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  1. lol gerrarahere man. better team won, better luck next time. always blaming someone else for your shortcomings!
  2. Despite the heroic efforts of the first leg, Somalia lose to Zimbabwe 3-1 which means Somalia does not qualify for world cup African qualifying group.
  3. The man above is Faisal Xiis, the spokesman for SL police. Stop spreading misinformation you illegitimate neo-***.
  4. it's because of Ramadan there hasn't be a lot of fanfare around 18 May this year, not because of any other silly claim.
  5. it's obvious this was a social experiment and a prank. he'd be crazy to consider wearing that qashin.
  6. Here's the link
  8. Hi Somalilanders and those of you who are sympathetic to the idea of football as a tool of development. as part of the preparations for next year's Conifa world cup in Somaliland, please donate to the gofundme campaign.
  9. Few pics I found online of khayriyada area in central Hargeisa. I think it's now time to cast the Mig plane in iron and to create a little freedom park. Perhaps we can do a gofundme fundraiser?
  10. Berbera is on the up. The mayor Mr Ciddin, is doing a great job. He's an example to the other mayors of SL.