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  1. News just in from the inner circle of president Hassan. Two main contenders: Dr Ali Isse: Darwiish Dr Abdisamad Loya: Caabudwaaq. 1. Dr. Ali Issa Abdi: MBA in International Finance and PhD in Economics. Worked as Senior Economist and Manager at the International Monetary Fund for nearly three decades. Most recent assignments at the IMF were as an Advisor in the African region, and Senior Resident Representative in Tanzania (2001-04) and in Ethiopia (1998-2001). Other professional experience includes work as an economist with Citibank and the Central Bank of Somalia; and Professor in economics at several universities in the United States. Dr. Abdi provided macroeconomic policy advice to more than 30 countries in Africa, Middle East and the Western Hemisphere, during his distinguished career at the IMF. He participated in the formulation of economic and social policy reforms in many countries in Africa, including Ghana and Nigeria (in the West); Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda (in the East), and Mauritius, Mozambique and Zimbabwe (in the South). Dr. Abdi led staff teams that conducted annual consultations and program negotiations with, and provided technical assistance to member countries of the IMF for many years.Dr Abi has well established relationships with most of the countries in IGAD and his expertise is continuously sough by Financial institutions in the US. Dr Abdi has also authored several books on Macro Economics on Africa. Second one is from Caabuwaaq: 1. Abdisamad Nur Loyan,Consulting Senior Director at HP where he Coordinates Advisory Services Projects for potential acquisitions to help architect and deliver complex process improvement and integration solutions to improve HP’s profitability and market leadership Manages budgets in access of 100 million dollars to deliver and implement HP’s strategic business decisions in terms of acquisitions. Prior to HP where he was more than 10 years, Dr Loyan has been a Lecturer in Economics at Collarado University. Abdisamad has a Phd in Economics gained when he was merely 26 years of age. ---- Halkaan ayaad kamaqasheen! 1.
  2. Rumour has it Kuwait is that Muslim country!. Interesting development. I am heading up that way in couple days insha Allah. S
  3. Why is Abdikareem at the meeting I wonder? He is neither the Minister of Foriegn Affairs nor the Minister of defence! I guess the rumour mill is true! S Ps: yaa kuu sheegaya xantu waxa ay tahay!
  4. Less than 24 hours after the Somali Parliament gave a vote of confidence to the new lean cabinet nominated by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President of the Republic of Uganda paid a working visit to Mogadishu Somalia and met with his counterpart H.E. President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, accompanied by the Speaker of the Somali Parliament, Hon. Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, the Prime Minister, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Also present at the meeting was H.E. Abdulkareem H. Jama, Minister of Information, Post & Telecommunication. President Museveni who was accompanied by officers of the UPDF and his staff congratulated the leadership of the Somali Government for the successful conclusion of the political process that culminated in the Parliament providing a vote of confidence to the new Somali Cabinet. He also assured them that the Government and People of Uganda stand by their brethren in Somalia and will continue to support them in any way they can. President Sharif thanked H.E. President Museveni for the historic visit which was the first by a head of state in close to 20 years and the constant support and sacrifice the people of Uganda make to assist their brothers in Somalia. The two Presdients discussed ways of deepening the already strong relationship between the two countries as well as the cooperating in marshalling the support necessary for the new Somali Government to fulfill its duties.
  5. Inaalilaahi wa Inaa ileyhi Raajicuun, My thoughts are with the family- losing a kid to thug life and the daughter being in prison that part of the world! Aloow u gargaar reerkan. S
  6. ^ Qoladiina reer Somalidiid maxaa idinka galay Soomaliya? War ileen tanoo kale; habarta odeyga wax loo saar! S
  7. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: there is nothing legal about 4.5 in the cabinet parlaiment reps are selected based on this formula but the cabinet should have nothing to do with it. Xiin, both the parliament and cabinet is based upon this formula. I dont I agree with the arrangement but this is the law!. S
  8. Noble but illegal statement- against the current most supreme law of the TFG; the charter! The whole system is based on 4.5. S
  9. Inlaalilaah, that is my old mate- I was talking to him two days ago abut the footie! I hope it is not serious. S
  10. Originally posted by Abu-S: insha Allah. It seems reer geddo ayaa ku leh sanadkaan. Abu S
  11. General Duke: Today's "favourite" as it were is a reer Ugaas Sharmaake guy whose name is Adiwali. He briefly held head of te Animal Husbandary org before the 1990s. He is currenly works for Islamic Dev Bank. Our mutual friend assures me he is a good guy. He is now in Dubai and shall be in Mog tomorrow insha Allah. It seems reer geddo ayaa ku leh sanadkaan. Abwaan: Shariif Xasan does not want Abdikariim for reasons known to you and I but I am assured if he is named he will make it- they (alasheikh) have the numbers who will support him according to Villa Somalia. Ayoub, I have no favourite candiate but I am reporting warka Nairobi yaala. Abu S
  12. Abwaan, Spoke to a senior person in Mog today; friday'da lama dhaafeyso odeyga. S
  13. Salamu Alaikum, Diini seems out in the cold- somthething to do with Jaziira massacre! We hope to have a PM tomorrow insha Allah. S