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  1. Israeli President Says There Are No Innocent Civilians In Gaza “It is an entire nation out there that is responsible,” Isaac Herzog
  2. Mass murder and genocide have been normalized. The West can no longer lecture the world on human rights.
  3. Yair Lapid is smart Israeli opposition leader Lapid rejects joining Netanyahu war gov't WWW.DAILYSABAH.COM Opposition leader Yair Lapid, who called for the formation of an emergency government on the weekend, refused to join the emergency unity government...
  4. I saw CNN. It is now essentially Israeli propaganda media. BBC, France24, and DW are no better. They are very careful with the language when describing. There was a rumor started by a Jewish media personality about Hamas beheading babies, the Western media ran off with the story.
  5. Biden and his European lackeys gave Netanyahu to do whatever he wants to do, essentially commit any war crime!
  6. It is indeed a fact and in fact, many Planders died to make it happen as well. The point is orderly decoupling that addresses all issues otherwise it will be a case geedkii orod lagu fuulaa orod baa looga soo dagaa. Complicated issues like border demarcation, the status of Ceerigaabo, or even what reer Maakhir want need to be ironed out.
  7. True, but any announcement was supposed to be coordinated and with Puntland in the know considering how fragile things are in Garowe, more so since Deni came back and the opposition holding a conference.
  8. Mr. Firdhiye seemed to have created unnecessary confusion.
  9. Israel can’t imprison 2 million Gazans without paying a cruel price
  10. It is a choice between slow death and quick obliteration for Palestinians! A choice between ghettoization of the West Bank and the open prison that's Gaza.