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  1. <cite> @Gheelle.T said:</cite> It's good that they're issuing ID cards, but why do they Anglicized the names? No more C. X. Kh or Y in Somali names. Given there is no standard among regions on spelling but still no reason to not write it the Somali way.
  2. <cite> @Safferz said:</cite> They can do whatever they want, that's not the discussion. Johnny's point was on religious coercion in the Somali household, and I was agreeing with that to the extent that it means one is not free to practice a different faith or become atheist/agnostic in a Somali family without those consequences. Religious coercion in Somali household? Really? Are you that naive about Somali culture or you are just playing one today. Replace religion with marriage, make that arranged marriage or marrying to a certain clan that's looked down on, ever heard of duco ama habaar? That's a coercion my fiend. Not a 32 year old grown woman turning to Atheism and marries a Jew. Her family refusing to accept her attempts to shame them is hardly a coercion.
  3. ^Not that we don't need good education but it is quite often those who were born or grew up outside that turn into gaalnimo. Case in point, she grew up in Yemen/UK.
  4. Johnny doesn't see the irony of this women trying to shame and coerce her family into acceptance. At 32 independent woman? Your mother moved on and away. So should you.
  5. Not a fan of Faroole but how many African leaders leave office for losing by one vote.
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    New Sol

    The text and the icons don't flow too well on Chrome, not sure if this is on chrome only. Plus the ads are all over the place, not sure if we used to see ads within the forum discussion pages. I noticed the avatars gone.
  7. Guje;992330 wrote: There must be at least 10,000 christians in all somali lands by conservative estimates Could you post the link to the source of that stat?
  8. Must be the shortest honeymoon in Villa Somalia in recent history.
  9. ^You do sound like a script now :D
  10. Finishing third; that's what you get for running a clean campaign. A thing about negative campaigns? They work! I lost to a candidate that didn't even run. Thanks a lot SOL. :mad: Kidding, kidding kidding people. Tanag yu feero armaajo for yuwar fowtis.
  11. Perhaps the English words are made up of Somali alphabet letters.