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  1. Congregating here is bunch of ******** ********. Neither the article posted nor any other news outlet is reporting any dead policemen being dragged through the streets (if I missed something let me know). Where are you guys getting this from? The article only mentions 2 people dead and 5 injured. The evidence for dragged policeman is 1 still photo whose circumstances we don't know. And unless you got hard evidence for what you're alleging, you should stop maligning entire people. Lets be rational about this for a sec. If the people of Mogadishu have irrepressible urges to "drag the dead through the streets" as some here are saying, it would be daily occurance and we would be indifferent to the shock of it from seeing 1 too many. This sorry city has seen 10s of thousands killed since the early 90s, how many times have the dead been dragged through the streets? [ January 29, 2007, 12:59 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  2. Devil, say hello to my little friend too....
  3. Originally posted by Taako Man: ^ Saxiib your previous stance on Islam and your U-turn of support for the ICU are very much up for grabs. Do you have a reading deficit? What part of Criticize ideas, not people do you not understand? Ad hominem attacks won't cut it here. Its because Clan A seems to have the upper hand on Clan B (your clan) that you've come out of your religious coma ... Keep attacking me.
  4. Socod_badne


    I find your story unreal. No Somali man would admit to being intimidated by a women unless his TFG supporter. Now, lets assume everything you said is true. Searching for a suitable partner in the diaspora is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The odds are simply stacked against you. First you want Somali but what is the market size? We can conservatively estimate the Somali population of most States in the US at no more than 0.5%, 1% tops. About half of those will be women so you're forced to half the 0.5%. That leaves only the men but not all are compatible. A lot will be too young or too old. Again, your odds are further cut. Further culling will be in order since not all of qualified Faaraxs will be to your liking. By the time you done eliminating all who failed to meet your standards you'll be left with unimaginably small number that it's not really worth the effort. A number of things can be done to shorcicuit the staggering unfavourable odds against you. You can concregate where there are high density of somalis thereby increasing your odds. But the best option by a long shot is to go back home where you'll be spoiled for selection. Go snatch gun totting, Qaat chewing skinny and help your country in it's peacemaking efforts.
  5. Pi, It's flagrant violation of SOL rules. Personalising is big no-no. 7 - Flaming: absolutely no personal attacks (direct or indirect). Criticize ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated in any way. This includes any material which is vulgar, profane, defamatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws.
  6. Originally posted by Taako Man: I ask again how can an Atheist/Agnostic want the ICU a islamic movement? Only tolnimo can make a gaal fight for islam or under it. What does the topic of this thread have to do with my idealogical stance? You posted a news piece seeking a feedback, I gave my humble opinion. For reasons that baffle me you chose to make the rest of thread a trail of me. Why?
  7. Did you read my post? In it I promoted the inclusion of ICU leadership into the government. Bringing them into the tent preempts any chance of them fighting to destroy or undermine this sham government. Besides what do you have against peace and order? The ICU forces brought unprecendented peace and order to Mogadishu. Calling for their return, only to Mogadisho, to do what they demonstrated in spades they're capable of is practical call. How can you concievably say it's motivated by clanism? I'll be frank with you. If I was driven by clan interests I would oppose both the ICU and TFG since both work against my clan interests.
  8. Argentina? How will they get to Africa? To the best of my knowledge they lack a true blue-water Navy, so it will be strictly air route to get to Africa but then their mid-air re-fueling capabilities is uncertain and if they have any it's at best limited unless of course someone else helps them out. And what's with Congo? Isn't this a country still in the throes of violent and bloody civil war? No amount of forieng intervention will bring about peace in Somalia. This option has been explored almost exhaustively before and met with spectacular failures. It can be argued foreign intervention of the 90s only served to prolong the civil war. The fear of this new intervention is it will vivify the dying civil war of the 90s or herald a new civil war. Every concerned Somali should oppose foriegn intervention. Want peace and security for Mogadishu and environs? Bring back the ICU forces and accomadate their leaders politically thereby distancing ICU political leadership from it's forces. It's same old same old with Somalis. In the past we used to fight over grazing lands and wells, today we fight over seaports and airports and other resources. Nothing changed except we know can inflict more destruction and loss of life on each other than before all thanks to lethal modern weaponry. The solution out of this impasse is the same as always. Traditional means of conflict resolution. At least for the short term. This means using traditional elders, clan elders and religious leaders to work out a consensus under acacia tree. No need for foreign concepts of elections, parliments, elected leaders or judges that our people are not ready for yet. Using elders and traditional means of conflict resolution will wrestle power and influence away from self-styled warlords, slowly marginalizing them.
