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  1. Classified true I forget them often because walaliida Somaliiad ayaan iyaga raaciya. But you are correct.
  2. Anyone else been following the events that have been playing out? The fast and surprising Western deal with Iran which effectively exposes the crazy Netanyahu who is the new mad dog. But even more important is the new empowered Shia authority who originally laid dispersed across so many countries. Most immediate effect will be in Syria and Kurds in Turkey and Iraq. Although I know this is significant and it will cause some shift in power balance (Assad is more likely to stay more than ever) but I wonder how wide reaching the impact will be, for Turkey, For Saudi Arabia and Bahrain who were already struggling with the different sects in their population. Anyway below is an article by Robert Fisk for anyone wonder what on earth I am jabbering on about! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/robert-fisk-he-may-huff-and-puff-but-benjamin-netanyahu-is-on-his-own-now-as-nuclear-agreement-isolates-israel-8960766.html
  3. While Somaliland security sector needs all the support and help it can get- I find the "threat" from Somalia argument quit deluded- and I find it embarrassing whenever go to see the MOI and he says such things. It is a joke- Somalia can't do anything to anyone. I dont get why Somaliland officials give Somalia all this publicity and credit- please explain if you can- particularly the new MOI? :confused:
  4. The UK funded projects are many and progressing well- I hope they leave some noticeable and sustainable change in Somaliland security.
  5. Eeeer I hate to spoil the party- but the money has already been spent in Somaliland! it is not new money- it is just the final authorization for the public ceremony and handover. The equipment and money have all been delivered in the last two years and are all currently in use. There is a consideration to expand the project and appeal for more money to do this;
  6. XX I just checked- it must be over 30 days old because it is not on iplayer anymore! Sorry
  7. Lol Typical Somali- Almost every nomad came in and proposed a coup and new government- all these switching and changing loyalties- so similar to reality- I fear that all we know will mirror the scary Somali political transitions! Saffers- thank you but that is a toothless position- while I support your government- I would like to be considered as a powerful lobbyist and a personal adviser. Who I support shall remain in power and he who crosses me shall witness my influence, power and money
  8. XX download Hola (you can google) It will set your setting to UK- so you can watch it on iPlayer- that is how I manage to watch it.
  9. Alpha Blondy;986658 wrote: is there a symbiotic lesbionic relations between you and Saffz? No, just advising you to put your best foot forward- I can understand your insecurities even towards her female cyber friends since you clearly feel like you are punching above your scale and she settled. But dont worry, she is save from me at least-
  10. Alpha you should be happy your intended better half is winning- in any relationship it is wise to invest in the smarter, kind, level headed, adult and responsible adult to carry the torch for your survival and success- you would well to get behind Saffers skirt to carry you through life. That aside 134 people already voted- and unlike any other Somali election- it does not seem to be along clan lines AND a women is winning (GD does not count because he is not even here anymore- waa tribute vote wiixisu). This Poll is indeed valid representation and it is amazing that these nomads voted for the same one person: Apo, Doc, Me, Haatu, and Tallabo- could you think of a more different group of people than this list!? Even more astonishing is that AfricaOwn voted for Apo!
  11. Tallaabo;986526 wrote: This year I am voting for Safferz:o She so effortlessly made many cyber enemies from amongst the traditionalists, religious extremists, sexists, strongwomanphobes, trolls, and pseudo-intellectuals. I second this- was going to write the exact same thing! Good luck Saffers
  12. Apophis: I totally agree and it might well be possible that Leila and I would have a completely different ideas on what or how Muslim women should live their life, but I think what we fundamentally agree on is that it is arrogant for anyone to tell any Muslim women that they are in need of rescuing and if there is a version- it wont be the western liberal version.
  13. Apophis;985802 wrote: I think it's quiet telling that you selected a comment which criticises a group representing (a section) of a particular clan. Your clannism is subtle but there. Fortunately, I do not believe clannishness is a bad thing and thus take no issue. As you were. Huh??? What clan? :confused:
  14. There are criticisms of this project- For example "This piece by OSF depicts Somalis with non-human, unrecognizable and unidentifiable figures. Even the cartoons do not look anything like Somalis. I'll take Amin Amir's sketches any day over this. Therefore, it behooves me to say that this piece dehumanizes us, and you most certainly do not depict "The Largest Minority Group" in Europe as cartoons, rather through actual photography and videography. We are now reduced to cartoons in the acts of seemingly advocating for us but actually perpetuating stereotypes by having hyperlinks under this project to CNN and BCC about recent bombings in Kenya and Somalia. Don't buy into this." Somali brother. But I think he takes issues with the method- cartoons rather than message- and although I agree with him, I can understand that some of the stories are too depressing and sad to associate with real faces and individuals (and then it is a specific story of a specific person, rather an a generic story which could be part of the overall experience) Also which migrant would agree to putting their picture up?
  15. Classified;985752 wrote: Afkaad soo marin kariweydii at first, Ayeeyo. Miyaadan ogayn dhulku waa Somaliland. Ayeeyo, I think waxba ku dhaqdhaqaya- anigu I have no problem saying any part or specific area- it is a generic and inclusive comparison to where I LIVE which has had a low death toll -3 compared to say for example Puntland with a death toll of 300 as it says on the other thread. As I said this is neither the time or place for childish squabbles. It does not matter what the DHULKU is when people die. Grow up.