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  1. Morgan is 93 years old and he still look young. What does he eat to stay young?
  2. Great picture. Thank you Sanaagans. Your land is beautiful.
  3. Dahireeto

    Puntland's VP Camey opposes Garowe meeting...

    Khuraafaad.com it was.
  4. Dahireeto

    Afhayeenka Cagjar is Coldoon?

  5. Both are trekking through unfriendly territory with heavy guards. Irony.
  6. Dahireeto

    'Development' in Godey

    Abtigiis must visit other areas that doesn't belong to his clan. Reerkooda inuu 100% ku dul wareego ma khasabaa?
  7. Dahireeto

    Jawaari Oo Ka Degay Baydhabo (SAWIRRO)

    As long as politics of survival is played without violence, I am all for it saxibayaal. Alloow kii roon reerka u reeb roughly means may the best one stay for the family. Who will be elected? Farmaajo's puppet or the guys who has the opposition support.
  8. Dahireeto

    Head of Ethiopian Consulate in Hargeisa arrested

    What does that mean for Somaliland and Puntland Ethiopian consulates? Is Abiy removing consulates all together?
  9. Dahireeto

    Afhayeenka Cagjar is Coldoon?

    @The Zackshould confirm this for us. @Abtigiismade a good choice if this is true. Coldoon is a great guy. Sometimes he gets emotional considering what Somaliland regime subjected to him (the fear, isolation,family intimidation) but I think his reaction is normal.
  10. I am not alone to think that way. Watch this space Tillamook. Oromos are not done yet.
  11. Dahireeto