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  1. I once read somewhere that stage freight is the number 1 phobia most cited by people. Don't understand why. Based on my limited experience, I feel more comfortable speaking in front of hundreds of ppl I don't know than I do speaking in front of 1 or 2 people. I really respect parliamentarians who not only have to speak before 10s of thousands of people as their speeches/debates are televised but also have to put up with hecklers and other distractions.
  2. So, I see Duke is still feeling high on his magic carpet ride. Duke, what happened to your great hero, the Charles de Gaulle of Somalia, the one and only PM Geedi?
  3. Originally posted by Didi Kong: It seems like in some circles Ethiopia has become the primary scapegoat for all our ills. Not all of our ills. Only minor and uneventful ills like Melez's invasion and occupation of Somalia. Castro, welcome back.
  4. ^Can you copy and paste the article? To read, you need to register.
  5. ^Why are you repeatedly asking the anti-TFG camp to make their case? I would have expected such gaffe of debating etiquette from the likes of Duke et al, not you. The burden of proof always lies with the claimant or one taking the affirmative position. The antithetical position is the default state. TFG exponents have to make their case for why we, the unconvinced, should support them before nay-sayers give their take. Now, I know you don't endorse the TFG and for argument's sake taking the position of TFG proponents, so I'll try my best to briefly rebut some of the pro-TFG claims you wrote. Claim: "Yet the TFG is the only group that can boast (rightly or wrongly) of containing members of all Somali clans and groupings." The deficiency of this claim is readily self-evident to any discerning readers. If the TFG is the only all-inclusive faction out there, why are we even having this discussion. Why is Somalia literally on fire and slipping back into anarchy reminiscent of early 90s? Shouldn't every group be happy and supportive of the TFG since the TFG is theirs? Obviously this claim of inclusiveness is contradicted by the daily facts on the ground... it's for cosmetic purposes. The supposed clan/special interest group reps are puppets who are there for their own self-interest and who hold no sway in the respective communities they claim to represent. This claim is the lipstick put on the revolting face of Ethiopian occupation and TFG treachery. Claim: "the argument is that the TFG is his best bet" Far from being the best bet, the TFG is the Original Sin... built on a tower of treachery and cronyism taller the Tower of Babel only this time God hasn't send down new languages and it has set the whole region on fire. Their only claim to being anything remotely the best bet is to ignominiously use the deaths of thousands of Somalis, the displacement of nearly half a million civilians, malfeasance, pilfering of whatever paltry aid was giving to Somalis, harassing aid workers and journalists and engineering the worst humanitarian disaster in as many decades, all for the great accomplishment of current Mogadishu. A city that has earned the dishonorable distinction of: Baghdad by the Sea. This outfit of gangs have created something right out of the movie Gangs of New York... these criminals are the very embodiment of malfeasance, criminal incompetence and sheer buffoonery. It's the height of absurdity to claim these donkeys are the best to lead a country at it's most trying hour. From purely practical point of view, the mess in Somalia is the TFG's own creation. There were NO suicide bombers before the TFG. No "insurgency" before they brought in Ethiopian troops to occupy Somalia. Neither were there half a million IDPs facing acute shortages of all essential life necessities and in urgent need of help. How, relying purely on reason, can the very entity that is the provenance for much of the tragedy facing Somalis today be the selfsame entity to remedy it? It's like expecting the US to solve the mess it created in Iraq. Claim: "Kindly note that this does not involve feeling sad for the death of civilians or sympathising with people being displaced from their homes" How can you decouple the civilian deaths consideration from the evaluation of the TFG (or any government for that matter)? I mean, if you're that morally flexible then couldn't you excuse the most heinous regimes in history? Can't you excuse Nazism on the account of suspending judgment of their crimes against humanity and judge them only on other considerations? The raison d'être of any government is to protect those it claims to govern, there's no greater purpose than that. If, for whatever reason, it can't actualize it's raison d'être then it has invalidated it's existence. Claim: "After all, with their Ethiopian military backers, Saudi money and American support they (of all the other players in this arena) are the most able to bring your beloved Somalia back on its feet (whilst skimming some of the monetary aid and funds, but is that too much of a price to begrudge if they bring Somalia back)?" The only certificate of approval that counts for any aspiring government is that from it's own people. After all, it's not the Saudis and Americans they'll be ruling over, it's Somalis.
