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  1. The Asmara Alliance has completely disintegrated into a farce show. Don't wanna say I told you so but I told you so. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of ARS from the outset and today I stand vindicated. But demise of the ARS hasn't produced any gains for their opponents - the fifth columnist filth called TFG. The people fighting the Ethiopian Occupation today are more or less independent of any political constraints the ARS may have exerted. Even residual authority the ARS or what is left of it may exercise today will have negligible effect on what is happening in Somalia. Abu Mansuur, Grand Mufti and Major General Indhacadde, Xassan Turki et al are calling the shots in their respective spheres of influence. And the struggle to liberate Somalia from Ethiopian Occupation and collaborationist filth continues.
  2. lol@Naaftu maa kaa biix laheyd... this assault on the Somali language is unbearable.
  3. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: Is someone confusing Aidid with Morgan? Why? Was Aidiid fighting ghosts? Wasn't Morgan the commander of the SNF?
  4. It is indeed sad. This is the second targeted assassination of humanitarian worker in as many days. Just the other day Cusman Cali Axmed with the UNDP was gunned down in Mogadishu. Who is behind these senseless killings?
  5. But the "PM" hasn't called off his "give peace a chance" policy. What's really going on? Don't leave us out in the cold, fill us in.
  6. ^Could you kindly downsize your humongous sig. pic? A timely Somali proverb: Nin aan shantaada kaa reebin, heshiis kaama reebo!
  7. Who is Cali Jaamac Bixi? By the way, my sources have it otherwise. A reliable source informs me that it was the evil-eyed Shiikh Major General Indhacadde.
  8. I don't know who will play who after group stages, so I can't predict the semi-final and final. I don't think there will be any Cinderella Story in this final. The final will feature one of the heavyweights. I'm rooting for the Azzuri and the perennial under-achievers - the Spaniards.
  9. Every day you see more perversion of the Somali language. It's GAfuur not GANfuur. And it got nothing to do with the nether region as certain someone alluded.
  10. Duke, calm down. If this journalist was working from someone else's script and didn't have an agenda of his, why didn't the TFG dabodhilifs give him their script? Are they too stupidh? Too broke? Too inept? Even in the battle of public opinion you're outfoxed by the defeated looters and druglords. That's a shame.
  11. Duke, don't be a cry-baby. A documentary by Channel4 exposing what was well known about the wretched Tigre Funded Goons is least of Yey's worries.
  12. You can forget about any dafamation complaint. The British just issued an arrest warrant for C. Yuusuf. They want their liver back. So disgusted was the British donor of C.yuusuf's liver that upon watching channel4 he immediately demanded his liver back.
  13. I like to know how Baashi reconciles two viewpoints of his that are diametrically opposed to each other. On hand he says nothing justifies what Melez Zenawi is doing in Benaadir and then proceeds to say what's happening in Somalia is partly self-inflicted. If nothing justifies what Melez Zenawi is doing in Benaadir, how can any self-inflicting doing justify it. It is like saying rape is wrong but there are circumstances where it is partly explainable by what the rape victim did or didn't do.
  14. Something is seriously wrong with SOL. I wanted to celebrate Chelsea's epic win over the Kops but I couldn't open SOL.