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    That Chinese lady looks she's been working the Chow-Lo kitchen for a while. Not a billion dollar investor. Perception is reality.
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    Two quotations from the same post. In order for people to unite, they need to have faith and trust in each other. Even a marriage between a man and his future wife cannot be successful unless there is something that unites them and faith & trust in each other is foundation for that success. There is no such thing as far as Hargeisa and Mogadishu are concerned. We have gambled once and we have been bitten bitterly. A believer should not be stung twice from the same hole. While other Somalis are on a 40 year wandering on the wilderness and chaos, Somalilanders have, despite a lot of obstacles (including Galbeed's like), achieved good things. It is a prove that we are on the right track.
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    "Sheegatadii-Shilinka-ku-Shaqeyneysay" ee halkan SOL ah ka shadqami jirtey tan maanta ah haku quus qaadato. Sababta oo ah "Sacad-Yonis" waa niman gar-qaata oo "Tol" u ah Somaliland. Oo aan marnaba cadow is uruursadey kayeeleynin in ay arintan Col. Caare u galiyaan "Shaad Villa Somalia" leedahay oo Soomaaliya laga soo shidaal siiyo. Waana kaas Chief-Aqil Mahamuuud Nuur oo ahaa ninkii raacay Col. Caare ee ahaa "Chief-Aqilka Sacad-Yonis" uu leeyahay arintii Somaliland ee aanu aheyn markaanu ka baxney dalka dad ayaa markiiba "Shaadh dowlad Soomaaliya" ay leedahay u galiyey. Taas ayaana keentay in uu Somaliland kusoo noqdo mar haddii Somaliland oo uu isagu yahay aaminsanaana, Col. Caare, ka baxay mabdi'iyan, markii laysla tagey Qardho. This is what "miserable sheegato" could never ever understand. And the reason I say this is that whatever "political difference" some folks in any given moment may have with Somaliland's government, what they will never do is to say we are out of Somaliland. And we are in with Villa Somalia. Hence, the moment it becomes apparent that some folks may be "inclined" to do that, and therefore go for the whole hog with Villa Somalia and with Somalia to boot, then the rest will naturally say: "We have no truck with Villa Somalia, for we never did and we surely aren't going to start that now". Which means you will have a situation like now whereby most who were with Col. Caare will simply return, one by one. Starting with the Col. Baxad. And now the Chief Aqil Mahamuud Nuur is back. And then the rest of the Col. Caare's foot-soldiers will follow the rest of them to home, henceforth. It's that simple really.
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    Waar sheeko madhaxdaad meesha la wareegi jirtay way dhamaatay ee maxaa kaloo cusub. Bal noo sheeg war kale oo xiiso leh. Sheekadaadii ahayd Madaxwayne Muuse Biixi matagi karo Sanaag way beenowday, tii kale ee ahayd beesha Mudane Oodwayne Xamar ayay isku shubtay been kalay noqotay, madadaaladii kale ee iyaduna ahay ciidanka JSL jeegaan qudha ayaa kusoo hadhaysa iyana way beenoowday. Ninyoow sheekadaadu waxay noqotay tii odayga Santa Claus oo kale oo ciyaalka reer galbeedka loogu sheekeeyo inuu odayga buuran oo jawaano hadyadaa wada uu kasoo dhacayo meesha af ingiriisi loogu yeedho "chimney" saqda dhexe habaynka aan barakaysnayn ee loo yaqaan "Christmas".
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    Another musharax sanadkan waa aanadkii faataalayaasha.
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    Mr Oodweyne Salaan Sare Cami.. As they say pictures speak louder than words. One President is hiding from his people and the other is among his people. One president feels safe in his surroundings while the other is cowering inside an APC. One is guarded by Somali security forces and the other is guarded by AMISOM troops. One is behind a big gun, and the other has no weapons. Waa kaaf iyo kala dheeri. Nina dadkiisa ayuu ku kalsoonyahay nina waa laaji ka soo kicitimay Buffallo NY oo calooshiisa u shaqeysta ah kana werweraya inuu dhinto. Today is a sad day for all the canaasiir that love to hate Somaliland. Runtii laftay ka bukaan lakiin looga jimcin maayo. We are going to march onwards & upwards. I suspect after this tour the President of the Republic of Somaliland will go back to the drawing board and take steps that will strengthen our national unity.
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    Galbeedi, Speaking about sharing the pie, how does your average Farax or Xalimo benefit from that? I never understood why Somalis argue if their minister is not in the government or not. As far as I know there is one MJ minister in the federal government, I don't see how his presence there is helping MJs or Puntland? Same goes for everyone. The ministers might get fat but not your average guy. We are focusing on the wrong thing. We need an actual government that can be hold accountable. How does Awdal benefit from a vice-president position in Hargeisa? Or even where Dahir Riyaale was there? Even among Habro, did your average HJ benefited Siiraanyo's reign. Those around him did but certainly not your average person in Burco. Of course, government should reflect people that govern but we must not kid ourselves so as to think any minister from any given tribe truly represents the interests of his tribe. We need to be forward thinking and come up with different system.
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    Simple, really. For, firstly, you start up by treating their whole arguments with nothing less than contempt. Secondly, you do the opposite of every political and diplomatic move they make. Thirdly, on any issue that they hold dear, you see to it to nullify it from your end and make sure you give no concession on that. Fourth, you make sure any military moves they make to your side of the border they gets to be crush before their design on you even gets any further underway, like we are doing it nowadays to the Pirate-land's cowardly ninnies of Somalia. Fifth, you hold on to your independence as a ground that is non-negotiable, come hell or high water. And, finally, every tom-dick-and-harry, from the international community (IC) who ever lands in your territory must be made aware that you are Somaliland, right or wrong. Not the wretched and failed state of Somalia, that seems to be governed by a collection of a hired-mercenaries from Africa. And you further impress upon them that your "liberty" was hard won with the copious blood of your sons. And it took at least a decade of a duration to achieve it. Moreover, you inform them that you are more than happy, nay, eager, to start a fresh war in the horn-of-Africa (HoA) region, if these collection of hired political stooges in Somalia that are under the tutelage of the African's colonization scheme are so much minded to get another war going on again before they will accept an independent Somaliland of her own right. This is how you deal with eternally politically failed folks of the Koonfuria and their self-serving conceit. Got it now, mate?
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    Waa guulweyn oo usoo hoyatay dhamaan shacabweynaha Somaliland. There's no turning back now. Excellent stuff.
