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  1. Originally posted by Haddad: quote:Originally posted by Socod_badne: Somalis are cushitic ppl. I don't know what you mean by that. Cushitic means a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language. If I we go along with what you're saying, then it would mean Somalis are Afro-Asiatic people (Asiatic=Arab). Cushitic is just a name given to be ppl who speak afro-asiatic languages. But languages dont always determine ur race, so its not accurate to conclude that somalis are a mix of asians and blacks. For example there are ppl considered asians (Indians, pakistanis...) who speak Indo-European languages which is languages supposedly spoken only white ppl. If you have seen a mix of asians and blacks, you would know they look nothing like somalis. The widely accepted theory about the somali origins is that they are cushiti africans, another branch of the black race. We all know that somalis dont look like most other africans physically, also somalis dont have any cultural or linguistic links with black africans. The problem here is that ppl still believe the racist white man invention of the 'three races of man'. If u believe that the there are only three races-asians, blacks and whites then to explain somalis or other africans becomes difficult. One is likely to think we are mixed ppl since we dont look like other africans. However if u believe that all man have common ancestor but have evolved into present day populations due to environment conditions then it will not be so difficult to explain somali ppl. I dont believe that there is such thing as white, black or asian only. Yes different races mixed with each other but the evidence doesnt add up to explain all the different ppl in the world today. There are ppl who are classified as asians but dont look anything like ur typical asians, ie Native Americans. The best explanation/theory is that each group of unique ppl with their own culture and language have separated from original stock of ppl and as result of local environment and other factors evolved to present ppl. Hopefully this theory will one day replace the three race theory of human kind. This is just my opinion. I accept somalis to be cushitic ppl and to me that means a unique race among other black races. I definitely dont believe we are mixed, just evolved into what we are today by nature. Maybe its Allahs design. We should just accept it and live with it becuz nothing we say or do is gonna change who we are.
  2. Originally posted by SomericaN: I don't know about you guys,but i know who i'm and where i come from. If u want to know where your family came from,why don't you do some DNA research.Go and dig u'r great great great great grand father graves and check their DNA.Compare that DNA with yours.If u you think u is from Arabs or Africans repeat the process untill u get a match.Start with u'r family,followed by u'r clan,tribe,arabs,africans etc until u get a consistent answer to u'r question. Asking questions on the net is not gonna help you with anything,if anything u will be more confused than ever before. You dont need to do any DNA tests to determing who you are as somali. DNA tests are unreliable in determining your ancestors. You can never get conclusive answers about ur ancestors from DNA tests, in particular about distant ancestors. Since all humans descended from common ancestor, there are alot shared and similar genes. For example DNA tests done among black africans from Cameroon, show about 40% of their genes are similar to europeans (whites). Would you have ever guessed that of all the blacks in africa, the closest to whites are central africans from cameroon? Most ppl wud say no. But DNA test are more accurate and useful for determining your more recent ancestors, several generation or so. Somalis are cushitic ppl. Small numbers of somalis have Arab blood in them. Even smaller numbers of somalis have black (bantu) blood in them. But the vast majority of somalis are Cushitic ppl and have history going back to the time ancient egypt. Some traces of that history is evident in present somali culture. So there is no need to do DNA tests to determine your race or wether you have arab blood or black blood in you. If you are a somali with lighter skin then the average somali, then you certainly have arab blood.
  3. Originally posted by SoMa_InC: Originally posted by Soma_Inc quote: What a final it would be...Chelsea Vs Milan.... I am still with that thought. The treble dream is on........... I still dont think that was a penalty. But still I am confident that we will trash them at their home. We are in the process of showing Arsenal how to beat B Munich. Back to the premiership...We'll demolish Birmingham on the weekend, trash Man Utd on the 16th/04/05 and win the cup at the bridge against Arsenal on 20th. Remember Chelsea needs to win 3 games to win the cup and we'll do that when we will be playing Arsenal at the Bridge. Go Chelsea....Unleash the drama... Chelsea will win the second leg without a problem. It will be easier for them than was the first leg because they will know ahead of game time what Bayern's strategy will be-attack. So chelsea have to sit back and absorb pressure and hit them on counter-attack, which they have perfected. What a cheat Ballack is, total dive and it fooled the ref., it should have ended 4-1 for chelsea.
  4. Chelsea are too good for Bayern and any of other remaining teams with exception of AC Milan. Its gonna be AC Milan vs Chelsea FC final this year, Im putting down big money on this.
  5. This is my prediction for 2005 CL 1/4 round: >Chelsea to beat Bayern munich over two legs -2-1 aggregate for chelsea >AC Milan to beat Inter milan -very close but AC Milan to go through based on 1st leg results. Note Inter will be without their top strikers-no Adriano, vieiri and martins. >Juve to 1-0 both legs over Liverpool (any surprise?) -Liverpool's lack of class will be exposed by F. Capello's side. >Lyon to go through as well over PSV eindhoven -close but the french side have the edge in quality over the champions elect from Holland. And my final prediction: Chelsea FC vs AC Milan what a game that wud be!
