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  1. This is fund to make Africans stay at home and not come to Europe. The plan is: To support countries with industry to employe young people To fight the human traffickers To encourage with up to 50,000 Euro those who want to return, and Africans to accept and assist with land for farming, permits etc for those returning who want to trade, manufacture...etc Some countries are making a killing from this: Ethiopia and Ruanda are top beneficiaries so far, Countries like Sudan and Chad, Mauritania...etc are not far behind. Somalia, Kililka..etc need to work on this and get some Industrail Parks, financing the police and militia to fight traffickers..etc. Resettle Somalis that want to go back from Europe since the situation in Europe is only going to get worst. What do you think?
  2. It is not only in Islam. Read some of the Budhist, Jewish, Christian...interpretations of their books. Me thinks its human nature to go from one extreme to another and never stay in the center. Sudan is the only country that had Sheria, legal and official communist party, Christians who did not feel aginst Islam, but against too much fake Arabism. The extreme interpretations were the work of some regional authorities and also the first 10 years of Al Bashir where the competition was with more conservative groups. Religion regardless of how intense or loose, is a way of life and culture. If rulers cannot use it then they cannot rule.
  3. What a humiliation. The main point of the interview is that: "Dr. Abiy and Co. send us an order to join. We never participated in the draft or document. What we complained in the past was that the Somali in the past was not participating in EPRDF the governing party policy making. This is the same, even worst. Worst because we can loose our autonomy and this will create more problems for us in Kililka. This man being interviewed is advisor of Cagyar. This man has only one objective in life. To curse and cuss Illey, make Amxara happy and get some psition in Ethiopia. This man and Cagyar have no interest what so ever to go to a village build a school clinic road or micro dam for nomads. That is too much work to spend time with nomads. Nomads that have no face book page. Ask some friends to interpret for you. Its so humiliating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvni769dnVA The Document for the unitary party has become a code that we cannot decode, for us. Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkxoRDARPkM Part 2: We never had any role in the establishment of the new unitary party
  4. "Abiy and I were praying together for Ethiopia and when we finished our prayers, information came that they have chosen Abiy to be the leader." Senator Inhofe, Chairman of the Armed services/defense in the senate.
  5. Afwerki is in the most trouble with Arabs, so is Sissi. Their two masters don't trust each other (Saudi and UAE). No money to throw like before. No need for their services in Yemen. Their value even to Arabs has gone down. UAE is putting Abiy ahead of Afwerki. But the Saudi are telling Afwerki to be only theirs. Ethiopian businesses do not want to use Eritrea. Still Tigray is big in business and now that they are almost completely out of Ethiopian politics, they are free to focus in business with out political buggage. The Oromo are still interested in having Nothern as ally and their choice of course is Tigray.
  6. Next thing will be a hospital, next after that School maybe university, next after that fish processing next will be joint venture with China on one of the 4 ports. Turkish do not rush. If one is self confident like the Turkish, can out wait the Arabs even Americans that are in a rush. You can see the Ethiopian/Eritrean against Turkish has run out of steam in one year. Viva Ghelleh as well, he stood firm and sat out all the noise. Turkish are also remaking Nagash Mosque and preparing the whole area for faith tourism. They have schools and clinics both for people and veterinary in Afar. The Amxara were the only losers since they burned some business and the Turkish froze their development works in Amxara, but not in Afar and Tigray which is on going.
  7. The Turkish are shaking Middle East, Europe and even America without spending too much. The one thing they have going for them is self respect, dignity and a belief in themselves and their history and faith. The Russians have the same. That is why even when they quarel they still respect each other. Even when the Turkish were in their worst days of defeat and dismantling of empire, they still fought and defeated British and French empires combined at Gallipoli. That is why it becomes so humiliating when you see Farmaajo acting like a beggar with Abiy. If Farmaajo does not stop what he is doing the Somali will be reduced to begging Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Arabs..even in sub clan conflicts. That is greatest downfall for the independent and confident nomad.
  8. I am afraid you have been influenced by internet. On the ground Just ONLF is enough to put Amxara out to pasture. Ethiopia is now full of 30 year olds and younger who know nothing but their regional autonomy. If you think there is a force or method to put Ethiopia back to unitary system, you may have to struggle for next generation. Even Kililka that has now disorganized power can get together in a day if the autonomy is going to be eliminated. You have 3 of the 4 Oromo groups, Afar, Tigray, half of Amxaa, and 80% of south and the rest that would fight for autonomous regions.
  9. Your expected action of Cagjar was perfect. Most Oromos, Afar, most of Amxara Kililka (the ground is very different from the internet), Tigray, and the rest of Ethiopia are federalists. Those leaders who cannot rely or do not have reliable base are choosing unitary. Cagjar is one of them.
  10. A conference is now necessary with representative/observers from all enclaves about Kililka. Autonomy is critical and is under concerted attack from Somalis who think only anti Illey and want to ride that horse to Ethiopia, Amxara that are always terrified of the nomad fighting character, Oromos that have never achieved what the Somali has always taken for granted, the capacity not to be ensalved. Everyone is afraid of self governing Somali, except Afar and Tigray who never minded an autonomous Somali. Even Jawar is terrified of self governing Somali since Oromia without clear connection to Djibouti or Berbera or others is pointless.
  11. Unfortunately Kililka has never been this weak and disorganized even during the 2000s when ONLF restarted war. All Somalis from all enclaves need to remind Cagjar that he is throwing away 100 years of struggle. As soon as he weakens the Somali the Amxara will throw him away. Let alone for a society that big, even an individual is respected if he manages his house, his wife, kids and parents. Unless you show Amxara that ou can manage your own house, they wont respect you. Unless Ethiopians know that the Somali is capable of governing Kililka in autonomy and if opportunity comes as country, then there is no reason to be afraid of the Somali.
  12. The map is military command structure and territories. That is military map not political. If they want to adapt it to political map then TPLF will control the north since its mostly Afar, Agew, Tigray and Benishangul all even most leaders are ex-TPLF fighters. Lemma has big dilemma. Hopefully he did not cut his relations with Jawar in the past months.
  13. The mistake was that most people justified the Ethiopian action in SWS by saying that the attested was Al Shabab. That was wrong. Now its too late. If you supported Abiy in SWS, if you supported Abiy in his attempt on Jubaland, if you applauded Abiy in Kililka, then its too late and imposible now to oppose Abiy anywhere.
  14. Abiy says his new party will have official languages Oromo, Amxara, Somali, Afar and Tigrigna. This would have been very funny if it was not being bragged about by the likes of Cagyar. Is it easier to make someone in Gonder speak Somali or someone in Jigjiga to speak Amxara or Oromo? The answer to that is so easy a child can understand.
  15. WSLF was a brilliant plan that fell victim to late president Barre eagerness to claim solely the victory against Ethiopia. By the time the campaign failed it created a split in WSLF as it did in the republic. Failure is a blame game and WSLF was blamed, north south in the repubic eveyone even in Djibouti and Kenya was all trying to explain the catastrophe. Mengistu could not crush powder let alone something solid. BTW Mengistu is the most coward fascist and he proved it. WSLF is one of the most important organizations in bringing Federalism to Ethiopia.