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    Today's opening ceremony at Berbera with Vice-President Seylici and the start of the port extension construction phase. Incidentally, I am hearing not a peep, not a nada, not a burp, from all those "naysayers", who said that day like today will never happen. And indeed have hold that such prospect should be forgotten about. And as to why that was the case? Well, of course, some bunker-dwelling political hustlers in out there in Mogadishu, who usual are the sort of the folks who hide there in most days, said it that the Berbera will not get day like this. And they even said whilst they were standing right in there in Mogadishu, knowing full well even at that time, of course, that they will be liable to be arrested on the spot were they to even, inadvertently, land in Berbera, by way of coming to the place with a commercial plane. Now, I could understand, some politicians sitting in Mogadishu saying such a miserable guff and doing it so to get himself a "good propaganda copy" as the "defender of some alleged political union". But to see grown-up men, who, some of them, are lat east half-educated in right here of SOL, falling for such a silly political scam actually beggars belief. Hence, I wanted this day so badly just to show these ninnies how wrong they were. And more importantly, how we Somalilanders actually believe every word we say or ever said about ourselves regardless the cost and regardless the duration it will take for us to get wherever we want to go, politically, or even in winning international investment for ourselves. And now since none of your "wretchedly and cowardly ninnies" are brave enough to show your "eggs-covered-mug-shot-faces", let this be an "unforgettable political lesson" to the lot of you in here. And that lesson is this: "......When it comes to Somaliland, her destiny, her mettle, her inner-belief in herself, spare yourself any more embarrassment about it. And say nothing of her......" Given that you lot know nothing of her and would not know it in a millions of years even if you go to school they teach what people, like Somaliland, who have a "granite principle" in their hearts could amount to if only they set their eyes on it.
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    A very momentously good news, indeed. And speaking in these vein, I have "standing political bet" with all sort of political ninnies in right here of SOL. And the "bet" I have with them is their contention which in turned have alleged that no such development was going to take place in Berberra. And they did indeed hold it, that, no, the DP World will not develop "Berberra port" because some political non-entity in Villa Somalia said so. Subsequently, what is so shockingly lamentable is the fact that they actually believed that Villa Somalia's silly assertions. Given their political judgement of things are no more sophisticated (or even intellectually developed) than that of a mere failing kindergarten's kid in a bad day. Furthermore, now when this thing start happening in the next day or so, I want "these men" to turn up with their hands up and with their tails between their legs. And for good measure "offering" a no nonsense and fulsome concession about how they were always wrong about us. And wrong about how far we will go for our destiny, come high or hell or even high-water. These are the men I expect them to have the "honor" (that word again) just to concede, completely, with no ifs with no buts. Here is the roll-call chaps: Holac, Dahireeto, Galbeedi, Che, Cadnaan, MMA, Maakhir, Maurat. These are the chaps I want to hear from, lads. Lets see whether these "political ninnies" have a decency or the manliness to concede the "comprehensive and bone-crashing political defeat" they took it on the chin from the hands of Somaliland. And indeed acknowledge that they have lost the "comprehensive bet" that goes with it, in which they took against Somaliland. Specifically, the "bet" they took on the other side of the ledger, which was when they have hold that some "fictitious political chancers" locked up in Villa Somalia will have the means to actually stop "Berberra port" from being developed by the likes of the DP World. Lets wait and see what these defeated political ninnies are really made of in here.
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    Haduu maanta Morgan yiraahdo waxaa ahay beeesha east burco instantly he would receive the Mujaahid title.
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    If Ducale was killed by Oromo mob, I could still see saying as long as certain community is not in power, I am happy to die as they lynch him.
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    The Xamar administration should secretly explain to the Canadians that as a poor country Somalia is very susceptible to blackmail by the arrogant Arabs and so any statement made against Canada is null and void in reality
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    Old_Observer, It may be harsh judgement, but sometimes harsh truth needs to be spoken. Since 1991, the "Long-footers" have being running the show of the Somali region. And today we see they are at the same miserable political place they were in back in 1991. And that is the the sight of seeing that every passing Ethiopian's government can have its "pick-of-a-choice" of the latest "Somali stooge" they will then impose on the Somali region. No other region in Ethiopia (or any other Ethnic community in that country) will be so degraded as to be dealt with in this "harsh way" and in this day and age. Only Somalis, are apparently, this politically wretched. Leadership is earn by results only. Or is forfeited completely without it. And it seems that, our "Long-Footed-Cousins" have actually shown us that they care for nothing beyond running Jigjiga. And have no larger ambition of the kind even the smallest other ethnic communities of Ethiopia show that they have the burning for it and indeed the sheer desire to run the country as a whole, if only their numbers and their smartness will be good enough to carry them to all the way to the residency of the Ethiopian's Prime-Minister. Hence, if you can't hack it at the heat of the political kitchen that is the ever ferment politics of Ethiopia, then it's time to pass the "baton of the leadership" to some other Somali community. And they in turn ought to be a community that has the fire and the desire in the belly to make sure that in two (2) decades from now on, there should be no "Somali stooge" being ordered around and about in JigJiga by the latest passing Ethiopian's government from Addis-Ababa. And in fact there should be a Somali politician running the whole freaking political show from there in Addis-Ababa, ordering other Ethiopian's ethnic communities (to do his bidding) just as we currently gets to be ordered about by every passing ethnic community that somehow reaches the "pinnacle" that is the political office of country's top-post.
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    Naarta iyo janada alaahii sameystay ayaa og qofkii galaayo ee yaan lagu danbaawin fadhi Ku dirirka iyo diinta kala saara.
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    I do not like this ranking. Being happy while in dire condition is not good. Of course we are resilient people, but we must hate our condition and not to be happy . Accepting misery and be happy about it is apathy.
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    May God help the UAE hadii madaxweyne farmaajo provoke-gareeyaan. A strongly worded letter to the UN is the last thing somaliland and UAE need right now.
