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  1. Miskiinka is most likely tortured and beaten daily by Jeegaan admin. He looks sad.
  2. @Samafal, what do you think about Deni so far?
  3. There are legitimate criticism against Madoobe and his Kikuya guards, but what hurts Madoobe the most are the Jeegaan social media users pretending to be his supporters, attacking and insulting nearly every Somali clan. It doesn't do justice for Madoobe's image especially he is trying to rehabilitate his past image and build a workeable governement. An example is this Apophis creature spewing nonsense all day.
  4. I wasn't keen on Deni's election either, but changed my mind. For the sake of prioritizing developement, I forgave Deni for buying the election. Deni is doing something extraordinary. Let us give him the support he needs.
  5. Past SNET dwarf here. You're among family. Had fights with Basra Calooley and left.
  6. Egyptians are the most misguided Arabs I have ever seen. They are so fearful of the military that they would never lift a finger to speak for their freedoms. As long as they get their flat bread subsidized by the dictator, they are happy till ethernity.
  7. I have no relations with Deni. I share common clan with him but I don't know the guy. Neither am I from his subclan. Not even close. As a Puntlander, you should place the state above your subclan. If you are a close relative of Abdiweli, you should do what Abdiweli would do which is to support Puntland unconditionally, and criticize the leaders if they don't do the right thing. Abdiweli is no longer the president. You should support President Deni.
  8. I am not sure what the country needs is more NGOs coming to the country.