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    seriously am just curious its seems that all i do is be with my son all day and night, runing after him, playing with him, he is only a 15month old, and i could perly keep up with him, and my best friend who we got married about the same time have two kids already and she tells me you need to do the same, so i told her i think my son needs me before i bring another one to this earth, therefore birthcontrol is way to go, i know that is "XARAM" but god knows my situation, being a diabetic isn't easy, plus i don't think i would have a time for my husband .... so am i wrong for saying that
  2. well if you are just starting to learn how to drive automatic would be the best thing to go with... but once you got the hang of it well manual is easy and ecnomical, dough pple make it hard, and it takes bit longer to get use to it.. i would hate to say this but automatics are for old people honestly take the challenge and start learning how to change the gear..
  3. thanx for the reply to yo'all i really appriciate that... and those of you who wants to know what i have named my son, i have named him "Mansur" i fell in love with that name and for some reason i end up naming my son.... man i wish i would have gained some weight atleast some baby fat so i can go buy me size 2 or 3 instead of size 1... i guess is something have to do with genetics and plus i can't seem to stop away from trademel am so adicted to it.... well if you know anything that makes you gain some weight hook the sista up..please dont' include anything that have to do with meat or animal product that includes (milk, chees, egg,yogart) yo'all know, but everything else is welcomed in me... yeah ain't easy having child coz i really miss sleeping right now i perly get 3 to 4hrs sleep if i am luck and him aint crying.. i took the freaking new mom/ new born courses i thought that shit would help but heck no it doesn't i guess you have to use your own sense...
  4. hello my fellow nomads, is been a minute since i have been on this website and belive me i got my reasons why i haven't been out here na'mean.... man i have never thought having child was more like having to give up everything, yeah i said that and you can quote on me.lol.. so enjoy whille you single and humbing around coz once that is gone is gone for goods... i gave birth to a beautiful son believe me i was so happy through out the pregnancy so do my husband ( dough he don't know whats like to feel to carry someone in you) and boy did i know that was just begening of what they call "journey" i guess you can i just happen to notice what every parents go through in life. any way its bellesing to be a parent but the amount of work you put to it is like never ending job... no wonder why American females say am done no more another child, i think am having one of those moment as well...honestly no sleep, no life, nothing to do but to be devoted to the child, if i knew all this was gonna happen i guess i should have partied like a rock star and be humbing for a minute.. yo all don't get me wrong am just being honest to my follow nomad people who have read my forms and so on..
  5. i think that marriage should be a choice rather then being forced doing so... but in somali tradition the way that marriage is translated is completely different then what allah(SWT) have mentioned on his book and what the prophet (SWC) have said... but i don't see any reason why you should get marry if you are not mentally and physically ready for it, because it takes real person to handle and sacra vice for the family you are building for better and worse... coz if you believe in divorce i don't' think marriage is for you... and if you are not ready for it guess what were there is a will there is a way....
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    Cara am just curious what is that support to mean funny... well if that is what you think it is girl noahh...
  7. fartun


    i didn't say that being fat is ugly is just is not healthy, body wise along with brain wise... i mean every bodies body is completely differ from the rest of the world, however having a hunging skin in your body that is so discusting, come on... can you see your self in the mirror with them hunging fat in your body, eww i couldnt' imagine coz that is so discusting to me... i mean every body have their insucurities specially when it comes down to body wise... but then people dont' judge me coz i got nothing againes over weight people is just i was curious how our beautiful sister grom from slim slender to gaint in matter of a year...
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    am just curious why do somali females in general gain so much weight after giving birth to the first child, coz before they get marry and have their frist child man they are so sexy and classy, after a year a so the girls be looking like gaint...seriously i have been trying to get an answer to this question why and how is the world they end up from 120lbs to God knows 300+, what in the world changes am just curious to know about it...any way i have recently went back to San Jose California were i grew up to go visit my paretns.. and most of my somalian friends including my self got married, believe 9/10 of those girls gain so much weight and it seems that they don't care any more, i mean seriously whats wrong, after you get marry and have a kids does that mean your sexy looks is gone, i dont' know am married and aint' got no kids but i weigh 105lb i have tried anything to gain weight to be atleast 120 for my height 5'9..... but then what can i say is allah's power to do whatever... but my question is once you get marry and have a child is that mean, you know have a life time warentee in your family? seriously i wana know wazz up with them females dont' get me wrong but all am saying is what happens after?
  9. the reason that divorce is increasing among young people is that... 98% of the people who get marry.. have an enormouse wedding cermony, trying to follow what every one would call an American dream for something that will happen one day of your life wedding day and night... i mean lets cut to the chase if you want to have a wedding that is going to cost 30K+ think about it who in the world have that amount of money saved in their bank unless you end up with a credit card that has a that amount of credit limit.. besides doing soming xaram, and making females and male gathered in one place ya allah.. don't expect that marriage to last... a house that you start with xaram won't last with halal in my opinion ofcourse alot of you will disagree with me this.. you are not getting married to the public for you to have huge cermony by the end of the day you will end up with the one you love and you want to be with.... i got married, and had my wedding cermoney held at the masjid.. and fed the people at the masjid and had a ducaa hold for me and my husband... and that is the best choice that i made in my life.. i din't want to have a huge wedding because i wanted to make my marriage to last and to have the dream marriages that our prophits had (PUH), so by all means if you want to have a lasting marriage please for heaven sake have a marriage were that is tradtion and based on teh religion rather than trying to be like a Westeren culutre... respect your religion and your culture if you want to have that marriage last for a life time...