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    Aha, US's mental institutions must really be in a dire straits (as it were). Particular if they are allowing this man to be at large in public. And of course, I really don't blame them, since such social provision was never the "ideological lodestar" of the Republican party that are in power in both side of the federal government. Hence, lets hope he wont just another tragic case of yet another Somali man, who become a bit unhinged in the western world, who then start seeing things that are not there, particularly the more he stares himself at the mirror, indeed. Furthermore, leaving aside for the fact that we are both from the same West Burco's Community, but I can actually say, that I know him, personally. Hence, here is me hoping that his love ones will really take him off the air. And give him the best medical attention he surely needs by the looks of things. And really the sad thing is to recall that he is well actually educated fellow from Stanford University in California with an MBA (to boot). And on top of that, he has a background in hedge-fund management (where he had a quite senior position in that world). And therefore, he could easily make a "financial killing" in the emerging market's hedge-fund indices, if only that he stops playing his ego on the Somali's televisions. And then get serious about things. And if he wants to be a "political player" in Somaliland, he should quit been a fool for Ali-Xaraare's farcical shows, and get back into Somaliland, in-order to challenge Mr Cirro for the Wadani's party ruler-ship. And if he wins that contest, then he can ready the Wadani party for the next year local and parliamentary election (2019). Which means build a "tribal coalition" under Wadani party in time for the next presidential election of 2022. Or even better, he could even start his own political party next year, since it's opening season of the party registration period, just before the local election. And this means, he quit "show-boating" next to Ali Xaraare for television's eye-balls. Head home, register his own" political association" in the anticipation of the local election. Proceed to challenge the three currently existing parties in the country. And work his butts off to ensure his party becomes one the three that will be the top three parties to "emerge" from the local election. And of course, the top three parties that will emerge from the local election will in turn be registered as the three national party that will contest both the parliamentary election in 2019, and the following presidential election of 2022. In other words, he has so many "political choices" that is open to him, that, I really don't know what on earth possess him to go down this absurd road.
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    Somaliland: The Horn of Africa’s Breakaway State
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    For seven years the Somaliland system of government was transformed as a business enterprise to loot the public purse, land, infrastructure , public buildings and houses, and every empty plot of land whether it is school property, parks or libraries. Every government office was used as a vehicle to fraudulently embazel the property of the public for personal benefits. Oil terminals, ports and public land were sold for pennies to the dollar. All the buyers need to do is offer few kickbacks and you could buy everyone and everything including ports, oil terminals, rich minerals from the mountains and about a dozen licenses for oil exploration. Most of those who stole the money including the former finance minister had left Somaliland and settled back to London. The man who supposed to watch the shop had cognitive illness (Dementia and old age due to stroke) which enabled his family members and the Jeegaan coalition to rob every thing. His inability to govern was apparent as early as 2011, yet critics of the leader and his administration were bought and silenced. Due to consecutive and successful elections help by the Rayaale administration, millions were provided to alleviate poverty and enhance capital projects. Also, they got a lion's share of the hundred of millions of dollars allocated by the international community for Somali relief and capacity building in the region. By promising to unite with the federal government in the near future, they got almost half of all aides allocated to Somalia from EU, US, Arab countries and Turkey. Unfortunately, all that money was looted and spent in huge villa's and buildings in Hargeisa. If you compare the so called Booli Qaran-- which was less than a hundred mansions built in and around Mogadishu in nineteen eighties by Siyaad Barre connected looters--this one is hundred times bigger Booli Qaran, and those who visited Hargeisa today are marveled the extensive looting and how the money is used to build mansions and buildings in Hargeisa. Yet, unemployment is 70% and the rural people are suffering, water is scarce everywhere and there is no plan to alleviate this issues. The rampant inflation felt by the poor and everyone in Somaliland is due partly by the excessive availability of huge money by the looters which are buying the few commodities that are available in the market. The commodities in the market are limited and there is no local production of these goods. Inflation occurs when demand in goods and services in an economy rises more rapidly than the economy's productive capacity. When the prices of food, clothing, housing, services and fuel rises, it will be felt by everyone except those who looted the public purse and have plenty of the unearned money. Another major cause of the inflation is the increased supply of money in the market. Almost every year, the Jeegaan government had printed hundred of billions of Somaliland Shillings and released to the market without proper economic policy. That is why you need a big dolly to carry one thousand dollars. They hired their own Jeegaan members across the civil service and allowed others to draw unearned salaries. The Siilaanyo palace alone had 120 full time employees plus a garrison of soldiers with 10% of the budget. Huge and rich nations do not even have that kind of workforce in the prime ministers office or the president. His wife had built two big hotels one in Mogadishu and one in Hargeisa. According to some researchers women embazel money more than their husbands and Somali women are not different. Now, welcome to the Jeegaan 2.0 . Hundreds of Millions of public and private money had been spent to elect Ina Biixi and his Jeegaan coalition. Everyone was was aware that Muuse could not pass neither the threshold needed to lead Somaliland nor become a respectable leader. C/raxman Cirro was a decent God fearing man who might have made few political mistakes, but the way he acted during the election showed that he was mature, good hearted man and his supporters wanted to show the people not a tough guy but a decent sensible guy who could unite the people. Unfortunately, the wrong guy became the leader and he is already sinking like a boat with big holes. What did he do for the last 30 days?. He tried to intimidate the youth by shaving their heads by force and issued gag orders to the media. This are minor issues but the big news everyone is hiding has taken place in Djibouti. Now it is apparent to everyone that the Jeegaan never planed to give up power no matter what. We know now that they have bought almost everyone including the election observers of the opposition parties. Not long ago, tribal elders were given " Cimaamad" or few hundred dollars. In this Jeegaan victory, Hundred of politicians, elders and brokers became rich during and after the election. Mohamed Aw Saeed of Som Cable has spent almost half a million dollar to buy one sub, sub clan of Awdal in order to sway the vote. SomCable, Djibouti