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  1. Yusuf-Aidid deal has held for 30-plus years and will continue to do so. If Prez. HSM succeeds in pacifying Galmudug, it is a huge step into Pland's goal of federating the country. Pland's goals have always been simple, a federal Somalia and putting secession to an end. The war in SSC is in the process of burying secession. Prez HSM's first term saw the establishment of Jubaland and this term might produce a unified and stable Galmudug.
  2. I think their population is much bigger than that.
  3. Would you work for the greater good if that means going against your clan's or region's narrow interest?
  4. If you gonna try to dethrone the king, make sure you go for the jugular.
  5. Hormud has a lot of tentacles in the Government. They won't comply either.
  6. I would like to feel sorry for Shegow, but he made his bed when he supported HSM.
  7. In that case, don't b!tch about Hargeysa and Burco next time you want play the victim.
  8. Only a secessionist would find shelling of civilians hilarious. As for the rest, everything will be noted and it will be duly served.
  9. Day of reckoning? You are regurgitating the same thing. Let's just wait for the many deadlines and predictions you made on this forum. Bolaleh character looks like a butch lesbian
  10. Don't worry, I will quote you and October is around the corner.