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  1. Is tolka having a collective mrental breakdown?
  2. Kinda late. And he is trying to muddy the water with whataboutism. The Garaads have constantly called for peace. They continue to do so. They stopped their forces at the clan border and made no claims on anyone's territory. They need to accept (and perhaps tell their constituents the truth) that there are Somalis in the North who never board with secession. If he is sincere about peace, he can start with building consensus in Hargeisa and talk some sense into Musa Bixi. What happens next entirely rests with Hargeisa, not LA or Galkacayo.
  3. I don't know if that was the intention, but Goojacadde was turning into a settlement devoid of locals.
  4. Not to mention the entire democratic process was just dropped. A few men from one subclan made a decision and everyone accepted. No debates, consultations, nada
  5. He was our neighbor in Xamar. I was not fortunate enough to see him live.
  6. Galbeedi, There will always be detractors! I listened to Obsiye's interviews. He is very reasonable, realistic, and aware of how rotten the system he has become. The Ugaas is honorable considering how the secessionists treated him when he came to visit his people.