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  1. Originally posted by Armchair Politician: Why is it every meeting that occurs in Puntland looks the same? Really long polished wooden table? Check Everyone has their own bottle of water? Check Everyone looks really bored, and noone has even opened their notebook? Check Looks as though Puntland has started offering a selection of soda pop with your water as well. loool don't forget "cadde" muuse and his multi-colored Tuute.
  2. Wow! What a distinguished list of speakers. I think Amina Mire teaches at my school.
  3. What exactly is wrong with saying muslim women can travel without their husbands or FGM is not sanctioned by Islam?
  4. Originally posted by Biixi: Can an unmarried lady love two men at the sametime? Yes. It's called manage-a-trois.
  5. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "the ugliest donkeys have the meanest kick." I for one steadfastly believe that.
  6. Well, the only thing he has left to complete the act is start singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."
  7. Originally posted by Caamir: My extended family alone [owns]owned hundreds of beautiful towers in the city, I swear in the name of God. There aren't a hundred "towers" in the whole of Somalia, how on God's green earth can there be "hundreds of towers" in Xamar? What exactly do you consider a tower? KoolKat and MMA, A/yuusuf said Xamar belongs to one clan when he gave virtually all administrative positions to one clan (under 4.5). Why is M/dheere the governor of Xamar and not Morgan KoolKat? You guys should take your arguments to A/yuusuf and not some anonymous poster on a fora.
  8. What I find more hilarious about this alleged incident is the various accounts of it. I've heard no less than 3 separate accounts. But my favorite is the following. According to this version, A/yuusuf was slapped so hard that he was senselessly knocked to the ground. In an uncharacteristic fashion and with a grimace of pain on his face he tells Gabre "lets not fight, we're friends remember?" But Gabre won't have any of it and reached for his gun to plug A/yusuf out of his ignominy. Lo and behold and out of nowhere Darwiish comes tot he rescue. Darwiish wrestles with Gabre and in the ensuing melee A/yuusuf's Commando school training kicks in... instinctively he rolls on the ground towards the door and surreptitiously flees Villa Somalia to seek refuge from Ugandan troops. He has been sleeping in Ugandan tank ever since.
  9. Originally posted by Caamir: I find it misleading that you solely hold the TFG, Uganda, and Ethiopia responsible for Mogadisho's mayhem. Leave Uganda out of this, they're in Somalia with best of intentions. They don't kill Somalis, rather they distribute food and water to the starveling. My only beef with them is their failure to protect Somalis from Ethiopian aggression. The mess in Xamar and the rest of Somalia -- the whole gamut of it that I enumerated in my last lengthy reply to you -- is the corrallary to last year's Ethiopian invasion and it's puppet "government", namely C. Yuusuf's Vichy regime. If you had listened to us, those of us who opposed bringing in Ethiopian troops by their thousands into Somalia, we would not be in this mess. Today we stand vindicated. Events are unfolding exactly how we predicted. But Eritrea denies its ties with the clan insurgents to deceive us and the world and to avoid putting itself in a diplomatic risk. Eritrea fully supports every Somali clan that wants to fight Ethiopian oppression and occupation whether in kilinka 5naad or Somali proper. So long as this is their stance, I fully support them and welcome any help they can offer to us. In fact, I think they should be commended and given a medal of honor for staunchly supporting those fighting occupation and are anti-puppetry and for self-determination. Somalia belongs to Somalis. What they do with it is their business. Ethiopia has no right to invade it. Eritrea is at war with Ethiopia, so basically Somalia is a country it can effectively utilize in its proxy war with Ethiopia. Don't worry about that, you're talking to a man whose predictions turned to be right. Thus, demonstrating that I have better handle of reality than you and the rest of the TFG supporters. I'm fully aware that Eritrea wouldn't care for the plight of Somalis if it wasn't for it's cold war with Ethiopia. Since both us Somalis and Eritreans are fighting the same enemy, our interests converge. This convergence of interests makes eminent sense to all but traitors and their cheer leaders. The only fault the can be leveled against Eritrea is its lack of material support Somalis. Eritrea provides only moral and political support. It should step up and start sending arms and medicine to Somalis. To many Somalis, hypocritically, Eritrea is an indispensable ally. How is that different from the TFG asking the assistance of Ethiopia? Well, you're either feigning incredulity or you're downright daft. Let me list for you the minor distinctions between Eritrea and Ethiopia: -Ethiopia occupies Somalia, Eritrea doesn't -Ethiopia has 10s of thousand it's troops in