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  1. You must have warped understanding of Government. I see no government in Somalia. Instead I see a collection of warlords, gangs, scoundrels, oppurtunists... the same men who destroyed Somalia and kept it ungovernable for nearly a decade. That you see salvation in them shows have far in the twilight zone you drifted.
  2. You must be having a laugh. There's no government in Somalia. But there is something resembling Scorcese's Gangs of New York. You are doing egregious injustice to the word government.
  3. Any outcome from any meeting these gangs hold will be subject to Zenawi's approval... aren't you being a little precipitous duke? The least you could do is wait for Zenawi's response.
  4. Duke, blusters and tautologous mantras are your stock and trade here on SOL but can you step out of character for once? You know as well as any Somali with scintilla of intelligence that this Conference was one big failure as predicted. You can't have "peace" conference while the country is under foreign occupation. If for no other reason, what incentive does the TFG have to make honest promises and compromises? They got ethiopian tanks, why bother to talk to anyone. Now, you've been told that your blind support for the TFG is misguided, that TFG using Ethiopian troops would lead to unmitigated disasters, that any orwelliangly named gathering while Somalia is still under occupation would bear no fruits and everything you've been told came to pass... but you're still have blind faith in the TFG. Naxar, Genuine reconciliation conference would have seen all warring parties talking without Ethiopian guns pointed at anyone... not just token clan figureheads but the real clan leaders, the ones that wield real power, ie the ones with the guns and influence. Anyone clan convene a meeting of clan elders, who is the TFG kidding?
  5. Why is Juje all of the sudden the most diehard anti-TFG SOLer? Didn't he support the TFG in it's struggle against the ICU?
  6. Baddacas, This is a legal matter. According to the law where the incident took place, the man was at fault. Rape is a rape is a rape according to the Law. Extenuating circumstances like her behavior -- drinking, dancing, indulging in foreplay like frottage etc -- are mute point. To the best of my knowledge there are no such exceptions to rape laws. Of course you got a case against all your detractors. Everyone here is expressing their opinion but seem to be oblivious that the only opinion that matters is the legal one. After all, without appealing to the letter of the law, no one can prove their opinion has anymore merit than yours. So, yeah, tell 'em to get off your case.
  7. Asmara conference would be a failure just like the M'disho one. As painful as it is, it must include the seditious gang -- TFG -- and it's supporters if it is to have fighting chance of success.
  8. When all reason fails, there's always screed/picture spamming. What would some do without copy&paste function?
  9. I remember perusing through SOL's attic place where the enlightened and qualitatively superior material, the ones you speak so highly of, are stashed away... can't say I concur with you regarding their quality though. Same sort of stuff as now were discussed, just more befitting of it's time. You know, Zeitgeists change... what was hip and had everyone buzzing yesterday barely register on the radar nowadays. This 'rant' is due more to fossilized expectation than what reality would merit.
  10. As tree hugging, card carrying Green Party member and Sierra Club aficionado, I recommend manual cars. They pack better gas mileage.
  11. Originally posted by Khalaf: Anyone familiar with the politics section or the politics of somalia in general will observe the constant complains against the TFG government, constant habshi this habshi that, traitors this traitors that. Your open annoyance with those who vehemently call an end to the invasion and brutalization of their country is noted. While everyone is entitled to their opinions and to air their dissatisfaction, You consider the cold-blooded massacre of hundreds of Somalis, most of them women and children, and the displacement of nearly half a million somalis, a matter of "opinions" and "dissatisfaction"? Oh, how I wish this was all idle coffee shop chatter, in that way I can assuage my guilt by pinching myself to remind that's all talk. But this is no mere "opinion"... I didn't write the Human Rights Watch report which said War Crimes are "rampant" in Somalia. People are dead, dying and suffering on an unimaginable scale. There's real, palpable tragedy unfolding right before our eyes. So, I'm sorry if these pesky little bleeding-heart peaceniks who call for end to this madness annoy you. provide solutions to solve the problems facing somalia, an alternative to the current government, a road-map to peace and how to deal with a divided somalia. Are you serious? Some peeps were nearly hospitalized for wearing off their fingertips consequence of writing so much on this subject. This site is repository for the staggering number of "solutions". But as everyone knows Somalia's problems are not too difficult to resolve. We all know what the solution is, it is the fair distribution and sharing of land/resources coupled with eschewing leaders who are unfit to rule even worse who have the blood of innocents on their hands. In the meantime, prioritizing trumps all other considerations. The expulsion of Ethiopian forces from Somalia is the number priority since no genuine reconciliation or cessation of violence can take