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  1. If we saw a picture of Cawad and them with serious faces and Biixi smiling, you guys would have said "look at those mad idiots. Biixi is laughing at them". You can never win against Somalis.
  2. Caarre is partying like a boss. Everytime Caare appears on TV, social media or in the news, Muuse Local gets a heart attack.
  3. Cagjar is a selfish guy who wants to have higher position in Ethiopia. He will destroy everything as long as he achieves his ultimate goal.
  4. They are actually not loyal to Farmaajo. Danab is anti-shabab establishement running its own affairs independently.
  5. Rented Russian military plane that can fall off the sky any minute is not an airline. He needs to compete properly by upping customer service, cleaniness, safety and ontime availability.
  6. The Trump card was played here. Distract people from the real disaster. The renouncing of American citizenship was exactly timed with the news of Yariisow's death. RIP Yarisoow. Shameful.
  7. Great point Saalax. It has always been Awdal, Half of Sanaag and Sool were 100% pro Somalia. The formula changed further recently and Saalax's family became 20 to 30% pro-somalia. Pro-Somalia: 65% No opinion: 20% Hardcore secessionists: 15% (This group is usually from the clan that holds the presidency. The loyalty changes every election)
  8. nacaska Ducaale is busy photoshoping. Go do something more fruitful saxiib.
  9. @Abtigiisis finished. Dead to us and all Somalis. He wants to bring back Amhara noecolonianist at the expense of his own people so that he can stay in power in Somali kilil and be given more prominent role in Ethiopian politics. He is a loser.
  10. This is a huge victory for the #dulmidiid Colonel.
  11. Dhagax-Tuur, you are focusing on the wrong stuff. The country should not be plunged into chaos because only Farmaajo wants to be called president. That is a meaningless purpose to serve the country. Farmaajo made absolutely no improvments on security. Farmaajo took over a thriving Mogadishu with business coming back. Today the country is in chaos. Love them or hate them, Shariif, Abdulahi Yusuf and Culusow all did their part. We are still waiting for Farmaajo's improvements.
  12. Correct. But, what steps is he taking to bring peace. Every president before him too some steps and made improvements. Farmaajo is busy fighting dowlad goboleeds and things are getting worse. Why not focus on Alshabab and pacify the country as promised. Farmaajo said repeatedly that Alshabab will be his biggest focus.
  13. Somaliland is not a country yaa ciyaal shabaab. Cusbada naga yareeya.