and the changing of Somalia's 252 country code. If Russian money laundering and foreign banks were the catalyst that brought The Donald Trump business from bankruptcies in early 2000, it was Mohamed Aw Saeed who single handedly defeated Rayaale and brought now Muuse Biixi. I do not want to rehash how Ina Aw Saeed and Rayaale clashed which needs more space, but we will concentrate how this oligarch from Djibouti , who has both business and family connection to Cumar Gheelle family, is trying to make hundred of millions of dollar from the investment he spent on the Jeegaan fraud election. Som Cable owned by Aw Saeed was working for the last ten years to keep the monopoly of all cable, internet and telephone in Somaliland and is also planning to expand through Somalia. The other competitor is Telesom, a pioneer in telephone in all of Somalia from Zaylac, Puntland all the way to Mogadishu. Ahmed Siilaanyo denied the Telesome business plan to bring cable from Oman two years ago. That business deal eventually came to the shores of Somalia through Boosaaso which was opened last week by Farmaajo . Everyone knows that business monopoly is bad for the consumers and the public who should be given the choice of buying services from different companies in order to bring down prices. It is just a common sense. Now, in order to get back the millions he spent in the Jeegaan election, AW Saeed want to change the Somali telephone code of 252 to the Djibouti country code of 253. For the innocent public or what we call in the north " Gaas Dhagoole", this change of number was presented as Somaliland trying to be independent of Somalia and get it's own number which is free from Somali control. That means without lifting a finger or putting any huge infrastructure, Ina Aw Saeed want to make money for every single phone call made from around the world to Somaliland while sitting in his Djibouti office. Telesom is a company with large shareholders around the Somali region. I do not know the percentage, but in every region, the operators are local and they own a big share of the business. By the way the threat of the telecom companies to the Somali state is real and well known every where , and especially in the south. Another overriding reason is also, the anti Jeegaan people of Somaliland own shares in the Telesom company. Since the aim of the Jeegaan is to suck life out of everyone, and deny any economic gains that might challenge their monopoly in power, they are willing to do the unthinkable of denying economic prosperity to the other clans and sell the country to the highest bidder . Cumar Gheelle bites like a rat and then soothes the wound. In order to replace his uncle Hassan Guuleed ten years from late eighties , he allied himself with Menguistu of Ethiopia. While Hassan Guuleed tried to reconcile the Somalis, Geelle was serving first Mengistu and later Meles Zenawi till this day. THere were half a dozen men who were more senior or deserving to replace Guuleed, yet one by one , he either killed them, exiled them or put them in jail. No one can even whisper inside djibouti without making sure that no spy is listening. This year will be his twentieth year in power, yet for most Somalis the only dictator they keep cursing is Jaalle Siyaad. He was the chief cabinet of his uncle's government who was in charge of both internal security and intelligence. It was during this time that he cooperated with Mengistu to dismember Somalia and replace his uncle ten years after. He is shrewd politician and a gangster who knows how to play political games. Most of you do not know him, but as early as 1977, he was a member of the vice police who used to oversee the red district used by the French army. Since this place is a family blog, we will leave at that. Just like the TPLF, Kenyans and others who are taking advantage of the weak Somalia, Gheele is biting the weak Somali lion and soothes the wound at the same time. The Jeegaan is after money and power to loot the people and Geelle is one of the vehicles to achieve that goal. If we , the Somalis who understand culture , history and destiny ever come to power, Geelle, Ethiopia and others will back their boxes and leave the blessed republic of Somalia for good. The Jeegaan is begging Djibouti and others to restart the unproductive and useless Somali negotiations for nefarious or business interest reasons. They are not interested to heal the wound among brothers, but to further their strategy to gain market for their financiers and gain access for foreign aid. What would the federal government do about these oligarchs robbing the Somali people. Also, both Djibouti and Ethiopia had forced him to rethink the Dubai port and base issue. Since UAE funded Egyptian army arrived in Eritrea things went from theory to reality. There is no guarantee that the UAE controlled base could be used solely by the Emities alone.So far DP World had not done their side of the agreement and Djibouti and Ethiopia want to scrap the whole port deal. The Hungry Jeegaan foreign policy led by a soft speaking crook called Sacad Cali Shire cashed few million signing bonuses and gave away the whole port. The treasury is empty and the only thing that are doing lately is fire as many employees as possible until some foreign aid arrives. They discard the Somali area code for Djibouti to help SomCable, they scrap the port construction deal with Dubai. So, what people are wondering in this is , what does Somaliland get in return from these countries?. Is it a green light for war in Sool?, is it a recognition and military help? or to help him to oppress his people. Personally, I believe it is te later. Since opposition to Jeegaanta is getting bigger in Sanaag, Sool, Awdal, Togdheer and even Hargeisa, he needs the help of the Ethiopian regime to keep him in power.
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    Che, Waryaa, Fuley Ina-Gumeed, oo waliba hadhkiisa ka cararow sida tolkaa "dhadig dh-abacayo", aan kuu sheegee waxba lagaa wediin weydiin maayo taariikhda SNM iyo mid Somaliland leedahayba. Mid soke iyo mid shishe oo Ingiriis ka tageyba. Sababta oo ah "nin googorad xidhan" oo afka ka nool, sida adiga iyo tolkaa lagalama sheegeysto ficil rageed ama wixii ku banaan ragaas. Markaas, maalintada adiga iyo tolkaa aad xiniinyo yeelataan, ama aad kasoo "amaahataan" xabashida si aad rag-isaga celisaan, sidii adeerkaa Ina-Yusuf-Yey sameeyey, ayey SNM iyo waxa ay fulisey kuu banaan tahay in aad ka sheekeyso ama ka sheekeysaan. Laakiin inta aydin "dhadig iyo Caar" ay birtu aaney gaadhin aad raganimo ka tihiin, ama ay ka xaaran tahay in "ableyda" laydinka liso mar-hadaad "xiniinyo-iska-waa" tihiin, oo raganimo idinka dheer-tahay, haku habsaamin oo hasugin in rag dhulkooda xiniinyo ku keenay xornimadiisa in ay wax kaa weydiiyaan taariikhi waxa ay qorto. And just in case you are wondering how to deal with being a "wretchedly sniffling clique" who are the "historical defeated lot" of the Somali peninsula, here is the "historical picture" of the famous day of back then of 6 of April of 1981 and the precise moment in which the inauguration of SNM was actually proclaimed in a press-conference held in a London Hotel by the five (5) men who created it, who were as follows: 1- Eng. Mr Maxamed Xaashi Cilmi, 2- Ambassador Mr Axmed Ismaciil Cabdi (Duqsi). 3- Professor Cabdi salaan Yaasiin, 4- Mr Xasan Aadan Wadaadiid, 5- Mr Siciid Cabdilaahi Cigaal.
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    Eritrea, now on good terms with Ethiopia, hopes to get a share of the cake from the emergence of Somaliland as an economic hub. https://www.busiweek.com/eritrea-explore-economic-ties-with-somaliland-as-push-for-kenya-continues/
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    In other words, Markaan waa wakhtigii at "Ayuutada Siyaasadeed Ee Ilma-Saleebaan" ay soo mari laheyd gacanta "Booweyaasha Reer-Bariga".
