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  1. All pensioners get a 'winter fuel payment' whatever your income level If you are over 65 there are no co-pays for medication whatever your income level. None for children. Child benefit is payable for all children whatever family income and some form of nursery voucher scheme works the same way If you are over 80 and need a new passport you don't have to pay despite the fact that you can clearly afford to travel Free swimming in public pools is availble to certain groups all over the place If you are over 75, whatever your income, you do not need a TV licence,the funds from which pay for the BBC If you live on your own in a home you get a single persons discount for property taxes, whatever your income. You might even get the equivalent of a credit, if you are on low income Your local council cleans your sidewalks and streets and clears snow (or not!) There is free bus travel all over the UK if you are over 60 (woman) and 65 (man)(not long distance but you'd get a discount)again whatever your income level. There's plenty of help with housing costs (the rules are complex but renters do well) Free health care at the point of delivery 6 million workers employed by the state - 20% about Another huge percentage dependent on handouts of one kind and another Loads of pensioners dependent on state pension payments Population increased by 10% in the last 15 years, or so Millions of third world immigrants breeding like rats and spreading chaos One pound in four spent by government is borrowed right now Total debt will have gone from about 300 million pounds in 2002 to 1.4 trillion pounds by 2014 and in our case 'defence' spending is about 10%. (oh and that's if we have growth of 3% so it can be worse) Its a right mess...... To be frank, if I were the conservative leader, I wouldn't choose to hustle for power in these circumstances. Stand back and wait.
  2. This is what you will see soon in the streets of that land. Your clocks are ticking. Where will you go to, when the Brits kick you out. You have no country.
  3. This is the reason why I live in Italy. There is no tolerance for anti-civil provocative behaviour. The Italians love their country and will fight anyone who is a threat to it. No PC nonsense here. Law abiding people like myself, can walk the streets of Milan day and night without fear of violence and being mugged.
  4. Originally posted by nuune: ^^ You say that, and you are against the conservatives Do you even have slight knowledge of the politics in Britain. Sorry it was a typo error. I corrected now. I know Britain system very well. I studied British politics.
  5. There is no option but for the Conservatives. Britain needs to be washed from the filth of the third world cesspit they have allowed to flood into their country. Whats the point of allowing thousands of these people in, they take take and cause trouble and add nothing. It's crazy what's happening in that country.
  6. I'm full of admiration and respect for Jewish people. Thank you.
  7. Obviously, it would be a good idea if these places were closed down for a period. What's the point in the middle of a civil war. Good minds are needed.
  8. Originally posted by rudy-Diiriye: What a load of crap! a nigga who thinks now that hes white. Brain-washed to 2 max. At least I don't worship a arab coward hiding in a fox hole.
  9. Ok you say that. It is their love of money and greed. Aren't we all greedy. Why do i wake up at a early house every day and put myself through 9 hours in a hostile Milan streets. Ok, they prize education. But what i cannot deny is that they are small in number yet their contribution to humanity equals all the arab and black combined together. How did this happen.
  10. I'm strongly attracted to a verse in Genesis in which God, referring to the Jewish people, says to Abraham: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” I am increasingly convinced that it is verifiably true. I think of Spain, for example. One of the world's mightiest powers and most developed cultures in the 15th century, in 1492 it reached its zenith when it sent Christopher Columbus on a voyage that changed history. But the same year, it also expelled all its Jews and intensified the Spanish Inquisition against the many forced Jewish converts to Catholicism (converses). Spain then descended into a 500-year status as "the sick man of Europe." I think of Germany (and Austria) as the cultural and intellectual center of Europe, if not the world, before World War II. Then Germany (with Austrians' help) murdered nearly every Jew in Europe. Germany lost over seven million people, was divided for a generation, and while it now thrives materially, culturally Germany has become irrelevant. Ask anyone, even an intellectual, to name one living German. And I think about the world today. Look at who most blesses the Jews and who most curses them, and you decide whether the verse in Genesis has validity. It is the United States that has, since its inception, most blessed the Jews and that does so almost alone today – in its support of the Jewish state against those who wish to exterminate it. By almost any reckoning, America has been, and remains, the most blessed of countries. And it is the Arab world that curses the Jews. It rivals Nazi Germany for the ubiquity and intensity of its Jew-hatred. Look at its state. According to Arab scholars appointed by the United Nations to report on the state of Arab society, that part of the world lags behind the rest of humanity, including in most instances sub-Saharan Africa, in virtually every social, moral and intellectual indicator. And there is no question but that its half-century long preoccupation with destroying Israel has only increased the Arab world's woes. No one can prove it is God who actively blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse them. But, at the same time, the evidence historically and this very moment suggests that there is indeed a real connection between the state of a society and its treatment of the Jews. Against all this. What do the arabs have. A loser hiding in a Afghan cave.
  11. So I was right. Why are you living in a 'gaal' country for then. Your lives are built on hypocrisy and the distorted version of international politics and demographics. Why don't you move to all of these muslim countries you love so much. It would be hell wouldn't it? You wouldn't survive for one minute in them. Crying down the phone line for them to 'help' you. Recruitment company? Erm.. I work in banking. So, in the pecking chain that would make me, ahead of you. So next time, I have a order for staff. I will no doubt call you.
  12. What is the truth here is that you are no where near a muslim country. You wouldn't dare live in one. the saudis hate you and in uae you are a 3rd class citizen below the Russian 'beauties'. Probably you are in London, living of welfare benefits. But certainly without a job and all paid for by the 'Christian'. Sick
  13. That's what you hope for. But these people are not ******. They are just waking up. The tactic is to breed and breed so you can demand things to suit you. But they will not stand for it. Everything is known.
  14. Originally posted by Thankful: Peacenow, Should nuns who cover their hair in England be kicked out to? A nun who would be catholic and if she is British then well. Then it wouldn't be sensible would it. It's her own country. I wouldn't go to Saudi and walk the dress in a low t shirt and shorts, then why dress like that in Europe. Respect the local culture or get out.