  6. Now, c'mon guys, don't you think you're taking this a tad bit too far? This is bordering on the homo.
  7. Prejudiced people will use any paradigm of the day to support their warped views. Before Darwinism became a bedrock of Biological Sciences, in American Christians were bitterly divided between monogenists and polygenists. Using the Bible, in particular the part pertaining to the curse Ham, polygenists argued that slavery was divinely ordained.
  8. Originally posted by -: ^^^^^^^^^^LooooooooooooL..War Kashafa, does your struggle contain actual dead Ethiopians or you are content Somalis continue killing each other? aren't you presuming their innocence? We wouldn't be in this morass if S. Barre had hanged C/yuusuf and Ceydiid, would we?
  9. I fully concur. This outrage by the secessionist cult (said in the most withering inflection) will cost them dearly. They don't know who they're messing with. But who is gonna answer the call of arms? One group of Reer Bari have answered the call. God bless 'em. [10/18/2007] Haweenka Kudhaqan Gobolka Bari oo Baaq kasoo saaray Arinta Laascaanood Waxaa kulan Balaaran isugu Yimid Haweenka Gobolka bari iyagoo kulan mudo dheer Qaatay ku yeeshay Xarunta gobolka bari ee Magaalada Boosaso. Kulankaan ayaa ay isug yimaadeen Haweenku ayaa waxaa uu kusaabsanaa Weerarka Gardarada ah ee Qaawan ee ay kusoo qaadeen Maamulka S/land iyo Kooxa ka soo Horjeeda Dowlada Soomaaliya oo kaashanaya Eriteria. Kulankaasi ka dib ayaa haweenku waxaa ay soo saareen Baaq ku wajahan arintaan iyo Sida ay dumar ahaan uga qayb qaadanayaan Difaacida Puntalnd iyo Xoraynta Magaalada Laascaanood oo hada gacanta ugu jirta Kooxo Maleeshiyo Beeleed ah oo Taabacsan Maamulka Hargaysa. Hadaba Baaqaas ay soo saareen Haweenka gobolka bari oo ay ka dhex Muuqdeen Gudoomiyaha Haweenka goblka bari Maryan Guduudo iyo Xildhibaanad Saynab ugaasyaasiin ayaa waxaa goobta kulanka ka akhrisay Xiriiriyaha Haweenka ee Gobolka Mrs Cibaado waxaana uu u qornaa sidatan. 1.waxaan kasoo horjeednaaa Daadaansiga qaawan ee uu ku hayo maamul isku sheega S/land Dowlad goboleedka Puntland. 2.waxan Naf iyo maal uhuraynaa lana garabtaaganahay walaalahayaga Reer sool ee ay dhibaatada soo gaarsiiyeen Maamul isku sheega Riyaale iyo Kooxaha Caado Qaatayaasha ah ee Horkacaya. 3.Waxaany Beesha Caalamka Nabada Jecel usheegaynaa Gardarada Joogtada ah ee uu Nagu hayo Maamul isku sheega Daahir Riyaale Kaahin 4.Baaqayagii waxaanu kusoo gabo gabaynaynaa Hadaanu Nahay Gabdhaha Gobolka Bari in aanu Hiil iyo hooba la garabtaaganahay Qorshaha difaaca Xukuumadayada. Baaqaan ayaa waxaa soosaaray Dhamaaba haweenka gobolka bari ilaa heer gobol iyo heer degmo waxaana ay in taasi Raaciyeen in ay diyaar u yihiin in ay Tagaan Goobaha dagaalka iyo Jiidaha hore ee Colaadaha. Haweenka Goblka bari ee Baaqa soo saaray ayaa sido kale waxaa wehelisay Xildhibaanad Saynab ugaas yaasiin oo ka mida Goblaha wakiilada Dowlada goboleedka Puntland oo iyadu ku dhiirisay dhamaanba Gabdhaha Maamul goboleedka Puntland in ay uguntadaan sidii ay uga qaybqaadan lahaayeen Qorshaha difaaca ee Dalkooda kaasi oo ay Weerar qaawan kusoo qaadeen Kooxo Taabacsan Maamulka Hargaysa. Isku soo wada duuboo Haweenkaan Baaqa soo saaray ayaa waxaa Wejigooda laga dareemayay saan saan Colaadeed iyo Xamaasad Lixaadleh Taasi ka Turjumaysay Sida ay diyaar ugu yihiin in ay Difaacaan kana qaybqaataan La dagaalanka Xulafaysiga Riyaale iyo dib usoo Celinta Xoriyada Gobolka Sool oo Haatan kagacanta ugu Jira Kooxo Caado qaatayaal Dhuuni Raacyo ah X.F.gudaal yare Bosaso,Puntland,Somalia
  10. Whenever I see people admonishing science (and 'logic' in this thread) for failing to make the leap to the realms of Ontology, I'm invariably reminded of what Laplace said to Napoleon. Napoleon asked Pierre-Simon Laplace to explain the solar system. After Laplace finished explaining to him, Napoleon felt something was left out. So he asked, "Where does God come into all this?" To which Laplace famously replied, "Sire, I have no need of that hypothesis." Science and reason will not vindicate God's existence or the confirm the veracity of Islam.