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    ^^^^ Good news, indeed. And for the sake of "clarity", let me say, that, in Somaliland, our "political motto" is this: When it comes to establishing our legal jurisdiction over the whole of our land we shall proceed on the basis of a "forward movement" of the sort that is: "inch-by-inch, yard-by-yard, hamlet-by-hamlet, village-by-village, district-by-district, town-by-town, city-by-city, region-by-region" in winning over our land. And on that basis we shall be incorporating all of the territories that ought to be under Somaliland's Republic legal boundary. Moreover, the time it will take for us to get there is not that really important, even if it's "one-generation-long time-scale". But the essence of "winning-over-the-land" and that of "winning-over-the-people" are really, fundamentally, the "final yardstick" in which we shall measure ourselves on it. And in here is the essence or the reason as to why the "folks of Koonfuuria" will never understand us. Given that they actually never believe in any sort of a "larger principle" of any kind other than "corrupt money"and that of "political power". For them it's well-nigh impossible to actually "accept" that there may be, or could be, some sort of a Somali folks (just like them), who, however, actually believe something larger than themselves. And do happen to be believe in particularly a "political principle". And for good measure doing it so in believing it close to thirty (30) years in the running as their "northern's star" that will guide them and guide their ship of "political destiny" along the way. It's this sheer "bewilderment" in which they have when it comes for them to try to "understand" us, which is really the reason as to why we were always "destined" to have a "dialogue of the deaf" with one another. Now coming back to this issue, one can say, that, this city of Buuhoodle is essentially, at least politically speaking, a city that exist in the manner or in the form in which that city of Stalingrad used to exist during the world War two (WWII). And that was when it was a city in which its German's military Garrison were effectively surrounded by Russians army. And the only way in which one can go to Stalingrad from Berlin and back again, was by air-transport. Similarly, the city of Buuhoodle, is essentially surrounded by Somaliland on one side. And Ethiopia by other side. And therefore the only way in or out of it, is actually by air-transport or by coming through at the Ethiopia's border with Somaliland. Hence, it will fall into our "political column" without one bullet being fired in anger. In particularly so long as we keep squeezing it one ratcheted up of a notch at the time. Which is the reason why we are seeing now this political change over. And in a few months time, this city of Buuhoodle, will be just another town of Somaliland, as much as Xudun, Taleex, Las-Anod, are essentially part and parcel of Somaliland.
  33. 3 points
  34. 3 points
    Mamma Edna Adan is our iron woman. May Allah bless her. The UK Gov't will be financing Amoud University and Adna Adan Teaching Hospital to help Somaliland become self-sufficient by 2030 in terms of health professional and doctors. Leading doctors and teachers from UK will be visiting Somaliland on regular basis and the best and brightest of Somaliland's students will be given scholarships to UK's Universities. This arrangment is only 3rd country in Africa after Ghana and Kenya. It is all due to Edna Adan's efforts of showing that Somaliland is capable to achieving great things despite so much challenges.
  35. 3 points
    Spot on, yaa Suldaanka, the US will cancel his passport if he were to turn up in New-York carrying his diplomatic Somali passport. And once the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in which US's immigration services is part of it, actually find out that this man, who is a US-Passport-holder, is also a president of Somalia, with a diplomatic passport to boot, then they will say he no longer needs his US's passport. Moreover, even Mr Trump, can't ask them to reconsider it, since the US's immigration authorities are deeply strict with the criteria they put forward in-terms who can carry US's passport. Welcome to Somalia of 21st century in which its leaders consider their foreign-issued-passports to be the thing that is more important to them than the idea of actually cancelling their foreign-issued-passports, renouncing their loyalty to foreign countries and then settling inside their own country, as leaders throughout the world actually do it in so far as their respective countries are concern. Now what was it the "intellectual midgets" and the "political non-entities" of the "Koonfurian's contingent" we have in here of SOL, were saying about Somalia? Aha, yeah, I remember it now. For it was about the talk of saying that Somalia has a legitimate government with a seat at the UN and a national flag. Apparently, that is the only thing that matters to them. Not even seeing their leaders who are more loyal to foreign countries than to their own country. The "contempt" in which one has for these shameless people and their politics doesn't get to diminish (or even reach any lesser level of potency) in each passing months or in each passing year.
  36. 3 points
  37. 3 points
    Especially with this time the galla somali conflict we should cooperate I am not a fan of xabashis and orthodox Christians. But we need to stick together despite our internal rivalries and disputes and clan conflicts.
  38. 3 points
  39. 3 points
    Interesting development, indeed. And I agree with Xaaji in the sense of "lobbying" this Kingdom to accept our Passport for the Hajj, so that our folks back home could use our national passport to travel to the Kingdom as they are currently allowed to travel to the UAE, is a must in here. Also we must impress upon them not to re-start that "on-again-off-again" Livestock-embargo for our animal exports to the Kingdom, once the Hajj season comes to an end. Which was what used to happen previously. Lets hope, our Vice-President Seylici, will make good use of his "connection" so far with the Kingdom's officials where these two particular issues are concern. As for the Xaaji's last assertion of the Kingdom's not being a "good Muslim" is concern, or they are inside the "trousers" of certain Mr Trump, I would only advise my friend, Mr Xaaji, that there are times in which "discretion is a better part of valor". And by that I mean it does not "profit" us Somalilanders now to actually be "bad-mouthing" the folks like Saudis at this juncture. For our interests is singularly "riding" on the back of so many "strategical issues" in which they can "effect" it in one way or the other. And even could do so for the worse, if they so choose to do it Hence, it's best to be "circumspect" in here. Whilst at the same time making sure that our "national interests" gets to be advanced on the back of whatever the Saudis decides to do in the wider Middle-East's region and in the Red-Sea's areas in particularly. Even if they are working in a "hands-in-gloves-sort-of-sense" with the likes of Mr Trump at the White-House.
  40. 3 points
    I always wondered what sort of "dhacdhac" corrupt money the god-fearing Minister of Religion would get from his department. Now we know there is a lucrative deal called "Hajj" and the president threw the first punch to knock out opponent. Every wasaarad has a cash cow. Someone was telling me there is a wasaarad that deals with scholarships and that "business" brings in lots of cash. I was reading the other day there is one that only deals with business licenses and certain clans prefer it over more prestigious ones, as it is known to be another cash cow. Meesha waa la kala xirtay, saxiibayaal.
