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  1. I'm still waiting for what the TFG actually did for any of the displaced and injured. All I see is non-governmental groups the TFG ********s haven't robbed.
  2. This was Tigrey's plan all along so the rest of the country will capitulate without putting up a fight. Lets hope they don't succeed 'cause if they do Somalia will be gone to Ethiopia.
  3. Originally posted by General Duke: Can the opposition tell me whih areas they control? The opposition, according to Geedi, claims to hold these areas: The Port & Airport, with Ceel Macan closed. 2. All of the 15 districts of Mogadishu the hot beds Xaafada Huruwaa Hotel Ramadaan Huruwaa Suuqa Xoolaha isgoyska Fagax ee xaafada Yaaqshiid Xaafadaha Towfiiq & Ex Ctrl Balcad ... but for how long? Somali forces are down but not out.
  4. Originally posted by mystic: So how did his name came to be Abdullahi “Slave of Allah” :confused: How do you think?
  5. Originally posted by General Duke: All were struck down by the TFG sowrd, some became quite, others switched sides. You speak as if the TFG is exclusive proprietary of certain clique and not something for all Somalis. Why do TFG proponents continuously shoot themselves in the foot?
  6. Originally posted by Lois Lane: S-badne, For those that happen to see "HUNTY TOWN OR BUULO EELAAY" I happen to see a great city with a very important history.. Me too! 100%
  7. General, What's happening in Mogadishu is the antithesis of law and order. Reckless endangerment of civilians is not Law and Order. Causing the deaths of 100s of civilians is not Law and Order. Causing the exodus of 300k civilians from there homes is not Law and Order. Not providing adequate shelter and protection to fleeing refugees is not Law and Order. The TFG and insurgents are the 2 sides of the same coin. Neither of them gives a damn about the civilians.
  8. Originally posted by Allamagan: However, the military officers and other prominent people were killed in mogadishu by some well known people like Galaal, A-Qasim and their ring for unkown reasons. How do you know? People, please ease up with the accusations. Accusations are worth a dime a dozen. Provide solid evidence or court convinctions. Elsewise stop accusing people of murder.
  9. Here's my favourite Anarchist/USC dawlad-diid Scores killed in Somalia clashes More than 60 people have been killed in a fourth day of heavy fighting between Ethiopian troops and Islamist militia in Somalia's capital of Mogadishu. Doctors said they had been overrun with casualties and there were reports of bodies strewn across streets. More than 130 people were killed and 200 injured in the first three days of fighting, a local rights group said. Ethiopian forces have been in Mogadishu since December after helping Somalia's transitional government oust Islamists. The UN says more than 320,000 people have fled fighting in the capital since February. 'Humanitarian disaster' One confirmed attack on Saturday was on the al-Barakah market. A number of people were killed when mortar rounds landed. Local reports spoke of bodies mutilated beyond recognition. Ethiopians are trying to kill me because I am Somali, and insurgents are not happy because I am not picking up a gun Ali Haji Mogadishu resident AFP news agency reported a mortar round also struck a bus in the southern Hodan district, killing four people. The BBC's Mohammed Moalimu in Mogadishu says some of the injured have been placed under trees in front of medical facilities. Somalia's Elman Human Rights Organisation described the violence as the worst in recent years. "I call on the both sides to stop the fighting and shelling without any condition," chairman Sudan Ali Ahmed said to Associated Press news agency. One resident, Ali Haji, said: "Ethiopians are trying to kill me because I am Somali, and insurgents are not happy because I am not picking up a gun and fighting with them. I have lost all hope." The UN is warning of a humanitarian disaster. Most of those who have fled lack food and water and hundreds have already died from cholera and diarrhoea, UN humanitarian co-ordinator Eric Laroche said. Somalia has not had a functional government since 1991. A transitional government was formed in 2004, but has so far failed to take full control of the country. 'Opportunistic violence' Ethiopian forces backing the transitional government swept into Mogadishu in December displacing the Islamic Courts Union (UIC). Violence has intensified since then, after the relative calm when the UIC ran the city. The insurgents are believed to be a mixture of Islamist fighters and militiamen from the ****** clan - the largest in Mogadishu. US Ambassador to Kenya and Somalia Michael Ranneberger said the ongoing violence was part of an attempt by these groups to create an insurgency, but that it was not yet a structured movement. "At this point it's opportunistic violence," Mr Ranneberger told AP news agency. "They're not organised like an insurgency." Ethiopian troops have started to withdraw, to be replaced by an African Union peacekeeping force, but only 1,200 of the 8,000 troops the AU says it needs have been deployed. BBC
  10. I though I replied to this thread. Where's my reply? And what happened to SOL's rules against spamming? Or is picture spamming exempted?
