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  1. A Phone call from Macron to Sissi stopped Arabs from inviting Syria to Arab League. This happened when even Saudi Arabia has stated that KSA has no objection to Syria being invited back in the Arab League. Egypt should have been first country to restore its relations with Syria, but will be last the way things are going. No self respect. _________________________________________________ Egyptian lawmakers back changes that could keep Sisi in power till 2034 On Feb 14, 2019 Addis Ababa, February 14, 2019 (FBC) – The Egyptian parliament on Thursday approved in principle proposed constitutional amendments that would allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay in power until 2034. Parliament Speaker Ali Abdelaal said that 485 MPs of the 596-seat assembly voted in favour of the changes, comprising more than the two-thirds majority needed to pass the amendments. The proposed changes will now go for a review in a parliamentary committee and then return to parliament for a second vote before they are presented for a national referendum expected before the middle of the year, according to Reuters.
  2. Old_Observer

    Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower

    Oil is still important and will remain so for long time to come. The third world has no chance of leap frogging the western industrial system. There may be many Somali engineers working in Artificial intelligence, but can't take that nomad to AI based/controlled technology without going through the 19th and 20th century technologies. If Somalia wants to use the oil, has to be with far away countries. America, Japan, China, Russia. Never with close by countries. Even the Turkish would not be preferred since they have enemies in the area and Somalia is not strong enough to stand solidly with the Turkish and plaugh on. Here is what Meles Zenawi said about oil in the Ethiopian parliament. "Oil has been a curse for Ethiopia. Everywhere around the world oil has brought war and instability with it. If I have my way, oil in Ethiopia should stay in the ground until such time that we are strong enough to defend it, we are developed enough to do at least 80% of technical the work ourselves..."
  3. Old_Observer

    Where’s Farmaajo?

    At the end, Farmaajo's biggest failing will be the way he failed completely to take advantage of the Turkish good will and initiative. Turkish probably should have moved their operations to Puntland. Kick out or minimize UAE and Puntland would have made them both compete and benefit. Even now is not too late. Turkish investment in the future of Somalia should be mostly based in Puntland. Its also more closer to Red Sea than Mogadishu where the Turkish could maintain some schools, port.etc.
  4. Old_Observer

    Ilham Omar

    You have not lost an iota of the nomad attitude to life. Free, frank, independent and forwardly. "She should rather be a lion in a day than a sheep or fifty years." galbeedi SOL 2019
  5. All that hoopla and unreal propaganda gives way to reality. Economic feasibility, historical reliability, future developments and current financing...all came together to reality. The Mugadishu, Addis Ababa tour and propaganda pushed by UAE through Asmara/Eritrea never made sense. The Djibouti Ethiopia pipeline always made sense from every aspect, including even political changes in the region. Kililka, Djibouti, Somaliland, Puntland will always be closer to each other regardless of shifting sands. With Eritrea the smallest of changes is an earthquake and no body in the right mind will invest on secretive one man promises. ONLF and others should support this and bargain that the management on Ethiopian and Djibouti sides and workers be from Kililka and Djibouti. Other investments in water works, roads, education and technical training...comes with. __________________________________________________________________ Ethiopia and Djibouti sign agreement to construct 767km pipeline project On Feb 15, 2019 Addis Ababa, February 15, 2019 (FBC) – Ethiopia and Djibouti have signed an agreement to construct a 767km pipeline project linking the two countries. Ethiopia’s Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Dr Samuel Hurcato, and Minister of Energy in Charge of Natural Resources of Djibouti, Mr Yonis Guedi, signed the agreement in Addis Ababa today. Dr Samuel on the occasion said the agreement, which was signed after extensive negotiations, ensures the mutual benefit of both countries. When it is completed, the project will generate foreign currency besides creating more employment opportunities allowing the country to export natural gas from Calub Hilala fields, according to the Minister. Mr Guedi for his part said the project will further cement the long-standing ties between the two nations. About 700 km of the pipeline stretches from Calub Hilala fields to Djibouti border within Ethiopia, while the remaining 67 Km is within Djibouti. According to the agreement, the construction of the pipeline commences this Ethiopian fiscal year and will take two years for completion.
  6. Old_Observer

    Ilham Omar

    Ilhan Omar: Anti-Semitism? Or Fear of Open Debate on Israel? February 12, 2019 Why Are They Really Mad At Ilhan Omar? What does being a woman of color have to do with it? She said no more than other critics of American policy in the Middle East. Marc Steiner, Charles Lenchner, and Phyllis Bennis discuss the issue. https://youtu.be/kyaHrzEBClY https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=kyaHrzEBClY
  7. Old_Observer

    Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower

    galbeedi, I would add one more reason: To avoid the most pressing issues in Somalia on the land. Constitution being the most fundamental. Abiy must be envious of Eritrea and Somalia rulers. No constitution, no regions, no elected regional governments, and 300,000 conscripts, in the way. What Farmaajo is missing is that Eritrea today is where Somalia was in the late 70s early 80s where all the seeds for future fracturing was planted, under what seemed a smooth running fast developing shining country.
  8. Old_Observer

    SOLers: This is survey not call to arms.