  41. 3 points
    The usual suspect tamartoodii waxay ku soo hadhay habaar iyo civil war loo sahadiyo somaliland. There won't be a war wada hadal ayaa lagu dhamayn as is the tradition. Marxalado ka xun ayey soomaliland soo martay tan maantuna wax cusub maahe internetka iyo social media ayaa habartii hidhistaba buunbuuniya. Qori lagu wada hadlo wakhtigeegi waa laga gudbay. nina maanta diyaar uma aha wuxuu kusoo tabcay inu gacantiisaa ku dumiyo. Shirkii GX suldaanka gabooye sheekaadi saca geeska laga garaacay ee la lisi waayey, sidiisi ayey dawlada muuse bixi noqon hadii aan la address garayn waaxa laga cabanayo. Iyadon rasaas la ridin ayaa dawlada xaqa lagu leeyay laga soo ridan kara.
  42. 3 points
    Jeegaan and Bohol, Muuse Biixi and the deluded Facebook president - there is no distinction between them in the eyes of those who call them iidr.
  43. 3 points
    Less than one year Ilaahay mahaddii see the result ...
  44. 3 points
    Maalinba nin ayaad nacaysa... kolka ugu danbaysa naftaada ayaa nacaysa. Dadka khaasaaray waa kuwa wali naawilaya midnimo dhimatay in bal naftu ku soo laabato. Hadalka Professorka si fiican ayu ugu laqimay dadka inta wax garanaysa, inta cadiifadu indho tirtay ha iska indho la'aadan.
  45. 3 points
    So Siyaad Barre was ready to embrace the cross just to defeat the SNM?
  46. 3 points
  47. 3 points
    Everything was shrouded in secrecy. I wonder how much is Ethiopia's stake in Bosaso Port? Abdiwali and his crew continue about the breakdown of the deal. Onto Kismayo and Baraawe.
  48. 3 points
    In the old days, Galbeedi used to hide his true self under the pseudo "My insider sources told me" and write as a 3rd Person. Nowadays, he is the first person fortune teller. Hadii sidan ku sii socdo, we have Salaax number 2 on the forums.
  49. 3 points
    there are over 1,950 traditional elders, caqils, chief-caqils, garaads, sultans and ugaases in Somaliland. that's enough manpower for them to form two and half battalions and go to the Yocadda.
  50. 3 points
    Somaliland - Dan guud, Talo Wadareed, iyo Tol aan kala maarmin. In badan oo Sooyaalka Somaliland ah (ama taariikhda dadka ku abtirsadda) ayaan u soo joogey. Maanta-na, mid hor leh iyo dowlad cusub, ayaa maalin baryey. Markaa, sida ay talo ila tahay, ayaan dul-joogsasho iyo laab xaadhis ku eegayaa: 1- Somaliland, waa dhiigeyga, waa xudunteyda, waa halka aan ku gowracanahay in aan dheef, dhiil iyo dhibaataba kula qaybsado intii calanka towxiidka uu ku qoran yahay ee Somaliland leedahay uu na mideeyo. Inta uu calankaasu namideeyana, waxa aanan ku jirin ama aan kamid-aheyn "dabarkaa" Somaliland ay leedahay, inta-sheegatada ah ee "Ilma-Gumeedka" ah (sida kuwa halkan soo tuban oo jooga, magcoodana in aan sheeg-sheego aaney muhiim aheyn). Inta habeen iyo maalin habaarka Somaliland uga akhrisa halkan SOL ah, sida kuwa "Qadaadweynta" ah ee halkan habaarka lasoo fadhiya, oo taladoodu noqotey sidii horey loo yidhi: “Habar dhali weydey, aleelo ku waalatay". Oo aan uga jeedo, markii ay wax ficil ah ay kaga qaadi kari waayeen, Somaliland, ayey "habaar" miciin bideen. 2- Doorashaddii dhaweyto ee Somaliland ka dhacdey oo aan goob-joog ka ahaa, gaar ahaan, Gobolka Awdal iyo magaalada Boorama, oo aan geeyey “goob-joogayaal” caalamiya oo aan London iska raacney, runtu waxa weeye “tolku” waa "is-boobey" ama waa “is-indho-ciideeyeen”, haddii runta geed loo waabo, oo “wanjalista”, tolku isu geystay, oo meesha ka dhacdey carabka lagu cadeeyo. Hase-Ahaatee, haddii ninka aad “xudun-wadaaga” aad aheydeen uu “aqligu” ka noqday, ama “damac-rageed” siiyey in uu waxa aad wadar uwada laheydeen uu si “guracan” uu ula leexdo, arinni laba ayey kuu joogtaa ama kuugu soo biyo shubaneysa. Taas oo ah, kow, in adna aad u “dacareyso” oo aad lagudhiso, ninkaa damaciisa “guracan” ku boobay wax wadar aad uwadda laheydeen iasgu isa siiyey. Ama, laba, in aad ka dhigto, khaladkaas dhacay, wax aan kaweyneyn "garashaddii" inantii tidhi: “naaska uu iqabtey walaalkey, waxa aan kayeelayo marba waa sida aan ka dhigo”. Taas oo ay ula jeeday, in wallalkeed uu ku “khaldamey” oo uu naaskeeda taabtey iyada oo maxarumaadkiisa ah tahay ama walaashiis ay tahay. Hase ahaatee, “falka” ay ka celisaa “khaladkaas” ka dhacay walaalkeed, uu iyadda u yaalo. Oo ama ay awoodi karto in ay kasoo qaato, “Khalad basiid” ah oo dhacay oo deelqaafkiisu uu ka “dhumuc yar” yahay waxa isku haya iyadda iyo walaalkeed oo ah “walaaltinimadda” ay ku suntan yihiin labadooduba. Ama ay waalkeed soo geed-joojiso oo ay ceebeyso. oo ay dad kale iyo tol-ba ay "tusto" in uu walaalkeed yahay nin liita oo walaashii naaskeedu uu xataa uu ka "baxsan" waayay. Sidaa-Daraateed, “Tolka” Somaliland