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  1. Good to see you too my lovely Malika. It has been ages honey. The more I think about Somalia, the more I get depressed. OK They divided themselves in groups (clan-based). SO choose the best one amongst you and be represented in the Govt..US style. What is more depressing is the fact that those supposedly educated folks in the diaspora falling in to clannish trap.
  2. Buuxo Thank you. I loved the Jiadi Sheilas docu. Poor women and how their lives turned out. Such strong women in the face of hardship.
  3. Thanks Norf and KK. Where is everyone? This new SOL makes connecting with forum members easy. The usual trolls like Juxa, ibtisam, malika, et el ku aawaya?
  4. So how hard is it to choose one man from each enclave and then choose one amongst them to lead the country? The way I see it, the job maybe half done.
  5. Salaam aleykum from a former member of the troll community InshaAllah everyone is doing well here. I like the new look.
  6. Yet no one is forthcoming to explain. Care to do the honours Xiin?
  7. Somalia has a potential. Many people are returning from abroad. But they are finding that they have to start all over in Somalia and they can do so as long as they came money in order to establish themselves. Dadkii naga horeeyey, i.e people who relocated to Boosaaso straight after war and settled there are among the richest. There are poor people of course, but you know somalis, they help each other with food, charity, neighbourly help and generosity in general exists. The way i see it, if we dont plan now (in reference to relocating eventually) back to our country, we will run the risk of being refugees in our own country with no money, and posibly kids wareersan oo dhaqan celis u baahan. We just need to work towards that by getting education or some sort of skill, saving money, and having one foot back home. There are huge opportunities over there and they will pass you by unless aad xog ogaal u tahay.
  8. Believe me hon, my bag is packed. Within the next 2 years, Somalia baad igu ogtahay inshaAllah. I await my malakul mowt over there haddii Alle nafta igu gaarsiiyo. Not sure how you are finding the emirates though, but somalis are not very much liked over there, i presume.
  9. Just tell her that you got the police tracking her number and to expecta visit from the cops. That scared many people in my past. edit Actually I have been back just once, on my way to somalia and back. But I might come this summer. Then maybe we will have dirac or guntiino party.
  10. lol ibti... would i be salivating Faheema's cakes if I was Marx? I doubt he had the pleasure. I heard you went to India (from SOL)? Visiting the mother-in-law huh? Thanks hun. Juxa surely cant still be at that lunch? Wanted to say hello to the lady and lily and Malika before i disappear again.
  11. Somehow I just know that you are a hostess with the mostest KK.
  12. Yaahuu peacenow. Weli ma daba socotaa burka ladies? Some weird fetish you have there. The future doesnt look so bright for muslims in Europe. Now it is the niqab, next hijab and so on and so forth. I got this bad feeling that one day we will be deported. I just hope we are smart enough to leave before we are pushed.
  13. Hey Awliyo nuune, i didnt see you there. Ma gaabnaatey mise anaa dheeraadey? Warka soo daa KK Cream shisedo la dhaho lee ma helinoo. Aboow aboow, gaduudne wey dhaaftey. Adiga Ilaahey waa ku kala keeney ma ahoo? Alhamdulilaah.
  14. Max...erm thanks..i think. Sheh The lady la waayey!. Hope you keeping well. Tongue still sharp i see lol Bal see tahay? I learnt how to do Tiramisu... Although wuu iga jilcey. God bless youtube.
  15. Qudbo siro is another form of temporary marriage. Dhaxaan arkey ladies being divorced after accidental pregnancy! Some men are just spineless to own up to their hurgufid! Man up for God's Sake.