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  1. Are we saying criminals got together for loot (donor money) and will issue memorandum of understanding so that each group can get their share of the begging bowl? We all know nothing serious will come out of unification talks. Waste of time!
  2. This makes me smile. We must stop this virus because if we don't, it will complete destroy our people. We don't have the healthcare resources to reduce the impact. Many will die.
  3. Business as usual at all Somali restaurants and other gatherings. You see many of them are coughing and look they are in bad shape. I would not be surprised if our community is hosting the biggest infection cluster. We know the hygiene of our businesses, mosques and gathering places are not something to be proud of. Allooow sahal.
  4. The guy was an idiot. He should have been fired long time ago.
  5. Close up when you are standing there, it is not pretty at all. I have seen other pictures. This is just another empty infrastructure left incomplete by emotional Arabs who were never serious about helping Somalis. It is all a political game.
  6. Oodweyne, leave Djibouti alone. They haven't done anything to you saxib. OO, don't you think that Djibouti should rebuild the business district of the city (crumbling buildings) and make it more attractive for tourism. Turks know how to build towns and they can transform a small portion of Djibouti city into a Swiss town. If I was Gheele, I would focus on that kind of investment to quickly improve the lives of the people (more tourism, more money for the locals without government connection).
  7. I can tell you there is panic in the US. Walmart is empty.
  8. If you ever visit Addis airport, the amount of Chinese travelers at the airport would shock you. The Chinese currently control Ethiopian economy, so I would not be surprised if Coronavirus already got there. I don't even know if the Ethiopians would be able to detect the virus.
  9. What did Abiy say to Ahmed Hussen? "Warya, iskawaran".
  10. Dahireeto

    MERS virus

    The first similar virus which was called MERS was blamed by the Saudis on Somaliland camels, but there was no evidence. It killed many people. Wuhan Virus which first spread from the wet Chinese animal meat markets is deadlier, judging from the way the world is reacting. May Allah save us all.