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  1. i think more people should be banned.
  2. Originally posted by Mj. bada Cas: Paragon, Ilma boodyo gaab (Xabashida) in ay noo iman doonaan ma warbaa katagaan...lakin waanu Jabin doona Insha Allah. lool Waan gartay, laakin Insha Allah it won't get to that point let us hope. Waryaa, mr. Me, hadalada jil jilicsan igala wareeg yaakhii....anigu miskiinkaa Minnesta bookiisa iyo shaqadiisa yar eryanaya ayaan ahee mawaqtibaan uhayaaba waxaas aad sheegtay. Somali kala war la'. Maxaad jabini, hubka iyo cidankiinaba waxaa lagu tababara ethiopia. if ethiopia wants to give somaliland to tfg and yeey, they will.
  3. what happen to the planned reconciliation? isn't he the same baffoon that was overheard making racial slurs toward pacticular clans of mogadishu?
  4. you forgot to post the pic where they are holding meles's picture. the proof is even more glaring that this incompotent group are puppets.
  5. They have been exposed. 2 months ago a chap named DK was boasting about how mogadishu would be safe in couple of months. things are falling apart for the crew.
  6. Dagaal culus oo ka socda agagaarka isgoyska Fagax iyo hotel Lafweyn ee waqooyiga magaalada Muqdisho. Posted to the Web Apr 11, 11:11 Muqdisho:-Dagaalkii saaka ka qarxay deegaanada Juungal iyo Ramadaan ayaa ku soo fiday goobo hor leh oo ku dhaw xaafadahaasi ayadoo lagu soo warramayo in ciidamada DF lagaga itaal roonaaday dagaalkii saaka halkaasi ka qarxay, waxa uuna haatan dagaalka ka socda hareeraha isgoyska fagax iyo hotelka Lafweyn ee magaalada Muqdisho. Dib u soo cusboonaashada dagaalada ayaa timid kadib muddo 10 maalmood ah oo magaalada ay ka dhaqan gashay xabad joojin caga adag aan ku taagneyn oo u dhaxeysay ciidamada Ethiopia iyo odayaasha beelaha ****** ayadoo dib u dhac uu ku yimid kulamo lagu waday in uu dhex maro labada dhinac. Dagaalka oo saaka ku bilowday si goos goos ah ayaa barqanimadii maanta xoogeystay, waxaana la xaqiijiyay in ciidamada DF ay ka soo baxeen hotelka Kaah oo horey u joogeen, waxa ayna usoo gurteen dhinaca isgoyska Fagax iyo agagaarka hotelka Lafweyn inkastoo warar aan la xaqiijin ay sheegayaan in xitaa isgoyska Fagax ay ka baxeen isla markaana laga qabsaday gaari Zuu ah. Sidoo kale dagaal aan sidaa u xoog badneyn ayaa ka socda deegaanka Jamhuuriya halkaasoo ay isku hor fadhiyeen ciidamada DF iyo kooxaha kacdoonka, hayeeshee dagaalka Jamhuuriya ayaa ka qafiifsan dagaalka ka socda agagaarka hotelka Lafweyn iyo isgoyska Fagax. Ciidamada Ethiopia iyo kuwa DF ayaa bilaabay in madaafiicda BM-ka ay ka soo tuuraan xarunta Villa Soomaaliya ayadoo dhawr madfac ay ku soo dhacday xaafadaha Juungal iyo Ramadaan oo dagaalka qaraar uu maanta ka dhacay, lamana garanayo khasaaraha uu gaystay dagaalka saaka ka socda magaalada Muqdisho. Dagaalada ka soo cusboonaaday qeybo ka mid ah magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa laga cabsi qabaa in uu isku badalo dagaal toos ah oo dhex mara ciidamada Ethiopia iyo kooxaha ka soo horjeeda kaasoo haddii uu dhaco sababi kara sidii kii hore dhimasho,dhaawac iyo barakac baahsan oo soo food saara dadka rayidka ah. C/qaadir Osman
  7. if u were watching aljazeera, it showed fighting happening inside the hotel before they took it over.
