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  1. This man will have guaranteed job if not president will be minister to take one of the spots allocated for Somalilanders. But to be a synic about Oodweyne and Suldanka, me thinks Somaliland is trying to influence Mugadishu. What could be better than having two Tigray (Meles and Afwerki) on opposite sides of the table? What could be better than having Winston Churchill and FDR or Boris Johnson and Trump all New Yorkers.
  2. Quotable and educationable. Saddly does not work these times of drowned out nobility of character. Beledweyne area has suffered from changing hands, Ethiopia, about 3-4 Somalia forces and even AMISOM. Chosing and sticking with Djibouti would have done wonders for them. Atleast Ethiopia would never bother them and Shabab or ICU types would not have used them.
  3. Che, You should warm up to the Turkish since they are moving upwards. Everyone is nice when moving upwards. Even America, British, French..were very nice moving up. The Turkish are moving up on the pecking order in the world. They are now same level as France and Britain. The Turkish of course culturally have moderation, which is good thing. As for Somalia, Farmajo need to either repair the failure or get out. The failure is that by this time he should have had 20,000 trained army in Somalia and 2000 special operations trained in Somalia and Turkey. He totally failed this most important objective for Somalia, being scared of UAE and its African scouts Abiy and Afwerki.
  4. If you are going to be kissing behinds of others, you should find a cleaner behind to kiss. The Turkish behind is the cleanest by a mile as far as all horn of Africa is concerned including Xabeshi. But remember that even choosing behinds is a very risky situation. What happened in Ethiopia is excellent lesson. You only have one option. Let go of some benefits and keep your dignity and patience. Even that is difficult since they will come for you if you are in strategic location and you have oil that is Somalia.
  5. Oodwyene, Time to find a window. UK is looking for anything that smells dollar, yuan, euro..anything. Scarred what will happen this year in squabbles with EU. Djibouti is in already.
  6. LONDON Britain's reserved approach towards Egypt following a bloody coup by General Abdel Fetah al-Sisi in 2013 has certainly changed since the putschists took over the North African country's governance, but as a new decade just started weeks ago, the U.K. has now sealed its endorsement for the coup government with numerous multimillion-dollar deals signed on Monday. Desperate to make new global connections to minimize the great financial loss that is inevitable when Brexit takes full effect, the U.K. is trying very hard to make new trade deals across the globe at the expense of sensitivities towards basic values, including democracy and human rights. The Tory government's hysterical constant search for trade income for the post-Brexit future is somewhat reminiscent of the frenzied hunt by the 15th-century shippers for an alternative route to the riches of the Orient and beyond. Having an obvious and now-certain financial setback after leaving the world's most lucrative economic bloc, the U.K. has made many attempts to expand its economic efficiency across the globe. A massive trade deal with the U.S., which has been discussed, debated and scrutinized by all political parties since prospects for it emerged shortly after the EU referendum in 2016, remains the greatest deal the U.K. is eyeing. The latest example for the new motto "we would do anything for a strong U.K." finds life in lucrative deals signed with Egypt under Sisi. The now very powerful Tory government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has published a series of new deals signed with Egypt during the U.K.-Africa Investment Summit held Monday in London. The summit invited the Egyptian president alongside leaders from 20 other African countries to serve Britain's desire to expand its economic power. Johnson's International Trade Secretary Liz Truss made British intentions obvious in a statement. "Africa represents a huge opportunity for U.K. businesses, so it’s brilliant to see so many British firms paving the way in trading and investing in the region today to drive growth, create jobs and boost vital infrastructure." However, the biggest deals were agreed, of course, with Egypt, as Bombardier (U.K.'s biggest train makers) signed a £3.18 billion ($4.94 billion) contract for constructing and operating two monorail lines in Cairo, and Rolls Royce sold £50 million worth of aircraft engines. Fashion and homeware retailer Matalan and pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline also signed investment deals with Egypt. Egypt has raised $22 billion for government bonds on the London Stock Exchange, and the U.K. is one of the biggest investors in Egypt, with $48 billion invested across all sectors including oil and gas, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer goods according to a statement released by both countries. Thousands of people in London are protesting against Sisi’s visit to Britain, as he is the architect of one of the bloodiest coups in the last decade. Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, and hundreds of other members of the Muslim Brotherhood -- the ruling party before the military took over in the 2013 coup -- have been sentenced to death. Morsi collapsed and died in a soundproof cage designed to silence him in an Egyptian courtroom. The 67-year-old leader was lying "slumped on the floor" for more than 20 minutes and was left there by prison guards despite calls for help by other inmates. Last weekend, an international justice chambers filed a request with British police for Sisi's arrest during his visit to Britain over torture and death allegations against him. Guernica 37 asked London's Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command to "commence an investigation into credible allegations of torture made against the Egyptian government and its state organs." The group said this is a matter that has been taken to UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard for the opening of an inquiry into the death of the late president and his son, Abdullah Morsi. But the request will probably fall on deaf ears as the crimes had not been committed on U.K. soil and there has not been a UN-led probe into them or any kind of Interpol arrest warrant against Sisi. William Hague, foreign secretary under British Prime Minister David Cameron, had said following the 2013 coup that the U.K. did "not support military interventions as a way to resolve disputes." "We always condemn military intervention in democratic systems. What we want and what we support is a democratic future for Egypt," he added. Boris Johnson is now prepared to give the red carpet treatment to Sisi a day after the summit with African leaders to further improve Britain’s relations with him and his country. He will not have in mind the bloody coup, allegations of human rights abuses, thousands of people still kept in prisons, or any other allegations pointed at Sisi but the mouth-watering deals in cozy No. 10 Downing Street. The 15th-century European explorers found the Cape of Good Hope to reach the riches of the Orient, but the U.K.'s endorsement of an anti-democratic power grab in Egypt will certainly give no hope to those who promote democracy across the world. Anadolu Agency
  7. Abiy for sure takes this as badge of honor. I have seen where some Abiy supporters were just so happy that Trump thought of Ethiopia and Abiy. That is sad, but then Ethiopia has been like that for more than a century.
