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  1. Gooni, Life is making the best of what you have and keeping what is possible. The O is not going to sacrifice what he can do in three countries, with the dream of having one Somali state. Ethiopia will never do in Somalia what cannot be tolerated in Kililka. Abiy has apologized for the attempt and even gone as far as to say he did not order the failed intervention in Jubaland.
  2. Jawar is not as bad as some Ethiopians make him out to be. He is vengeful, and so is Abiy. The difference is Jawar has natural base both Ethnic and also by religion and Abiy has no reliable base Ethic wise and his base by religion, though very strong and rich is not indigenous. Both have Amxara mothers.
  3. Congradulations Abiy. He has now accomplished the third thing he wanted and can move on to fourth. He stated his mother had told him he will be 7th King of Ethiopia and he became one Less than a month after his election a group of Ethiopians collected 12,000 signatures for him candidate for Nobel price go it. His fourth one is get rid of federal system and lead a unitary state..we will see Again congra.
  4. Hopefully the Turkish can wrap their operation in the shortest time possible. The groups of Syrians that are with them now don't have much in common with each other. That was problem in Afrin as well. Syrian groups who generally get support from Turkish, fighting each other. The Kurdish will always be in the same situation with every empire or superpower. That is what the British and French empires did, and America cannot be any different. How ignorant can some American and European get, trying to threaten sanctions on Turkish. Erdogan has seen how sanctions benefited Russia. It made it the no.1 food sufficient and wheat exporter. Turkish have home based education, manufacturing research trade with Euroasia...Sanction may affect few months, but for people that are proud of their heritage no big deal. I hope America do not give the Turkish F-35. That will make them produce their own with some input from Russia. galbeedi, Turkish have long history. Even in their lowest days, they were always significant. They have fought against and made friendships with every power in the world. British, French, American, Russian, Austro Hungarian...you name it. They are now good friends with both Albanians and Serbs. Good friends with Persians. They both had turns colonizing each other. The Turkish feet are well planted on the ground. The Pashmerga are allies of Turkish since they know if you cannot live with your neighbor, you cannot live with anyone. Even the English and French fight all the time and sometimes become brothers. You are bit unfair on Assad, but that is to be expected.
  5. One can only be unfair when he/she has power that he/she owns and controls. Abiy was busy with his Nobel Price and Farmaajo has no way implementing all those threats. Now Farmaajo is done. The applause for Puntland tells more than just welcome for Dini. Its a message saying Jubaland will be Puntland 2.
  6. What Tullow oil does is find, confirm, start and leave. Selling at the stage of confirmed and started operation is most profitable unless one is Exon or Shell/BP.. The 200,000 Kenya exported is for testing by refineries. Every kind of oil is not refined in one refinery. After there is refineries that will take it, then continuous export will start. Buyers will also be known then. As you said 'InshAllah' so far has been nothing but disappointment in the Horn
  7. How come Djiboutis decisions are no concern to any human being or you still think I am AI. From 19th century to this date Djibouti has perfect record of having never been slave of colonizers against any of their neighbors or far of lands. Having been colonized does not make one slave, but enthusiastically clapping for your colonizer does.
  8. galbeedi, You seem to have so much confidence on Oromo, more than they have on themselves. What gives? The best cure for Somali in Ethiopia starts with total autonomy and as part time participate in the country's politics and full time in the economy. Keep peace primarily with all the Somali around from Djibouti to NFD and keep peace with neighbors in Ethiopia and be rough when needed to stand up and stand out.
  9. I hope its all as you say. Otherwise "Its my mother drunk or sober" has its limits even on one's own.
  10. That is the shortcoming of AI vesus the human. lol I don't know man, some of the issues need a statement from her. I can only blame here strong enemies so much...
