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  1. Ethiopia on High Alert: Government Implements Countermeasures in Response to Alleged Coup Threats In light of recent intelligence and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's parliamentary briefing, the Ethiopian government has heightened its alert status due to suspected coup threats. Proactive measures are being adopted to mitigate potential risks, which include orchestrating social media campaigns to manage public perception and enhancing security protocols in strategic locations, especially in Addis Ababa. Reliable sources indicate ongoing dialogues between various international political factions and the U.S. diplomatic community, involving key figures such as the current U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia. Prominent former politicians like Gedu Andargachew@GeduAndargachew, Yilikal Getinet, and Dawit Woldegiorgis@dawit_giorgis ,along with influential personalities including Jawar Mohammed@Jawar_Mohammed , Bekele Gerba@BekeleGerbaOFC, and Tamrat Layne@tamratlayne are reportedly part of these discussions. Additionally, Amhara activists associated with the "Amhara Association of America" (AAA)@AAA_Amhara notably Meaza Mohammed@mohammed_meaza have also been engaged in these conversations. These governmental actions arise amidst escalating concerns over security threats both domestically and abroad. The strategic deployment of social media campaigns aims to counteract misinformation and potential propaganda inciting unrest. Concurrently, bolstering security in vital sectors seeks to thwart any coup attempts. The active participation of various political entities and individuals in these discussions underscores a concerted effort to address the perceived security threats and uphold national stability. Nevertheless, the government's measures have sparked apprehension regarding potential suppression of political dissent and freedom of expression. As developments proceed, the efficacy of the government's interventions in addressing the alleged coup threats remains to be seen. One undeniable fact is the seriousness with which the Ethiopian government is approaching the situation, demonstrating a commitment to national security. Cc:- @PatrickHeinisc1
  2. Paranoia is sitting in. “Recently, elders and other people are holding discussions about conducting a coup,” the PM told lawmakers. “Let me give you some advice. A coup cannot succeed in Ethiopia. We are from the military; we built our institutions to deter coups. The only coup that has ever succeeded in Ethiopia was 50 years ago. It cannot succeed now. You are wasting your time discussing coups in guest houses. You are wasting the resources of your friends.”
  3. It will do Somaliland some good to listen to the disgruntled masses. It will save you a lot of trouble. That said, if reer Awdal go thru with their objective of becoming a federal state, Muse Bixi will react violently, but his sub-clan (Sacad Muse) is smart enough not to turn the region into a war zone. Unlike their kin (HJ), Sacad Muse wants their region to be economically vibrant and politically effective. They can't have that if they go to war with their neighbors.
  4. I actually welcome all regions managing their internal affairs, becoming economically self-sufficient, and maintaining Somali unity/identity. I hope to see Somalis invest in other sectors as well, not just building ports.
  5. Some Somalis are fighting hard to free their land. In fact, most nations within Ethiopia are fighting hard to make sure their land is under their control, and not under Abiy. And here you have some Somalis are working hard to make the case for Ethiopia.
  6. It is the other round. Abiy made a diplomatic blunder. He is looking for a way out. That said, HSM is always happy to please. I wouldn't doubt if he offers a port to Abiy.
  7. "Jabuuti waa dalaynnu walaalo nahay, oo saaxiibbo nahay. Haddii la innaga gardaran yahay annagu qarankayaga ayaannu la jirnaa, laakiin Muuse wuxuu doonayaa colaad aanu waxba ka tari karin." Xirsi Cali Xasan
  8. "Waxa aan maanta Kulan muhiim ah la qaatay qaarka mid ah Odayaasha, Waxgaradka, Aqoonyahanka iyo Masuuliyiinta gobollada Awdal iyo Salaal. Waxa aannu isla meeldhignay in laga wada shaqeeyo danta guud iyo difaaca Qarankeenna Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland." Muuse Biixi
  9. His departure will go a long way, but everything needs to be re-examined. It is clear the entire system is not working anymore and not every community sees Somaliland the same way.
  10. Djibouti did not give 20 KM coast line to Ethiopia. Ethiopia wants ownership of a port and naval base. Only an insane person would agree to that.
  11. The Afars are done. They are spent force. It is worth noting the three districts that are under their control were given to them by TPLF when the Somali region was under Abdi Iley. Many Somali districts were given away in the same manner. So, the Afars never had the means to confront Somalis. They are a warrior nation, but they simply don't have the numbers and the means. They were well armed by Abiy during the Tigray war and they did defeat the TPLF but with the assistance of the Ethiopian army and their Turkish drones. The road that connects Ethiopia to Jabuuti passes thru Cundhufo, Garabociise and Cadayto. It is unlikely the Ethiopian federal government and army would allow Somalis to control that road. If that happens, it simply means the Ethiopian army is no longer as strong as it used to be given the Officer Corp who are mostly Amhara and Tigray defected and experienced soldiers have perished in Tigray conflict, and the ongoing Amhara war, It is very curious the head of Somali Liyu Police to openly defy the Ethiopian army. He and President Cagjar are aware of something we are not or they took a calculated risk hoping the blowback won't be too harsh.
  12. Muse Biixi never learns
  13. Somalis have shown extraordinary resolve and strength General Gafeydhe #DDS
  14. The Federal Government made their move. Check below.
  15. Somalis are within reach of their objectives. They have captured Candhuufo, are three KM from Garbo-Ciise, and cut off Adaytu. Kudos to the Ciise clan, their militia, and Somali Liyu Police. Let's what Abiy admin does.
  16. They are toying with Somalis. There is no indication they are moving forward with this.
  18. Arafaat, Let Xaaji be it. He first would have to settle his internal and often contradictory feelings before he can embark on any meaningful discussion on Ethiopia's intentions.
  19. Xoori is back in Somali hands. Tragically, hundreds on both sides have perished. The below video is from Xoori.