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  1. Deni is a failure. Stop blaming the poeple of Puntland with your attacks people. It is all over Jaamac Cali Jaamac.
  2. lol. There is nothing there in the video. Are we that desperate?
  3. THere is no turning back for Sanaag. That car has left the parking lot. Suldaanka, you are looking for trouble where there is none.
  4. This is funded by UAE. This game is very obvious, but Gheelle will survive this silly game and come out strong. Afars are our brothers and UAE dogs are creating conflict between Somalis and Afars. Long Live Djibouti.
  5. Caarre and Coldoown followers are not drinking the "Somaliland" Kool-Aid
  6. First President to visit Sanaag in years. When will Biixi visit Sanaag?
  7. The world is giving more money. More of it is also disappearing. Watch the next corruption ranking. We are still at the bottom. Galbeedi don't fall for the propaganda. Kheyre has failed badly. He failed to reconcile the warring tribes and the country is now on the edge of another civil war.
  8. lool@way kibreen. Why do most Somaliland supporters speak as if they feed Awdal. I am against violence.
  9. This got heated. Puntland is becoming a real democracy. We never used to see this kind of debate.
  10. Dhaqaale, somaliland has many tribes and people don't care about tribes anymore. we care about systems that must be defeated like the secessionist system.
  11. "bring to Justice" means we will capture Jawar. Abiy is paving the way for Jawar's arrest.
  12. Megersa is a board member of the Assemblies of God in Ethiopia. You are correct. He is the next PM.