    Basically agree, but Americans do not want to pay for it. Trump has radically changed the system. America will be everywhere as long as there is someone paying for it. Who will pay for Somalia is a big question.
  9. Old_Observer

    Ali Gedi on the London meeting

    MMA, The Ugandans, Brundians, Turkish, Kenya, Tigray Ethiopia, Oromo Ethiopia, Eritrea....have come and some gone after that 2006/7 ICU later Shabab incident, but it is stuck in your mind, as if that is the single incident that determined the situation 1991/2, 2004, 2006, 2009......to date.
  10. I read some excerpts and the writer seems to be fair minded. Its difficult to write something historical that you participated, with less bias and with some writers out right lies.
  11. Exactly. If he was for Somali autonomy he should have opposed this measure, at least in comment. This committee is bypassing the house of federation in which the Somali have fairly equal number with Tigray and half of Amhara. The criterion in house of federation is one member for every ethnic and one more for every million people in the Ethnic. Even though Tigray and Somali are equal in total numbers, Somali is one Ethnic, but Tigray is 4 Ethnic there for Tigray has 3 more members in house of federation than Somali. Which roughly translates to 6 members for Somali and 9 members for Tigray. The committee is unconstitutional and is side lining the federal system where all constitutional and ethnic issues are supposed to be dealt with.
  12. Old_Observer

    Cagjar aka Abtigiis visits Harta Sheekh

    The road he has chosen is not good. A Somali can go forward in one of two ways: Either he consolidates in the Somali region and the rest of Ethiopians respect this power and invite you to participate. This is strengthening the home base. Or a Somali goes to Addis Ababa and gets appointed to the region. He is always under scrutiny and very difficult to be autonomous for good or bad. This seems to be the road Abtigis has chosen. He is trying to please other Ethiopians before Somalis. The problem is other Ethiopians are not settled on anything. Things are in flux. Having good relationship, visits and friendships with all bordering Somalis is always a good thing. At least unnecessary small issues are resolved easily and clan influences from other areas are minimized.
  13. Old_Observer

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Oh you are courageous. Its funny, but the Xabeshi have more institutions and buildings in Jerusalem than all others who are making fake noise about it. The Ottomans kept safe all the Xabeshi Christian churches, monastery (Dier Sultan gifted by Sultan during the crusades). The Palestinian movement was not religious at its most successful time. Now looks like has been made religious and the Jewish succeeded in alienating the Christians. I wish she had started with places like Libya or Syria rather than Israel and Arabs. She could have contributed a lot to her career as politician and us Horn of Africa by being important member in other areas. America functions by what they call horse trading. She actively works in committee on Libya and someone else will work on Somalia. Would be very difficult for her to work with Horn Africa directly. We are too tribal even taking pictures with her would be considered taking sides.
  14. Old_Observer

    The new American century

    Donald Trump has changed the game completely and fundamentally. Until the era of Donald Trump, America paid directly and from its coffers who ever has to be bought. This was true from war lords in Mogadishu to PMs and Presidents in Warsaw and every place in between. Now its others who have to pay, but America still commands. The President of Poland offered a military base for America, which costs will be completely paid by Poland and named Trump. NATO countries are paying now 100 billion they did not pay last year. Arabs have to pay for every base and weapon America uses in their area. Europeans and Arabs have to pay for Africa and Middle East. Israel may be the only case where it gets paid by Arabs and on top of that America continues to pay directly. America wants the Chinese kicked from Ethiopia and Djibouti, but Arabs and locals have to pay for this work. Yamamoto plan does not carry a penny from America only a to do list. Arabs want to prevent Turkey from Horn of Africa and Yemen, well America can help, but the money and manpower need to come from Arabs and their mercenaries from Africa. The disputes in America between Democrats and Trump is now making its way to the rest of the world everywhere. In Britain Trump wants regime change, in Germany and France Trump wants total system change in addition to regime change. So many regimes are becoming road kill of this conflict, and American system change, everywhere in the world. Africa is in trouble. There is not a single country that can pay itself let alone to pay for others. For example in Somalia, every joe and harry wnats to be a player, but all are empty pocket. Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Eritrea, Egypt...are all beggars, but each one wants to be big. The only thing they can offer is soldiers, even those somebody has to pay for them, and this time it is not America. Who ever pays can be Americas representative for the whole area. During similar situation during President Nixon Vietnam, Iran, Ethiopia..changed/started to change irreversibly. Same will happen now to many countries, especially in Africa and central/South America. In Somalia and Ethiopia including Djibouti and Eritrea..the big question is will they continue as countries all the 1900 will be overhauled? What do you think?
  15. Old_Observer

    Ali Gedi on the London meeting

    There is no way Gedi will have any significance with Isayas of Eritrea. 2006/7. Remember Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen were in and Eritrea was out.