  11. Originally posted by KEYNAN22: Puntland and Somaliland are not really subservient to Meles, Then why do they hop to Melez's tune at every chance to the bemusement of other somalis? How come neither of them came out to denounce Melez for his crimes against Somalis and others in Ethiopia? What has Melez done for either party to warrant the "strategic maneuver", whatever the hell that means? The creation of these "states" are only reaction to the savagery witnessed from the capital. What brought about this "savagery" in the first place? People didn't wake up one morning and decided to take up "savegery" as habit. BTW, for the better part of the last 17 years southern Somalia and the capital have been as peacefull as anywhere else in Somalia. This is what has allowed the city to grow, flourish with more hospitals/clinics, schools, universities, more primary school enrollment, greater acces to clean drinking water, more reliable power supply and higher life expectancy than during Siad years (World Bank, 2003). As far as truth goes Meles and his U.S backing would have never had any case on Somalia had the Somalis taken care of their business internally in a smart way as soon as they liberated the country. Melez's Tigreys already occupy other people's lands and are accused of horrible human rights violations. So if people minding their business in their traditional lands can be subjects of vicious and unprovoked attacks by Melez, what makes you assert he needs reasons to invade Somalia? Why not Kenya? Why not Yemen or Djebouti? They're all affected by Somalia's lawlessness. Had the Moqdishu people taken the chance in 1991 and governed Somalia towards the right path after the victouris ousting of Siad barre then for sure none of this would have ever happened, The leaders of Mogadishu, among others, asked Barre to leave the city peacefully before a single USC rebel set foot in it. Everyone knew the USC was going to take over the whole place and so to avert unnecessary suffering and fighting in the city many notable figures politely asked Barre to be a statesman and let others lead the nation for a change. Some of these leaders included respected former President Adden Cadde. No USC rebel would have set a foot in Mogadishu if Barre and his clan militia vacated the city. Unfortunately for everyone he decided to fight, reputedly saying "if I leave Mogadishu I'll take it down with me" and he got his wish. Even after getting outsted from Mogadishu Barre and his clique lingered on to terrorise and pillage communities in Bay and Bakool. Ironically Barre turned into what he chided against most: rebel leader of a clan militia with his augustly named Somali National Front. A year later after he was ousted from Mogadishu he was resoundly defeated in Afgoye while attempting to retake Mogadishu. That and the vicious power struggle (similar to Tuur vs Egal and Yuusuf vs J. ali jama) between Ali Mahdi and Ceydiid destroyed any hopes of government promptly establishing itself. Further add to the mix the US debacle and the fallout from it. Under those circumstances it was next to impossible to have any sort of government. But the mindless carcasses started attacking the capital itself and also destructing themselves after their primitive minds had nothing more to chew on. Of which calibre? Abdullahi Ciisse or Aden Cadde? So it's natural that the best possible civilised entity grabs the opportunity if the previous entity couldn't bare to manage the task. To be honest I never came across any Somalilander with your views. Neither have I came across any1 from Bay and Bakool regions or the Jubbas or Kilinka 5naad or the NFD. They're almost always exclusively limited to particular subsect of Somalis with ax to grind. I suggest you speak for yourself only.
  12. POWs must get POW treatment... Geneva conventions and the whole nine yards. Anything less would be a crime.
  13. Badacas, ^On the contrary, Somalis are willing to let others lead. If you recall when the TFG was first formed a lot of Somalis of all stripes warmly welcomed the them. There's even a window of oppurtunity for A/yuusuf to recieve cheery welcome in his capital but of course being rank coward he dodged the chance. What people need is assurances that the past malfeasances of previous central government will not repeat itself. It's issue of confidence building that can be addressed by instituting strict regimes of trasparancy, accountability and defering great deal of decision making to regions and districts. Of course all this hinges on the one towering pre-condition: genuine reconcilation. There have been a dozen or so peace and "reconcillation" conferences but not a single one of them dealt with the thorny issues that alienated so many somalis against each other. Issues over past grievances that clans harbour against each other over just about everything are what fuels animosities and mistrust. It can't be over stressed that without some resolution over grievances ranging from land disputes to resource allocation to fear of autocratic central authority, sustained peace will forever illude Somalis. There should be genuine reconcillation conferance where all sensitive issues that have been hitherto avoided/delayed are put on the table and frankly discussed. People need a frame of reference of what's expected of them and what they can expect from others. It's asking too much for complete or even partial resolution of all outstanding differences but a genuine reconcillation will at least give people clear picture of grievances others hold against them, make their grievances known to others publically and how they can be resolved. Until genuine reconcillation conference is held I'm very pessimistic they'll be sustained peace and central government in Somalia. Xiin, All I'm asking is for you and other vocal anti-TFG folks to put forth concrete action plan on not only how Ethiopia should be fought off of Somalia but who should replace them. I like to read Prof. Samatar's proposal but I don't know where to find it. If someone could post it here or the link to it, I'll appreciate it.
