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  1. Alpha Blondy

    17th October - Xuska Maalinta Mujaahidiintii SNM

    Never forget your history.
  2. Waa guulweyn oo usoo hoyatay dhamaan shacabweynaha Somaliland. There's no turning back now. Excellent stuff.
  3. it's great to see Somaliland attracting so much investment. i wonder if the SL Government, through the ministry of trade or commerce have an investment board to; a) deal on a governmental basis with these investors and; b) provide scrunity and oversight of these major projects. i do recall there was a board of some kind there during the time of Mohamed Abdulahi Omar as commerce/trade minister.
  4. Alpha Blondy

    BBC Somali Interview with SL FM Dr. Sacad Ali Shire

    an improved performance by the Foreign minister.
  5. with the reversal of the oil terminals from private to public hands recently, i doubt if the cement project will get off the ground in a public private partnership.
  6. is this different from Boodhari Mills?
  7. the TV programme with Harari was very nice, I watched it and hearing from the people was great. Somaliland is blessed, mashAllah.
  8. Alpha Blondy

    Telesom Towers Hargeisa

    when will the wholesale selling of public land stop, rugta ganacsiga is just one of many important buildings in that compound, including the historic guriga shaqalaha and also Somaliland civil service commission.
  9. that's not true. where areas does these sorts of things happen? you have tendency to exaggerate. nothing like you've described happens in Hargeisa. kulaaha ''middle of the city'' lol
  10. Alpha Blondy

    Telesom Towers Hargeisa

    very impressive design.
  11. Alpha Blondy

    Koore unloads on Berbera clan

    i couldnt agree more Xaaji. waanu dulqaad badanahay.
  12. Alpha Blondy

    Koore unloads on Berbera clan

    that's purely propanganda, we are law abiding people. we are custodians of somaliland's natural resources and what we're doing is being accountable. when national resources are sold wholesale, someone has to look after the interests of the people. Koore is a seasoned politicians. he's entitled to address his grievance and concerns.
  13. this voodoo is great for outsourcing blame and failures.
  14. do you mean the Police? there are no civilian armed thugs in Hargeisa.
  15. Hargeisa, my beautiful city. we will be reunited soon lol.