  6. Originally posted by Bachelor: Bilan what these questions has to do with politics section? :eek: lol!!!!!!!!!
  7. Originally posted by OG_Girl: Socod, eska amos.Muslims aren't Islam . What ever we agree with Saudis or not they are humanbeen, Islam is way of life. Islam is perfect but human are far from perfection!. As Ali(sa) said :"The Quran is but ink and paper, and it does not speak for itself. Instead, it is human beings who give effect to it according to their limited personal judgments and opinions". So don't put Human mistakes on the Islam!This is their own limit understanding as human about Quraan and Sunnah but not Islam itself! Salam All Im saying is the Shariah law is not an obligation for muslims. If u dont follow the shariah laws, it doesnt mean ur not muslim. It doesnt say in the Quran, the words of Allah, that muslims have to follow Sharia laws. People who think otherwise need to re-learn Islam. The sharia Law was written by muslim men approximately 300 years after the death of the prophet Mohamud (scw), it was based on the Quran and hadith and under social conditions of that time-beheading were normal at that time, so its not surprise to see it included in the Sharia Laws as one of the methods to punish criminals. Its not however suited to today's world, it needs to be studied by qualified ppl and certain aspects of it have to discarded, it needs to be reformed. Many muslims in the world dont follow the Sharia law. Our Somali fore-fateher chose not to follow it, they werent bad muslims, if anything they were fully practising muslims. And as practising muslim-I will never allow myself to be ruled by the shariah laws.
  8. Originally posted by wiil_duco: quote:If you're against this sort of punishment, irrespectively, then you're against sharia law. these is not sharia law these are As*&%$#l carab xayaawan caaqiin law. these has nothing to do with sharia law. :mad: Let us try what ever we can for our brother. That is why our somali fore-fathers said NO to sharia Law and that is why I say the same. The only Islamic law we muslims are obliged to follow are those in the Quran, everthing else is up to the individual really.
  9. Originally posted by OG_Girl: ^^ Mocalimu, yes I drive Grand Jeep 2005 , go university , work part time in the court! I think I answered you questions!. Phanta, Listen Don't loose your temper here!What I said was " It's fair since the law was there and justice took place in the court" The Judge did not break any Law but the 6 guys were criminals and get what they deserved accourting to the Law! Salam So the law in Saudi Arabia is execution for robbery and kidnapping? I thought the laws were based on Sharia Law, which has different punishment for those offenses.
  10. Originally posted by Haddad: quote:Originally posted by Socod_badne: As muslim I'm 100% against this sort of punishment irrespective of what sharia law If you're against this sort of punishment, irrespectively , then you're against sharia law. Thats right.
  11. Somalis dont need to do anything, the Saudis are digging their own grave with every act of this kind. In today's world, where every corner of the globe is connected via the media, every muslim will know everything that happens in Saudi Arabia. As muslim I'm 100% against this sort of punishment irrespective of what sharia law, which seems to mandate this type of punishment, although not in the case of robbery and kidnapping.
  12. This story brought smile to my face. I'm always happy to see fellow nomads achieving goals with their lives instead of wasting it. I hope this girl has a happy and productive life playing soccer. She seems to have a talent and is applying it. Not too many ppl are able to effectively apply their talents, here you have a somali, a female somali, seccessfully applying here talent.
  13. Originally posted by OG_Girl: ^^True, They break country's Law and expect people will host them!! Aqli African wallahi!! :mad: Salam Ok, I'm new here, so wud like to say Hi to all. OG I read some of your post and your general arguement in supporting the killing of the 6 somali men seems to be-they broke the law so they deserve what happened to them. I too agree that ppl should be know and respect the laws in the nation they reside, if not out of respect for the ppl of hosting nation then out of respect for the rule of law. I was shocked when I heard this today but wasnt surprised at all. These six somali men, based on the story on the papers today, were guilty of robbery and kidnapping. Those acts are universally accepted as unlawful but are they crimes worth the death penalty. This is not a matter of being soft or tough on crime and punishment, its not about whether u believe in capital punishment or not, it is wether the crime fits the punishment. So irrespective of the laws of the nation, in this case Saudi Arabia, these crimes are NOT worth the killing of these men. As far as Im concerned these men were murdered, in cold blood. May Allah punish those responsible.
  14. After 14 years of civil war, any attempt to bring peace to somalia is worth. I too dont like having foriegners coming to somalia, watever their nationalites. But the reality of today is that the country wud be fat better if there was outside intervention. This is becuz the current warlords are benefiting from lack of government. Of course we dont share any culture or tradition to other black african countries other than Horn of africa countries (eriteria, ethiopia, djibouti) but that doesnt mean these countries cant help. And the issue with AIDS, the peace keeping troops arent going there to marry somali woman so the fears are exagerated to say the least.