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  1. Did you forget about that ina mucjiso name it was given that name for good reason, asalkiisa xalaal ma ahan dhaqankii wuu leeyahay kuwa aan xalaal aheen.
  2. Here another picture the president of Liberland oo ka qeyb galay xafladii DPworld Ku qabatay Hargeisa.
  3. Qabiika jiidada waxay ka midyihiin beeesha Digil & Mirifle waxayna dagaan qoryooleey area weligay waxaan ka aqaanay laba wiil oo harqaan layaal ahaa degmada waaberi daganaa. Shabelle hoose waa gobolka ugu lahjadaha badan sida afmaayga,Garre,jiidada,tuni, reer baraawe,reer markood.
  4. How did we miss this huge news..
  5. I know dubad and obsiye personally and wishing them all the best xaasidnimada ma fiicna Kan waxaan soo qoray asagaba he is only writing this cuz he didn't get the job.
  6. Let them building new port we will wait but for sure sidii dooraale looga eryey ayey tana u dambeyn doontaa very soon.
  7. This is the best Somali song ever made and I think afmaay is more richer than maxaa tiri. Af maxaa tiri waxaa Ku badan foreign words borrowed from Arabic, English, Italian.
  8. I have noticed my last few visits to xamar that af maay speaker are becoming more aggressive and forcing people to understand af maay. I was my brother business place in Bakaaraha and all the maay speaker customer will speak to you only in af maay and if u tell them u don't understand that will piss them off and they will just walk off not buying anything from you.
  9. Why u feel like that you are the spokesperson for all qaldaamiin mise shaqa la'aan Ku hayso. After all you're not true qaldaan you are ina- mucjiso aka the unknown.
  10. All he could have said was I don't understand af maay laakin inuu si jees jees ah ugu jawaabo ma ahan.
  11. Roboow was only spokesman for the group he was not the leader, Godane was the leader and the order was coming from him.
  12. Ina mucjiso don't be hypocrisy you yourself have elected ex warlord muusa biixi who have killed many your own clan HY in early 90s As for South West community they only have two choices either sharif sakiin who is most corrupted or roobow ex terrorist.
  13. It's shame that someone like harun macruuf posting or sharing before checking the authenticity of these items.
  14. I think roobow is the right person now to lead the south west community out of this endless violence His first job should be reopening the road between xamar and baydhabo and after that clearing the rest of South West region from clan militias and shabaab.
  15. Waxaan la yaabay dowlada markii hore ayada ayaa roobow dhaqaalo Ku bixinaysay oo kadaal ka riixaysay oo xataa TVga dowlada propaganda ugu sameynaysay and suddenly they changed their mind and opposed him.
  16. Kkkkkkkkkk Laakiin anything is better than sharif sakin xataa abuu mansuur ha ahaado
  17. In the history of Somalia there's never been president elected twice, why is he wasting his stolen money.
  18. It looks like the government is getting the trust of the international community.
  19. He already got few job offers today well done to him Next few days we will see a lot of jobseekers billboards on muqdisho main roads.
  20. There's no excuse for this crime sixir or no sixir, the girl got choice and she chose this guy. I hope the victim will get justice
  21. They gonna use this money to pay for the new currency that beyle was talking about.