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  1. Having a great sense of humor disarms all enemies. We need people like this guy. Excellent wit.
  2. Have some shame people. Stop insulting each other like ciyaal darbi.
  3. I think Awdal Sultanate was the oldest in that part of the world. You meant the duriyada family?
  4. Dahireeto

    Cheeseman's thugs vs Somali Bantu in Xamarweyne

    The state is always oppressing the powerless. It is a worldwide thing.
  5. Dahireeto

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Apophis, you missed the point.
  6. Farmaajo is controlled by his wife who is PM Kheyre's close cousin. Kheyre has well established financial interests in exploiting our oil with unsavory foreign characters including Russians. It is a fact and Kheyre never denied he is involved. This oil project is very important for PM Kheyre. Farmaajo has no real say in this. Don't be so naïve.
  7. Suldaanka, reer Awdal didn't loot anything and if it occurred, it was very small. It was actually the SNM inter-clan looting that caused biggest damage to Hargeisa. Taariikhda akhriso.
  8. Dahireeto

    SOLers: This is survey not call to arms.

    I heard Abiy is actually Oromized Amahara guy. All his actions lately make sense if you consider that.
  9. Dahireeto

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    South West community needs to work with Puntland government to stop Alshabab attacks. It is open secret that nearly all Alsahbab operatives in Puntland are from the South West. It is time to end this crazy attacks. Reer Puntland waa dulqaad badan yihiin.
  10. Dahireeto

    Ar Farmaajo ii geeya II

    Nothing cooler than taking on authority, specially when that authority is considered oppressive.
  11. Dahireeto

    Somaliland region in $80 million debt

    Worst loan ever. Someone is trying to bankrupt Somaliland with fake last minute bill. Oodweyne is silent on this. He is part of the corruption.
  12. Never visited Somalia. Hope to do so soon.