  11. Kenya offers the world its first oil production By Paul Antonopoulos Last updated Aug 27, 2019 NAIROBI – For the first time in its history, Kenya has become a country that exports crude oil. According to The East African, the first batch of 200,000 barrels was sold at auction for $12.6 million. It was bought by a Chinese company. The solemn shipping ceremony of the first oil tanker ship in Kenya took place in the port of Mombasa. President Uhuru Kenyatta personally raised the national flag on the ship. According to Tullow Oil CEO Paul McDade, pilot oil shipments will be made in small batches over the course of 18-24 months so that buyers can assess the quality of Kenyan hydrocarbons. Commercial production is expected to be launched in 2023. Oil was discovered in Kenya in 2012, in the Lokichar Valley in the west of the country. The reserves are estimated at 560 million barrels. The extraction began in 2018. Petroleum principal secretary Andrew Kamau Thursday revealed that ChemChina (UK) Ltd won the bid to lift the Turkana oil, in what marks Kenya’s entry into the league of oil exporting countries. - Advertisement - The Chinese firm, which is the oil trading arm of ChemChina Petrochemical, is engaged in crude oil trading, storage and procurement for ChemChina’s refinery companies. The firm also has a presence in West Africa, according to its online profile. “Kenyan government and Tullow Oil Plc together with its Joint Venture Partners in Kenya (Total and Africa Oil Corp) are pleased to announce that ChemChina UK Ltd has been selected as the buyer for Kenya’s first crude oil export.” The European Commission is mobilising $55.9 million for emergency humanitarian funding to help people hit by drought in four countries in the Horn of Africa. The biggest portion of humanitarian aid package goes to Somalia as $27.9 million will support drought affected communities, Ethiopia receives $22.3 million, Kenya $3.3 million and Uganda $2.2 million to fight famine. It is estimated that 13 million people need emergency food assistance due to drought caused by two consecutive poor rain seasons. The $55.9 million will assist humanitarian agencies to scale up action in hardest hit areas.
  12. Kenya has become OIL EXPORTER. Oil was found in Ethiopia and Somalia in the 1915/20s. Agreement was signed between Ethiopia and American comapany (Standard oil - predecessor of EXON) in 1920. Then the British French Italian and Amxara overthrew the Prince and brought Haileslassie to power and the whole thing ended. Oil was found in Saudi Arabia in the 1930s, in Sudan 1960s, Uganda 1980s.... The War in Somalia in 1991 has everything to do with Oil in addition to local and regional issues. There were 4 American companies that had agreements with the late Barre regime and some of it is still valid. In the mean time our neighbor and fellow African Kenya has joined OPEC not formal yet. How disappointing is this for Somali and Ethiopians. This is an issue to hold your head down....Somalia and Ethiopia can bragg all they want about war, but development is measured in Dollars. According to Tullow Oil CEO Paul McDade, pilot oil shipments will be made in small batches over the course of 18-24 months so that buyers can assess the quality of Kenyan hydrocarbons. Commercial production is expected to be launched in 2023. Oil was discovered in Kenya in 2012, in the Lokichar Valley in the west of the country. The reserves are estimated at 560 million barrels. The extraction began in 2018. Tullow Oil had agreements in both Somalia and Ethiopia in the 80s and 90s.
  13. Addis Ababa is in limbo and will stay that way, until there is problem solver from outside the Oromo/Amxara. If I was Abiy, I would have appointed mayor from outside the Tigray/Amxara/Oromo. But then he had to calm the Oromo, otherwise they can overthrow him in a hurry.
  14. My first thought was she is victim of the strong and they will always try to blackmail her or twist her words or associate her with something. Now I am in total doubt. I did not see her speak to the big issues raised about her. It may be unforgivable to her enemies, but marrying her brother to get him to USA is not, by me, hard to understand or accept. But the issues around her family are big questions to me. And her response or lack of it is bad. What do you think happened? She is victim and still victim of the strong and all controlling groups or She is an opportunist that took advantage of our vulnerability of wanting to see success that we have hard time seeing it back home in Africa.