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  1. Farmaajo wants to be a spoiler. He will be flying out of Mogadishu asagoo dhutinaya. Once the locals and the international community want you out, you are better off resigning gracefully like Abdulahi Yusuf did instead of kursi jeceel. He is taking advantage of good will and institutions built by all previous presidents. His handlers and social media whisperers are lying to him that he is beloved by the people, but we all know he lives in a bubble and doesn’t know it. No one wants Farmaajo to create a new tribal war just so he can have another term. No one with a healthy mind. People are tired. The guy has to leave and let the elections proceed.
  2. Oh my way way. This is a joke right? today is Yariisow’s son. Tomorrow is Kuusow’s cousin. The nepotism never ends. With so many jobless graduates desperate for work, the future is looking good for the connected.
  3. Abiy and his supporter Caqjar aka SOL Abtigiis will regret trying to save the Amhara regime. Abiy is already hiding in a safe place spreading fake news that he is leading a war. Oromos don’t want this Amhaar Pentecostal. Somalis also don’t want dabadhilif Caqjar who is crying for the Amhara regime. Ethiopia must break up. No other solution.
  4. We want Ethiopia to collapse and break up. Amhaara wannabe Abiy is a foolish man. He went into hiding fulaynimo darted. He is afraid of being assassinated. There is no other way to liberate the Somali region from the Habesha and their Dabaqoodhi Somalis like Cagjar. full collapse is what we need. Freedom will be sweet for our people.
  5. Cagjar aka Abtigiis wuu waashay. He is the most fervent supporter of the failing Amhaara regime. Very sad situation to see him turn into the most loyal Danadhilif you could ever find for Amhaara. He is fighting a loosing battle to save Ethiopia from collapse.
  6. Farmmajo is funny. Lool. Excellency how many times? Are we sure Abiy himself didn’t write the speech for Farmaajo? Caadi iskadhig MR President. You have Somali karaamo.
  7. What will this do to morale of our own terrorist Alshabab? Will they think they would also pull off the same thing if AU leaves Somalia?
  8. Meesha dowladi ma joogtee ciyaarta yareeya. Acting like this is Siyaad Barre era. The defectors will go back and get their salary no matter what. Clan loyalty trumps everting.
  9. Very impressive patriot. This country cant afford dictatorship and civil war. I laughed hard when he started talking about Gorgor, duufaan and cayayaan militia that Farmaajo created for himself. Lool