  8. Oil is still bad news Nothing good comes of it other than corruption, theft, quarrels and wars.
  9. Birds of the same feather: Abiy American Pentecostal/Evangelicals and Nobel Price plus some Mengistu people are substitute for People Afwerki Saudis, Egypt, UAE and previously total sponsorship of Gaddafi Farmaajo both as second hand sponsors Ghelleh People first people second people third...everyone else is replaceable from Arabs to Europeans..
  10. Next year this time, this issue will be off the internet screens in Djibouti's favor UAE might find a senator or two that really need re-election support, but with Impeachments and election and really polirized USA, there will not be enough time for this small item. Saudi Arabia is also on Djibouti's side on this. They do not want UAE around there anymore. Add to that the Pentagon, the Chinese, Saudi Arabia, French, Japanese, British, Germans...soon India .
  11. Anadolu https://www.aa.com.tr/en/africa/bomb-attack-in-somali-capital-injures-11-civilians/1706489 Sputnik https://sputniknews.com/africa/202001181078070846-car-bomb-targeting-turkish-contractors-explodes-near-mogadishu-somalia---reports/ http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/
  12. Oodweyne, Suldaanka, I understand that Djibouti and Somaliland are exactly like the French and English. Always knifing each other always snipping each other yet when push comes to shove they give in to each other or cheat other to friendship. You two are also brethern just like the English and French. The English have Scottish and others that are different cattle of fish and Djibouti has Afar that are different cattle of fish. The good thing is you are the only two Somalis that don't think of the gun first or second or third. That is an exception. Regarding the ports issue between the arrogant bedewin mentality Arabs and the proud nomad DON: Not much to jump about. Let alone the French (who hate the DON BTW) even the British will not enforce or pressure based on this London shenanigan. The DON has patience. In a few months time UAE will be struggling for dear life. This Iran Israel thing is not going away. The Turkish are also coming in full force. UAE and Saudis are on stampede now to Doha to reconcile. DP world is small potatoes that can be ignored as Arabs kiss and make up.
  13. Actually its too much listening that is the problem. And most importantly listening to the wrong people like Yamamoto, ay the wrong time. If Clinton had won Yamamoto would have been undersecretary for Africa. And good. Yamamoto has one mission in horn of Africa. Anti Chinese that is all. Overthrowing Ghelleh was a big assignment to Abiy and failed flat. They tried second hand color revolution failed. They tried some tribal chiefs failed. They tried Eritrea and some Afar from there Failed. They tried war (Somali Afar villages) on the road and rail ways Failed. They tried removing all Tigray commanders from Eastern Command and put Amxara Failed. Farmaajo failed because he did not follow the first principle of the Nomad. No one will command a Nomad against his family, Camels, water well and greenery and faith.
  14. The DON has a plan. The plan is to transform the Djibouti nomads to the 21st century with technology/Digitally assisted. The plan envisions that a child born in Djibouti today will be full participant of the world in his high school graduating days. The Chinese seem to agree to the feasibility of the plan. The DON's patience is paying off. America, France, UAE, Saudis are all busy for their dear life either at their home like France or everywhere like America. Just like individuals countries also have resiliance, survival instinct and ability to take temporary pain. Djibouti survived Mengistu Ethiopia and Barre Somalia. Djibouti Survived Abiy Ethiopia/Afwerki Eritrea and Farmaajo Somalia along with their master UAE. Only One Million population and with dedicated support of China and best cohesion in horn of Africa (Somali and Afar), Development focused leader who believes economic connection can outlive friendships or quarells of leaders....Can be brought to the digital age. Nomad taking care of his Camels on 6G networked drones and robots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRaRen2I9SU
  15. UAE is one country where the saying: People living in glass houses should not be first to throw stones perfectly applies and they know it. When the Houthi sent couple of drones to UAE just for demonstration, that did the job. Being at the lap of Abiy and Afwerki yet wanting to confront UAE is pointless and nobody will buy that. Abiy/Afwerki are themselves at the lap of UAE/Saudi. In this case Djibouti and North Somalis all parts have acted with self respect. They never jumped and danced with UAE or against UAE with Qatar. Heck..they never even jumped with America or China.