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  1. Modern Home and Office Furniture Store opens in Mogadishu. This is a Turkish chain store licensed to Somali investors. Enza Home is a concept brand offered by Yataş to create new lifestyles. Enza Home shapes life with its products ranging from dining rooms to bedrooms furniture, mattresses, textiles and accessories, and brings different lifestyles to your home with its modern and innovative approach. Alternatives for various tastes and living solutions that offer comfort in its most natural state meet design within reach at Enza Home, making a difference. Enza Home products have the strength of Yataş Group's years of expertise that enables to meet all expectations of comfort and quality, durability and elegance, affordability and good design. Enza Home gives first priority to customer satisfaction with its wide service and maintenance network that extends all over Turkey, and offers much more than furniture to its customers — it offers a lifestyle. Enza Home invites you to meet brand new worlds at its global network of concept stores.
  2. COVID is killing people. I am not surprised. I thought it was heart attack but never thought about the COVID angle. For his age, he would not survive one day in a place that doesn't have appropriate hospital.
  3. Haha. I am sure Hobyo boys moved to West Africa to show the Super Eagles how to get things done peacefully. What happened to Boko Haram? They could do their thing and teach piracy too. Walee waa cajiib.
  4. Ali Mahdi is much better than all the worlds and no-warlords who came after him. He is being honest.
  5. Where is @Old_Observer? Give us the inside story man. lol
  6. The xawaala owners have always been the hidden warlords pulling the stings behind the scenes for all the country's troubles. Stability is bad for them.
  7. What kind of a Somali name is "Falxada"? Is she even Somali?
  8. AUN. Probably a heart attack. In some situation, it doesn't help when you are travelling a place that doesn't have modern hospitals to check you out.
  9. If Turkish state didn't convert this into Museum 100 years, we wouldn't be debating this. It was a mosque for centuries. Good move by Erdogan. Erdogan just delivered a blow against the French crusaders crying about Libya. This is all double play politics. Erdo is sending an indirect message.
  10. Djibouti needs to up its game if it needs to survive in the in the region. Most of the Southern high birth rate is driven by Bantu Somalis.
  11. No social distancing, no masks ... A corona disaster in the making.
  12. The word "Daafi" is not Somali. It is Oromo. It is safe to say If he was from your clan, this topic would not be posted. haha.
  13. The great Sinno-Somalo entanglement. My desperate secessionists, just know that China will remember this treasonous act of trying to damage China's unity. China has a very very good memory. ha