  11. Originally posted by Nehanda: Remember inadeer 'behind every great man there is a great woman'. Why would you shackle yourself to a bakhti? Nehanda, that's an incomplete quote. It should read something like this: "behind every great man there is a great woman and behind her his wife."
  12. What does Ayaan Hirsi classify herself as? I never heard anyone mentioning what she is other than that she's a former muslim. Is she agnostic, atheist, pantheist, deist, lizard worshiper etc?
  13. Originally posted by Sophist: How on earth does this 26 yrs have no risk lemit; dont the platform have a VAR limit? Maybe it has something to do with this: "While Calyon didn't identify the people involved, Bierbaum, whose stepfather is a descendent of John Jay, the first chief justice of the U.S.,... I suspect he was born with silver spoon in his mouth, connections can take you far places in the world of Hedge Funds and LBOs.
  14. My first impressions SOLers? Affected, unctuous and pugnacious. The last is just being Somali but the first point is the stand out. People here are way too cordial to be taken seriously... maybe it's the strict moderation but there's lots of hokey behavior.
  15. Maybe she looks better with her veil on. Why is the little bugger ruining the experience... doesn't he know many women look helluva lot more comely when clad in one of those head-to-toe veils?
  16. Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: His Grace Lord Socod Badne the Smoked of Walk upon Water ^Excluding the sissy word Grace, not a bad title. I'm 'the smoked' and walk on water!
  17. Socod_badne


    Daahir Riyoole wasn't "chased" out by anyone. He as recalled by his master and the current president of Somalia Melez Zenawi.
  18. Originally posted by The Duke: ^^^SOCOD: The warlords who kicked me out of my home were fighting in the name of clan What is your point? The fact remains, you are eagerly defending the thugs who killed your own people and made you a refugee. So long as you do so, no one is will take you seriously when you rail against other warlords. Do you know the definition of a hypocrite? The TFG, which is the only real hope for somalia, has isolated the warlords and defeated the courts. The TFG is embodiment of Warlordism from the head honcho to the lowly foot soldiers. Almost all were either warlords, patrons of warlords or militias of warlords. And now they've added treachery to their repertoire. Quite the a group to be championing. They are facing what A/qasin, Ali Mahdi and others faced, a hostile group led by criminals who do not wnat to see any governemnt . Like who? Could they be men like Qeybdiid, M/dheere, M. Yalaxow, Qanyare, C/yuusuf et al? Tell us about these mysterious criminals. Thus these bombers, criminal networks are part and parcel of the warlords/looters and fake wadaads who kept somalia without any governemnt and isolated. There were no bombers, criminal networks or fake wadaads in Xamar before Ethiopia invaded. But now there are plenty, who's fault is that? You still didn't answer my question: what part of Somalia are the 10s of Ethiopian army in Xamar from?
  19. This is a good news, lets hope it's promptly followed by the rest of the puppet gang.
  20. Originally posted by The Duke: ^^^Not at all. The TFG has exiled the warlords/clan courts they do not control a single street, neighbourhood, airstrip as they used to. Their infrustructure has been smashed, their weapons confiscated and their militias desbanded or integrated into the security apparatus. What are you smoking? The warlords that made YOU a refugee are the same men you're ululating for today and want me, another refugee courtesy of the selfsame warlords, to accept as bonafide leaders. They have blood of thousands on their hands, while you are guilty of a mite less misdeed: having on your conscience the deaths and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people at the hands of these warlord that you fervently support. Men like M/Dheere, C/yuusuf, Qeybdiid, Madoobe, Hiraale, ali mahdi etc. These men and their militias are now undergoing an image remake to make them passable for statesmen, ministers and policemen. It so ridiculous to make you get stitches from laughing so hard if it wasn't so tragic. To make matters even worse is the fact they're all without exception puppets of Melez. They security crackdown is aimed at the bombers, criminal networks and foreign groups hiding amongts the people. How exactly is a man in his own native homeland a "criminal" against foreign army and their local foot soldiers? And was it slip of the tongue or something more revealing when you say "foreign groups hiding amongst the people"... what part of Somalia are the 10s of thousands of Ethiopians from?
