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  1. LOL! Xalimopatra. Now that's what I call a hater. No. Damn. Way.
  2. ^I concur with the learned Jacaylbaro. You cant hope for anything better. Exits*
  3. It may come in handy who knows. LOL! Do I look like the surfie-selecting type? Haha
  4. I want to expand my vocabulary lady!
  5. ^good point. How about these words: - pit stop - pole position - surfie?
  6. You forgot a phone to dial for take out.
  7. ^ I have many doubts. lol
  8. What is the somali word for 'chassis'?
  9. ^ Buuxo stop confusing me lol. Seriously though this thread is great i'm learning alot of new words. *Goes off to think of some random english words for translation*
  10. Saqaf = Afro comb to me. Edit: Actually just asked my mum apparently it is the word for chimney too. Well you learn something new everyday.
  11. I really like Ken Livingstone, I hope he gets it.
  12. This thread is fun to read.