Somalia, Eritrea doesn't -Ethiopia has killed 10s thousands of Somalis both inside Somali proper and in Kilika 5naad, Eritrea hasn't killed a single Somali -Ethiopia has uprooted 100s of thousands of Somalis who now live in conditions you wouldn't even let animals live in, Eritrea has never made a single Somalis a refugee -Ethiopia doesn't recognize Somalia's sovereignty and territorial integrity by repeatedly crossing into Somalia in support of this group or that group, Eritrea never questioned nor violated Somalia's territorial integrity or sovereignty. -Ethiopia kidnaps Somalis in their own country, Eritrea never kidnapped a single Somali -Ethiopia holds in it's dungeons hundreds of Somalis without fair trail and holds them incommunicado, Eritrea doesn't hold a single Somalia in it's prisons -Ethiopia is against Somali self-determination, Eritrea is for Somali self-determination .... you're getting my drift now? Five months is too small of a period to use as a benchmark. Sxb, stop being stubborn. You can't argue against bare facts. It's not only me who credits the ICU with the dramatic reduction of piracy but that of the world as well. While the TFG with the support of the whole world and abundance of resources that entails is ineffective fighting piracy. Why do you think that is? My view is the 'G' in TFG doesn't stand for government but for gangsterism. ... should give unassailable conclusion that the ICU was a unilateral clannish entity under the guise of religious garb And yet as any sensible person would agree, the ICU in it's brief stint with virtually fraction of the international support the TFG gets was able to accomplish more than C. Yuusuf's Vicey regime. I mean, it must suck being TFG supporter. The ICU disbanded all the militias, all the isbaarooyin, opened the airport and seaport, started the gentrification of Xamar, they did all the tough work for the TFG... they paved the way for the TFG, all the TFG had to do was not f' up. They couldn't have fd' up any worse. And you're asking us to support these malevolent incompetents? Is this what you believe that Yusuf harbored malice aforethought to massacre a certain clan/residents of Mogadisho by using Ethiopia?[ Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Ethiopia is using C.Yuusuf and other Somalis, not the other way around. But it's not a conspiracy that C.Yuusuf and other psychopathic members of the TFG want to kill as many as rer Mogadishu as they can. Since C.yuusuf is the CEO of the TFG and since thousands of rer Mogadishu have been massacred by Ethiopia and it's TFG collaborators, it's not a conspiracy to say C. Yuusuf wanted to massacre rer Mogadishu. It's simply stating the facts. But if I was C. Yuusuf or his supporter, SB's thoughts of his intentions would be the least of my concerns. C. Yuusuf's Vichy regime is responsible, as per Nuremberg trails, for the deaths of every single Somali civilian since the invasion of Ethiopia. It's the blood of the thousands of Somalis he has on his hands that should be your and his primary concern. have you ever thought that peacemakers are systematically targeted by the insurgents. Sxb, why do you like to indulge in the hypothetical when you got your plate full dealing with the reality on the ground? As things stand, the only legitimate, UN sanctioned force in Somalia is the Ugandan peacekeepers. Ethiopia on the other hand is illegally occupying Somalia against the expressed wish of Somalis and even against the sham TFG parliament. Didn't the so-called TFG parliament erupt in tumult and all out brawl when the question of Ethiopian troops was introduced? As to the question of peace makers, that will never happen. For it to materialize the UN would have to take sides in what seems to be factional/clanish/confessional conflict. As I told you before, this is surefire no go. But to facilitate the understanding of the term warlord which many of you label with the current members of Parliament who previously engaged in acts of warlordism...Since TFG's primacy in Somalia began, do you see the existence of such elements today? It's just same wine in different bottles. No matter how much you squirm and quibble, C. Yuusuf will always be the grand dad of Somali warlordism and he will never become leader of anything except, maybe, to his sycophantic clan worshipers. The TFG is chock full of warlords, mini-worlds, upstart warlords and warlord wannabes. Between them you will not find a single decent soul. Damn them and all those who support them. Isn't that a progress if we discount the suicide bombers (alien culture), hijackers, and the hit and run guerilla warfare in the streets of Mogadisho? Progress for who? Certainly not for the dead and those refugees facing inevitable death if Ethiopia continues to occupy our country. So progress for who? A piece of advice, don't ever use Will never this premise of yours fails to credit the objectives or plausible alternatives which then leads to incorrect conclusion. sxb, I have better track record of being right than you do, so allow me to be categorical for once. There will never be peacemakers, under chapter 7 of the UN, in Somalia.
