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  1. Bad idea. There is enough for both of you. If you try to bankrupt each other that is quick way for both to go down. Remember Djibouti is more strategic and more useful as the closest to the gate. There are also more countries invested in Djibouti than in Somaliland or any other.
  2. Old_Observer

    American attack against terrorists in Somaliland??

    Is somebody trying to invite someone to Somaliland? And this is call sign between them.
  3. Yes. Agree, but these paradises should know what ever goes up, must come down. Its the way down that needs to be managed and dictators are worst at managing it. Dictators and kings like Marcos of Philipines, Haileslasye Ethiopia, do not know when how to quit and pass on to their progeny. The prime minister is now using the same card Gadafi tried to use. Refugees. The prime minister is saying there are 1 million refugees.
  4. Old_Observer

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    Its more like, the Military hijacing the whole thing. But its better this way, than the country being destroyed. Too many conflicting forces that cannot live or work together. Middle man came and relieved them all. Their military looks like neutral and saving the country when in the precipice.
  5. If the comedian wins in Ukraine, he has a good chance of stopping the war. Few are profiting, but the country is going down and further down.
  6. Old_Observer

    The UK now leading economic development in Somaliland

    They have all the connections from the British Empire. You have a big community there. I was always wondering, what is the problem? Better late than never. Security and order is what they need the most.
  7. MMA that is too intrusive. lol Good thinking.
  8. Both Italian colonies. What a coincidence.
  9. Which planet do these people live. Don't they live in UK. Never heard of NE, never heard of Scottish, Irish Welsh Don't they live in America? Don't they live in India? Don't they live in Canada? Why is tribalism bad in Somalia, but great in America? Inferiority complex of some is amazing. Use it for efficiency. If you want something positive done, its great organization, natural to get a tribe to do something.
  10. Old_Observer

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    The internet is so fast. Another one making the rounds is with Yemen (A. Salih), Somalia(A Yusuf), Ethiopia(Meles), Sudan (Bashir) next Djibouti with Afwerki the left standing.
  11. Old_Observer

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    That is great point. They did just that. They even called it a coup just for good measure, which split the opposition already and confused all the countries that were salivating at destroying the country.
  12. Old_Observer

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    Not possible with America and Israel commanding.
  13. Old_Observer

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    Sudanese are experts in regime change. Never had any disasters. They have done this many times. This looks transition more than a coup.
  14. Old_Observer

    Abtigiis must go.

    It depends with whom ONLF allies in the federal or rest of Ethiopia. That helps to build image as well as bringing money to Kililka. If ONLF allies with Amxar and they lose their influence in Addis Ababa, then Kililka will not get much except the minimum allocated by law. ONLF should chose right with whom they can work in Ethiopia. Looks like their relation with Eritrea is damaged.
  15. Old_Observer

    Abtigiis must go.

    Increasing to 13 was better idea. It would solve the imbalance as well. The society is clan based, so if you balance by sub-clan then you have to increase the number.