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  1. Originally posted by Ebyan: Let's cut the b.s. and tell it like it is. If you were to do a survey asking Somalis what was more important to them: their tribe or their country, I'm sure most (if not all) would say the former. I can't stand "douche bag hippies" who act like they don't have a qabilist bone in their body (qabil is a primitive concept,I'm reer-magal blah-blah-blah). Everyone is born to a tribe and when the lines are drawn, everyone will take sides accordingly. This isn't the result of the civil-war; Somalis are, have always been and will always be like this. Lake; Yeah, great, Mr.HY( that means high-york, right? :rolleyes: ) anything else? You Khalaf alone with your toy soldier taako man..analyze people waaaay to much. Fall back
  2. Mashallah real nice
  3. Originally posted by Ebyan: quote:Originally posted by Geel_Jire12: Quote: If we're going to mathematically/logically sum up wat Somalia has done for individuals here and what their qabil has done for them, the majority would go for Qabil over Somalia. In the turmoil in Somalia, I say my Qabil has fought harder for my families';protection and welfare than any other group. That's what comes first in my identity. Simple format, think it through before sounding like hippy douchebags with the whole "unity" thing. This was written by Somali youth on another forum. Does he have a point? Is he wrong/right? I agree with him. If it weren't for my qabil, I probably wouldn't be where am I today. My qabil is a very important part of my identity and yes I am tribe xyz before I'm Somali. Being Somali has done diddly-squat for me. ^^^ That explains why you support that coward..Yey
  4. Three men go to a motel.The motel cost 30 dollars so they each pay 10 dollars.They then complain about the rooms uncleanliness so the manager tells the desk clerk to give them back 5 dollars.The desk clerk pockets 2 dollars and gives the men back 3 dollars.So each man ends up paying 9 dollars.9 times 3 is 27,plus the 2 that the desk clerk pocketed ? is 29.Where did the missing dollar go??
  5. Real nice....***Subscribes***
  6. The Somalis want to see Yey and Geedi hanged before we can move on
  7. Originally posted by Renegade: Well Put Elysian, I know that i am being a bit more biased here but i feel that Sheikh is at the heart of Somaliland and i feel some part of the executive power should go there I think you have to go a little up-north. Haha...I think Berbera is. Berbera is the heart of SL. There are alot of activies going on in Berbera now.
  8. Originally posted by Sayid: Too late, too little and too fake. This false accusation was covered over a month ago... Even then it was a non-event; were you living in a cave for the past months? Buddy look at the date of the article from Shabelle: it says April 4th. Pardon me for not being up to date on somali politics? lol Of course someone that represents "pLand" will dismiss this. What makes it fake?
  9. Lake


    Raptors lost because they were setttling for jump-shots. They started feeding Bosh in the inside late-game but it was a little too late. Good run though.
  10. Read on....
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    Originally posted by Khalaf: how topics such as the disputes over Kismaayo and clan conflicts produce 100 replies or more, but over there at Sh. Nurs corner on the Islamic section on aqeedah and the deen not as much passion from the Somali Muslims, Sheik Nur calls out the man you support Yey as a traitor. What do you have to say to that?
  12. Originally posted by Sophist: Baahbaahinta maansadan waa Anigii berri ka'ahaye Beryahaanba ma ubogin barbaartii boringka aheyde Sidii Bariis baarixey baa laga booradeye Sadexdaas dhextaal ma uga dhigey seerin iyo goon Sudaxdii sanaag iyo ma-usimey saaq iyo seer Sar kalena waa tan aan aan baarqabka u ahaa Baashoow dhiin iyo hadaad bagox ka soo roortey oo biidhikaalihii reer barsuug boobtey hadalkisa Barsanmaayo ee beesaaniyoo buntukhaaga barowsii ----------------------- Ceebey tacaal, bal waxa aan kobtan ku qorey eega. Walee odeygii awoowga ii ahaa kaw buu iga siinlahaa haduu eegatadan arki lahaa cantarobaqashka aan ku qorey goobtan.
  13. I thought the area was called that...My fault
  14. Somalia West? or that's out of the question?