place. After Ethiopia leaves we can decide our fate as we see fit. We can convene grand reconciliation conference where EVERYONE can attend unlike the sham one we have now and in that reconciliation conference we can hash out an equitable plan that meets the approval of all major and minor stakeholders. We should do away with presidency position since somalis view the president's seat as means to enriching their own clan at the expense of others and are liable to get excited and do foolish things to the detriment of others, the president should be entirely ceremonial. All powers safe for monetary and perhaps national defense should be vested in local governments. National politics should be based either on land (Regions) or parties (fixed number). These and many more sensible ideas are out there and frankly speaking they're more realistic than the TFG's plan. they stay mute on this point when challenged, they offer no ideas, no plan, only complains and empty rhertic. You're egregiously dishonest for writing the above. But now that you DO have realistic/viable plans of getting us out of this lurch, what say you? Garthay, but the problem is however how to apply these ideals on the ground realistically: Let me help you out. First, diligently follow the axiom: do no harm! Second, there's no magic pill, no panacea, no deus ex machina that'll unlock all dead ends... you simply have try and see all the while not killing people in the process. Third, the ideas penned by Pro. Samatar DO provide mechanisms for implementation. So you just gonna have to try harder in illuminating on the source of your credulity. Honestly, I'm baffled by it. I read Samatars proposals and he goes in great lengths c*****ng a way out of this imbroglio. Did you read it? And where are the people that will apply these and common ideals/goals in somalia? Anyone not part of the current crop of TFG leaders, chearleaders and 'neutral' supporters... plus no one who has blood of innocents on his hands either directly or indirectly. In other words, ppl who weren't involved in Somalia's civil war and only those with unimpeachable record in their service with the previous central government (S. Barre's). The point is, right or wrong the supporters of the TFG such as Duke actually have a plan, and can pin-point, highlight their plans and road-map for goverance ect, unfortunately cant say that for the anti-TFG crew no political alternatives. No one said TFG supporters don't have a plan, it's the nature of their plan that's so objectionable. Theirs is one helluva demented plan that involves killing and butchering their way into power. Their plan resulted in M'disho of 2007, what more needs to be said?
  12. Originally posted by HornAfrique: Waa yaab, wax walba Axmaaro miyaa ka danbaynayso? Oo adeer dagaaladi kuwaane ka horeeyene. Axmaaro marmarsiiyo ayay wax walbaaba u noqotay. Somali waligeed kici mayso intay marmarsiiyo wax walbaaba ka dhiganayso. On this topic, this conflict has been recurring for a while now. Alle ha kala qabto! You miss the point. Many of the proponents of the TFG billed Ethiopia's naked aggression against Somalis as the last ditch hope for bringing back stability and normalcy to Somalia. At that time, honest somalis not laden with clanish vindictiveness pointed out that the exact opposite would happen - things would get a lot worse possibly resulting with humanitarian catastrophe of the likes which Somalia hasn't seen in ages. Since the illegal war of aggression against Somalia instability both inside somalia and the region has reached near all time proportions. Post invasion Somalia is place where planes are shot down from the sky, piracy is rampant along the coast, clanish grudges are back with vengeance, clan wars are on the rise, clanish mistrusts and downright paranoia are also on the rise, new clan fiefdoms and turfs are springing like wild flower, thousands of somalis are dead, nearly half a million are made refugees in their own country and face daunting humanitarian crisis, war crimes (by somalis and ethiopians) are out of hand... given the unassailable fact that many of the observations above have direct causal link to Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia, it's entirely justifiable to view this latest clan fighting as yet another fallout from initial ill-gotten invasion.
  13. Originally posted by me: As Baashi pointed out in his post our people hate each other more then they hate the enemy. I don't buy this. I don't buy it because it hints of innate, self-sustaining enmity that exists between Somalis when there's no evidence for this. It's a line of reasoning trafficked by clueless commentators and worse fronted by fraudulent peeps doing the bidding of warlords. The whole perception that Somalis hate each other was initially fostered and perpetuated by warlords and somali politicians vying for power. They manipulated clan feelings, the underpinning of Somali socio-political rubric, so they can take control and power over their base. Not much different from the way 'patriotism' was manipulated by US politician into twisting arms of reluctant americans over the Iraq war. Don't fall for propaganda by warlords and their supporters. The root cause of the endless Somali strife is division of land and resources. It is what initially sparked the civil war and what sustains it. The fact countless clan reconciliations have taken place to no avail, even going as far as creating 4.5 clan formula with it's self-evident failure, should tell any person of average wits that clan is not the source of Somali conflicts. Somalis don't hate each other.