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    Yet, another fallout from Ethiopia's invasion. When Ethiopia invaded Somalia last year, it was self-evident to many that it would lead to destabilization of the whole region. Regional conflagration is now on the surge. It's depressing to see Somalis fighting each other while their country is occupied by foreign army and their 'leaders' are too busy currying favor with their masters than attend to the burning fires.
  22. What are they securing? War booty? These militias and their warlords are the same people that were reeking havoc in Somalia the last 17 years. Warlords turned presidents and ministers, blood socked militias turned policemen. You couldn't make it up!
  23. Originally posted by Juje: You cant have both ways sxb. As you say his a contreversial charecter hence his appointment should be similar beyond argument. I'm pleading with you to think with your head and not your guts. You're driven by emotions. In all human history, national liberation struggles had to make devil's pact to win. Yes, it would have been ideal had Indhacadde not been given any prominent position. Yes, he is controversial fella. But there's nothing controversial about his new position because the cause he is enlisted for is not least bit controversial. In fact, it is a noble and worthy endeavor. You simply have to do better job explaining the logical connection between his appointment as a leader in one of the several resistance groups, and how that detracts from the worthy endeavor of freeing Somalia from Ethiopian occupation. The expulsion of Ethiopia and the restoration of Somalia's independence, dignity, sovereignty and freedom is the single most important challenge facing Somalia. Now, you say he is singularly responsible for the collapse of ICU. Can you substantiate this?
  24. Duke, are you competing for this year's Non Sequitur of the Year award? And don't blame me for your inability to articulate your position or convince me of why I should support the gangs and warlord outfit you call government. If you wanna convince me and others, you first have to start talking sensibly. Second, stop squaring a circle. TFG being a legit government deserving of any Somali's support is a circle that can't squared.
  25. Indhacadde maybe a controversial fella but there's nothing controversial about his appointment. The only lingering doubt is whether he is up to the task. Time well tell. I'm really baffled by the hostile chorus this article engendered. If you're TFG supporter, your disapproval is understandable. If you TFG cheerleaders weren't so blindly in support of the TFG's pogrom of marginalizing all dissenting voices, sacking the independently minded speaker of the parliament and mercilessly quashing all independent voice in the media, you wouldn't be in situation you are now where your arch nemesis (ICU) and perennial thorn in the side is the only royal opposition on the horizon. You got only yourselves to blame for this. I'll leave to abeyance for the time being the transparent insencerity when you denounce Indhocadde for his lack of moral scruples and past deeds given that you support clique of men of similar traits who made you, me and everyone else refugees; men like C/yuusuf, ceydiid jr., qebdiid, gacmadheere, ali mahdi et al. You also don't spare besmirching other members of the resistance, including everyone from night living saints to two-bit marginal characters. But for the people who don't support the TFG, your stance is harder to grasp. I'm trying terribly hard to understand your reasoning. Someone help me. What does your feelings about Indhacadde have to do with supporting the Just Cause of resisting Ethiopian occupation? Love the sinner, hate the sin, remember? Do you hate the man or what he did? If the latter, then there is really no reason for you not to support the resistance or the Asmara group since this is a Just Cause. This is most specious reasoning if there ever was one. It is imperative that the Ethiopian occupation of Somalia not pass without resistance. The right of local ppl to resist foreign occupation is enshrined in every extant international law. So supporting the resistance against Ethiopian occupation is not only morally justifiable but also legally sanctioned as well. There's really no rational grounds for you not to support the resistance. You should really be careful not to miss the trees for the forest. Far be it from to espouse Manichean take on things but this is one of the few exception to my general rule. In fact, G. W. Bush formulated it nicely for us: you're either with the occupation of Somalia by Ethiopia supported by fifth columnist sellouts or you're with those resisting the foreign occupation of Somalia.