wada leh (gaar ahaan, Beeshe Dhexe oo iyaddu si foolxun isu boobtey doorashii dhaweyto run ahaantii) siiba haddan la hadlo inta ay gaar ay u “damaqtay” dhicistii sida badheedhka ah loogu geystey in wixii lawada lahaa si gaar ah oo wax “Jeegaan” la yidhaahdo loogu samaysto, waxa la gudbaan in ay maanta Somaliland qiimaha ay ku fadhido iyo dhiiga lagu helay ay u “arkaan” in uu yahay wax kaweyn waxa ay aaminsan yihiin in "Jeegaantu" ay ka boobtey. Oo iyaga (Beeshe-Dhexe, ahaan) si gaar ah ugu weynaato qiimaha ay Somaliland ku fadhido. Oo ay , Beesha-Dhexe ahaan, isku qanciyaan (gaar ahaan, haddii aan la hadlo beesha aan kasoo jeedo ee tolkay ah ee Habar-Yoonis) in kurisiga Madax-tooyadda Hargeisa yaala ay u arkaan wax ka “meeqaan hooseeya” wixii Somaliland in la helo “wadar” loogu soo marey ama loogu soo hurey. Gaar ahaan, wixii xilka lahaa ee ay Beeshe-Dhexe ahaan ay u soo wada mareen sidii loo heli lahaa Somaliland-ta cusub. Oo Sidaana ay ku qaataan in ay candhuuftoodaas ay dib u liqaan, dalkana iyo jiilasha dambena u “hiiliyaan”. Taas oo micnaheedu yahay in ay arkaan, in haddii tolkaagii rag kuu-xigey ay “geel” Kaa dhaceen (oo aad isku qanciso in uu tolkaa ku dhacay, inkasta oo tolkaa iyana ay la gole iman doonaan, in aaney ku dhicin, ee ay tartankaad wada gasheen ay kaaga badiyeen oo qudha) oo waliba aad arkeyso in “cadow” soo jireen ahina oo wadar cadow idinku ahi uu idiin soo “Libiqsayo”, markaa “talo” waxa ay joogtaa, in aad isku “qnciso” in geela inaaderkaa “Gabiley ula foofay” isagoo “Oodweyne ka boobey” in aad tidhaahdo, waxa ka horeeya in aad ujeesaddo ka “cadowga” ah ee Muqdisho iyo Garoowe ama “dhulkii Faqashta” degi jirtey ee Gedo iyo Xadka Kiinya iyo Somalia u dhaxeeya ku yaaley isga oo jooga soo damaaciyaya geeliinaas aad Somaliland ku maaleysaan. Sababta oo ah, kaasu, waa nin aan wax kuu dabrayaa aanu jirin, oo waliba ah nin u qaba hamuun xoogan Geeliina aad Somaliland aad ku heysataan. Oo wuxuu ku haminayaa sidii geela uu ka dhaco ama uu ka boobo, Hargeisa, Boorame, Burco, Gabiley, Ceerigaabo, Las-Anod, Caynabo iyo Oodweyne, sidii uu ula tagi lahaa ama uu ula hayaami lahaa dhulkaas “Qadaadweyn” iyo “Garan-waa” ay ku nool yihiin. Midhkaas ayaa manta “Tolkay – Habar-Yonis” (ama Garxajis si guud ahaan-ba) la gudboon. in ay fahmaan Taas oo aan ula jeedo, in maanta ay tolkaay, ay “iloobaan” geela laga dhacay Oodweyne ee Gabiley iyo Jeegaani sii holineyso. Oo ay arkaan in rag kale ay doonayaan in inta idinku hadhsan ee aad heysataan (ee aad wadajir uga wada leedihiin, Somaliland ahaan) lageeyo dhul fog oo aanad dib uga heli kareynin. Sababta oo ah, Geela Gabiley la geeyey ee Oodweyne laga boobey, ama “tolnimo” guud ayaa lagu soo heli doonaa berito, ama ilma-adeer, xoolo isku dilay ayeydun noqon doontaan oo dabadeedna “Gadh-cas” ayaa idiin gar-naqi doonta. Markaas, dabadeed, sidii dhaqankeena soo jireenka ah lagu yaqaaney,. Ama "tolka" kale ee Somaliland degan (sida Arab, Dhulbahante, Samaroon, Warsangeli iyo Ciise) ayaa u aqli celin doona, labadiina-ba, oo runta taabsiin doona, Gabiley iyo Oodweyne-ba, gaar ahaan waxa ay xaqiiqdu tahay, gaar ahaan arinta khuseysa geel-kaas aad isku haystaan. Oo beelahaas kale ayaa ka "gar-naqi" doona, inta ay "geed-u-waabaan", labadaas beelood ee "Qaanta" isku haysta. Hase-ahaatee, ninka geel Somaliland leedahay Xamar ula baxsadaa, ama haddii aad adigu usahasho in uu geela-kaas uu Xamar ku maalo oo aad ama adigu aad ugu geyso “geelaaga” halkaas iyo Xamar sidii 1960-kii nagu dhacdey ama aanu isku sameyney, wey ka cawaaqib xumo badan tahay waxa “tolku” gudihiisa ku kala boobo, Soomalliland gudaheeda, oo dabadeed-na uu Hargeisa iyo Gabiley iyo wixii ka shisheeya uu damco in uu ku maalo oo ula foofo, isaga oo aan xataa wax "hadhuub" qaatana oo caana ah, ku dhahoo, aan dooneyn in kaa siiyo, Geel-kaas aad wadarta uwadda laheydeen ee uu boobey. Sidaa-Daraateed, danta Somaliland si guud haddii loo “tafsiiro”, oo waliba talada tolka-na (i.e, Beesha dhexe) haddi si gaar ah loo sii "dhiraandhiriyo", oo aan laga tagin in lama-huraanka biyo-kama-dhibcaanka ah ee beesha Garxajis leedahay (gaar ahaan beesha Habar-Yonis) oo taana la eego (si weyn iyo si yar-ba) arintu iyo taladu waxa ay kusoo "arooreysaa" in "maanta la ilooba Gabiley baa geel ka boobtay Oodweyne Oo Caynabi-na eex kalkaal bey noqotay oo waa ay la galbisey gaal-kaas la boobey". Oo waa in la arkaa in berito-ba ay "Oodweyne ay dib uga soo boobi karto, geel-kaas la dhacay, oo ay kasoo "dhacsan" karto, Gabiley iyo Caynaba-ba, iyadoo Boorama ama Laas-Caanood-ba, midkood ka dhiganeysa garab ka caawiya Oodweyne Geel-kaas dib usoo celintiisa iyo sidii looga soo dhici lahaa kuwaa uu ku maqan yahay maanta". Gaar