  9. Originally posted by Captain Xalane: Some one should knock the hell out of the dude.Damn,u don't just mess around with a fine woman. Perhaps you're two young which explains your naive disposition towards dealings between the sexes. As 65 yr old grandpa of seven grand children let me share with you some valuable truths regarding women. There's a lot you don't know about women. Even women don't know themselves sometimes. Women are complicated creatures, more so than men. Generally speaking they're very finicky, fussing over minutest of details. Consider the exhausting amount of time they spend looking "pretty". Every decision for them entails a million and one considerations most having little or no bearings whatsoever on what's being considered. Good portion of them are perennially antsy, worrying and dreading the future even if the outlook descries hopeful. Understanding complicated beings demands subtle discernment not crude form that says "beating woman is automatically abusing woman". Some women are sadomasochists. These are ultra-minority of women who get off on physical violence, they get gratification sexual or otherwise from being knocked around. The saying "if you don't beat me you don't love me" didn't come from thin air. Physical violence from husband to wife is seen among some as demonstration of affection. Like composing a poem or sweet ditty to show love for special one, you beat the living day light out of her to prove you love her. Important distinction needs to be made. The beating has to be non-life threatening, else it loses all the endearment attached to it. If you're White you slap her gently, if asian you scourge her in bed although some say this achieves very little, if Somali you whip her with your Bakoorad but only gently and away from vital organs and be careful not to break any bones. Learning the full range of female complexity took me long time and there's no reason to expect otherwise for anyone else. That said, what I imparted to you should serve as good guideline but that's not sufficient you still need direct personal experience to fully appreciate their sophisticated behaviour, emotional states and thought process of woman. A circumspect individual upon gaining new light on a matter changes perspective accordingly. I got a cruel and devestating awakening to change my view from direct personal experiences that refuted my long held believe that men were always wrong to beat women. It hit me like a ton of bricks and to be candid with you I'm stil reeling from it. The thought that you can get a kick out of being roughed up was so perverse it defied believe. Me being someone generally considered to be limber minded. Repeatedly I've been told by women, pointblank, they dig being hit around although none were tolerant of extreme beating, just gentle type. According to them it was reassuring, their husbands/partners loved them to the point they'd take time aside to beat them in place of benign neglect. These women didn't seem to be under any duress, exhibited no subservient attitude; in fact they were among the most self-assured confident women I've ever met... no Abused wife syndrome was at work. Just seemingly normal women with perverted inclinations. Nowadays when I see a man roughing up a woman, I employ my 3-point mediating procedure. First I break it up so there's no chance of further aggrevation. Second, I take each aside to demonstrate my impartiality. Third, I ask her "naa ma ka heshaa garaaca?" and ask him "qowsaaro naagtan wexey ii sheegtey inaad sida dumarka aad u garaacdi ayada, ma run baa?". I found these questions have calming influence although I've been told it's the act of separating them, giving them time and space which allows them to cool off but I'll holding steadfast to my theory.
  10. A/Yuusef's educational/military credentials: 9-12 month USSR military crash course. Nothing else to boast that I'm aware of. Enough said.
  11. Originally posted by Pi: Hmmm... I've been scratching my head. Heavy-duty delousing treatment first to be followed by equally intense fumagation of your quarters should fix the itch problem.
  12. Believe it or not I'll be sporting Arsenal wear all this week and championing the arsenal cause. I'm Arsenal fan through-and-through. To Theiry Henry: sorry for knocking you down earlier. You are the best par none! I dare anyone slight Arsenal and I swear I'll strike you down like mighty Zeus on Mt. Olympus!
  13. Infinately more ridiculous fairytale is the origin of Somali clans. According to legend Arab drifters (lepers?) come to Somalia about 800/900 years ago, call it home subsequently marrying among the locals. A mere few hundreds later an entire race of "Somalis" spawns at the expense of the local population who are completely eclipsed by the rapidly surging Somalis. Many Somalis believe this fairytale including so-called "educated somalis". Compared to this hard-to-swallow tall tale, Somaliweyne comes off more real.
