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  1. Dude is rocking some thick bush on top.
  2. Farmaajo has been paying social media hacks for a long time. No surprise there. The only thing different is that only his clan's social media hacks are now supporting him. Everyone else dropped off.
  3. Been doing that for a while. No malawax for me in the morning. Isbarmuuto sweetened with Splenda is my meal before bed too.
  4. Dr. Oz thinks we should 'cancel' breakfast in 2020, says it's a 'ploy' WWW.FOXNEWS.COM The doctor has spoken.
  5. Khat addiction is being blamed by all experts. No one is surprised mental illness is everywhere in Somalia.
  6. Didn't we say there was 4 million dollars exchanged and peace achieved? No wonder @Oodweyneis silent again on this. Why is this always a never-ending assassination play.
  7. Suldaanka, it looks the minister is drinking Coffee. Did we miss something?
  8. I don't think Iran has any real military option here. Few mysterious bombings here and there and that will be it. The country is so divided between Islamists and Liberals that the authorities are not willing to risk it all. The Islamists have control and the liberals are waiting for the weakening of the Islamists. The Iranian regime is going to be very careful not to lose control.
  9. Caare took the millions and said see ya later alligator. The guy is a genius. I would disappear into the bushes for few months if anyone is willing to give me millions. lol.
  10. If anyone wants to get Biixi's attention, do what Caare did and he will pay you millions to appease you. Poor women have no chance.