ahaan haddii aad “damac-rageed” oo guracan oo aad leedahay aad isku tusto in aad adna sidaas lagugu sameeyey, maanta, aad berito sameyso. Laakiin, waxa muhiin ah in aanad siinin "fursad" ninka “Qadaadweyn-ka” ah iyo kan “Garanwaa-ga” ah ee doonaya in uu Geela iyo hantida Beeshe-Dhexe ku soo tacabtey uu la tago oo uu ula foofsado dhul fog, oo aan, "gar-gooyo ah, ama mid ah garansiiyo-tudheed, ama mid kaloo ah garasho-tolnimo ah iyo mid ah go-aan lagu gaadhay gole-wadareed" midkoodna, kaaga soo celin kareynin, Geel-kaakkaas, haddii geeliinaas Somaliland leedahay (ama ka “Beesha Dhexe” leedahay) uu ninkaasi uu la baxsado oo uu dhulkiisaa fog uu la tago iyo ardul Koonfur. Markaa, tolkay, Beeshe-Dhexe, haddan si guud ula hadlo, oo waliba aan ku daro in yar oo "hoga-tusaaleyn" ah oo aan u jeediyo beeshadeyda, gaar ahaan, "Tolkey" Habar-Yonis, waxaan leeyahay ilmaaderayaal, haysu muuqanina, maanta, oo yaanu idiin muuqan Madaxweyne Muse Bixi iyo waxa aad ugu yeedhaan "Jeegaantiisa" “tartanka doorashadda kadhalatay. Sababta oo ah waa arin tolka guud ee Somaliland ama ka "Beesha Dhexe" ay ka heshiin karto, marka dib looga wada hadlo “boobkii” aanu doorashadda iskaga sameynay. Laakiin, cadowga Soomaaliya "yurursan" ee jabkaaga "jiileed iyo umadeed" doonaya in uu arko, oo isleh manta ka faa-iideyso, “xurguftaa” dhexdooda taala ee ka dhalatey doorashii madaxtooyadda ee dhaweyto, ha u noqon “gudintii” si wadar ah oo siman laydunku wada wanjali lahaa, iyadoo aan loo aabo yeeleynin ama latixgalineynin, kan ayaa reer Caynabo ah, ama kan ayaa Reer Oodweyne ah, ama kan kale ayaa Reer Gabiley ah. Maadaama, si siman oo isle-eg "seefta Qadaadweyntu" ay idinku wada dhici doonto haddii ay awoodaan in ay idin wanjalaan oo boqnaha idin-gooyaan. Gebagabo-naa waa, in aad yiqiinsato in "Gabiley aaney ka fogeyn Oodweyne" (masaafa ahaan, wada-dhalasha ahaan iyo tol ahaan-ba). Oo ay jirto tolnimo guud oo si kasta oo ay maanta u jilicsan tahay-ba, dabar-adag oo nawada "seeteeya" laga dhigi karo haddii wadar layskugu jilbo-laabto oo dib loo darso wixii "doorashadda" nagu kala gaadhey. Waxaa kale oo jira "dhaqan-soojireen" ah oo loo soo joogsan karo oo umadda dib-u-walaaleyn kara haddii laga shaqeeyo in umadda doorashadda kukala "irdhowdey" beerkooda laysu xaadho. Oo waliba, ku darsoo, "Caynaba-na, waaba aad u lugeyn kartaa haddaad Oodweyne Joogto". Markaa, garo, in geela aad isleedahay waa lagaa dhacay oo "labadaas magaalo" reeraha degen ayaa halkaas ku maalnaya, in ay arintu tahay mid aad berito soo heli karto hadii “tolka” halkaas degan uu soo celin waayo wixii aad isleedahay wey kaa dhaceen, ama way kaa xaal siin waayeen, gefkaas ay kuu geysteen. Sidaa-daraateed, waxa kugu waajib ah, in aad “heegan” qaran iyo "feejignaan" wadareed u yeelato geela Somaliland wadarta uwadda leedahay ee cadowgaaga, Xamar jooga, uu "gaadayo" ee uu ugu soo heesayo in uu Xamar iyo wixii ka shisheeya uu ula baxsan doono, haddii uu fursad helo. Taas ayaa ah “danta beesha dhexe”, “danta Mandeeqda Somaliland”, iyo “danta hooseysa ee Garxajis ama Habar-Yonis” ay wadajir uleeyihiin, oo ay ku gowracan yihiin in ay fahmaan. Haddii aan si kale u idhaahdo-na, waxaan odhan karaa, geela Maandeeqda Somaliland wadar uwada laheyd ee loola cararay "Gabiiley" iyadoo "Caynabi" qayb ka aheyd boobkaa, meel fog kagama maqna inta tolka ah ee ku nool, Oodweyne, Salaxley, Baligubadle, Boorama, Burco, Ceerigaabo, Las-Canod, iyo Badhan. Oo Geel-kaasi waa "amaah" kaa maqan oo waliba la garanayo cidey ku maqan tahay iyo sidii looga soo heli lahaa marka berito in lasoo celiyo falowgeed laqabto. Waxaase ayaan daro noqon karta in Geel-kaas, Maandeeqda Somaliland ay leedahay, in la dhaco oo loola baxsado Xamar iyo wixii kasii fog. Oo haddii taasi ay dhacdo, ay noqon doonto in aan dib loo soo heli waayo, "hantidaas" in muda ahba lagu tabcayey. Sidaa daraateed, idinku ha noqonina "jidkii" loo soo mari lahaa sidii geel-kaas Somaliland wadarta uwadda leedahay loo dhici lahaa oo Xamar loola aadi lahaa, inta aad mashquulka ku tihiiin geel inaadeerkaa la cararey oo Gabiley la tagey, oo hadduu ugu badsato 5 sano (2017 - 2022) wax ku-eg nacfiga geel-kaas uu maalan doono oo qudha. Maadaama, geel-aas, inaaderkaa, uu maanta "hagbadda" ku haysto, oo aad aaminsan tahay in "wareega hagbadda" ay markaagii ay aheyd oo uu adiga kaa faro-maroorsatey, waxa la heli karaa in marka uu "5-taas sanadood" qaato oo uu caanahooda ka dhargo, Geel-kaas, uu boobey, in "tolka" guud, tab iyo xeel-ba, waxa ay noqoto-ba, in ay Gabiley laga soo celiyo "hagbadaas" wadar Somaliland uwadda laheyd ee ay dhexda ka boobeen. Ilaahey talada fiican ha ina tuso.

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