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  1. I now live in a swing state where Biden barely won. Many people plan to stay home come 2024.
  2. Israeli Tantrum, not a fan of Elon Musk, but kudos to him
  3. Abiy meeting with Afars, and one of his arguments is Afars have the right use to Asseb since Asseb is an Afar-majority city. He made similar arguments when it comes to reer Somaligalbeed.
  4. The professor is growing some balls.
  5. Iraq surprised me. Communications are cut off now.
  6. Carafaat, The lack of leadership will be a difficult thing to overcome whether the Somali region stays as one or is divided into bits. The clans that are complaining will not fare any better even if they get their own state. The Oromo leadership will push as far as they can, but there might be a point where they are pushed back but we are not there yet. Things will get worse politically and economically. Just this week, the Oromo region demanded that the Somali region should not tax khat that is coming from Oromia. Even revenue streams are being cut off. Oromo leadership is not yet politically sophisticated, but their goals are clear.
  7. Awdal prisoners released
  8. Oromo are more inclined to capture Somali territories and eventually access the Somali seas. They have actually been successful in dispossessing lands from Somalis. Many Somali districts were transferred to the Oromo region under dubious circumstances, first under the TPLF and now Oromo Prosperity Party. Of course, all this was facilitated by the so-called Somali leaders beginning with Diridhabe which was declared as a shared city. The same thing is happening in Jigjiga now. It too could one day be a shared city considering the influx of Oromo and Amhara. Since Abiy came to power, Somalis were either violently pushed out or Oromo moved in slowly and laid a claim, A case in point, Moyale which was entirely Somali town. It is now evenly divided, and that's only because the local Somali clans put up stiff resistance. There's a talk of dividing the Somali regional state into three separate states/administrations. Only one region will be purely Somali with Godey as its capital, and the other two states will be predominantly Somali. The Somali State Government is useless. The success of the plan will depend on how Somali clans and their elders react. Amharas and Tigrians are inclined to invade Eritrea, especially Asseb which is primarily an Afar town if given the opportunity and the might. The problem for Abiy, Shimelis (Oromo regional president), and other Oromo leaders is they will eventually find themselves at war with every region in Ethiopia and now their neighbors. Their ambition is not limited to the Somali region. They have been at war with every neighboring region including Afar and Amhara who saved them from the return of the TPLF. Everyone is now realizing what a huge mistake it was to help Abiy and his minions. Abiy will either destroy Ethiopia for good or establish an Oromo empire, nothing in between.
  9. Ethiopian soldiers chanting, the sea is ours, the ship is ours. Anyone who thinks Ethiopia wants commercial access to the sea is deluding himself.
  10. Finally, it took the UN General Secretary to speak the truth. The usual suspects are coming to the Israeli's aid. Starvation is beginning to set in some areas of Gaza.
  11. Alleged leaked audio from former DPM Mahad Guled regarding SSC, Muse Biixi, and the way forward.
  12. Biixi and Taani have really shown they don't care about the communities in the East. High/middle school kids and reer miyi are not going to win in a protracted clan war.
  13. I could be wrong, but I think if the war was in the west (Awdal) and Hargeisa ended up losing, Biixi's community would be smart enough to move on and learn to live with reality. Somehow, JH can't grasp that. What concerns me is the division among the issims. I agree I don't think issimada are not corrupt, but they are giving up a lot of power by going with direct elections. And giving up power is not an easy thing to do.
  14. I fear for Xaaji Xunjuf. He seemed most sincere in his belief in jamuuriyada barakeysan and her mighty army. Puntland, Would the opposition risk violence and lose political capital for a difference of weeks? Deni has locked himself into an exact date, let him hang himself by that date.
  15. I understand what you are saying, but clearly, one community feels the relationship does not benefit them anymore.
  16. Ugaas Abdirisaaq Ugaas Rooble speaks! SSC paid a huge sacrifice to achieve its goals. How much is Awdal willing to pay or suffer?