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  1. LOL he showed. up The battle will start soon. Muse and hia henchmen are despicable bunch.
  2. The Goojacade battle will start soon. Let's see how Gacan Libaax reacts.
  3. They don't care about how many people die. The difference is the killing of the protesters didn't interfere with their perks from the government, Gacan Libaax does.
  4. Where have you been? Do you realize things don't happen by just saying? Other than Goocajade and a couple of villages, where else does Sland control?
  5. We heard you, but you miss the mark all the time.
  6. Reports are saying things are cooling down. Peaceful resolution in the works.
  7. Let's hope for the best. It is unfortunate the elders, business people, and intellectuals from Subeer Awal can't push him out or reason with him. Liibaan Samatalis is true to his word. I thought he was all talk like most Somalis.
  8. I only ask that cuz that will be a huge shift! Whether Somaliland is recognized or not, the people see themselves as part of a country called Somaliland. How do you undo 30 years of instilling the idea of Somaliland.
  9. Their own state within Somaliland? Or a federal state within Somalia?
  10. He is! And the reality is none (or most)of us on this forum will not actually go and fight in person. War was forced on reer SSC and I support them because they were wronged. Muse Biixi is a quintessential warlord and he could have spared the North a lot of hurt. I hope the boys in Gacan Libaax understand the man they are confronting and what is at stake. A habro on habro war will be far more painful. The North or for that matter all Somalis can't afford another war. Reer SSC's goals are now clear. What GRXJ's goals? They seem to be all over the place.