  14. Originally posted by Devilangle: is niyow another way of saying naya in the northside? :confused: It's mispelling of NINyow which is further perversion of ninyahow. Born_Brainac, Depends on what she is the one for.
  15. Whoever wrote the article hit the proverbial nail on the head. England is the abode of boredom and bleakness. Everyone I know there is either going into depression, coming out of depression or is smack-dab in depression . And boredom must be everyones middle name since unboring Brits are scant. It's quite disheartening to see such monotonous joylessness. Interestingly the author mentions the Brits being "dulled". What he/she neglected to mention is dullness is uniquely British invention to differentiate it from run-of-the-mill boredom. British boredom is so crushingly depressing, so pervasive and so enduring that it beggars description; thereby becoming an original form of boredom warranting it's own word.
  16. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Saxib these three media outlets over played their hand they attacked the TFG from inception and led the propoganda war against it which udermines the security of the nation. On what planet do you live? That's exactly what medias world over do. Scripting scathing broadsides, vehemently opposing certain sectors and institutions, waging propaganda compaigns, etc. All of it being within the purview of media functioning. Shutting down a media outlet for not kowtowing the official line or not being favourable to you is unjustifiable, wrong by virtue of being arbitrary and self-serving.
  17. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Because they were spewing vile shitt and that they were the tools of the clan courts. So? What media outlet doesn't arguably spew vile shid and act as the tools of one party or another? Rather than have several competing outlets, thereby getting balanced dose of BS from diverse media, we now got a monoploy by certain faction. As Somali your clan's media is always right and everyone else wrong. This demands off-hand policy or equal treatment by any government that wants to rule Somalis. If you close down some clan media, you have to close down all. Else, you're asking for trouble.
  18. Originally posted by Al Burcaawi: What could he do at a smaller club one wonders. UEFA CUP and CL cups. A feat he accomplished in two years in a row while operating at shoe-string budget.
  19. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: Whats up with the new found clan sensitivity? You must not know much about Somalis to ask that question. Clanism has always been sensitive issue in Somali politics. As the central social organising unit, it dominates the psyche and perception of Somalis. It's been like that since time immemorial and hasn't tampered a smidge since. Back to the topic at hand, why were these media outlets closed down while others were left alone.
  20. Originally posted by MKA Yoonis: Wallaahi I know that, they told me they said we don't want a government in Mogadishu because a government will only benefit you and if there's no government you're going to struggle! It's true a government in Somalia today only benefits my clan! It didn't take long for the wheels to come off! General Duke, the selfish hardworking advocate of Somalinimo and anti-clanism, seems to agree with you. Two birds with one stone! Good outing for TFG supporters.
  21. Originally posted by UK_ROSE: Am I mistaken in asking for a decent someone who doesn't come with a package? I don't know about mistaken but you sure seem twisted . Someone, assuming by that you mean a man, who doesn't come with a package is a eunuch. Now, what sort of twisted business are you in? Secondly, if you're a single woman, you should know to avoid married men like the plague. Why were you even talking to a married man with kids?
  22. Browny, You desparately need to be disabused of a mistaken notion. I've seen woman have orgasm without intercourse. While shopping, gossiping, scheming, conniving, trimming nails, eating, cooking even talking... you just have to find what works for you. Besides you say you're married. You should know on the menu for couples are: getting the mail orgasm, studying your utility bills orgasm, doing the laundry orgasm, vacuuming orgasm... don't limit orgasm to some exclusive act or set of acts. Don't be so parochail and regid. There's plenty of leeway. Know a whole array of sources exist that can induce orgasm, you just have to find what works for you. Just the other day I witnessed a woman faint from seismic orgasm after being frisked at the airport.
  23. Originally posted by Captain Xalane: quote:Originally posted by Socod_badne: Terrorists and terrorism don't exist Terrorism=a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government. NO! That's your definition. Terrorism is not description of reality as is, only reality for you. There's an aphorism unlike most aphorisms which actually says something meaningful, something that resonates with reality. The aphorism I'm refering to is one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Truer words have rarely ever been spoken. People of the same ethnicity, religion, political persuasion can look at violent act and call it terroristic and non-terroristic act. Terrorism is mental contruct not reality.
  24. Physiognomy, Mickey Mouse University. I like studying people at a distance and this field seems to promise ideal career.