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    ^^ LayZieGirl, girl i dont' know if you be spying on me were i live, and how in the world did you figured that i live in San Monica... and yeah just for the record and your info ma i got my BSN degree and proudly to say went to CSULA (California State University Los Angles, and to have an answer to yo all, if you cant' believe it you know what they say pass by it.. which means move on don't read it nor reply to it coz you have no reason to it... and by all means am proud of my best friend who i have known for over decade, and an so proud of her that she have succeeded in life and knows what she wants and how is wants it... and yeah regardless were you go,, there are freaking somali men loosers in every street of the USA, either midwest, east coast, north west, and west coast.. so does of you who dont' value education.. atleast have a fiath in you in life and look for something.. coz allah have said those who have faith succeed in life and look forward to the jannah..
  11. fartun


    This is for the men.. my question is that i have a beautiful somali best friend girl, and we have been friends since 4th grade, however she is 22 years old with bachelor degree in Biology, graduated from UC Berkly, and she will be attending PA school in Stanford University upcoming fall 2007, she works for Genetics lab, and she told me every somalian brother that she meet keep telling her she is too smart for him, and she is so frustrated she doesnt' know what to do.. and as a friend of long time am so proud of her that she have succeeded in her education, because she lost both of her parents war back home.. and she came to this country with no family but a some relatives... in addition to that she is the one hard working woman that i have ever met in my life... so she came to me and told me that there is no somali dude that would want to date her or matter fact give her the chance because she is educated woman with an amazing job... also she told me that the brothers tell her that she deserves a better dude.. but any way i told her that you don't have to date somalis there are plenty muslim brothers out there in the world who is willing to be with her, and she wants nothing but a somali dude... so by all means am just curious if the somali brothers telling her she is too much for them.. and she wants a somali dude, would it make any difference to be with a somali dude than the muslim dudes out there in the world...i dont' understand why she is so dedicated to somalis dude and none of them willing coz she is above and beyond their expectation .... do you guys have any resolution for my best friend coz i dont' want to make her mad the fact that i disagree with her interm of being with a someone... or dating outside of your race... am sure some of you agree with me, that if your l uck is in the hand of someone will be there regardless of what they are and who they are...
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    i wonder why do somali pple discriminate others, i recently whent to MNPLS MN for my cousines wedding, however i went to go shoping in the mall trying to buy some new cloth to wear for the wedding.... and there were couple somali girls around me they start speaking somali like i didn't know how, am freaking so light skinded half yemenese and half somali that doesn't make me am not somalian, sorry to say this your skin color is just a small reflection of who you are, and since i was little girl i was always convincing everyone that i meat that i was a somalian and know the language excelent, now that i am old and muture i don't see that i have to prove my self to somalians that i am a somali, because of my skin color, which i think is so stupd that i have to do every time i am near somalians. Even when i went to my cousines wedding every body at the wedding were like how come there is a outsider in here, and they dont' know that its my own cousines wedding, all am saying is that because of my skin color. yeah i am so light skined, specially pelled skin color and i have hazel eyes, but am still somalians.... all am saying is that next time you all see someone out of your skin color dont' talk shit but have the time to get to know them....
  13. well believe me i be willing to be fat coz i have been skinny all my life i let you all do the math am 5'9 and i weigh 105lb now that is skinny, and i dont' see any reason why people wish to be skinny, coz is good to have a curves and look sexy rather than show bones, lets face it the beauty of women comes within her what you see out side is the reflection of inside..... PS: i really need to gain some Lbs... tell me how
  14. well thanx for the reply yo all, and i will take into consideration, and maybe have 2nd thought of it, but dose of you who want to know about my husbands age he is 27years old i know he is old, but yeah i got married when i turned 19 and he was 25, however we have known each other for 16yeaers, yeah what can i say, he is the only one that i have known to shine my world. and yeah believe he doesn't care if he have a children or not, so he gave me the honor to choose whenver i want dough is not what i have in hand its in gods hand, but am honered to have such man who give me the decion to do what i want.
  15. well thanx for the reply yo all, and i will take into consideration, and maybe have 2nd thought of it, but dose of you who want to know about my husbands age he is 27years old i know he is old, but yeah i got married when i turned 19 and he was 25, however we have known each other for 16yeaers, yeah what can i say, he is the only one that i have known to shine my world. and yeah believe he doesn't care if he have a children or not, so he gave me the honor to choose whenver i want dough is not what i have in hand its in gods hand, but am honered to have such man who give me the decion to do what i want.