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  1. If Turkish state didn't convert this into Museum 100 years, we wouldn't be debating this. It was a mosque for centuries. Good move by Erdogan. Erdogan just delivered a blow against the French crusaders crying about Libya. This is all double play politics. Erdo is sending an indirect message.
  2. Djibouti needs to up its game if it needs to survive in the in the region. Most of the Southern high birth rate is driven by Bantu Somalis.
  3. No social distancing, no masks ... A corona disaster in the making.
  4. The word "Daafi" is not Somali. It is Oromo. It is safe to say If he was from your clan, this topic would not be posted. haha.
  5. The great Sinno-Somalo entanglement. My desperate secessionists, just know that China will remember this treasonous act of trying to damage China's unity. China has a very very good memory. ha
  6. Dahireeto


    Lol. Fake news busted.
  7. Dahireeto


    Drug lords must be dealt with.
  8. Nacasnimada bal fiiriya. You are pretending to be supporting Ilhan but at the same time inserting vile sentence in the mix about her marrying a non-Muslim. How do you know he is not a Muslim today? lol. He husband converted to Islam and that is how she is considered "married". Leave the woman alone.
  9. Are we saying criminals got together for loot (donor money) and will issue memorandum of understanding so that each group can get their share of the begging bowl? We all know nothing serious will come out of unification talks. Waste of time!
  10. This makes me smile. We must stop this virus because if we don't, it will complete destroy our people. We don't have the healthcare resources to reduce the impact. Many will die.
  11. Business as usual at all Somali restaurants and other gatherings. You see many of them are coughing and look they are in bad shape. I would not be surprised if our community is hosting the biggest infection cluster. We know the hygiene of our businesses, mosques and gathering places are not something to be proud of. Allooow sahal.
  12. The guy was an idiot. He should have been fired long time ago.