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  1. Originally posted by Gheelle.T: Why don't you say it loud and clear who you think is wrong and creating the "Fitnah?" And what would you call the group that you think are evil doers? WHy do I get the impression your trying to put words in my mouth bro? Evildoers, huh? I thought it would be common sense that the group who agreed( as it is claimed) to hand over power/share by a specific period are in the wrong here. Of course we don't wish for a peaceful City to burn like some of the Shariff supporters are praying for. Xiin; no time to read bedstories sxb.
  2. ^^Is that what you have been reduced to( constant personal attacks )? Ghelle, any war which makes Johnny B and AT happy is a bloody fitna. But you can tell from the article who is wronged.
  3. Originally posted by Gheelle.T: Soon we will see on this very SOL's screen familiar words such as "murtad Turki, khbeeth Aweys, and etc" just don't say you haven't been warned! AT&T, I agree, but don't you think that Tolka's support will tilt toward Turki? No you wont. Do you know why? Because Turki is an Old SOmali warrior. If the Alqaeda wannabes push him to it- he'll wrestle and fight them: man 2 man, Somali 2 Somali, like Somalis have always done. You'll never see him him shamefully shaking, unable to speak and thanking Meles Zenawi on Ethiopian Televisionor calling her a Sisterly nation . He won't condone Xabashis terrorising SOmalis in Beledweyn or any other SOmali city for that matter. Nor will you see him in an Amisom Tank in Kismayo. Nor will he call upon Kenya, Ethiopia and USA to come to his aid and occupy Somalis. And he we won't sell the sea for a cheap dollars. He won't deny the Sharica of ALlah. Get my drift? Don't compare Apples and Oranges sxb. Or Men and Mice! CHE- It's ok(killing and oppression) as long as the perpetrator uses gillet shaving gel, according to some. Do they have that in Somalia?lol.
  4. One By one................. .. This is al sarcam btw- lest sum folks got upset. Peace, Love and Unity as BOB would say.
  5. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: This is the epitome of ignorance. Still much better than the muss of this prisoner Listen up Mate, chill out, relax:It's only words on a screen, words on a screen! Ngonge, check this in your spare time: http://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=ToRrqKahZ LM
  6. Clan is not everything. Clan is more than Everything. Clan is like what Potatoes is to the eighteenth century Irish. Clan is like what water is to fish. Somalis thrive on clan, live on clan, die on clan, swear by clan. And clan is everywhere amongst all groups in society. Even the "Emir" of the pan Somali religious group, Alshabab( Red Seas relative-lol) recently paid tribute to the clans who he believed helped Islam and welcomed the Mujahideen. But here is the golden rule: Clan is everything you want it to be. I don't particularly care about clan, so by the time I am 49 I want to marry a thoroughbred young women from Kismayo and one in Berbera and one in Brava. Relaxing at the beach chilling with her clan relatives. Bam Bam Boom. What a life! ( there is room for one fish and chips)
  7. As the battles between good and evil, falsehood and truth, and freedom and slavery gain strength all over the world, indeed, some matters are becoming established and clarified to the eyes of the attentive one who pays heed. One of the established matters is that: falsehood shall become abased in the end and truth and freedom shall reign supreme. This matter is decreed from the heavens. The one who fights it is like a bolding man trying to delay his decree. So it was: that arrogant Pharoah drowned and the Israelites gained victory; Young Daud triumphed over the mighty Jalut; the Arabian Nomads laid sieged to the palaces of Rome and Persia; the Maccabes brought the Mighty Roman Army to her knees; and in the modern world, the Soviets crumbled at the hands of modest Afghan Tribesman. The times are different; yet, the lessons are plain and simple: falsehood shall be defeated by truth. Thus it was destined that the war between falsehood and truth shall be waged on this very forum. And there I was: galloping forth, galliantly marching with words of dignity and freedom, dismantling the arguments of falsehood with words as blunt as Persian swords. However, some have confused the affair and they have personally attacked me for my views when they couldn't withstand the ferociousness of my operations and noble words. And what was my crime? It was simply opposing the AMISOM occupation and genocide. And if you ask again? It was simply advocating for the territorial, religous and cultural intergrity of the peoples of Somalia. Freedom is crime to the sheep who willingly goes to altar of slaughter. So, I say unto you, Oh ye(you know who you are), who have attacked me, the thoroughbred one, personally in the recent days, some concise words of advise and warning: My similes and metaphors love death and martydom; yours love waffle and glitter. My sentences will not stop marching until there is no question mark over the freedom of the thoroughbred SOmali peoples. Your apostrophies and false reasonings will be executed without any remorse. The ink and blood of my Times New Roman Font will not stop running until there is total victory on this forum and the defenders of falsehood are humilated. It will not run dry until my cavalry of colons shake the very foundations of your castles and they come crumbling down upon you like a heap of sand. ( Islamic Emirates of SOL- cyber brigades of righteousness-Wed. Sep. 23, 2009 / Shawwal 4, 1430)
  8. It's pretty obvious that this whole thing is a stich up. Even Riyale will look good compared this job. I'm officially declaring myself the winner and I announce the birth of the thoroughbred Islamic theocracy of Somaliaonline: All our requested to formely an orderly line and pledge allegiance to the Emir.