  10. Kashafa, ICU as we have come to know last year will never return. No movement/government/empire that fell ever made a comeback. This doesn't mean something similar to the ICU - say a religiously inspired grass root movement - will not arise in the future. Just not the ICU that already died. I'm just being realistic.
  11. The ICU is dead and it aint coming back. History doesn't give anyone second chances. The least we you could do is support any Somalia fighting Ethiopian tyranny. And always remember the only thing lower than Ethiopian oppressor is Somali dhabodhilif.
  12. I find it rather peculiar the equivocation of Ethiopia using Somali ports and collaboration with Ethiopia that invaded Somalia, killed thousands and is the source of ongoing hardship for millions of Somalis. It's surreal reading such equivocation.
  13. Originally posted by Caamir: There is a danger in the arbitrary judgment of "occupation". Of course, occupation can sometimes be arbitrary and subjective. There's no denying that and ample evidence can be adduced from Iraq to Palestine to Kashmir to make the point. But sensible people would agree that the king has no right in telling his subjects that they're free. In other words, the only opinion that matters, in so far as characterizing a crime or an injustice, is that of the victim. The EthiopiaN presence in Somalia at the moment is best judged for its temporary mission that rests on the international principle of pacifying a country racked by a seemingly an endless and brutal tribal war. But the Ethiopian presence is NOT pacifying Somalia. It's producing the exact opposite, it's fanning the flames of war and instability across the entire horn of Africa. Things are markedly worse since Ethiopia's "temporary" occupation. Banadir is on fire. Piracy is back with vengeance. Instability is creeping up in Puntland and Somaliland which have been stable compared with the rest of Somalia. Kilinka 5naad is closed off to the world as part of Ethiopian military crack down. Thousands of Somalis are dead. Nearly half a million are IDPs and ever day we hear more dire warnings of apocalyptic humanitarian disaster unfolding. The whole region seems to be going to hell in hand basket. Have you been living under a rock? Or are you vying for the position of fiddler on the roof playing while Rome burns? Aid agencies are now saying they can't even give succor to the needy because of instability and lack of security. You talk about piracy but neglect to mention that there was no piracy before Ethiopia invaded during the ICU rule. And that's because the ICU cracked down on piracy unlike the TFG. And as Frazier said, "this is an outcome of the reconciliation and counter outcome measures". You seriously expect me to entertain the opinion of a woman that represents a country that's a guilty of greatest crime of 21st century? Her country, in violation of every international convention, invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq and caused the deaths of nearly a million people with million more made refugees. What could she possibly know about reconciliation? It began when Yusuf's government first set foot in Jowhar and the Islamist threatened to capture the town of Jowhar inching on its direction by just few miles. In hindsight, I take my hat off to those 'Islamists' (whatever that means) for the prescience and sagacity they displayed. Yuusuf wanted to bring Ethiopian troops to help him massacre and make life living hell for the Somali people, especially for the residents of Mogadishu. The act to move his government to Jowhar was provocative one. History has vindicated those who opposed him then. Yuusuf should be standing in trail at the Hague for War Crimes. The prerequisite for Ethiopia's Withdrawal from Somalia is getting other forces in, that is the position of--UN, Arab League, and the U.S to avoid a big vacuum. Ethiopia will leave only after two conditions are met. The first you stated above. There will need to be a large (20,000+) UN/AU troops to replace Ethiopian troops. To date only one country sent troops and there's no indication any other country is going to send troops. And to make matters more complicated, there's no peace to keep. Somalia needs peace makers not peace keepers. Any UN/AU troops sent have to operate under Chapter 7 of the UN, meaning they have to fight... the UN/AU will have to take sides in clan-based conflict, which will never happen. So this condition for Ethiopian withdrawal can never be met. The other condition is TFG soldiers will take over. This, also, will not happen. So the two conditions for Ethiopian withdrawal are infeasible and will never materialize. Thus, Ethiopian presence is permanent. We will be lucky if we become a mere satrap of Ethiopia. From the look of things, Somalia will become a colony of Ethiopia. And Somalis will be under the jackboot of Ethiopia. Brush up on your Tigre/Amharic, you gonna need it. The hegemonic insurgents would still maintain their position of resisting any form of governance and international concern. First, explain to me how a Somali in Somalia fighting the military of foreign country becomes an insurgent. I've heard the Iraqi resistance called insurgents as well but I never understood the logic behind it. Secondly, who can blame them if they don't want governance? Look at what governance produced? Mass slaughter, refugees, dire humanitarian conditions, piracy, malfeasance, venal leaders... no government is better than a government who claims success based on the deaths of thousands of Somalis and uprooting of half million more. If that's a government to you, I want none of it. Residents are represented by the MPs and they voted in the parliament in Baidabo for the deployment of AU troops. Aren't they constituents or residents of a district represented by an elected official? No one elected a SINGLE MP. So what right do they have to speak on the behalf of anyone? These self-styled and self-appointed MPs are there for own good.
