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  1. In deed. She is right. You can feel and envision when listening on Radio.
  2. what happened to agreement signed in Djibouti? If Farmaajo goes after trivial issues, he is only increasing the separation and making reconciliation impossible. He will also loose at the end. Arabs are like children. When things change they will be first once to recognize Somaliland. The only obstacle is Egypt do far. Egypt will never recognize Somaliland, unless they really are at end of rope.
  3. Don't bragg too much. Puntland does not need to fight against Somaliland. All Puntland has to do is tell Federal to finance the tribes and let them fight themselves and Puntland has no territorial claim to the tribes in between, they become kilil. But Puntland is not interested in this kind of war where people suffer for no benefit to anyone. Count your blessings that Puntland is your neighbor and not those warlord led provinces that change every other week.
  4. Participate and take advantage, but keeping full autonomy and distance should come first for the Somali, even if there is a loss of couple million Birr. I think you were the one who grouped the Oromo: Amharized Oromo Muslim Oromo Traditional Oromo It always works. When they are done with Amxara they will be at each other throat. 1/3 of Oromia is not under Abiy control. Its all OK now since there is bigger threat. Oromos will always be intimidated by Somali since the Somali has confidence and they don't. Tigray is insurance for the north of Ethiopia and also can work with most in the South.
  5. They never tire of the lies and fake propaganda even though the Oromo were the same against Somali kilil. Remember the Jawar fake news and even pictures from other countries? There may have been a set up since the government has capability to intercept all communication (that is how Tigray used to prevent any terrorism, plus human intelligence) and then let them do it and use it. Tigray also must have supported them since all those Amxara radicals were opposition from day one in 1991. They are the worst in killing each other. Very intolerant and since they are running out of options and time they will kill each other even more.
  6. Some people get addicted to it. Never retire. It becomes way of life and they get terrified of life without politicking.
  7. Everybody is writing letters to Ethiopia. Have not heard one of Farmaajo yet, maybe missed it. It must have been big shock to him.
  8. Fighting against Federalism is futile and waste of valuable time and resources. Next year if there is economic downturn in the west and east, all that IC money will disappear and will be back to square one for Somalia. All that Arab money and politics can disappear if the Iran-West crisis goes one degree up. What is wrong in building Somalia region by region? Why waste time and resource when you clearly know that the society needs time to heal its wounds and rebuild from ground up? Why talk and waste valuable time and money on pie in the sky big republic when the whole world is going local?
  9. All these temporary changes of alliances are just sowing seed of next conflicts and new alliances. All alliances that are made by money, short cut to power, or done by persons who live far away in Mugadisho...are only continuing the going in circles.
  10. The Amxara are running out of time. They are disintegrating. They are no more this big giant they used to project. They exactly have now 4.5 formulae and is impossible to keep the same unity even fake history when out of power. The Agew who are now claiming their own were considered Amxara and also being called Amxara until recently. The Argoba, Oromo..in Amxara kilil are all now on the rise. A fallen tree gets too many axes on it. When it rains it pours. The Amxara made one basic mistake. They supported Abiy more than necessary and now not easy to be enemy.
  11. Its not that the Somali is not sophisticated, but the Somali can never be the choice to govern Ethiopia by the powers that be..French, British, American, Chinese...etc Americans already hesitating by their choice of Oromo. Americans expected that the Ethiopian govt would be Oromo in name, but Amxara in content. Yamamoto made the mistake with Eritrea. Somali: Every single Somali should know that self governing is the basis of everything. If one has self government, is ready to participate and thrive in Ethiopia, is ready to separate if it becomes feasible and less costly....Never let outsiders play in your house. That is the key. In the mean time take advantage of everything and build your society, economy. Always keep in touch with Djibouti, and others those close, but do not alarm Ethiopians. Only use it to extract more money from federal just like the French do in Canada.
  12. The Abiy group in the Oromo are terrified that the Amxara and Tigray might get together, because some Amxara are calling for that. Its amazing what people say when desperate or scarred. Every regional leader, every Oromo minister of defense..are all making statement. Help was offered and made public, from Eritrea. That will be the ultimate humiliation for Tigray if it happened, but Abiy just made a statement that he rejected Eritrea offer. Next should be Farmaajo. Its a bit funny. Tigray wants Oromo and Amxara to go at it. Oromo wants Tigray and Amxara to go at it Amxara wants Tigray to stay neutral or even help. Tigray has the most all round capacity in administration, security, military and experienced population and also most unity in comparison to anybody. galbeedi, The fighting in their border is Agew and Amxara, but the Amxara do not want the name Agew mentioned, so they say Agew is fighting for Tigray therefore they prefer to call it Tigray.
  13. Absolutely. He should keep his fight with Illey in the back pocket. What ever changes he did in Liyu to please the Oromo, should be repaired. The Kilil TV and Radio broadcast as well, which he almost killed.
  14. I did not register, was for somalinet not for SOL.
  15. I wish these Somali enclave leaders would keep not annoying each other.