  9. Originally posted by Meiji: quote:Originally posted by Fabregas: quote: Originally posted by Meiji: It is real, and even on tape. How are those who want to give Somali women to Non-Somali foreign fighters as reward any better than those inviting Ethiopians and Africans to come and rape our women? Didn't you ever go to dugsi? :confused: Those opportunists who want to attract guys who are tired of life by promises of Somali women and farms are no better than those opportunists who invite Ethiopians and African troops who than rape our women and displace our people. Perhaps for once instead of 24/7 criticizing the other camp (TFG) you should stop and look in the mirror: those you support are no better than the other camp! You don't know the meaning of criticism. Your someone who can't even accept that he could ever be wrong. If someone critices your point, you reply with an even great hyberbole or another gross exaggerration. Comparing Somalis who voluntarily wish to marry their daughter to Muslim Araebs/others- to those who allow Xabashis and Ugandans to RAPE Somali girls shows that the ridiclous state your nonsense has reached and how much you actually believe in your own waffle. There is no comparison between the two and both you and I know it. So, please cut the rubbish for once.
  10. I hope this isn't true for the sake of the PM's grammar and spelling integrity.
  11. Originally posted by Meiji: It is real, and even on tape. How are those who want to give Somali women to Non-Somali foreign fighters as reward any better than those inviting Ethiopians and Africans to come and rape our women? Didn't you ever go to dugsi? :confused:
  12. Originally posted by *hatu*: Dear Mr Fabregas, Leave the brothers at salafitalk & maktabada alone as they are apon xaq and the way of the prophet and the salafi saalixuun. I now fully believe the battle against the ethiopians was a fitna. Let's not be carried away nationalism as i once was, falciyaadu billaah. The sites that you bad mouthed are reccomended by knowledgeable men such as Xassan Soomaalii (known as the most knowledgeable man in Europe by the Culimaa). Brother if you live in London, I sincerely advise you to go to Cranford Mosque in Hounslow, west london. Akhii there you will find people upon the sunnah as it should be. Ikhwaan know that only the khalifa of a UNITED muslim khalifate can call for Jihad. Until Allah blesses us with one, with have to be patient and wait for the nasr of Allah Subxaana Watacaalah. Ikhwaan seek knowledge before we align ourselves with religious groups as their is a lot of deviating in the Ummah. I advise all of us to got to Damaaj in Yemen to study the deen. This is a reminder to myself then to you. Bro, I think you are mistaking legitimate disagreement and debate with badmouthing. I don't see where I badmouthed any of those brothers. I'll glady take their opinion if they bring forth the evidences and strong reasoning. Secondly, that it was a fitna( the resistance to Xabashis in Muqdisho) as you state requires powerful evidence. Statements like ," fulan and his mates" are on the xaq or someone endorsed fulan with being the, " most knowledgeable man in Europe" are simply opinions and not facts Islam doesn't allow blindfollowing or taking someones opinion in such urgent matters of the deen, especially when lives were at stake and people were on the brink of extermination. As the saying goes: we love the shaykh and the truth when they agree. But if they disagree it is the truth which comes first As for the issue of needing a holy Caliph to carry out the obligation of defending yourself in your own house(ie.land), which is a recognised Islamic, Human and even , then I say: this has absolutely no basis in Islamic law. Allah said: “March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), and strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allaah. This is better for you, if you but knew” "And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help." (4:75) And: “A sanction is given to those who, because they have suffered outrages, have taken up arms; and verily, God is well able to succour them: Those who have been driven forth from their homes wrongfully, only because they say ‘Our Lord is God.’ And if God had not repelled some men by others, cloisters, and churches, and oratories, and mosques, wherein the name of God is ever commemorated, would surely have been destroyed. And him who helpeth God will God surely help: For God is right Strong, Mighty.” (22:40-41) Nowehere does is say that there needs to exist a holy caliph for a believer in Allah to defend himself from killed, oppressed, raped, tortured and colonised. In fact, he doesn't even need to ask the permission of his parents. It is also worth pointing out that it wouldn't logically be possible anyway since a slave can't have kingdom. How can there be a caliph when all the lands are overtaken and your are not free? The first thing a coloniser would do is remove the leadership and appoint his own puppets. So the question is: Should the Muslims in the Ocaden or Kashmir, for example, wait for a messiah/caliph and be " patient" or should they excercise their Islamic and Internationally recognised right and defend themselves? This what the Ulema have said: "Al-Qurtubi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in his Tafseer (8/15): When jihad becomes inevitable because the enemy has overrun one of the (Muslim) regions, then it becomes obligatory for all the people of that region to mobilize and to go out to fight, whether they are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), each according to his abilities, with or without the permission of his parents. No one who is able to go out, warrior or helper, should stay behind. If the people of that country are unable to fight their enemy, then those in nearby and neighbouring countries have to go out to fight, in whatever numbers are required to show support, so that they will know that they have the strength to stand up to them and ward them off. Similarly everyone who knows of their weakness in the face of their enemies and knows that he can go and help them must also go out and fight. All of the Muslims should be united against their enemies. If the people of the area where the enemy has invaded and occupied fight off the enemy themselves, then the others are relieved of that duty. If the enemy approaches the Muslim lands but does not enter, the Muslims must still go out to confront them so that the religion of Allaah will prevail and in order to protect the Muslim homeland and humiliate the enemy. There is no scholarly dispute on this point. And Ibn Baz said: " The Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Africa, North Africa and elsewhere are obliged to do their utmost, and if there is a jihad in one country, the surrounding countries should hasten to help them, the closest then the next closest. If one or two states, or three or more, manage to fulfil the obligation, then the rest are freed of responsibility. They deserve to be supported, and it is obligatory to help them against their enemies, because they are oppressed........... ".. And he also said about the palestinians, "............ This is because they are oppressed by the Jews, and that which is obligatory upon them is to protect their religion and themselves and their families and children and to drive out their enemy from their land with all they are able to of strength." And we all know the stances of Ulema like Uthaymeen, Ibn Jibreen, Ibn Baz, Muqdbil(may Allah have mercy upon all of them) on various places such as Bosnia,Palestine and other many other lands. Where they causing a fitna when they urged Muslims to defend themselves? Furthermore, Did they say that the Muslims in those lands need to wait for a caliph and in the meantime they should " patiently" get slaughtered like sheep? And would it have been more or less of a fitan if Southern SOmalia became like the Ocaden region, and Somalis all patiently endured their occupation until the holy Caliph delivered them?I will leave the answers for you! SOurces: http://www.islamqa.c om/en/ref/34830 http://www.islamqa.c om/en/ref/20214 http://abdurrahman.o rg/ ( I am quoting at length because what was understood by the early Muslims and those that followed them has become contested and people needs scholars to clarify things which were known by necessity.) Thierry, thanks for the reply bro. I think there is still alot of misunderstanding and I believe what you are saying can't apply to current context. Reply coming soon Inshallah. NOTE: we are not condoning attacking innocents or terrorism. if any people are taking notes.
  13. Update: Sheikh Abu Ghettawi of Brixton just sent me a text message in a mixture of Arabic and Jamaican British patois. He said voting is haram, AKZ is fROM da KUFZ. For those reasons: I AM OUT. However, voting is allowed if it is for the maslaha of the forum and the lesser of the two evils. In this case : Ngonge is the lesser of two evils.