  14. Originally posted by The Duke: Dont rewrite history adeer. those who neglected peace and attacked BAIDOA from every angel are well known. This is affront to human decency. The hundreds of dead mothers and sisters as well as the tens of thousands refugees (out of the reported nearly half million uprooted M'disho residents) didn't 'neglect peace' and 'attack' Baidoa from every angle. Go find another source for externalizing your morbid delusions. Things are canging. Not for the dead.
  15. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women are dead and no longer with us as result of TFG's mad dash into M'disho. Too bad all those women would miss this grand opening.
  16. How come your titled doesn't chime with the posted article?
  17. Absolutely yes! I intend on teaching my children all the glories of my illustrious and noble clan. I will imbibe into them, from age 2 onwards, the absolute superiority of my clan. I will tell them that my clansmen are richer and better sexed than others, our women are prettier and more graceful than other clan's womenfolk... heck, our camels produce more milk and even our goats are better looking with sharper wit to boot.
  18. It looks Melez's regime is meting out collective punishment, which if I'm not mistaken fits the definition of Crimes against Humanity and/or WC. Going by the scale and nature of the reported atrocities, one would assume more coverage of this story by international media. Instead there's little coverage, bulk of it comprising of passing references here and there. I read somewhere that some US senators have openly expressed 'concern' over this issue, which I suppose is a welcome development. But more needs to be done to bring the blight of Somalis in this region, hitherto remarkably suppressed, to the world's attention. Even though a lot of 'em are purposefully turning a blind eye while making hue and cry over Darfur. Every Somali should write to their elected representatives about the situation in Somalia.
  19. I have to give it to gooner fans. They're the only football fans with steadfast blind loyalty no matter what. Too bad though, their only admirable trait is also their handicap... ARSEnal will most likely be relegated and for most of the upcoming season they'll be fighting relegation not vying for Prem. title. Someone needs reality check. I'm betting on Chelsea sweep - prem, CL, CC and FA cup.
  20. Right now, I hate summer... it's humid, stuffy and as enjoyable as bad toothache since you're virtually consigned to indoors all day (if there's AC that is).
  21. Originally posted by Khalaf: Granted, science can broadly defined as knowledge about the material universe, described as accurately as possible by whom?, yes the human mind. Offering description of the world is one thing science does in an attempt to further our knowledge of the world. But that's only half of what science does. The other half, the more indispensable half, is producing the required empirical facts to support their theories/hypothesis. Without empirical facts, science wouldn't be science. After all, anyone can describe "material universe". Did it not occur to you that scientists can have their own agenda’s, influenced by their own philosophies? It happens all the time. Scientists are fallible human beings and when under pressure (from bosses) or tempted by fame to be gained by making a major finding or whatnot, scientists are liable to fudge the facts. But as we have seen time and gain, science is self-correcting and no bogus theory has withstood the scrutiny of the scientific method. Because the work of every published scientist is put through the wringer by his/her fellow peers who know what they're doing. And through mass introduction, or simple manipulation of findings it can be dressed up as “truth”? This betrays fundamental misconception of truth/facts. You're making the error of equating language and truth. Language can be manipulated to assert just about anything. At one point by pure application of language ppl believed the earth was flat. But what separates the wheat from the chafe is whether the assertion is issued in the ponderable. That is, the assertion must be measurable, falsifiable... allowing the skeptics the means to verify what others claim. Hence why science is progressive because it gives us the means to know truth from fiction. Anyway science is not about truth because science is not ultimate, What is not ultimate about gravity or laws of planetary motion.? hence new theories develop and old theories are replaced that were once held as “scientific facts” in the circle of academia, As I've wrote before I don't agree with this and if you wanna convince me, you gonna have to back your assertion with some historical references. but Einstein’s revolutionary breath through in relativity changed what was established as scientific truths in the circles of academia during that period of time. I suggest you read Einstein's theory then read the "established scientific truths" of the time and tell me how he "breathed through in". Einstein didn't disprove established scientific truths, he simply answered some outstanding questions, in particular those relating to relativistic motion. Take High School physics, you may be surprised to find the "established scientific truths" he breathed through in are still taught, side-be-side with his theories.
  22. But Duke was calling for Uncle Yey's head around this time last year, charging him with incompetence only to change his mind short while later. If I'm not mistaken Duke was hailing Geedi as Somalia's Charles De Gaule of sorts not too long ago but today he doesn't care for him. Lest I forget, he wanted to dissolve the Somali state with his beloved Puntland going solo but somewhere, perhaps on the road to Baidoa or was it M'disho?, he suddenly became nationalist again. The source of this erratic swing of allegiances is the Holy Grail of SOL.
  23. I'm not least bit perturbed by this deal. Governments can be overthrown with the new government nationalizing oil/gas industry.