see daily how they mistreat other reer waqooyi, Kuwa ka dhashay qabaalida kale sida kuwa Ku abtirsada wadani iyo ucid waxay fadhiistaan maqaayada Reer koofurka Uma tagin karaan maqaayada Reer muusa biixi.
  6. Maya wasiirka ayuu heystaa uu leeyahay odayga dhintay ma uu san xushmeynin oo heeso ayuu idaacada kasii daayey.
  7. Maa daama Hargeisa beel walba ay xaafad dagantahay daanta waa xafadooda.. Magoolna ma heysto odayga ee wuxuu Ku dhagnyahay wasiirka warfaafinta.
  8. Odaygan dhagaysta Xildhibaan Nac Nac Oo Eedeeyay idaacada Radio Hargeysa - Borama News Network BORAMANEWS.COM
  9. Odaygaas miskiinka ah inuu Twitter wax ka ogyahay Uma malaynaayo ee mid ciyaalsuuq ah ayaa Ku cayaaraayo.
  10. most Somalis see him as comedian and I m one of his fans sometimes you need a fool like him in every country just for a laugh.
  11. Not to forget China also spent lots of money on the new railway and Djibouti port they would not allow Ethiopia to go to Eritrea.
  12. The chairman mentioned that they run ports in Somalia,Mozambique, Senegal, Mali and DRC but no mention on Berbera Somaliland.
  13. DP World chairman says Djibouti dispute hurt company's ability to borrow - Reuters UK.REUTERS.COM Global ports operator DP World has struggled to borrow from banks to finance new investments since a port it partially...
  14. Marrying her brother for visa that's not small crime she would be in prison by now and would never be elected. I believe her mistake was that she was too fast and took some powerful people like AIPAC and I don't think she will be re elected again.
  15. These pictures are from USA California UAE Air Force receives first Boeing C-17 Globemaster III WWW.ARABIANBUSINESS.COM UAE to take delivery of three more of the large military transport aircraft this year and two in 2012
  16. You reminded me Jamal Osman and I have suspicious you are Jamal Osman there are similarity of what he writes on social media and what you post here.
  17. Jowhar | Dowladda Federaalka oo ku guuleysatay in la joojiyo dhismaha saldhigii Militari ee Imaaraadka ka dhisayay Berbera WWW.JOWHAR.COM Imaaraadka Carabta ayaa muddo ku howlaneyddhismaha saldhig Ciidan oo ay ka dhiseyso Magaalada Xeebta ah ee...
  18. Biixi was only talking about the airport and not army base that is separate issue the base is still there the UAE invested so much are nearly completed the construction.
  19. Simply stop their wages and let the odayaal pay them But the question is why they deploying them to guriceel when we know shabaab are few kilometres away from beledweyne itself 80% of hiiraan is in the hands of shabaab that need to be liberated.