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  1. this is not the first time Mr Osman has launched a Somalia-focused political party. way back in 2009, he launched Hanoolato Somalia National Party in London and that was a non-starter and a major failure. here's a video of this one man show:
  2. I'm not entirely sure why people are fixated with Maxamed BK and what he's allegedy said. He didn't say anything that is not true. It's easy to blame someone else for their issues.
  3. Hi Galbeedi, It's really tragic you've spent a considerable amount of time to tell us about jef oo jaaq, a ponzi scam from the time of Bernard Madoff schemes. We're going back almost 13 years or more. Also this money you've alleged is jef oo jaq are mircocredits given to people in rural areas. Your audicious attempts to contrive new sensationalist stories and to present them as new exclusive stories are laudable, I must admit. Are you able to disclose/share your sources, so I can verify, if indeed your stories are true?
  4. Walle, waligee Dhabaayaco ma daahiro. my suggest to you is build your lands and don't fuss over Mogadishu.
  5. Somaliland is not built on the misery of others. it's built on the great strides made by its peoples.
  6. what's worse is in Somalia, under Al-shabab, women were/are forced to wear red socks when they have the painters in. now that's primitive.
  7. the article just stated the truth about Mogadishu. ''Unlike Mogadishu, Hargeisa is an emerging peaceful business hub with authorities doing their best to ensure the kind of lawlessness associated with Somalia is not replicated in Somaliland.'' they've been saying soon or later for 30 years. yet Somalia is lawless and diaspora journalists have their passports confiscated, unlawfully detained and people are also killed on a daily basis. there's a million more things to say despite it's glossy veneer of hormar. but no cares about Somalia. it was merely a factual comparison.
  8. There are a lot of Muslims who consume swine.
  9. bhlub (@thebhlub) Tweeted: ANOTHER one of @M_Farmaajo's lies backfires. Farmajo instructs this attention seeking individual to lie to the public and claim he was born in Hargeisa for propaganda purposes... a complete LIE. His real place of birth: Ethiopia!! Shameless N&N tactics. #Somaliland #Somalia such low level cunning. This imposter and the imposter hoping to score points have been exposed. Lol
  10. lol gerrarahere man. better team won, better luck next time. always blaming someone else for your shortcomings!
  11. Despite the heroic efforts of the first leg, Somalia lose to Zimbabwe 3-1 which means Somalia does not qualify for world cup African qualifying group.