  14. Aaliyah454164, The world is not in dearth of educated faaraxs. Rather, the world is inundated with educated faaraxs. The only problem is: they're educated beyond their intelligence. Same goes for xaliimos too. Take the goat whisperer Geedi for example. He is reputed to be a professor yet has the intelligence of stillborn.
  15. Horrible pictures... you've done Borama great injustice. Half of the pics are dumb garden.
  16. A feeble hatchet job. But is there any merit to the allegation that Geedi stole aid money? I find it incredible the Saudi King, for example, handed to Geedi a bag full of aid money as this article insinuates.
  17. Originally posted by Caamir: The Anti-government squad in this net does not have a viable alternative solution if the TFG is forced to exit. This line is now staple quibble of pro-TFG camp. But the implicit reasoning behind it is simply absurd. Why does support or opposition to the TFG has to be predicated on the existence of "viable alternative?" Shouldn't the TFG be judged based on their accomplishments and/or failures? No one is asking pro-TFG crowd to support any opposition group. I myself support neither the Asmara group nor any group operating in Somalia. The only thing asked of you is to respect and recognize the God given and UN charter sanctioned right of every people to resist the foreign occupation of their country. TFG as a sovereign has the right to ask the assistance of another country Who gave c/yuusuf the mandate to ask for "assistance" of Ethiopia? Did the residents of Mogadishu get a vote? Did you get a vote? I know I didn't get a vote. whilst its very existence is under threat from radical group with alien culture in alliance with peace spoilers who had grown fat on the loot of the national property until the TFG's intervention?? Those who "grew fat on the loot of national property" are the same ilk as those calling themselves ministers, parliamentarians, speaker of Parliament, president, governors, head of national police and so on. Some of these ppl had a direct hand in making YOU a refugee and here you are tap dancing for them. Talk about being on the wrong side of the street.
  18. Originally posted by Dabshid: Is "Yeey" all to blame? "Yey" is equivalent to a CEO. If a company misbehaves in any way then the first to take the fall is the CEO. Yey is a war criminal and a mass murderer who has the blood thousands of Somalis on his hands.
  19. First, resize your signature pic. It's taking up too much space. Second, I tell you what. I have never seen Jinn myself nor have I seen someone who was "possessed" by Jinn. Don't get me wrong I'm not against the existence of Jinn. Jinn has always been convenient alibi. When you misplace your keys, blame it on Jinn. When you can't find socks, Jinn! Even when I acted a little naughty as a kid, Jinn was my best alibi... "hooyo, Jinni baa idharbaaxey ee xoogaa waa khafiifey." Spared me the rod many times. So, I'm all for the existence of Jinn but talk of possession and exorcism is a whole different kettle of fish.
  20. This Jinn possession business is nothing but superstitious claptrap. I watched the first video, very dramatic stuff. The man should be hospitalized though.
  21. I like to alert all the jubilant gooner fans about what happened to ARSEnal about 3/4 years ago... when they were touted as the greatest PL team ever, referred to as the Invisibles, the team that could turn water into wine and walk on water. Remember that time? All it took to belie the over hyped ARSEnal was one defeat. And the rest as they say was history. Gooner fans, if I were you I'd be little circumspect.
  22. It's too late, Sland will get what's coming to it. If you make your own bed, you must lay on it. This adventure on the part of the mayor of Hargeysa, Mr. Riyoole, wasn't a mere mistake. It was a blunder that threatens to set the whole region on fire. The sad part is innocent ppl will bear the brunt of any violent conflict.
  23. As Chelsea supporter, I'll relish this match as top two take points off each other ... I hope we get another tie like last weekend then Chelsea would be back in business.
  24. The problem with abortion debates is one will always have to draw an arbitrary line in the sand. The process from inception until birth is continuous one. At some stage (early) something clearly not human-like becomes something self-evidently human-like (3rd trimester for example). But in that whole process there are no discrete stages which you can credibly say, "STOP! That's a human baby!"... it's always a judgment call. When we talk about abortion, are including 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions as well?