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  1. In an anti-guerilla war conducted in the country's ****** region, "Ethiopian troops are burning villages, raping women and killing civilians as part of a systematic campaign to drive them from their homes." Refugees say dozens of villages have been destroyed and have "accused the Ethiopian government of forcibly starving its own people by preventing food convoys reaching villages and destroying crops and livestock."* "A former Ethiopian soldier who defected from the army said how he had been ordered to burn villages and kill all their inhabitants. He said the Ethiopian air force would bomb a village before a unit of ground troops followed, firing indiscriminately at civilians. 'Men, women, children - we killed them all,' he said." The little-known conflict in ****** parallels the more widely known war in Darfur. The conflict began when rebels killed scores of Ethiopian guards and Chinese employees at a Chinese-run oil field. The government replied with a harsh crackdown. "Human rights investigators are gathering evidence of widespread use of rape, with women reporting gang-rapes by up to a dozen soldiers. In some villages, men have been abducted at night, their bodies dumped in the village the next morning. "While in Darfur, aid agencies have been able to establish camps and provide humanitarian support, they have been blocked from setting up operations in the ******. The International Committee of the Red Cross has been thrown out and Medicins Sans Frontieres has also been prevented from working. Journalists trying to enter have also been banned - those that have tried have been promptly arrested." But while neutral leftists have worked themselves into a state of high moral dudgeon over Sudan's counter-insurgency in Darfur, which "has been described by the US as 'genocide' and by the UN as 'crimes against humanity'", they have been virtually silent on Ethiopia, a recipient of US and British military and humanitarian aid. "America's top official on African affairs, assistant secretary of state, Jendayi Frazer, visited one town in the ****** last month. "On her return to Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, she criticized the rebels and said the reports of military abuses were merely allegations. 'We urge any and every government to respect human rights and to try to avoid civilian casualties but that's difficult in dealing with an insurgency,' she said." The West's official enemies are never allowed the same latitude in dealing with their own (often US and British financed and instigated) insurgencies - a double standard backed by neutral leftists through their voluble condemnations of the anti-insurgency efforts of official enemies and comparative silence on those of Western client states. "The US provides some $283m (£140m) in military and humanitarian aid to Ethiopia and has trained its military - one of the largest and strongest in Africa."
  2. This is the fate our fathers chose for us...to suck the blood of the innocent and then if the innocent chidren resist to stay alive finish them off by sending goons like Mohamed Dheere iyo Qabydiid and geedo and vampire YEEY to snatch it all away...alow dadkaaga adaa u maqan...
  3. Tigre boys r still dyin in Muqdisho but unlike my pple they do have an objective, a cause they believe is worth for dyin...
  4. To punctuate your thought right, I have found this related poem...recited by the Sayid Mohamed Abdille Hassan himself in Ayl in 1905... Ikhyaarkooda nimankii kufriga, ugu abraaraayey Aan lagu igraahine kalgacal, ugu abraarayey Kuwii ubad nasaaraad noqdee, ferenji aanaystay Nimankii amxaara u kacee, Adarinuu guurey Oo Aw-Cabaas diley, dadkaan eedi kala gaarin Oo uunka kala fiijiyee, kala irdheysiiyey Nimankii amxaara u kacee, adarinuu guurey Oo Mililikh aabe u yehee, u arrin qaadaayo Oo xabashi eegi u noqdee, u ololaynaayey Utuntayda waa heli haddaan,iilka lay dhigine Araraha intaan maranhayey, igu arkaayane Maruun baan sidii aar libaax, oodda soo jebinne Halka ka Akhriso gabaydhan oo dhan
  5. Listen to this minion, this phony, fake *******, subordinate SOB who thinks the blood of the innocent mothers and children is acceptable, trying to justify the killing fields of Somalia, unforgivably struggling to excuse the horrors these stooges are committing everyday on innocent families...what a shameless prick..
  6. Positioning, shifting and aligning with your party....Before the big storm arrives... A war is immenint...The Tigrinyan masters want it so badly, Yalahow and Qanyare need it like an spicy Mexican Burrito and Geedo Fanaxleey Cassho firs-timer wants to see what war feels and looks like....its on the menu and the only popular choice...in Southren Somalia allahow Sahal
  7. Originally posted by Caamir: There is a mediation going on between the two leaders and It will be resolved. This is just a minor issue compared to the carefully planed assasinations of elected mayors and district commissioners by the tribal-based insurgents despite the genuine efforts of the international community to return peace and security in Somalia. A poison is a poison no matter how much they delute it...when will these Somalis see this thuggisness, the viciousness going on in Somalia and the occupation of a whole nation, Waraabanimada taking place inside Somalia and within Somalis as nothing else but purely that.... Elected mayors kulahaa? War dadkan Somalida maxaa kasi ah?
  8. Geedi's tune on the way to Meles When the pimp's in the crib ma Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot When the biatch try to get at yea Park it like it's hot
  9. The crumbling stooges and their evil plots are becoming a thing of the past...the vacuum they'll leave behind will be filled but the question of their fate still remains murky... As Kashafa said A-Pol this has been the modus operandi of the stooge vampires for years now...using horror, terror and brutality to access and suck the blood of the Somali mothers. La arkeenoo thou
  10. Soon the headlines will appear...in big bold letters, dangling sideways like the holloween signs erected in my neighbors front yard...the dreadful headlines will painfully reveal the truth that many have foreseen and beyond those spooky headlines some will only read and see the end of what was left of our country, the final chapter of Somalia..writen, read and closed.... And these stooges have never even read the script of the show they've played the biggest part
  11. Muuse Suudi finally breaks his silence and says that Yeey's true identity as A vampire has finally been exposed... Suorce
  12. Is YEEY the OLD VAMPIRE Under House arrest now in Baydhabo??? Alloow sahal amuuraha
  13. No news coming out of Somalia overwhelms me as much that which comes out of Somali galbeed. The above snippets of information send shivers down ones spine. Apart from medieval times, no other people have had to endure what our fellow Somalis are enduring in Somali galbeed. Even the brutality of the Russians in Chechnya pales in comparison. For the dead poor Somalis women, for the raped and abused mothers, for the kids and toddlers killed and maimed...For Somali Galbeed...Eeboow dhibtaa kasaar!!!!
  14. This is what they'r securing.....themselves Misled and misinformed kids; in the middle of million people; hostile and armed millions who can't stand tigre and tigree raac....intaa kabaxaa meel allah aan maqli jiray
  15. Ciid Wanaagsan to all those mothers on the run for their lives, to all those kids robbed from their moments and days of happinness, to the poor parents who have been displaced by the Tigrinyan tanks.... CIID WANAAGSAN