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  1. Am I the only one who finds it deliciously ironic that General Duke is now a cheerleader for al-Shabab? Mind you he's convinced the victory in Kismayo had nothing to do with them since his clan can't be islamists. You know, the same way Queen Victoria was convinced lesbians were a myth because "women just wouldn't do that".
  2. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^No adeer, its a simple question, in one instance you folks tell su this governemnt has no power, then you say it is taking people's homes. That makes no sense thats all. Which one is it? As for the crimes, its appaling to take peoples homes, should not be done. Is it a crime to murder civilians in the name of Jihad? I never said the TFG has no power, and in Mogadishu they have a relatively decent amount of influence. I just find them sickeningly corrupt, morally bankrupt, dim-witted and short-sighted. A year and a half ago they were given the whole country on a silver platter, and even Somaliland was quaking in their boots. They have managed to squander it all away by mismanagement, infighting and corruption. Even if they weren't Ethiopian proxies they wouldn't be fit to rule the country.
  3. That's right, your uncle thinks that all the forces that used to be fighting him in Mogadishu are all out of town into the country, and that's why things have calmed down there. The thing is, your uncle is dumb. The reason fighting in Mogadishu calmed down wasn't because of "the crackdown", but because everyone agreed to withdraw from Bakara market, where most of the UIC funding comes from. When Crackdown v2.0 kicks off, the grim discovery will be made that, oops, in fact there are even MORE UIC and Shabab fighters in here than there were before! And hey, where did they get all these military vehicles from?
  4. Originally posted by General Duke: Somali government destroys Mogadishu homes: I thought they had no power lander, are you contradicting yourself again? Ahh the characteristic callous disdain of the TFG supporter. Darn those terrorist grannies with their houses of terror and their terrorist grandchildren! :rolleyes:
  5. Excuses excuses. The Ethiopian army has lost the war, the TFG army has lost the war, the last few battles remain.
  6. I think Adde Musa is preparing to declare Puntland independent from Somalia. The actions of Adde Musa over the last 4 or 5 months have pointed to this happening.
  7. J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o, While the map you posted roughly corresponds with the new Gobols, it does not match with the new DISTRICTS that President Riyale created. This is especially true of the division of Awdal. Do you have a list of where existing districts have been reassigned to the new Gobols?
  8. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: if the Somali flag flies over this city, why on earth would s-landers claim it. truth be told, in the SS(or maakhir)C regions, Somaliland controls the City of Ceerigaabo, the district of Caynabo. The City of of Las anod is controlled by pro S-land militia. Precisely so, however the details beyond this well understood state of affairs is less clear. Other than the fact that Boocane is controlled by Puntland, or at least pro-Puntland forces, Sool seems particularily unclear in this regard. For instance, what of Buuhoodle, Widh-Widh, Taleex and Xudun?
  9. Who is in charge of Buuhoodle at the moment? Somaliland, Puntland, pro-Somaliland militia, anti-Somaliland militia, noone/locals? This is the only town in the north that I think might not even know themselves.
  10. Originally posted by General Duke: quote: Mohamed Abdirizak, a top government official, crouched on a balcony at the palace, with bullets whizzing over his head. He had just given up a cushy life as a development consultant in Springfield, Virginia. His wife thought he was crazy. Sweat beaded on his forehead. Thats the western fantasy. But who is this Mohamed Abdirizaq? Any how this government was never given a chance, it will never be given a chance. But will that make or break this project? no Mohamed Abdirizak is a corporate bigshot at GDS He was the Somali ambassador to the USA in 2007. He was put in charge of some major ministry a few months ago. He's not a warlord, so I suppose you've never heard of him.
  11. The UIC declared war on all Ethiopian troops IN SOMALIA. They explicitly stated they would not invade Ethiopia. Get your facts straight.
  12. Duke, unlike most of the fellows here I knew that, with the Ethiopian army there, the resistance would not win in a week, or a month, or a year, or even several years. However, things are moving fast now. I didn't anticipate that the MYM would be bold enough, and well equipped enough, or that the TFG would be so feeble that they could just seize control of Jowhar, just like that. Take control as though they were visiting for the weekend. This was a test of the TFG's strength, and it was found wanting.
  13. Ethiopia has interfered in Somalia since the civil war began, and has been trying to get their proxy allies in every position of power, and finally succeeded in January 2007. Why is Ethiopia trying to turn Somalia into their next province?