  14. Buuba failed at the number 1 requirement for a politician: commanding a constituency.
  15. ^Completely agree. I can't really understand why some are hellbent on knocking down this beautiful and charming city. Why can't somalis be proud of each other? Why can't we all get along While I take great deal of pride in being a man well-versed in all things including Somalis, I'm ashamed to admit that I was totally in the dark when I heard of Borama. I thought it was a clan name, exotic sounding one at that, prompting me to blurt out "wow, that's National Geographic material!" Further digging yeilded the names of clans that live in the city, and may a pigeon poop land in my eye if I'm lying, they sounded like the names of exotic greek islands I once read in dusty ancient greece books. From then on I was hooked! Borama became the apple of my eye, no small exaggeration there. I tell ya that city piqued my curiosity like no other, it's full of intrigue, charm, ineffable beauty and very hospitable from what I gather. It has everything you need and more. In fact, it's rated as number tourist destination spot by SB's Horn Adventures and it's friendly residents have drawn Somalis from all backgrounds to live there. Borama is the place to be! Go visit and see what has everyone is raving about! Originally posted by Zafir: ^Due to your Jump-ball no?? Where you been lately, Sire? I don't know what you're on about with B-ball lingo. Jumb-balls are foul based on my limited understand of this silly sport, are you accusing me of foul doing? But about your last question, I was busy trying to secure the much coveted chief advisor to the TFG position. Which will render me, if I secure it that is, the most powerful man in Somalia (as long as I have the ear of decision makers). It's still work in progress but I'm glad to report I'm making steady headways.
  16. There's little doubting that the TFG failed to live up to it's mandate. A mandate that stipulated reconcilation, des-escalation of tensions by bringing distrusting somalis closer together and laying the ground work for future national government. If anything the TFG has added to the sum total Somalia's problems. From it's inception it's been plagued by incompetency, poor institutionalism/administration, corruption, lack of planning, lack of strategy, lack of direction. Essentially they were and still are clueless buffoons. The highlights of it's 1st two years are as follows: globetrotting for pointless photo-ops, political procrastination, embarrassing brawl in the "parliament", more procrastination and pointless photo-ops, resignations and fractionalism, childish arguements over provisional capital, more political procrastination and globetrotting. And that's about it. I can't recall a single hospital, school or road they built. I don't think they even visited any of regions devastated by the worst mass flooding in 50 years. So the TFG has spectacularly failed to meet the tasks assisgned to them. But I find no solace in the anti-TFG camp either. They have no identitfiable group to replace the TFG, no acceptable and realistic alternative to the TFG and no game plan on how to achieve this end. All I hear is the TFG is duds (of which they undoubtely are) and Ethiopia must be fought but deafening silence follows when you get beyond the emotional arguements put forth. There's glaring dearth of realistic and viable alternatives to the TFG. If Ethiopia withraws today it will leave a political and security vacuum that will undoutedly be filled by warlords and marauding gunmen who's likely deeds are foreknown. I know this is not what the anti-TFG camp wants but that's what is going to happen. Enough time has passed for emotions to subside and for people to rationally think through things. I'm all ears for realistic alternatives to the TFG.
  17. Originally posted by Lois Lane: ^^ Walal, Borama IS a decent size city, these pictures show the countryside. With one of the most respected university in east Africa and its many business such as hotels Borama is nothing close to a "dusty tuulo". Before making judgements you might want to visit the city first. I know Borama is anything but dusty tuulo, I was merely being facetious. I'm not so sure about the anti-borama brigade above me.
  18. Originally posted by xox ogaal: xiin War is what they want war is what they gonna get What war? There isn't and won't be a war until Ethios are fought in Gaalkacyo, Beletweyn, Biodoa, Kismaayo, Berbera, Cadale, Zone 5 etc.
  19. How come rer Kismaayo are not resisting Woyanne mercenaries and their stooges?
  20. Originally posted by Mj. bada Cas: ^For treason. Against who?
  21. Originally posted by Mj. bada Cas: Ina Hurre Buubaa waa tuug, I will assisante him if he ever shows up in Somaliland For what?
  22. Duke, Actually a lot of civilians died: women, children and the infirm.
  23. What a disappointmen! I thought Borama was decent sized modern Somali city. But it looks more like dusty backwater tuulo.
  24. Are we not talking about the same Melez here? Melez was killing Somalis long before he invaded our capital. The Somaliland regime (perhaps Puntland as well) facilitated this by handing over fellow Somalis to this butcher of Somalis. Others have allowed his troops march through their towns without so much as a protest. Now you're trying to convince me the guy holding up a poster of Melez is disgraceful but not the one doing business with him? I don't buy it.
  25. I really don't see what the hoopla is about. The man spoke his mind. That they're "nappy headed hos" is personal opinion. As long as one is not inciting hatred and violence, one should be free to speak his mind.