  8. Muqdisho 11 Abriil 07 (Beerdhiga ) Abaarihii 7:00 aroornimo ayaa ciidamada DFKM ay weerar ku soo qaadeen fariisimo ay leeyihiin xoogaga muqaawamada agagaarka Hotel Ramadan. Dagaalku hada waa qaboobay waxaana mararka qaar la maqlayaa rasaas goos goos ah oo u badan is toogasho labada dhinac ah. Ilo ku dhow dhow xoogaga muqaawamada ayaa Beerdhiga u xaqiijiyey in muqaawamadu ay la wareegeen gacan ku heynta Hotel Kaah iyo daafahiisa ka dib markii ay jabiyeen ciidamadii weerarka soo qaaday oo iyagu markii hore gacanta ku haayey agagaarka Hotel Kaah; Ilaa iyo hada lama oga khasaaraha gaaray ciidamada DFKM laakiin waxaa la sheegayaa dhaawacyo badan oo ka tirsan ciidamada DFKM oo la dhigay isbitaalka Keysaneey halka muqaawamada uu ka shahiiday 1 qof halka 4 kalana ay ka dhaawacmeen. Dagaalkan wuxuu ku soo beegmaya xilli mar kale dib u dhac ku yimid kulankii xabad joojinta ee u dhexeeyey odoyaasha Beelaha ****** iyo saraakiisha ciidamada Itoobiya. Weerarkan oo diyaar garowgiisii xalay la ogaa wuxuu daba socday mid shalay ay soo qaadeen isla ciidamada saaka weerarka soo qaaday; waxayna arrintan la xiriirtaa abaabulo dagaal oo uu beeshiisa ka dhex waday wasiirka ku xigeenka wasaarada gaashaandhiga Salaad Cali Jeelle oo horey u sheegay in uu beeshiisa ka rabo ciidan laga horgeeyo xoogaga muqaawamadu oo uu tilmaamay in ay beel yihiin.
  9. They were trying to stop a large tribal meeting scheduled for tomorrow. they briefly held ramadan hotel before being over run and loosing it and kaah hotel.
  10. He is the same fool who killed tens of D&M clan militias in baidoa airport before walking over their bodies to travel to nairobi. and then ranway and went into hiding. another blood thirsty venom added to the long list of blood suckers.
  11. The question wasn't directed at you. let them answer for himself.
  12. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior: Gavin – do not be hoodwinked by the constant hostile and far-fetched wishful desires of the Fish and Chips generation stranded in the cold in North America and Western Europe. Majority of Somalis in Somalia [sic], and this is by extension a generalised estimate on my part would prefer a Federal system of governance very close to that of the US which extends autonomy to the district level: the model from which the current TFG has been moulded with its warps and all. Panacea not, but wholly not egregious! From the onset, war-weary Somalis in Mogadishu and its environs embraced the ICU purely for the purported ideals and presumed virtues possible Islamic governance would encompass and only celebrated in the good book – the Qur’an. With all the promises and the supposed therapeutic alleviations that Islamic governance would bring along evaporated shortly after the rise of the ICU, for the general public rapidly came to the realisation the ICU leadership could hardly meet what a modern nation state would require with signs of their shortcomings surfacing a couple of months of their being on the throne. The case was not that different with the Taliban or elsewhere. However, the experience was slightly different elsewhere in the country, and a classic example of that would be Puntland and Somaliland both of which institutionalized a sort of federal model of governance at different levels and with different results, and whilst the judiciary circuits in both administrations adhere to some form of Islamic Shari’a, neither desires to effect the strict format of the Shari’a law, for they could hardly deliver on such premise albeit the desired object to Sparta’s gates was just that. At will, both administrations embarked on a model of governance which was deemed suitable to their way of life. The primary reason that Islamic governance would fit not Somalia, or any other Muslim nation at the moment including Saudi Arabia, is purely due to the fact that Somalis alike their counterparts elsewhere in the Muslim world lack a principal ingredient required in implementing Islamic Shari’a as the core mechanism of holistic governance in all aspects of modern nation state - human capital. Attempts to effect the said had been made elsewhere, and unfortunately failed miserably with the results being exploitation of Shari’a law to the extent of degrading it to a shameful glimpse of itself, what it is meant to be, or designed to perform, thusly giving it a bad name. It is the fantasy of idealism of what an Islamic state would bring along that which appeals to most people herein and elsewhere, however their knowledge of Islam in itself as a way of life is so dismal it lends itself to caricature ignorance, if not the unfortunate state of their being born into it. Query along should your heart desires; not only astonished shall you arise, but despair shall descend at once! Ask about Islam, you shall find them devouring Wikipedia as their sole source of reference (O’ dear!). Suggest for some to live in any Muslim country, flooded you shall be with complaints, if not chorus of disapproval of their being rigid and crude. I shall leave there, Tata… Are you a muslim or not?
  13. Originally posted by Caano Geel: Gavin: Its difficult to define what a 'western style' government is, 'western style' governments vary as much as the cultures they are from. Most of us want a fair system that empowers its people and takes responsibility for its actions - but in reality, (i think) that the correlation between the extent to which a government provides that and its political philosophy is murky, and depends much more on the social norms and the power balance within the culture. So most of us support and want ideals like democracy, but we want it our way, to support our ideals and values, not wholesale imported. wrt to anarcho-capitalism isnt it another fancy word for market optimisation? and doesnt that implicitly contradict the basic function of society - i.e. looking out for the parts that make up the sum? ansaar17: So who will rule this islamic nation of yours? I think the reason why we nothing else but an islamic govt won't work is, somalians are made up of tribes who will not allow someone else from another tribe to rule over them. Yet, islam is the only thing able to come over that.
  14. if you want a wild place where there is no rule and its "survival of the fittest" then it isn't somalia. we are muslims who follow what god has ordained. withouth law an order a society cannot funtion.