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  1. That is another topic for another day - The elusive recognition is the theme of the day!
  2. Good job Mr. President. Saalax and his co will accept anything from their leaders. When will they learn either we are clan states or one nation?
  3. Classified;978835 wrote: How many shir (conferences) do you guys have to hold to "find a solution"? lol Boocame 1 Boocame 2 Boocame 3 Khaatumo 1 Khaatumo 2 Khaatumo 3 (in progress) Khaatumo 4 (coming soon in theaters near you) Also, the numerous sub-clan within the Garaad family holding separate conferences from Awrbogays to Buuhoodle. Diplomacy has failed to give you back your territory. Try something more orthodox. Pick up the Kalashnikov and fight back. Reer SNM aren't using Jets or Ballistic Missiles, they're using the same small arms that every other Somali tribe has access to. Wax iska dhiciya ama naga aamusa! Classified - Las Anod calls more tactical move than Kalashnikov. Never mind, I forgot you are dealing with the symptoms of the problem. Please, indulge so long you get satisfied.
  4. Saalax;978827 wrote: Quit crying and man up. The "triangle" tribe you speak of is today ruling you in Ceerigaabo and forcing you to adopt the Somaliland currency and never dare to use the Somalia currency again in this area, if you don't like Somaliland rules leave to the Somalia border. Simple as. Saalax - you know very well - without me you aint going nowhere. Just count the years and get use to it!
  5. War is inevitable but the incubators of the frozen conflict have to blossom first. Be mind, all the social ills of my kinfolk are not from the triangle tribe. The major ones are within, and their solutions are to be found from within; they better put their s-t together first before any tangible progress can be realized.
  6. Hargeisa admin should be mindful and be sensitive to the coexistence of Erigavo residents. No Guulwadayn from Hargeisa will do anything good.
  7. Taleexi

    The inlaws

    If the parent of either side is 100% in rejection mode - calling the union off is the right thing to do in my skewed view with the exception of some unique circumstances however, each to his own and Allah knows the best.
  8. Heinous crime indeed. Government is partially a part of the problem. We are in a critical juncture as a nation - and I call a capital punishment for whomever commits such a crime - at least for the time being and when normalcy returns we can take other measures.